When the Oilers are holding strong in 30th place, there’s not a whole lot of fun to be had around here (aside from #McDavidWatch2015).  Since having entertaining hockey to watch comes as often as Halley’s Comet, I have to find other ways to keep us all entertained – hence the need for another contest.  Since last month’s contest was a photoshop contest, I decided to switch things up for January.  Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a Meme contest.

After finally coming to terms with the fact that I had to come back to the office, I started digging around Nation HQ for some prizes.  Unfortunately, there were none to be found.  Fortunately, our sponsors are always willing to pay me to shut up, and will give me prizes until I do that.  Once the prizes were settled, it was time to come up with a contest idea (I like putting the cart before the horse).  As always, Robin Brownlee was my muse.  Since one of Brownlee’s favourite things to do is come up with Memes, I thought there was no better idea than a Meme Contest!

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We can’t just have a  Meme Contest without having a theme, so I turned to Team Canada/our current position in standings for inspiration (Brownlee too, of course).  As such, the topic for this Meme Contest is… “What Connor McDavid learned about Edmonton.” What the hell am I talking about?  See the meme that I made above.  Basically, what we’re looking for is for you to pretend that Connor McDavid is discovering the Muttart Conservatory for the first time. Got it?

I want to see some creativity here, people.  Most memes can only have 10-12 words on them (max) without looking awful, so I’m interested to see what you guys can come up with.  Once you’ve put together your collection of hilarious memes, you can email them to me at [email protected].  We will pick the finalists a week from today, and the voting will start from there.  Seems easy enough, right?  I thought so too.



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Since we can’t have a contest without prizes, I’ve put together the following packages for our winners to fight to the death over.  I expect the fights to be bloody, aggressive, and obviously to avoid the face…

The prizes are:

  • 1st place: a Nation Hoodie + Nation Tee + $20 Pint GC + Car Decal
  • 2nd place: a Nation Tee + $20 Pint GC + Car Decal
  • 3rd place: a $20 Pint GC + a $10 Oodle Noodle GC + Car Decal
  • We’ll pick 5 random entrants to win an Oodle Noodle GC and a sticker package.

Once the finalists are selected, we’ll throw up another article to showcase those mental heroes and commence the voting.  As always, we’ll do the voting through the pollz to make things easier for me to count (I only have so many fingers).  Those, however, are details for another day.  Until then, go forth and waste as much company time as you possibly can.

Godspeed, Nation… May the losses pile up, and bring us our (new) saviour.

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