GDB 24.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Blues

And thus we conclude “No Win November.” Final Score: 4-3 Blues in OT.

After last night’s loss to the Blues, I really wanted to see which Oilers team was going to show up today.  Would it be the team we saw last night in Nashville, or the team that got blown out at home against Chicago? I’m a hopeless romantic, so I’ll always pull for the Oilers to win even though this would make me a broke man if I were a betting man. I can’t help but want to watch every game, because they’re the Oilers and I care for them with all the love I can muster from my mom’s basement.  We can be 40 games under .500 and I’ll still pull for the Oilers, always. Tonight was no different. Despite all the negativity, I wanted the Oilers to win.

Frankly, this game didn’t go as I expected at all. I expected the Oilers to get blown out, but solid goaltending from Ben Scrivens kept the Oilers in it. Did they deserve to go into the 3rd period with a 2-1 lead? Absolutely not. Did they deserve to stick around in this game in the first place? Not even close. Ben Scrivens gave them a chance to win, and that’s all you can ask of your goalie. The fact that the Oilers were able to get a point from this game is a credit to the night that Scrivens had.  When you get outshot 41-16 on the road, and you manage to get a point, you’d better be buying your goalie a drink. Gord knows he deserved it. 

Le wrap.


  • Great tilt between Pinizzotto and Steve Ott in the first period. Here’s the link on HockeyFights.
  • That flying stick that hit Scrivens was amazing to watch. I must have watched the replay 2000 times
  • Loved seeing David Perron score against his old team. I know the rumours that are out there, but I think the Oilers would be foolish to trade Perron. They need more competitive guys, not less. Hopefully the slump is over.
  • Wait for it… NIKITA NIKITIN SCORED A GOAL! Honest! Seriously, look it up.
  • Taylor Hall with 2 beauty assists tonight. The guy’s play making ability is seriously underrated.
  • Ben Scrivens had a great game. He stole the Oilers a point tonight. 
  • ELPH is back!



  • Martin Marincin is being wasted in the press box and it doesn’t make any sense. 
  • The Blues absolutely ran the show in the early going. They were outshot the Oilers 15-3 in the first period. Another slow start for the Oilers.
  • This was the first time the Oilers have had a lead since November 9th. Dude…
  • There was a bad turnover by David Perron/Taylor Hall on the Blues’ 3rd goal.
  • The Oilers were outclassed in this game. Despite the OT result, the Oilers did not deserve a point. 
  • Did I mention that the shots were 41-16 for the Blues?
  • I seriously doubt that the Blues played so clean that they didn’t merit a single penalty all game.


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  • Admiral Ackbar

    From Bob Nicholson is an Edmonton Journal article today:

    “But it’s not a short fix. It’s about winning a Stanley Cup and what are the steps to that.”

    Well Bob, the first step to winning a Stanley Cup is to get in the playoffs. Apparently, this is something MacT, KBLowe and Howson are unable to do despite paying to the cap and have multiple high first road draft picks.

    MacT, KLowe and Howson are complete amateurs, which is obvious every time their under performing sad-sack team steps on the ice.

    When will they be removed? Will they ever be removed?

  • Admiral Ackbar

    On the bright side since they replaced the goalie coach the netminders have looked better. Not necessarily a correlation but I sure hope they keep
    this up

  • bazmagoo

    It’s official, they actually have a worse record this year than this time last year. How could it get so bad? Did they learn anything after one year? The kids just aren’t getting better. Just don’t get it. When will the oilers return to glory? Not with this group.

    • bazmagoo

      Don’t you remember? Last year was a perfect storm… rookie coach, top 2 centers injured, poor goaltending. This year there’s umm, ahh, well… dang. Pathetic

  • geeker99

    The root of all this:

    1. It’s the owner, he is not accountable when he never attends games and feels how bad his franchise sucks. he probably looks in the paper and scans down to one number. 16 689[?] full house.

