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Laurent Brossoit (shown here in photo by Rob Ferguson, all rights reserved) is the best goaltending prospect in the Oilers system today. The club has several youngsters under contract but we’re likely to see a massive turnover at the position this summer, both at the NHL and minor-league level.


Edmonton has one NHL goalie under contract for next season (Ben Scrivens, $2.3M cap hit) with Viktor Fasth and Richard Bachman both about to become free agents on July 1, 2015. It’s an absolute certainty we’ll see at least one new goalie for the NHL club next season, likely a bona fide No. 1. Edmonton’s goaltending situation hasn’t really been stable since the days of Dwayne Roloson (Nikolai Khabibulin had two seasons of over 40GP but there were injury and performance issues; Devan Dubnyk was trending before the elevator shaft but never did convince Oilers management of his value) and pursuing a solution will be a major story this summer.


Laurent Brossoit is enjoying a strong season with the Barons. His .918SP represents the best number for an Oilers prospect in the AHL since the team moved to Oklahoma territory. Craig MacTavish has suggested the club would like to see Brossoit get a cup of coffee in the NHL before season’s end. If we’re adding up arrows good and bad, Brossoit is clearly on the good side of the prospect ledger.

Tyler Bunz has endured some injury issues during his entry-level deal and there has been no real progress during his minor-league career so far; it’s likely Edmonton will move on from Bunz this summer. The Oilers have little room on their 50-man list for additional goalies, suspect Bunz will join Fasth and Bachman on the goalie scrap heap.

Frans Tuohimaa

(like Bunz) is an RFA this summer and could be on the outside looking in with the Oilers as well. An .876SP in Bakersfield doesn’t suggest good things are coming his way.

All information on Oilers’ goaltenders: NHLNumbers


Zach Nagelvoort has struggled this season in college. After posting a .929SP in 2013-14 (his draft year) the young man has fallen to .907 and in doing so lost his starting job to Steve Racine. Samu Perhonen—who Edmonton drafted but did not sign—is posting a strong season in Europe and may be starting to turn a corner as a prospect. 

Keven Bouchard started the season in a disastrous fashion but has been posting solid numbers for a few weeks now. He’s a long ranger in terms of prospects.


I think we’re about to see a major shift in goaltending for this organization. Craig MacTavish can use several routes in aid of the goaltending, including:

The current Oilers organization depth chart (Scrivens, Fasth IR, Bachman, Brossoit, Bunz, Tuohimaa, Rimmer—not on 50-man list but playing before injury in the system, Nagelvoort, Bouchard) is about nine deep depending on who you’re counting as part of the organization.

I think it’s completely possible the only men who’ll remain in the fall are Scrivens, Brossoit, Nagelvoort and Bouchard. Many moving parts to the Oilers in goal this summer. It has not been a good year in the net. 

  • YFC Prez

    The last articles from Willis, Brownlee now yourself are all about the oilers goaltending.

    I’m seeing a trend here.

    I wonder what happened to Bunz. Coming out of Junior he looked scary good by the numbers. Hopefully Broissot can be our homegrown goalie superstar we actually get to keep.

  • The Last Big Bear

    Interesting that Brossoit was considered the expendible piece in Calgary’s goalie puzzle.

    Even more interesting is that despite how well he’s progressed, Brossoit would still be the extra wheel in the Flames’ system, with Ortio and Gilles ahead of him.

    Although I liked the trade for Calgary at the time, and I still think the Oilers were absolute fools for letting Horak walk, there is still a chance that the Oulers get the best player out of that deal.

    Also, the Oilers and Flames should never trade. Ever. It was a bad idea, no matter what the outcome.

    • Lowetide

      I think your tweet was very astute. Scrivens struggled with the team on the road trip but there’s an NHL goalie there.

      We saw Dudbynk fall into the elevator shaft and recover. It’s reasonable to expect Scrivens to recover next year.

      • Serious Gord

        Baloney. That is a bogus assumption.

        Dubnyk’s elevation in his game is well documented as being largely due to some training he received this summer.

        They are both 28. Unless Scrivens gets a similar come to Jesus moment there is nil chance he improves his game to any significant degree.

        • The bogus assumption is the one where you assumed a 28 year old became a new goalie overnight because of training.

