Martin Marincin Recalled


An injury to Nikita Nikitin and the relatively poor play of No. 7 defender Keith Aulie in the two games since Nikitin went down have created an opportunity on the Edmonton blue line. On Thursday, the Oilers announced that Martin Marincin would be the player benefiting from that opportunity.

We’ve talked about this possibility a lot over the last month or so, and there seem to be two main schools of thought on the merits of recalling Marincin:

  • This is very much a good thing. Marincin has shown he can play and play well at the NHL level and keeping him in the minors when the Oilers blue line is so weak was always ridiculous.
  • This is very much a bad thing. We’ve seen the benefits of leaving Anton Lander in the minors to work on his game; Marincin struggled earlier in the year and leaving him down in OKC was and is in the best interests of the Oilers.

The Clock & the Coach


The simple fact is that every prospect is on the clock. From the time a player is drafted, he has a finite amount of time to show an NHL team that he’s worth signing. Once signed, that player has a finite amount of time to break into the majors.

The clock on Marincin is running perilously close to zero.

It’s true that Lander spent extra time in the minors and now seems to be benefiting from it, but that statement comes with a couple of caveats. First, in order to buy that time, the Oilers had to expose Lander to waivers and to the other 29 NHL teams; if one of them had been more sold on the player or in more need of depth down the middle we’d be talking about how unfortunate it was that the Oilers let a useful player walk for nothing. Second, Lander is playing centre under a head coach he knows and trusts and who knows and trusts him; it’s possible that the extra half-season in the minors made all the difference but it’s also possible that the key change was bringing in a coach who from long experience knows how to get the most out of the player.

Both points are extremely relevant in Marincin’s case.

I’ve written before about how even in Detroit players tend to make the jump to the majors after about 200 professional games; that’s because 200 games roughly corresponds to 2-1/2 years of professional experience and most players have three seasons of waiver exemption. Bringing a player up at that point affords an NHL team the chance to give him a half-season cameo before deciding whether he deserves a spot on the opening night roster the next year or if it’s better to just expose that individual to waivers. Unless I’m reading the CBA wrong (it’s a long book and I am emphatically not a lawyer), Marincin will need to clear waivers to go down to the farm next year and unlike Lander he doesn’t have a long track record of NHL failure to discourage teams from claiming him. Bringing him up now and seeing what he has makes deciding his role on next year’s roster much easier.

Todd Nelson

That Todd Nelson is behind the bench should certainly ease the transition, too. Marincin will be playing under the coach who for most of the last three years has helped him make the transition to professional hockey. It’s a big advantage for Nelson; he’s been a constant behind the bench for many of these players even as the coaching position was a revolving door at the NHL level.

To me, recalling Marincin is an entirely sensible move; the Oilers need to make important decisions on him in the near future and if he’s going to be a significant player for the team he’s at the age and experience level where he needs to show he can hold down an NHL job. It’ll be interesting to see both how he’s used (Lowetide’s Allan Mitchell had an interesting piece today on that) and how he performs in whatever role he’s assigned.

This is an incredibly important time in his professional career.


    • 24% body fat

      no one thinks he is the savior, though he might be if he can keep nikitin out of the line up. It is that he is better than Aulie, Hunt, Nikitin, Ference, and Shcultz.

      Whether or not he is a top 4 d is debatable. What is not is that you can win when you don’t put YOUR best dmen out on the ice.

      • The Soup Fascist

        Yeah, why would you want a guy who singlehandedly takes a team from a .356 % winning % to a .500 % winning percentage merely by his presence in the lineup?

        Clearly the guy is bad news. Bring back Nikitin or better yet Brad Hunt!!

        Double Oy.

      • It isn’t that anyone thinks he’s a savior, it’s that “pretty average” makes him one of the best defensemen on the team.

        Honestly, this kind of thing is getting stupid. People can’t claim to be anything but trolls if they are going to pretend saying a player should be in the NHL is the same as saying he will save the team.

