GDB 46.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Panthers

I think 14 people saw the Oilers win that game.  Final Score: 3-2 Oilers in the shootout. 

The annoying thing about watching the Oilers go on the road is seeing how empty some of these other arenas can be.  To make matters worse, Florida is having the kind of year that a fan base could get excited about.  What I wouldn’t give for the Oilers to be in the playoff hunt.  What I wouldn’t give for meaningful games in November.  It’s nothing short of amazing that Oilers fans still pack (mostly) Rexall Place despite the fact that we’ve all lost a decade since their last playoff experience.  It’s amazing, and shocking, and makes the Oilers one of the luckiest sports franchises on the planet.


I’ll tell you one thing, the most interesting race of the season won’t be for the Calder, or the Stanley Cup, it’ll be for who finishes dead last and guarantees one of Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel.  With Buffalo losing again tonight, and the Oilers picking up another point in the standings, we’re in for a hell of a race for the bottom.  This year has everything the Crosby sweepstakes didn’t have, an actual race to the turd house of the NHL.  The Crosby draft came off the heels of a lockout, the McEichel reward will go to the franchise that showed 82 straight games of ineptitude.  This is history in the making.

We wrap.



  • The Oilers have lost 17 games by 1 goal, this season.  That’s excellent progress for the #Tank2015 movement.
  • Jordan Eberle’s breakaway goal showed the kind of hands that he’s got.  This was Eberle’s 12th goal of the season, and took over the team lead in that department. 
  • Matt Hendricks scored a shorthanded goal (his 6th) on a beauty feed from Boyd Gordon.  If only everyone on the team worked as hard as they do.  Hendricks is having his best season since 2010-11 with the Capitals.
  • The Oilers broke a 14 game losing streak on the road.
  • I liked seeing Nail Yakupov in the shootout.  Todd Nelson gets a ribbon for finding ways to build confidence for his players.  He ended up having the winning goal in the shootout.
  • Viktor Fasth kept the Oilers in the game all night.  I’m sure he would like to have the Gudbranson goal back, but he gave the Oilers a chance to win.  Fasth finished the night with 35 saves and a .946 save%.



  • There were about 15 people watching the game at the arena tonight. What a hockey market Florida is.
  • It’s annoying to see how Florida surrounded their young talent with veteran players.  The Panthers went out and got a lot of guys with Cup winning experience.
  • Erik Gudbranson scored his first goal in 39 games.  The Oilers are, once again, the most generous team in the NHL.
  • Taylor Hall needs to keep his stick swinging in check.  TayTay was visibly rattled when things weren’t going his way, and I think he needs to keep that in check.  
  • Two points in the standings are counterproductive to the #Tank2015 movement.


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  • Anton CP

    Whoever was supporting Eakins throughout the time he was with Oilers should stop watching hockey all together. Clearly that you have no idea about how a winning coach is look like, I’m not saying Nelson is the one right now but at least he is getting this team willing to start playing for him. Also, when some of you criticize players please choose someone who are actually the “cores”, it just appears to be that the posts to criticize Yak are about million times more than anyone else on the roster. How many of the post has criticized the “Norris”?

  • camdog

    Bob Staufer opened last night’s games with reminding everyone that Yak was -21. He forgot to mention he plays on the worst team in the league. He also forgot to mention he spent most of the year playing with plugs in the 3rd line. Forgot about the abysmal save percentage by our goaltenders. Seeing him win the shootout after being ignored for so long was poetic justice. Oh yeah and suck on that too Brownlee. Write another article about how Yak is sucking so much playing with the worst team assembled in the NHL since he’s been drafted.

  • Anton CP

    The penalty that Klinkhammer drew was telling of the kind of player we have in him. Speed up the middle of the ice and the Panther had to slow him down. Good play by him.

    Matt Hendricks and Boyd Gordon continue to impress this season. Along with Klinkhammer provide the crash and bang that this team needs. Though valuable as a trade asset I would loathe to see the Oilers trade Gordon. His value continues to climb. It will interesting to see if MacT is willing to part with BG for an A prospect or a high draft pick. Offers will come for BG and MH come the deadline.

    VF added value to his trade value last night. Couple more games like that and we’ll see him moved.
    If your MacT do you trade Petry now or in March? If its me I trade him now.

    If Derek Roy could have found a better landing spot to reinvigorate his game I do not know where it would be. He has been solid. Tough descision for MacT come trade deadline.

    The Montreal Canadians need a big winger that can score. According to the pundits on Rogers last night. Is Benoit Pouliot that player? Is he a player they would revisit? They have history with the player but his game has developed since he was a Canadian. I wonder if the Oilers would part ways with him? His value is high and as an asset he would bring back good value. I see Matt Fraser or Klinkhammer as similar role players but with less cap cost. Just saying.

    Hall looks frustrated. Needs a game or 2 off to recharge.

    • geeker99

      This post just makes me sad, when do we start building a team that can compete mike. Pouliot signed and playing well and you want to trade him? With this mentality we will be picking top three for a long time.

  • McClelland

    If I thought for a minute that one person in the organization would even consider throwing a game, let alone an entire season, just for a shot at yet another first overall pick, I would be so disgusted I might never attend another game. It is fun to be sarcastic and have our mean spirited fun because we bleed copper and blue and we’re ticked of that our team has been languishing in the bowels of the standings for so long that we dream of just being in contention for a playoff spot. I have lowered my expectations of performance, but not integrity. It’s embarrassing to be in the hunt for another first overall. If it really is a deliberate thing, it is cheating and it should be investigated fully and there should be life time bans from the sport for anyone involved.