David Perron traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins


On Friday, the Edmonton Oilers finally put an end to rumours that had been circulating for months, sending David Perron to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for a first round draft pick and Rob Klinkhammer. 

Perron had been a fixture in the rumour mill for sometime now, with the Penguins generally among the handful of teams speculated as having interest. He’s a nice addition for Pittsburgh, a team which by virtue of their exceptional centres can seemingly turn any 50-point winger into a nearly point-per-game player. As Patric Hornqvist, James Neal and Chris Kunitz can attest, it’s a nice experience. 

It’s particularly good timing for the Pens because the roster has been decimated by the mumps. Taylor Chorney (some fans will remember; others will forget because there have been a lot of fringe defencemen in Edmonton over the years) dressed as a forward for Pittsburgh the other night, which says everything that needs to be said about the injury-riddled state of their forward corps. 

What About the Oilers?

Craig MacTavish2

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times: Another late first round pick is exactly what the Oilers need to get this thing turned around. 

Remember the Dustin Penner trade? This is a lot like that. There too the Oilers shipped away a legitimate NHL player with a year left on his deal, a player who added some elements that the team did not (and still does not) have in abundance. The return was fair value – a first round pick who became Oscar Klefbom, prospect Colten Teubert and another later pick (which became Daniil Zharkov). The problem with the Penner trade was that it moved a guy who could help in the present for futures – that deal was four years ago and Klefbom is only now finding his way in the majors.

So that late first-round pick is probably five years away from helping. Seriously. Come January 2020, Oilers fans might be raving about the deal, but that still leaves somewhere between three and five years where all Edmonton will likely have to show for Perron is Rob Klinkhammer. 

Klinkhammer’s a useful player, though of course he isn’t Perron. He’s very much a Craig MacTavish player – big (6’3″, 214 pounds), physical, defence-minded and shy offensively (his possession numbers aren’t bad, either). He’s a pretty decent checking line left wing, and would probably be right at home next to Boyd Gordon if Matt Hendricks wasn’t already there. Oddly enough, he hasn’t really been used on the penalty kill.

There are two ways of looking at this deal. 

One is that the Oilers are the kings of asset management; just like when they traded Chris Pronger for five (count ’em, five!) assets the team has once again managed to get fair value for one of its veterans.

The other way of looking at this trade is that Edmonton is a bad hockey team, that it just got worse, and that it’s going to literally take years for the primary return to have any impact in the NHL (assuming, as always, that the pick turns out).

It’s not a terrible trade, and it’s not at all farfetched to think that Perron perhaps wanted out of Dodge. But at some point the Oilers have to stop resetting the clock, right? 


  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    With the stage our D is at, we wont be good for 3 years probably. Perron wouldnt have resigned here in 2 years so we might as well trade him while he has value coming off his 28G season.

    Kind of sucks that we have a pick that will get us the 30th-25th overall in the draft. Magnus paajarvi(10th overall) Moved for perron who scores 28 goals who get moved for a really late pick. Lets hope that pick does better than paajarvi. If this draft is as deep as 2003 then we could be drafting a corey perry,loui erikson or get guys like MA pouliot and anthony stewart.

    The only other benefit to this trade is that we are now running a bottom 6 full of 13th forwards which means we’re going for Mcdavid.

    Give yakupov all the ice time in the world please. He needs the experience.

  • bradleypi


    So we traded Paajarvi and the 32nd pick (BARBACHEV as it worked out) to get Perron which now equals Klinkenheimer and a 2015 late first round pick

    I think that’s poor asset management = bad trade

    we are now worse yayyyyy!

    and as for freeing cap space, for what another nikitin?

  • BubbaZanetti

    Sounds very similar to Smid trade. My take is that Perron may of been critical of Oiler management and can’t be having that so out the door you go. Why else would you mmake this deal now and not closer to trade deadline ? Makes no sense as usual. Who’should next…Hendricks, Gordon ?

  • Hockey Problems 101

    This is a terrible trade. The Oilers trade away an NHL player, one that scored 28 goals last season, for the chance to get an NHL player.

