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Another busy week for Oilers prospects, including Mitch Moroz scoring his first pro goal. The trade deadline is just around the corner, so it’s a good time to pay close attention to Barons players who are ripping it up.

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Jordan Oesterle. Barons photos by Rob Ferguson, all rights reserved.


  1. R Andrew Miller 41GP, 15-20-35 (Did Not Play this week)
  2. C Jason Williams 42GP 15-20-35 (2GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  3. R Matt Ford 42GP, 13-19-32 (2GP, 1-2-3 this week)
  4. C Anton Lander 29GP, 9-22-31 (NHL this week)
  5. D Brad Hunt 32GP, 9-20-29 (2GP, 1-1-2 this week)
  6. R Iiro Pakarinen 39GP, 17-11-28 (2GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  7. L Ryan Hamilton 30GP, 14-11-25 (Did not play this week)
  8. L Curtis Hamilton 39GP, 8-14-22 (2GP, 0-1-1 this week)
  9. D Jordan Oesterle 44GP, 6-14-20 (2GP, 1-0-1 this week)
  10. C Bogdan Yakimov 40GP, 6-10-16 (2GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  11. R Steve Pinizzotto 16GP, 1-9-10 (2GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  12. R Tyler Pitlick 14GP, 3-6-9 (NHL and injured this week)
  13. D Dillon Simpson 40GP, 2-7-9 (1GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  14. D Oscar Klefbom 9GP, 1-7-8 (NHL this week)
  15. L Josh Winquist 16GP, 4-4-8 (Did not play this week)
  16. L Kellen Jones 18GP, 4-4-8 (2GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  17. C Jujhar Khaira 40GP, 2-6-8 (2GP, 0-1-1 this week)
  18. D Martin Marincin 27GP, 0-7-7 (2gp, 0-1-1 this week)
  19. D Brandon Davidson 31GP, 2-5-7 (2GP, 0-1-1 this week)
  20. D David Musil 38GP, 1-6-7 (2GP, 0-1-1 this week)
  21. L Kale Kessy 17GP, 3-3-6 (season ending injury)
  22. D Martin Gernat 35GP, 0-5-5 (1GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  23. C Connor Jones 17GP, 2-2-4 (2GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  24. L Mitch Moroz 35GP, 1-3-4 (2GP, 1-0-1 this week)
  25. C Travis Ewanyk 41GP, 2-2-4 (1GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  26. D CJ Ludwig 13GP, 1-2-3 (Did Not Play this week)
  27. L Luke Gazdic 5GP, 2-0-2 (NHL this week)
  28. D Keith Aulie 8GP, 0-1-1 (NHL this week)
  29. G Laurent Brossoit 24GP, 2.60 .916 (1GP, 1.79 .949 this week)
  30. G Richard Bachman 21GP, 2.16 .925 (1GP, 2.77 .893 this week)
  31. G Frans Tuohimaa 3GP, 4.22, .904 (ECHL this week)


  • Short week, but the Moroz goal is a nice item. He appears to be getting a little more playing time, necessary for these young prospects to develop.
  • Laurent Brossoit had a nice recovery game after a tough outing just before the AS break.
  • The injury to Niki Nikitin should mean a callup, my guess is Brandon Davidson but my hope is Martin Marincin. Jordan Oesterle would also be a strong candidate.


  1. C Kyle Platzer, Owen Sound (OHL) 46GP, 21-37-58 (4GP, 2-4-6 this week)
  2. C-W Greg Chase, Calgary-Victoria (WHL) 41GP, 15-29-44 (3GP, 1-2-3 this week)
  3. R Jackson Houck, Vancouver (WHL) 45GP, 15-23-38 (2GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  4. C Marco Roy, Quebec (QMJHL) 41GP, 20-16-36 (2GP, 1-1-2 this week)
  5. D Darnell Nurse, SSM (OHL) 28GP, 8-19-27 (3GP, 0-2-2 this week)
  6. D Ben Betker, Everett (WHL) 44GP, 4-20-24 (2GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  7. C Leon Draisaitl, Kelowna (WHL) 11GP, 7-10-17 (4GP, 3-3-6 this week)
  8. G Keven Bouchard Val d’Or (QMJHL) 28GP, 4.33 .853 (3gp, 4.29 .869 this week)

L Vladimir Tkachev is 28GP, 9-18-27 for the year.


  • Kyle Platzer is having a wonderful year. A two-way reputation married to these boxcars—and a big PP push—should mean he gets signed for sure.
  • Leon Draisaitl is settling in nicely, he’s approaching last year’s scoring (per game) and should surpass that as he continues to get acclimated.
  • Keven Bouchard may not be a good goalie.