    2. Lowe, ego freak. Should have been fired after the Smyth contract fiasco. Then the tier of fans speech and the 6 ring know something about winning was disgusting.

    3. The tier one fans. To enable our owner by filling the arena everynight, this is not personal its just the truth.

    4. Mac T, the reason he is not ahead of the fans is what can he really do? if he starts trading he is getting a dime on the dollar as no one is playing to their value.

  • R U Kidding Me!

    Remember his rookie season when Nail was going out there every game with lots of emotion, having fun and scoring goals.

    Look what Eakins has done to him. A shell of his former self.

  • R U Kidding Me!

    Why are Shultz and Klefbom a defense pairing on the ice during an OT penalty AND then for the last 60 seconds of overtime?

    This is a crazy use of players!

  • R U Kidding Me!

    Operation: Lowe Down Dirty Shame
    Step 1. Put out classified ads in the papers to gather people to a meeting place (community center). Step 2. Hold a Townhall type meeting to gather ideas and resources. Step 3. Put ideas and resources in motion.

    • Cain

      Step 4. Wake up,drink some coffee and rejoice that any posts made after midnight on liquor filled game nights are not legally binding financial commitments.

      Step 5. Re-read some posts from the night before and understand that at least you didn’t pledge $1,000 you don’t have, to a cause you don’t really believe in.

      Step 6. Realize with mild embarrassment that you will do this all over again on Monday, when the Oilers lose again.

      Because Oilers…

      Happy Saturday!!!

  • R U Kidding Me!

    I like the paper bag idea. It’ll be our thing, like the see of red in calgary, or the all white coyotes fans, we can all have paper bags on our heads! Yay! What fun.

      • bazmagoo

        Really? Security in Rexall will not let fans wear paper bags? Is this for real?

        In the US, cops shot unarmed people and created riots down there but they let fans wear paper bags at sport

        In Edmonton, the Oilers don’t shoot at the net or at any goalies but the fans actually paid to see and they cannot wear what they want?

        Is Rexall place run by Communist Russia, China or North Korea?

        What the F?

        I live in Toronto, I didn’t know it’s happening over there?

        How about V For Vendetta Masks?

  • Well if the Oilers lose 72 games this year in OT or Shootout they get 72 points. All they have to do is win 10 games for 20 points.

    72 plus 20, let’s see that’s 92 points, if my math is correct then it’s enough to make playoffs. Then they just lose 4 games in OT again to get knocked out for golf season.

    Would that make the fans happy? Or finish with 60 something points and get first 3 picks again?

    Communist countries they have 5 year plan to achieve their goals. The Oilers should set their goals that way.

    Play for a tie game and take their chances in OT, they have been doing that last 2 games with ease.

    Keep that game plan for the whole season then it’s playoffs time in April.

    What do you say folks?

  • bazmagoo

    If the Oilers make playoffs by losing 72 games in OT or SO for 72 points and win 10 games for 20 points. to get 92 points for playoffs.

    The NHL will change rules next season for teams that lose in OT or SO will get no points for losing.

    The NHL will change rules for teams getting top 10 picks last 6 years, that team will play in AHL the next season. If that team win the Calder Cup in AHL then they get to join NHL the following year.

    How about that?

  • bazmagoo

    In the 80’s Gretzky said New Jersey Devils were Mickey Mouse team. Then he apologized after.

    Well he was right in predicting Disney’s team name calling when Anaheim called Mighty Ducks in the 90’s.

    Now Edmonton, the City of Champions, is the Mickey Mouse team version of NJ Devils back then.

    It’s Karma.

  • TSN article saying Oilers playing better this season than last by comparing possession rate (The Devil possessed them?) 43.5% last year and 49.1% this year.

    It’s the stupidest stats off all. Possession rate?

    So Oilers can play Harlem Globe Trotter style by passing pucks back and forth to each other in their zone the whole game. Playing Keep Away. Then get game into OT ties 0-0, get a point then lose in Shootout.

    The only stats matter are games won, score more goals for than goals against. It’s simple, Just Do It.