    The likelihood that whomever is drafted by this pick ever scores 28 or more goals in a season is pretty slim.

    In any other industry this would get you fired.

    • Spydyr

      I would disagree. We get a first round pick we will own for nine more years for a player who probably wasn’t resigning. Maybe Klinkhammer who is hungry for NHL work works out too and resigns here a solid bottom six guy. Perron was no longer playing top six minutes and was being paid close to 4 mill. and for what 5 goals?

  • Whitey31

    Is this the Leafs board?

    We just got a 1st rd pick in a deep draft for a guy with 5 goals and a -17 rating and the sky is falling??

    Oh not to mention he obviously didn’t want to be here and would have never resigned. Gained 3M in cap space…..oh and snagged a player with 4 goals!

    Ya better fire everyone over this deal!

    The fans have become more embarrassing than the team, and that says a lot at this point.

  • Newj

    Why exactly did STL give up on Perron anyhow? Was it cap issues? Surely their scouts saw what they were going to get in MPS.

    Just curious since we’ve given up on Perron also.

  • Guy Lafleur

    I picje dup Perron for my fantasy Hockey League , out of 12 teams no one had him all year ..could be the move of the season esp if he plays with SID or heck even malkin!!

  • Goodkimchee

    Ok. As a pure trade, this isn’t so bad. To get a First rounder and a heavy centre for Perron is pretty good return. Considering what we got for Hemsky last year (3rd & 5th?), a first rounder and a player isn’t too bad.

    Now having said all that, I hate this trade. We did not get anything we needed, and that was a genuinely useful player, either centre or D, or even a Goalie. This to me simply shows how incapable MacT is of actually living up to his own hype and make a bold move.


  • wilco

    I think the posters that feel fair value was not received in this trade see things through a fan’s lens. This is a DFL hockey team.
    But it’s still valid to wonder why the hell management is resetting for 4 years out as JW points out.

  • wilco

    I like how this trade has given people an excuse to demean each other and act holier than thou.

    What a clown show this fan base can be. Get a grip you condescending chuds.

  • Derzie

    Willis basically praises trade this citing Klefbaum. Then the entirety of the hockey world laughs at the Oil rebuilding (again) by throwing away character vets for lottery tickets. Willis writes as if he thinks Lowe, Mac T and Katz are his audience. Pity.

  • bradleypi

    All of you opposed to this trade are fools. “wait until deadline, he couldve gotten more”…based on what?! what more could you have gotten for Perron? you are all just b1tching just to b1tch and its extremely annoying. its a decent trade. the oilers suck, period. there will be no blockbuster trade involving David Perron. You all need to wake up. what you all SHOULD be complaining about is why all the kids are still here. because they are the real problem… too many of the same freaking player.. and now they are probably gonna add another “nice guy” in MCDavid. thats what you all should be worried about. to me if Eichel is there and they dont take him…I am DONE being an oiler fan.

  • BubbaZanetti

    I said that they should have traded him last season at the deadline or draft when he was coming off a career year and his value was higher…….

    That being said, Perron was likely the happiest player with the Oilers today after hearing of the trade. I wonder if any others will follow his “blueprint” of getting a release from NHL purgatory.

  • Guy Lafleur

    This team don’t know how to draft I would have drafed Madison Bowey in 2nd round … I’m not saying now .. I said it when he wasn’t even drafted … Come on oilers mangement u suck .. U can’t trade or draft what else u can u do other than sucking .. If u don’t end up up with Mcdavid or Eichl … U will be bunch of suckers in history of NHL …. Even us fans of Oilers

  • Lucas

    Perron a primadonna? Have you watched any games this season? He’s one of the few that showed grit and push-back during their recent slump. What a dumb comment…

    There were others that should have left before Perron, namely Schultz or Eberle…I’m sick of both of those soft babies who seem to care less that they are losing.

    Eberle works harder during his ATB commercials…

  • MorningOwl

    anyone else watching the Penguins game?

    I am.

    Perron died and went to heaven.

    edit: it’s early in the game and the penguins are already down two. did Perron bring a curse?