  1. D Joey Laleggia, Denver (NCAA) 24GP, 9-13-22 (2GP, 1-0-1 this week)
  2. L Evan Campbell UMass-Lowell (NCAA) 25GP, 6-13-19 (2GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  3. C Tyler Vesel, Nebraska at Omaha (NCAA) 26GP, 6-11-16 (2GP, 1-0-1 this week)
  4. L Aidan Muir, Western Michigan (NCAA) 24GP, 4-6-10 (1GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  5. R John McCarron, Cornell (NCAA) 21GP, 1-6-7 (2GP, 1-0-1 this week)
  6. G Zach Nagelvoort Michigan (NCAA) 18GP, 2.52 .910 (1GP, 2.09 .929)


  1. L Liam Coughlin, Vernon 46GP, 19-37-56 (3GP, 1-1-2 this week)


  1. William Lagesson, Dubuque 29GP, 1-11-12 (2GP, 0-0-0 this week)


  • Nagelvoort has played well for awhile now, that SP is coming around.
  • Lagesson hasn’t scored a point in forever.
  • Vesel does something good every week.


  1. L Roman Horak, Vityaz Podolsk (KHL) 46GP, 18-13-31 (3GP, 0-1-1 this week)
  2. L Anton Slepyshev, Salavat Yulaev (KHL) 52GP, 13-9-22 (4GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  3. R Antti Tyrvainen, Ilves (SML) 39GP, 5-6-11 (4GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  4. L Daniil Zharkov Torpedo (VHL) 30GP, 2-3-5 (Did Not Play this week)


  • Slepyshev had a slow week but has been burning it up since Christmas.
  • Horak would be an interesting option for next year’s Oilers.
  • Allan I was wondering if you could highlight how the OIlers will be developing our talent at the AHL level for next year ……….when the franchise moves to California?

    Will there be changes as to how the AHL franchise operates over what it is doing now? Mainly what will happen to the various senior player that have no upward mobility into the NHL?

    • Lowetide

      We’ll have to wait and see but I think we’ll see veteran AHL types like Williams and Ford again next year. You may not see them in FEATURE roles offensively, however. Maybe EDM adds a veteran AHL D or more of a two-way type.

      The 15-16 AHL team should have some talented kids (Slepyshev, Chase, Houck, Roy) and that added to Yakimov, Oesterle and Winquist should mean fewer skill forwards on AHL deals.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    first and foremost, our top goalie prospect, Laurent Brossoit seems to be developing quite well in OKC. finally, a goalie we are developing ourselves looking good in the minors!!

    of our defensive prospects, Nurse continues to look very good and may even make the team next year, but perhaps a year or part of one in the AHL would do him well? and Oesterle continues to roll along….what a find! even Laleggia is looking good and playing well in college! he’s a long shot but you never know!

    of the forwards, Parkanen, C. Hamilton and Yakimov continue to grow in the AHL, future looks bright!
    and Platzer and Leon continue to tear it up in junior, gives me hope for the future. and Greg Chase is bringing his scoring up now that he’s settled in with Victoria. hoping like hell for him in the future.

  • Lowetide

    The Draisaitl item is interesting to me. Last year we talked about teamate effects on prospects. Draisaitl was working with literally nothing, and this caused some to put him above bennett because of it. I’ve alway argued that being on your own can often boost your numbers, as the offence goes through you. I call it the Chris Bosh effect.

    We don’t know much about junior ice time, and many other important things, but Draisaitl is an interesting case study. When he gets to a team with real players, the offense regresses/runs in place in his draft+1. I’m gonna try to find more on this.

    • Lowetide

      I watched Draisaitl last night, and im torn; he is skilled, and does use his size a bit, but certainly doesn’t look dynamic out there. His footspeed looks horrible…I dont know if it’s a case of being a bigger guy so he looks slower or what, but he looked to me like one of the worst skaters on either team. A little lazy too….his team is the epitome of hard working, and he seemed to be the only guy half-assing it on the backcheck. I hope im wrong, but its hard for me to see a star there…

      • Czar

        I remember watching Ryan Getzlaf last year as a Hitman. He looked slow and his point total was way off. But in actuality I believe now that he was trying to be more defensive aware and this often takes a bite out of your point totals.

        • camdog

          I do remember people saying that about Getzlaf in his last days in the WHL.

          Another solid effort by DD. Who would have thought DD on his own would have more wins then the Oilers team at this time of the year, truly amazing what he’s done playing on some pretty bad hockey teams.

      • Chongler

        Not to read into it that much, but he DID beat Hall (Along with everyone else who competed) for the fastest skater at the Oil skills competition earlier this year…

        Team Blue:

        Arcobello (14.949)
        Draisaitl (14.537)
        Hall (14.617)

        At least there is potential, right?