          Nobody’s talking about him having a Dubnyk year, they are talking about him shifting back to his career trajectory after a bad season. It may surprise you to know hoe many goalies have gad good careers despite a bad season in the middle. It also may surprise you how many bad goalies hung around years past expiry because of one good season.

    • The Last Big Bear

      All the Oilers-haters in the rest of the hockey world are hoping that Edmonton’s management also continues to think that goaltending is the problem, rather than just a symptom.

  • I can’t believe you think the Oilers will give up on Grant Fuhr’s god son! After all, being Grant Fuhr’s god son has got him every advantage under the sun along the way …. ever since a 15 year old Midget!

    Maybe karma will finally balance ….

  • The Last Big Bear

    Who gives a crap if scrivens is trending up. It’s way to late for that. He consistently let’s in a weak goal that sucks the life out of the team. Don’t get me wrong, I think the that the defence needs to drastically improve, but Scrivens hasn’t done anything in my opinion to earn a starting job.

    • YFC Prez

      ” he consistently lets in a weak goal that sucks the life out of the team”

      Remember that goalie we had last year, the one we all used That exact same statement to describe his play. How does he look playing in front of a real NHL defence? Scrivens looked quite good in LA with a real defence. He also shows flashes of brilliance in front of IMO the worst d group ever assembled in my lifetime in the NHL.

      I think some fans have seen this poor defensive squad for so long that they forget just how bad they really are.

      • YFC Prez

        Good point & I think it’s blatantly obvious that it is in fact the Oilers scouting & development staff that has destroyed this franchise more so than the individual players.

        When you have a bonafide NHL defensive core a .900 goalie can look like an All Star; with a below average defensive core a .915 goalie can look like a big pile of “Next…”.

        Look no further than Calgary; they have managed to build a playoff potential team out of 5 good players sprinkled with a bunch of nobodies & veteran throw aways, led by a recycled coach.

        How is that possible? Scouting, drafting, then properly developing the right players FOR YOUR TEAM, not just getting the BPA.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    this organization should clean house with it’s mediocre goaltenders in the system. Bachman, Tuohimaa, Bunz, and Rimmer are indeed the main hangers on that need to go. this year’s goaltending pool appears to be a deep one, so the Oilers could take one or even two to replace what they will likely let go this summer.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    Every goalie has their up and downs. Unfortunately Oilers didn’t have enough patience with DD and sent him away…clearly this was a mistake! Moral of the story…FIX the defence!

    • a lg dubl dubl

      Defence if fine don’t cha know!

      We have nikitin who’s a solid 3-4 dman, a defenceman who thinks he’s a forward but is neither, a poor Swedish kid who for some reason is getting tossed to the wolves in the 1 spot after maybe 70 games, a fitness buff who should just stop playing hockey, a kid who the team seems to have forgotten about because they really like the college kid better, and a guy who the oilers signed for 2 years to long last off season.

      Oh and a raw rookie with a nasty streak who’s supposed to bring compitition next season.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    What’s the over/under that the “mighty tandem” we see next season is Scrivens and Brossoit.

    It’ll kinda be like this season when the team started with 2 of 4 nhl centres, but with goalies and only have 1 nhl back up and an ahl stater.

  • O.C.

    On a related note, Devan Dubnyk has started 27 in a row and won 20.

    Think maybe the Oil wish they let him develop more? The Canadiens dressed Carey on the road a lot. He was shaky.

  • O.C.

    It’s funny how we haven’t learned from the Dubnyk Debacle. Much of the same derogatory comments being used here now with Scrivens were used last year with Dubnyk.

    Guys, have we forgotten hockey is a team game? And that a goalie’s success is directly correlated with the success of not just his D, but of the 5 man unit in front of him?

    Yes, a good Goalie can work wonders – the Flames have done it that way for years – but they also know how to play a team game. Getting the “next big hope” in goal will end up in the same disappointment unless we have a 5 man unit that plays a team game in front of him.

    Fact is, we simply don’t know if it’s just Scrivens.

  • O.C.

    Know whats gonna be bad? When MacT overreacts and signs Niemi to a $6 million x 6 year contract. And he brings his career .916 save % to this team. Only to find out that behind this D he’s really a .905 goalie. Awesome.

