GDB 21.0 Wrap Up: Blackhawks @ Oilers

At least there’s no game tomorrow. Final Score: 7-1 Blackhawks

Last night, the wheels completely fell off for the Oilers in the 2nd half of the game. The Oilers dominated the first period, but they couldn’t score.  It’s hard to win games when you don’t score.  I was nervous to see how tonight’s game was going to play out. You’d have to think that the Oilers are starting to feel dejected after losing 5 straight, and Chicago was a rested hockey team. Needless to say, I didn’t see this game going very well before it had even began. 

Luckily, it appears that I am acquiring some kind of psychic abilities. It’s either that or it was painfully obvious that the Oilers were going to be outmatched against Chicago. The Blackhawks made the Oilers look foolish all over the ice, and once against the turnovers were ending up in the back of their net.  The Oilers were buried before the game was 20 minutes old. It was another awful display that tells us the Oilers are A) Not good enough to compete, or B) They have the wrong coach for the job – I know where I’m leaning. (Spoiler: it’s both A & B)

To adequately describe how bad the Oilers were tonight we would be here all night. There aren’t enough adjectives to describes how shitacular a hockey game this was from an Oilers fan perspective.  To make matter worse, nothing is likely to change – at least not anytime soon.  I foresee a lot of the same cliches and excuses, and a whole lot of nothing as far as action goes. That’s life in Oil Country.  I really hope I’m wrong, and that change is coming, but I won’t be holding my breath. I’m excited to see what apology letter #3 to the fans will look like.

We wrap.



  • I love every time I get to see Joey Moss sing the anthem. Bless that man forever.
  • Nikitin plays much better when he’s not playing at all.
  • Twitter was good. The #HereComeTheOilers hashtag was fantastic as always.
  • Rum is delicious.



  • The odd man rush trend continues. 2 on 1 goal by Toews to opening the scoring.
  • Slow start. Down by 3 at the end of the first period. Zzzzzz
  • The Hawks had 2 goals on 2 shots to start the game. 
  • Viktor Fasth wasn’t much better than Scrivens. That being said, it was a firing range and I feel bad for both of them for having to play goalie for this team.
  • Worst. Game. Ever.


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  • Anton CP

    Mercy fire Eakins and make macT coach, so now he can see what type of team he has built. This will put ALL pressure on Craig. Most likely career ending his nhl managerial career forever.

    • DoubleDIon

      MacT; show some “accountability” and “bold moves” and fire Eakins over the weekend and assume the position of GM / Coach for the rest of the season. The season is lost, so what’s to lose?

      If MacT turns the team around, then he has earned a temporary pardon to maintain his position and hire a new coach in the off season. I would break the bank and hire the very best seasoned, proven Stanley cup winner coach available. The Flames are proof of that.

      In addition; MacT can clearly identify which players are passionate and committed. The rest, “ship them out”. This will automatically wake up the dressing room. This will demonstrate “accountability”. Something must be done immediately and at this time, there are no qualified coaches available. MacT must take the lead as his reputation, (what’s left of it) and that of the players and the Oilers franchise, is at risk.

      The management, coaches and players are all guilty of under-performing in all aspects of the game. This would be a major wake up call for everyone involved. Starting this road trip with these changes would be a good way to start.

      If MacT fails to show an outstanding positive turn around throughout the rest of the season, then Katz has a clear indication of what needs to be done. Managers fail, not because they had made a bad decision, they fail for not making a decision. Failure in this case to do nothing, is “absolute incompetence”.

      The season is yet once again lost by November, so what else do the Oilers have to lose?

      Now, MacT, do you have the “courage and boldness” to make the change?

  • camdog

    I had fun last night. I spent the game coming up with snarky tweets to see if i could make bagged milks best of tweets… No luck there either…thought i would have made it with “what tastes better, Mcdonalds turnovers or Oilers turnovers?” Ah well

    • MorningOwl

      since baggedmilk didn’t include it, you decided to add it here yourself?

      Do you think baggedmilk just somehow missed it and it was so awesome that his oversight needed correcting?

      you can trust baggedmilk – it wasn’t that funny. But “A” for effort!

    • The Soup Fascist

      Does McDonald’s even make turnovers? – I think they sell pies. See, had you gone with Pilsbury turnovers, BM would have likely looked a little closer at the tweet.