    Just win.

    • camdog

      Oilers advanced stats were bad with Krueger, because the Oilers were only playing western conference competition.

      Last year this time “advanced stats specialists” were bragging the Oilers up for having better advanced stats playing weaker eastern conference competition to start the season. That of course was when the Oilers were all confused playing Eakins new system. There were 2 Oiler teams last season, the first one playing the SWARM and the second playing a more conventional system.

      This season the Oilers have played the same system as last year and once again have had an easier schedule to start the season.

      The advanced stats specialists have been misleading the Oiler fans for years.

  • Romanus

    Mac T is looking to trade for a good center, he’s been doing what Eakins asking him to do.

    Mac T got new Dmen and big Forwards in, new goalies.

    Top 3 draft pick in Leon at center. The team still SUCKS.

    People train dogs to surf in water, cats to skateboard. Just watch youtube when Oilers games on and see for yourself.

    Coaching staffs in Edmonton cannot teach these young players to play hockey? They have been play hockey most of their young lives.

    Why can’t they win with what they have?

    Parents with autism kids cannot trade their kids away, they raise them like anyone else. Teach and love them like anyone else.

    Why can’t the Oilers win with what they have?

  • nugeformayor

    We all love to hate the Canucks but man, do I wish the Oilers had their type of management (professional). After one year out of the playoffs, they fired the coach and GM and brought in a new president (no experience, no rings but a very credible individual), new GM (lots of experience and well respected by his peers) and a new coach (again, no NHL experience but successful at all levels). They traded Kesler and Garrison and addressed their shortcomings in the off season goal, 2nd line centre and youth/speed). They have 7 starters who didn’t play for them last year and they are now #1 in the entire league.

    The Oilers are at the other end of the spectrum. They have sucked for so long our kids graduating high school have never seen them in the playoffs. Do the Oilers do the right thing and clean house and bring in a reputable guy like Yzerman to oversee the hockey side of the organization and hire professionals in every position (rather than giving jobs to ex-Oilers with absolutely no experience) – NO we didn’t. However, we did get the greatest to have ever played to give our floundering management a vote of confidence. A vote of confidence, for what? Drafting well? Icing a competent team? Addressing overall team deficiencies? Being out of the playoffs in November so a lottery pick is a certainty? 9 years with no playoffs? Being last in the league?

  • Nobody has to compete to keep their job in Edmonton.

    Eberle, Hall, RNH all got long term contract before they earned it

    MacT got the job before he earned it

    Shultz plays top minutes without earning it

    Arco, Purcell, Dr. Dri, aren’t earning their minutes,

    Bring up some less talented guys, who will finish a check and compete to play.

  • Oiler Fan 16

    By MacT’s own standard, he deserves to be fired along with his coach. He gave Ralph Krueger just 48 games and then essentially ended his career as a NHL head coach (it’s unlikely he’ll ever get another chance). Oh yeah, over Skype, no less. Ralph didn’t even have a proper training camp or pre-season to get ready. He nonetheless improved their winning percentage – all against the Western Conference. In contrast, Eakins (and MacT) have had 106 regular season games plus all the preparation time possible. And they have a worse record. I don’t feel sorry in the least for MacT. What he’s experiencing right now is karma at its purest. I feel more sorry for Eakins who is in over his head.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    The Oilers franchise really needs to smarten up and start firing some management! Seriously!! It’s practically a decade of children cheering for…who?? Do you think kids are wearing Hall, Eberle or Nuge jerseys lately? Nope; because they don’t want to feel like losers! So sad truly because my children won’t be fans of the Oilers. They want to watch Calgary!!!! *weeping*

  • Admiral Ackbar

    “I seriously doubt that the Blues played so clean that they didn’t merit a single penalty all game.”

    You mean like the Backes hit from behind on Petry that directly resulted in a goal???

    Say what you want, that hit was right in the numbers and deserved to be a penalty.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    Taylor Hall may be an incredible playmaker, but he too gas completely given up on this team. He dogged it back to the bench during two of the Blues’ goals, essentially giving them mini PPs.