        • bradleypi

          It’s comments like this that make me disagree with 95% of the posters on this sight. How can you honestly say that a player that can barely play his way out of the minors is a better dman than a Stanley Cup champ ference? Or a veteran like fayne. As much as I don’t think petry is as good as oilersnation thinks he is, he is certainly better than MM. Heck right now klefblom is better than him. He’s an average dman that has all the tools to be good. He just needs to put it all together. Then maybe you can tell me he’s the best dman on the team. But that’s probably 4-5 years away at best. And don’t call me a troll because I know more about hockey than you. He will not make the Oilers better. They will stay the same as they are right now. All they are doing is adding a 5-6 dman to a bunch of 3-6 dmen. Status quo

          • Me:

            “pretty average” makes him one of the best defensemen on the team.


            Then maybe you can tell me he’s the best dman on the team.

            Either trolling or extremely selective reading.

            And don’t call me a troll because I know more about hockey than you.

            Oh not a troll at all I’m sure. Nothing says “I make sane arguments” like telling random people on the internet how much smarter you think you are than them.

          • bradleypi

            I would take Andrew ference on my team a hundred times before I’d take MM. Just because the bloggers and commenters on oilersnation say MM is good and ference is bad doesn’t make it right.

          • Ference isn’t bad at hockey because “bloggers” say so, he’s bad at hockey because he no longer plays the game of hockey well. There are few things that make me laugh more than people who argue a player is good because they happened to win a cup.

          • bradleypi

            What exactly does he do that’s so wrong and what do petry and MM do that makes them so good? At least ference has some physicality in his game. He’s not the biggest guy out there but he plays like he is. Whereas your boy petry has the frame and the tools to be a top pairing dman, but for some reason can’t seem to put it all together. There’s at least 4-5 teams looking for a right handed dman, yet here petry is, still on the Oilers. Even his own gm won’t sign him long term because he hasn’t earned it yet. Tell me I’m wrong….. teams are targeting polack and Franson before oilersnation golden boy petry according to tsn and sports net insiders. What does that tell you?

          • bradleypi

            Lol. I figured that this was what this would come down to as no one on this sight has brought up one good point yet as to what petry brings the table that makes him a “good” defenceman. Seems Mact and I are on the same page. Well two can play your game….. as for petry… he SUCKS!

          • You may as well keep ignoring everything anyone says, that’s what trolls do after all.

            Point is, you called Petry my “boy” yet I haven’t even mentioned him. You’re so all over the place it’s hard to tell if you’re even reading anything.

            Ference is bad at hockey. How do I know? I know because the results of every player on the team fall into the sewer when they are on the ice with him.

            Nobody feels they need to justify anything about Petry to you because you are just a troll. Most would happily have that conversation with someone who actually wants to talk hockey.

          • camdog

            Your interpretation of Petry is the same as everybody else’s on Oilersnation.

            The only difference is that most of the people on Oilersnation compare Petry to the other defenceman on this team, while you compare him to the rest of the d-man in the league.

          • bradleypi

            I disagree completely. Everyone on here says he’s a top 4 dman on “every” other team in the league. I think he’s a 5-6 guy on any good team in the league. I dare anyone on here to name a playoff team and tell me which defenceman petry knocks out of the top 4 with his measly 11 points and atrocious -22. I’m here all week.

          • pkam

            Points and +/- are affected by so many factors like performance of your team, quality of opponents you have to face, type of role you play, linemates, PP opportunity, zone start, TOI etc, how can you use them to compare players, especially defensive players.

            For example, what is Josh Gorges number this year playing top pairing in Buffalo? 6 pts and -30 in 43 games. Obviously his number is worse than Petry, but wasn’t he a 2nd pairing defenseman in Montreal, a playoff team, last year?

            Josh Gorges this year is in similar situation that Petry has been in after his rookie season. Both are not top pairing defenseman playing top pairing role. Both are playing shutdown role. Both have very little to no PP time. The difference? Josh has a true top pairing defense as his partner and Petry has either rookie or about to retire 3rd pairing as his partner.