        • Romulus' Apotheosis

          Supposedly Hall had a knee(?) injury that he hasn’t quite recover and required braces on both knees… Why was he even in the skills competition again?

    • Romulus' Apotheosis


      He’s 11 games in and he’s scoring at a 1.55 PPG clip. good enough for 5th in the WHL (>10 games).

      This is far too short a sample size to make much out of, but considering he’s basically on par with last season while playing for a new team, with new linemates and likely less playing time… this really isn’t a concern.

      I really can’t fathom any reasonable concern about Draisaitl in the CHL right now.

      And, you can’t have it both ways on this team effect thing. You’re trying to cut LD in both directions.

      There were sound arguments for LD last year on the basis of quality of team (IPP, on-ice goal differential, etc.) as a component of his evaluation.

      Besides, now that he’s on a good team and scoring well… again, I don’t see any reason for concern here.

      BTW: chlstats offer TOI estimates… which are near useless in such small samples as LD’s


      • I’m not worried about LD. I’m just trying to point out that we may bee reading too much into quality of team effects on junior players. The way I see it Drat is a better player this year, and he is on a good team which is hurting his totals.
        I use chris bosh for the comp, since he is still an awesome player when he is with bron and wade, but offensively he looked better in TO.

  • Jordan88

    How the hell are we supposed to successfully tank with Nikitin being replaced with AHL Dmen?! If they don’t bring up Musil, ill know they are actually trying to win. Thank god the level of incompetence should make up for 1 small move for the positive.

  • Lowetide

    Hi Lowetide. Appreciate the weekly updates. Why don’t the Oiler’s give one of the farm goalies, particularly Bachman, a shot in the NHL this year since we were eliminated from playoff contention prior to the first puck being dropped this season?

  • Lowetide

    Tkachev is trending as 4-5 round pick. That would be a reasonable price/option for the Oilers to pay to draft him.

    Unless I see anything different Zharkov is Norfolk bound in the echl.Went from prospect to suspect because of bad descision to play in KHL. Should be lesson there for some future prospects thinking the same thing.

    • Romulus' Apotheosis

      I can’t imagine the Oilers would bother signing him and bringing him over.

      You’re right though… his agent should have gone through the problem of cashing cheques now in the K (a real pressure point) vs. getting enough TOI in, which is very tough for a young kid like DZ.

      • KSC10032

        I agree it doesn’t make sense to sign Zharkov @ 50 contract limit considerations, but, should the Oilers still think he’s worth keeping dibs on they might be able to work with his agent in finding him a home in a more stable European league (Sweden 2nd tier, Swiss A/B) etc.), and let him see if he can find some traction there.

        He’s still just a kid. I have underwear older than he is.

    • I’m not sure 1 ppg in his draft +1 for a player his size warrants a whole heck of a lot of interest from anyone. I would still draft him, but it would be based mostly on his pre season play with the Oil.

      That said I don’t know about even a 4th rounder. He might very well be available with a 7th. I’d probably take him in the 5th because I’m not sure there’s a big difference in value between 5 and 7 and I’m higher on the kid than his numbers warrant.

  • Lowetide

    Hey Lowetide, can you explain why Marincin is not in the NHL yet; I know your hopeful to see him back now Nikitin is on the IR, as far as i’m aware on the subject he’s waiver eligible next season so this is the season where you really want to find out if you have a player there and we haven’t seen him since his banishment to OKC. Has the organization spoiled on him or is he just “rounding out his game” as MacT puts it?

  • Chongler

    What are the chances we see Nikitin traded for a conditional pick this trade deadline to a very desperate team? I know it’s a long shot but could it happen?

    • Romulus' Apotheosis

      I think the chances he’s cleared to play (and thus be eligible to be traded) are pretty unlikely, let alone anyone wanting to trade for him…

      Huge cap hit for what he is. And, he’s not a rental.

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    Dont understand why people are still enamoured over Tkachev . Meh. Slepyshev is burning it up? Yeah ok bud. Nice to see Platzer performing. Not happy about our prospect pool. Not a goalie to be found.

  • mesa

    every team in the NHL usually bring in to the new season one or two rookies max with no pressure on them what so ever .only the oilers will bring in 4-5 rookies as 18 years old with all the pressure to carry the team.that is the reason this org.is not going anywhere.

  • Not a fan at the NHL level, and hate giving Oil management any credit these days, but looking at those boxcars I get the interest in Hunt. A point per game forward in the A is of interest. A PPG defenceman is pretty rare.

    Maybe the problem in his past call-ups is too many chefs (ie, too many offensive but otherwise pretty useless D). Let’s send Schultz and his limp wrister down and bring up Hunt and his boomer for that spot.