  • Oiler Fan 16

    Ference is not capable of improvement and should not be on the ice very often. Too many times the puck goes right by him or is mishandled. He loses every physical battle he’s in. His comments before and after games are completely baffling. He constantly puts his team mates in harms way with passes in the skates if he does manage to corral it for a change

    Please, please trade him or send him to the minors. He works hard, but so does my washing machine.

  • Oilfan 80

    The Chicago loss was rock bottom for this club in my opinion. Hopefully it will be some kind of turning point for this organization moving forward, however I’m not holding my breath. That was the worst game I have seen this “rebuild” group play. After that game, many of us including myself said that the team was playing a gutless brand of hockey. I remember reading a lot of posts on here where the general consensus was that the losses wouldn’t sting so bad if there was just more compete. With that being said, The past three games haven’t been that bad. They’ve actually had my full attention for the duration. I thought they played good against Dallas, better against Nashville, maybe not so good against St. Louis with the exception of Scrivens. He was awesome.

    Even the best teams in the league have to have their goalie step up and steal a game every now and then. The owe ness however is on the players to recognize their goaltenders efforts, realize that their poor play is the reason why he has had to stand on his head, and from there on out do what ever it takes to help him cross the finish line with a win. Justin Schultz was a little bit better than his usual self last night but returned to his true form by being caught out of position and pathetically trying to scramble into place to try and defend Tarasenko, who is one of the last guys in the league you want to give any extra space to set up for a shot. Scrivens definitely deserved better. At least a chance to win it in the shoot out. It does seem like there is more second effort in our goalies since the change in the goaltending coach. Coincidence? Time will tell.

    I still maintain that it’s the small mistakes in our game that continually cost us. As nice as Halls playmaking was on the two goals that he set up, some very poor puck decisions and a bad line change would cost us as it ended up coming back our way and ultimately end up in the back of our net. In the end, I’ll take two of a possible 4 points against two of the best teams in the league. I’d rather 4 points but what can you do? Most of the deficiencies still come down to coaching. Which in turn comes down to management. The way to remedy these simple errors is to hold personnel and players more accountable. Ownership must fire management, coaches, and get a coaching staff and management team that will make players miss shifts, bench them and or spend time in the press box until they get a clue. These are professional hockey players. They know what and what not to do.

    It’s the coaching staffs job to get them back on track when they fall off. We are not re-inventing the wheel here. Keep it simple. Eakins has held a few accountable this year and from the outside looking in, when he does it always seems to be the wrong guys. He continues to confuse us as fans with this so-called system that he is trying to implement, the bonehead press box decisions, and the bad judgement as far as certain players ice time goes. I mean, how long did it finally take for Jultz to watch from above?? Schultz, along with many others need to feel some pressure from some players who are hungry for work. Since we seem content with losing anyways, maybe we should bring in some guys from our minor league affiliates. Who knows? Maybe someone down there will take the opportunity and make the most of it. Maybe then we will find the compete we’ve been looking for. ( I.E. 4 or 5 no names who are currently making names for themselves in Calgary)

    Accountability is key when it comes to fixing mistakes. First you have to recognize the mistakes that you have made. Next you have to admit that you were wrong. Then take a look at what it will take to right the ship. Only then will any change start to happen. I realize it’s definitely easier said than done but it’s not impossible. First and foremost, the management and coaching personnel involved have to be capable. The past 8 years proves that collectively this group is most certainly not. It all starts from the top and comes all the way down to Joey Moss and Joey is the only lock since he is the most consistent thing this franchise has seen in the past decade. Until we see movement in the positions that make the decisions, nothing will change.

    Plan B will again be imminent and we will be welcoming yet again another top 3 pick to come and join this group of dysfunctional hockey misfits. They will again expect this individual to allow them to keep their jobs for years to come by single handedly fixing the mess that they themselves in the “winners circle” have so graciously all collaborated together to create.