            Obviously Josh Gorges has track record to prove his is a 2nd pairing defense and Petry doesn’t. But do you really think Josh is a better player? Does the stat support it?

          • bradleypi

            I would take Georges over petry in a heartbeat. I agree with you that Georges is not a top pairing dman. Not even sure why you typed all this? Petry is getting top line minutes on the Oilers and is failing. The oil have been a perennial last place team since he has been playing too pairing minutes. Coincidence? I think not. And I knew it wouldn’t be long before someone on here blames everyone but petry for his bad +/-. Yet everyone is so quick to pin blame on nikitin, Schultz or Ferknuckle as soon as they make a mistake.

          • pkam

            Why I typed all this?

            Because I want to show how silly your argument is that Petry is not a 2nd pairing defenseman based on his stats of 11 pts and -23 in 51 games.

            Josh Georges is paired with a top pairing defenseman Tyler Myers, and his stats this season is 6 pts and -30 in 43 games. What do you think his stats will be if he was in Petry’s spot, paired with a rookie defenseman like Marincin or down the hill 4/5 defenseman like Ference?

            If Petry is not a 2nd pairing defenseman based on his stats, what will Josh Georges be based on his stats of 6 pts and -30 in 43 games even he is paired with a true top pairing defenseman? AHLer?

            You use stats to prove Petry is not a 2nd pairing defenseman, then at the same time, you believe a player is a 2nd pairing defenseman whose stats is much worse and prefer him over Petry. Where is your logic?

    • 24% body fat

      Marincin is tradeable now because we have nurse. If we made that trade we wouldn’t have Nurse so the D prospects would be much thinner.

      So in hindsight still hard to say.

        • Spoils

          Well put. Nurse did not dominate at the WJHC. He had a good defensive game against the Russians but did not stand out in most of the games. Klefbom was more noticeable in his WJHC after being drafted than Nurse was in this one.

          That being said, who knows what will happen. He has the frame and skating to be a very good NHL d-man, but appears to lack #1 Dman offensive potential right now. I would like to see Nurse spend a year in the AHL and see him dominate before being called up. No need to rush him to play on another weak NHL team next year……

          • YFC Prez

            I disagree on your take on Nurse at the WJC’s. Nurse was cast into a shutdown role at the WJC. A role that he absolutely dominated and excelled at. He was the best defensive player of the tournament. You didn’t see very much offence because that wasn’t his job. If anything the WJHC performance pushed him closer to the NHL.

            I do agree with you though on the next step for Nurse. He should see at least one full season in the AHL. But judging how the oilers rush prospects is there really any doubt he’s going to be thrown into the deep end next season?

          • Dwayne Roloson 35

            Nurse was used in a shutdown role at the world juniors. He dominated defensively. Not one even strength goal was scored against Canada when he was on the ice. Nurse is going to be the real deal or close to the real deal. He has more potential than any prospect we have. He plays a tough mean game. He stands up for teammates. He can skate like the wind and its very noticeable. His parents are athletes who have gone far. He packed on 15lbs to his 6’4 frame last year. He trains harder than some guys on our team already. hes a stud. Hes a pt per game player in junior right now too.

            I think a year in the AHL would be great for him too but i think you’re undervaluing him as a prospect.

          • YFC Prez

            Would agree that Nurse is not NHL ready next year and Ahl is best play. However if being a point per game D-man in junior isn’t nhl top pairing ” offensive potential ” then I’m not sure what is.

          • Burnward

            I’m curious to know what games you were actually watching at the WJC? That good “Defensive” game he had against the Russians won him PLAYER OF THE GAME.
            Nurse is exactly what this team needed the day Pronger set sail. He can absolutely fly, and when he gets his man strength look out.
            There will be more than a few wingers thinking about having to go into the corners against him on game day mornings.