      Plus Pilsbury just sounds funny. Not to mention the “doughboy” seems to have a bit more edge than the Oiler players – I think he would have at least given Roszival a chubby-handed face wash after levelling Draisaitl from behind.

      “Pilsbury” was the play.

      Good Luck with the snarky tweets. Keep your chin up, you WILL make the cut. I am afraid you are going to have LOTS of opportunities to make BM’s honour role, this year.

  • MorningOwl

    massive suckhole that is the oilers. waiting for announcements about house cleaning. That will be something to cheer about. meanwhile, flames hockey is getting more fun by the day, and that sick feeling you get watching it slowly passes.

  • I wouldn’t expect any house cleaning announcements. They need to replace the people they fire. I don’t think they can hold interviews to replace someone who is still active in that position. The entire management group needs to go, and that can’t be done until summer. They are out of the playoffs already, so they might as well ride it out again and get the high pick. Again. Then fire everyone in the off season. It’s just a shame what it does to the players that will get beat down for another 60 games.

    • MorningOwl

      well, i beg to differ,

      because the season is already a write off is exactly why you make the major overhauls now… and face the expected roller coaster this season when there is no more pressure, instead of next season.

      dump the management and coach, make a trade or two to get a real defense even if it costs a golden boy and draft pick, and start developing a system.

      the last thing you want to do is carry this years troubles into the next season.

      Let the cutting begin, this alone will give the boys on the ice a boost. They’ve given up and you can’t blame them given the poor performance of the GM and coach who have given them zero support for forever. And don’t come back with the “they’re paid millions so they should perform no matter what.” these are humans, not robots, and they have been fighting against a tide of poor decisions and inept management and coaching and demotivated at every turn.

      the only reason starting now has any down side is the availability of coaches and GM’s.

      There’s one lesson for Edmonton to learn from Calgary – that is when King/Burke canned their good buddy Feaster… don’t let friendships or shared history stop you from making the right choice and cut MacT and Lowe and Eakans now, appointing interim placeholders as needed.

    • DoubleDIon

      From a rational point of view I agree but what about the players and their welfare. Eakins has lost the room and will destroy every one of the kids. These are high draft choices, they did not come out of Junior as bums, if they are now it is because we have rushed them too soon and have failed miserably in coaching them on how to play in the NHL. For what it is worth Eakins has to go now, he doesn’t have it period..MacT probably needs to go behind the bench for the rest of the year , I would like to see Nelson here as his asst but there is no credible person to take over in OKC, too bad we lost laxdall ?? (Oil Kings Coach), there was a logical progression there with him to OKC and Nelson here as an asst. but Eakins ego probably got in the way and god knows MacT won’t question his golden boy.

      • 5 Cups

        The change has to start high and it has to be Kevin Lowe. He is the worst GM/President of Hockey Operations in the NHL and has been for quite a period of time. This is not an opinion, this is supported by a large body of statistical evidence.

        Maybe Katz has some kind of man-crush on Lowe, but get over it. This is costing him millions and millions of dollars. You have lost all the young generation as fans. The only remaining older fans are the naively optimistic and the clinically depressed.


  • The Last Big Bear

    Oilers felt rebuild had to be around talented forwards , or the fans would not enjoy so called wide open Oilers hockey or the rebuild. That sentiment is still prevalent today . They always felt they could acquire defence and goaltending thru other avenues in tandem with the odd development in system . Years later it has failed miserably at building a contender here . The ones that basically built us , are still here and so are their failed results . Looks like any change out of this direction will have to be initiated by the owner .

    Maybe we need to use most of our over rated youth to get a solid goalie and defence for rest of this year , and beginning of next year . Either way we will probably end up with another lottery pick again this season . No sense waiting till spring as status quo shows we will have little more success than we are having already .

  • PutzStew

    oh, and incase you missed it the Isles are now tided for FIRST in their division…
    not saying its a hard division BUT they are still tied for first with the Pens
    remember how they were thought of not long ago… maybe back at the Katz love-in…

  • The Soup Fascist

    Can’t sufficiently address any one/position to fill holes in lineup by MacT., and Eakins unable to get most out of players . Sounds like we are due for a makeup in those two areas just for starters .