    Seriously though the call MacT made on Scrivens and Fasth were good ones. They were decent bets. Problem is the cluster f%$&* in front of them. If i were him I would continue to make decent low cost bets ala Raanta, Jones, etc etc. Keep Scrivens for another year and friggin fix the D and C positions. IF and when they are competing in the playoffs and find the goalie is still lacking? Well thats when you might make the big move for a big name goalie.

    • WTF2

      I can’t complain too much about what you have said, my only tweak will be that the C position may actually be settled by the end of the season. When the Oilers will choose McJesus or Eichel.

      It would be shocking if the Oilers are not the last place team (again). BUF has a game in hand and is facing easier competition in the dive stretch to end the season. Yes, the Oilers are ahead by 4 points but given their competition for the last 13 games in comparison to the sabers competition, the Oilers are going to be hard pressed not to be in last place, despite the Sabers shipping out their best goalie (twice).

      Buffalo’s last 14 games are as follows: Caps (Wildcard), Bruins (Wildcard), Devils (out), Preds (in), Stars (out – in the wc hunt), ‘Yotes x2 (out), Aves (out – in the playoff hunt), Leafs (out), Hawks (in), Isles (in), ‘Canes (out), CBJ (out), Pens (in).
      They play six teams that are currently in the playoffs and two that are in a wildcard chase. The rest are out.

      Oiler’s last 13 games are as follows: Leafs (out), CBJ (out), Flyers (out – in playoff hunt?), Jets (Wildcard), Aves x2 (out – in the playoff hunt), Stars (out – in the playoff hunt), Ducks (in), Kings x2 (out – in the playoff hunt), Sharks (out – in the playoff hunt), Canucks (in).
      While the Oil only face four teams that are currently in a playoff position, the Jets are in a wildcard spot. Only the next two games (three if you include the Flyers) are against teams that are not in a race for a wildcard spot (those are also the last eastern conference teams the Oilers play this season). Every other team is in striking distance of the playoffs.

      While it seems Buffalo is playing fewer teams that are currently in a playoff spot, their quality of competition is lower than what the Oilers are going to be facing, especially in April when it’s the Ducks, Kings x2, Flames, Sharks and Canucks.

      The Oilers can be ultimate spoilers facing so many teams that are in a playoff race but I believe otherwise. I suspect we will be watching ELPH with LP being the reality. This being a very real possibility, if the Oilers resign Roy and get one of the two best prospects, with Draisaitl also in the mix. Centre may not be a position MacT will need to address.

  • O.C.

    Scrivens has never proven himself to be a NHL starter no matter what the defence looked like in other organization. If he is on the Oilers starting roster next year expect more of the same in terms of being out of the playoffs by November

  • O.C.

    Does any on out there really trust MacT to get this right and finally get a real good gaoltender? For me as Brownlee said, unless you fix the defence first, what is the point.

    Unless MacT can fix the defence in a substantial way, it’s pointless talking goaltenders.

  • WTF2

    Let’s talk basics. Until MacT is removed from the decision making process there will likely be no change in the outcomes. Forget about goaltending and defense, the first priority is to rid this team of poor management.

  • MLH

    All this talk about persevering with Dubnyk and/or how well he is playing now. I cannot remember anywhere near this level of support when the same Dubnyk was being criticized by what seemed to be every poster on here for the same thing Scrivens is, ie “letting in at least one bad goal every game, which sucks the life out of a team”. Regardless of the defence in front of him the goalie still has to make saves, just looks at the number of times we hear commentators say “Scrivens wishes he could have that one back”. I for one do not see Scrivens ( based on actual performance) as an upgrade on Dubnyk when he was an oiler.

  • Serious Gord

    we need to concentrate on building our defence. once we accomplish that then look at adding another goalie. A strong defence will raise our + – and our save %.Once we have built an NHL quality defence then bring another goalie

  • YFC Prez

    On the subject of pizz poor scouting & development, I am bewildered by all the fans who think McDavid or Eichel will turn this team around.

    Can anyone explain with a straight face how the Oilers DON’T turn either of these guys into 26 goal, stick gripping defensive wrecks within 5 years?!

  • 916oiler

    As a goalie, who is actually going to want to sign here!? I’m sure not Niemi. I’d say our only hope is a trade. Even with a trade, however, comes the possibility we’re on the player’s list of teams he doesn’t want to go to. Ugh. We’ll just have to wait for Brossoit