        • YFC Prez

          This is the oiler way. Ditching a solid asset for someone who has the potential to possibly maybe someday turn out to be better than what they give up.

          I don’t see why having Nurse in the prospect pool would make the oilers closest NHL ready prospect expendable. It’s not like the defence could use all the help it can get.

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    Great level headed article YW.
    You do have a way of keeping an even keel. I don’t envy you having to play nice with the msm.
    It’s an old boys club.

    Keep advocating for common sense in management decisions, and don’t let Matty run players out of town.

  • YFC Prez

    Clock is not running out on marincin….how many defense man drafted in the 2nd round make it to nhl in entry level contract? It’s too soon….it’s like saying clock is running out on Willis’s career cause he hasn’t made it to tsn yet.

  • YFC Prez

    Good move, but lets be smart here.

    Keep him on the left side,

    Keep him with a consistent partner …. I like a Fayne pairing,

    Manage his zone starts and play him about 15 minutes a night. For a while…

    Marincin is the 9th Oiler who is on the big club that has come through our system. Add Nurse, Drasaital and “McDavid” at some point next year and subtract Petry. Maybe we don’t have to add 3-4 older expensive FA this summer.

    • The Soup Fascist

      I hope you are referring to PATRICK Kane or the Wrestler Kane or Batman’s nemesis Kane or even a copy of the book Citizen Kane ….

      Because the Oilers need another distraction in the dressing room like a fish needs a bicycle.


      • bradleypi


        Well to be fair, Seguin’s public image wasn’t the greatest either before getting traded to the Stars (though not as bad as Kane), and the change of scenery seemed to do him wonders in Dallas. But knowing the Oilers, that’s not what would happen…

  • Spoils

    Klefbom looks miles better than he did at the beginning of the season. I wouldn’t be surprised if Marincin does as well.

    Only worry about Marincin playing well is it might make trading Petry easier.

  • camdog

    I was hoping that Marancin would develop some offence to his game in the minors. It hasn’t happened. He may turn into a very good defensive d-man but his minor league numbers don’t show much for offence.

    Then again it’s the Oilers they probably didn’t even try and give him powerplay time in the minors with Hunt and Osterle lighting it up.

  • We must all remember that this guy was utilized heavily by Dallas Eakins………I humbly state that his progression was hampered by a coach that was giving him mixed signals.

    Now that we have a severly normal coach…….look for this player to break out!

    • pkam

      Can you tell me how Eakins gave him mixed signals?

      Marincin was doing okay last season. He started terrible in the training camp and preseason. So Eakins was coaching him over the summer?

      He wasn’t good in the dozen NHL games and was sent down to OKC. How was he doing in OKC? From the stats in OKC, he was not any better. Did Eakins follow him down to OKC?

      I hope he breaks out too, but I don’t know why he didn’t in OKC when Nelson was there. Did he get mixed signals there too?

  • toprightcorner

    The Oilers definitely need to see if he has improved his game enough this season to be an NHL defenseman before he is subject to waivers next year.

    If after 30 games he looks to be a fit, great, if not then he can be packaged in a deal to fill other holes when he still has decent value.

  • billythebullet

    MM did well when paired with Petry last season. I wonder if he will b reunited with him. Either way I will like to see if half the season in the “a” has helped. The oilers need d more then ever and MM being a bust won’t help. Let’s hope he has improved and makes a case to stick.

  • camdog

    Anyone who has listened to or ready articles by people close to OKC are saying that Marincin has regressed in a HUGE way this year and are pretty much unanimous in their feeling that he is not an NHL player at this point. It will be interesting to see how he does because he was not very good at all on the Oilers at the start of the year, but was quite good last year.

  • bradleypi

    Saw the gm’s interview with the over-stuffed one and noted he went out of his way to credit the oil’s recent up-tick to the players. it’s like he is trying to take credit for the players. He tried to avoid giving Nelson any credit at all. What he did say that was at all positive about the coaching was grudging at best.