  • Andy7190

    Apropos of nothing hockey related — could the site owners PLEASE stop accepting advertising @ “ThaiMatches”, particularly when the girls pictured are clearly underage?

    There is way too much crass and brutal exploitation of underage females (and males for that matter) around the world, but Thailand leads the league in this sickening regard.

    Dating sites that are aimed at genuine adults, fine. But, please, no more exploitation adverts. JSBM, Wanye, et, al are too classy and hard-working to be sullied by this.

  • 5 Cups

    Its been said a hundreds of times now that” the management that created this mess ,cannot stick around and pretend they can fix this mess”.
    The fix has to start at Lowes level [ can’t fire Katz]. Nicholson has to step in this week and ask Lowe to step down or fire him from hockey Ops.Nicholson becomes the iterm head of hockey opeations while a serach is made to replace Lowe.

    Nicholson also requests to MacT that Eakins is replaced and an interm coach is put into place.
    It could be MacT himself, but I doubt it.

    The new hockey Ops guy [ when hired] will make the call on MacT.

    This summer either MacT or a “new” GM would hire a fulltime coaching staff.

    This would present accountability along the chain of command in hockey ops.

  • The Last Big Bear

    so this is bad……

    from our captian

    “All we ask of each other is to play to the potential of what we know each guy can bring.” @Ferknuckle | VIDEO >

    so I am kind of thinking that 29 other captains are saying we expect to win every night, not just try hard

  • Rdubb

    This is getting to be a freaking tired story, the oilers getting their butts kicked…
    If edmonton had half of calgarys work ethic and heart, then maybe they’d be able to fight for that final playoff spot, but they don’t…and just imagine if they had all of calgays work ethic and heart, they’d be fighting for first place, but they don’t…
    In my personal opinion, one of the main problems edmoton has had these past few years is in their drafting, stop going for the most skilled junior guy and start picking up character guys, guys who work hard and will do anything for a teammate.
    Look @ Hendricks & Pinzziotto (or how ever you spell it), why are these two guys, especially Hendricks becasue he has played way more games) continually in the top 3 or 4 hardest working oilers for the night? & how does the reward them, by giving them 7-9 minutes, Hendricks a few more becasue of the pk. Just imagine of a few of our so-called skilled guys played with heart and emotion?
    Eakins MUST go!!! what does he do, gives Schultz the most minutes game in and game out, and he hasn’t done a damn thing. I have actually seen him turn completely away from the play and let the opposing then go down on an odd man rush, and score. I cannot recal the oppposition, but this happened within the past 5 games. Schultz has done nothing but regress…Sorry Eakins, but when every single ex-oiler comes outand says that his new teams practices much harder, at a much quicker pace & with much more emotion, well, somethings there and oiler management MUST START TO LISTEN…

  • ThinkingOutLoud

    BREAKING NEWS: The Edmonton Oilers have announced sweeping organizational changes. Lowe will do MacT’s job, Eakins will do McGregor’s, MacGregor will Lowe’s, MacT will do Eakins and Howson will remain where he is because nobody really knows what he does anyway. Lowe was quoted as saying, “Oil Country spoke, and we listened. They were right when they said this dysfunctional oil boys club needed a shakeup, and we did just that.”

  • BubbaZanetti

    Mactavish firing Eakins accomplishes sweet f#$k all.
    Yes, he needs to go. But he isn’t the only one!
    Mactavish going behind the bench is ridiculous.
    Ramsay taking over albeit better than Eakins is still pointless.
    Trading anyone is probaby pointless plus dangerous with this group.
    I don’t want Connor MacDavid, or Jack whatever, I want to puke just thinking about Mactavish sitting at that table of losers hoping Daly picks us for #1. I just want a frickin half decent hockey team that goes out and competes every night, that I can continue to support like I have for the last 30 years. If the changes that need to be made don’t get made then f#$k this, I’m done, done,done !!

  • OilClog

    I just want to say that I really hope you lot turn it around soon. I’d really prefer that the Oilers finish around 24th/25th. That way, you’re assured to miss the top 3 picks.

    McDavid and Eichel are both so talented,and seem like great kids. I’d hate for them to be condemned to playing for this garbage dump of an organization. Oilers would probably ruin them. PDO is still pretty low eh? You’ll probably win some games eventually eh? Here’s hoping for a 25th place finish.