    Petry was ignored as a future oiler D-man until the over-stuffed one cornered the gm and forced a response.

    How can this idiot gm be allowed to come within a country mile of this or any other draft?

    He seems absolutely set on getting rid of every valuable veteran on this team and trying to keep oil fans content with more years of losing with rookies.

    He still refuses to admit a colossal f**K-up with his hiring of Eakins.

    What a fragile freaking ego the wee lad must have.

    • bradleypi

      Wow. I don’t know what interview you listened to but the one I did, he mentioned Nellie in his opening statement. Wow you guys just can’t stop picking at scabs can you? Make things up just because it’s popular on oilersnation to rip on Mact. I guess it’s all about the cheers.

      • bradleypi

        What I heard is next year were gonna have the same defence, minus petry insert 20 year old. I’m willing to already declare next year a write off. I’ll start scouting the 2016 draft eligible’s, were gonna get another good pick.

        • bradleypi

          Again you are just making things up to get cheers. Did Mact actually say he was going to “insert a 20 year old” onto the defence? Or are you maybe fabricating that part a little bit. I recall hearing him mention looking at acquiring a dman and letting nurse develop a little longer. He’s definitely go the assets to aquire a pretty good dman. His own 1st rounder, pittsburghs 1st rounder, whatever he can get for petry. (Magic beans) as oilersnation refers to 1st or 2nd round draft picks. And whatever forward he feels is expendable. All we can do as fans is hope some gm out there wants to shake up his team by letting said dman go. And if nothing happens, and nurse has to slide in I’m fine with that. I guarantee he will do just as good a job as petry is doing. Maybe better.

      • bradleypi

        There is no doubt that anything negative about the Oil gets a lot of support at the moment. I don’t expect this to change any time soon. And yes its easy to get a lot of props by just dumping on anything the Oil do.

        However, in this case I think many of the criticisms of MacTs interview are justified.

        Not willing to admit Eakins was a mistake maybe the most concerning, if MacT can’t admit let alone learn from his mistakes, how can we expect him to improve. Overselling young players has been a common fault of MacT, his comments about Klefblom/Schultz as emerging top pair put them in the crosshairs. Why can’t he say something like they are both showing improvements and we are optimistic.

        His comment about improving the roster since Eakins left is without doubt true, Nelson doesn’t have to figure out what to do with a Jr center every night. But the follow up question (I understand why Stauffer can’t ask his boss this question) is why did it take you 40 games to figure this out, wasn’t this obvious is August/

        • bradleypi

          Do you admit every mistake you make to the world? Wouldn’t that be a sure fire way to get yourself canned real quick? Of course he defends his decision. He thought Eakins was the guy. I thought so and I’ll bet 95% of oilersnation did too at the time. Eakins said all the right things and made me a believer in what he was bringing to the team.
          Secondly. I would have to assume Mact and Eakins are friends. Would you sell your friend down the river by telling the world that he’s crappy at what he does?
          Thirdly. Are you serious that you have a problem with him challenging Schultz and klefblom that he expects them to take their games to the next level? You would just coddle these guys and hope for the best? These guys need to be better and he telling them straight. No more coddling these guys. It’s time for results is how I read that.

          • bradleypi

            MacT was asked about Nelson and he brought up that Eakins was doing a good job. No reason he needed to mention Eakins at all.

            No-one expects anyone to be perfect, that’s part of being human. If a person can’t recognize that they are fallible they will be condemned to making the same mistakes over and over.

  • wiseguy

    You can all stop talking about petry being the best oilers dman or how we are going to acquire a top pairing dmen. Mact has spoken: “I really feel we’ve got a foundation of NHL players, a top two defence pair (Justin Schultz and Oscar Klefbom) that I”m happy with,” MacTavish said.

    Hahahahahahahahahaha! What an idiot. Watch him sign them both to 6 year $5 million per season contracts to lock up his top two. I wonder if it’ll be before or after Schultz wins the Norris.