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Josh Winquist took advantage of added playing time (due to injury, illness and callups) and posted a strong week for the Oklahoma City Barons. The last seven days also saw outstanding performances by Leon Draisaitl in Kelowna and Kyle Platzer in Owen Sound. 


  1. R Andrew Miller 58GP, 25-31-56 (1GP, 0-1-1 and NHL callup this week)
  2. C Jason Williams 62GP 20-28-48 (4GP, 1-1-2 this week)
  3. R Matt Ford 58GP, 16-29-45 (4GP, 0-2-2 this week)
  4. D Brad Hunt 51GP, 16-28-44 (4GP, 1-0-1 this week)
  5. C Anton Lander 29GP, 9-22-31 (NHL this week)
  6. L Ryan Hamilton 32GP, 15-14-29 (NHL this week)
  7. R Iiro Pakarinen 39GP, 17-11-28 (NHL this week)
  8. L Curtis Hamilton 56GP, 12-16-28 (1GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  9. C Bogdan Yakimov 57GP, 12-16-28 (1GP, 2-0-2 this week)
  10. D Jordan Oesterle 55GP, 7-15-22 (4GP, 1-0-1 this week)
  11. D Dillon Simpson 60GP, 2-14-16 (4GP, 0-2-2 this week)
  12. L Josh Winquist 35GP, 6-9-15 (4GP, 1-4-5 this week)
  13. L Kellen Jones 38GP, 5-9-14 (4GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  14. R Steve Pinizzotto 21GP, 1-10-11 (did not play this week, injured)
  15. D Brandon Davidson 51GP, 4-6-10 (4GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  16. C Jujhar Khaira 51GP, 4-6-10 (Gone for the season)
  17. R Tyler Pitlick 14GP, 3-6-9 (NHL and injured this week)
  18. D Martin Gernat 54GP, 1-8-9 (3GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  19. D David Musil 58GP, 1-8-9 (4GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  20. D Oscar Klefbom 9GP, 1-7-8 (NHL this week)
  21. C Connor Jones 35GP, 4-4-8 (4GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  22. D Martin Marincin 27GP, 0-7-7 (NHL this week)
  23. C Travis Ewanyk 61GP, 3-4-7 (5GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  24. L Kale Kessy 17GP, 3-3-6 (season ending injury)
  25. L Mitch Moroz 55GP, 3-3-6 (4GP, 1-0-1 this week)
  26. D CJ Ludwig 20GP, 1-4-5 (3GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  27. L Luke Gazdic 5GP, 2-0-2 (NHL this week)
  28. D Keith Aulie 8GP, 0-1-1 (NHL this week)
  29. G Laurent Brossoit 43GP, 2.53 .918 (4GP, 3.21 .906 this week)
  30. G Richard Bachman 22GP, 2.30 .921 (NHL this week)
  31. G Frans Tuohimaa 3GP, 4.22, .904 (ECHL this week)
  32. G Tyler Bunz 1GP, 9.00 .700 (made AHL debut for the season this week)


  • Winquist’s performance came because of a series of issues facing men like Curtis Hamilton and Bogdan Yakimov (illness). He took full advantage.
  • Jujhar Khaira is out for the season.
  • Laurent Brossoit is playing all of the minutes.
  • OKC rolled three lines today because of the injuries and illnesses.
  • Edmonton placed Ryan Hamilton on waivers, he’ll be added to help the Barons down the stretch when and if he clears waivers tomorrow morning.


  1. C Connor Jones 27GP, 10-16-26 (did not play this week)
  2. LW Kellen Jones 27GP, 7-18-25 (did not play this week)
  3. LW Josh Winquist 18GP, 5-18-23 (did not play this week)
  4. D CJ Ludwig 26GP, 3-11-14 (did not play this week)
  5. D Graeme Craig 52GP, 5-5-10 (2GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  6. G Frans Tuohimaa 33GP, 3.28 .876 (did not play this week)
  7. G Ty Rimmer 25GP, 3.20 .889 (did not play this week)


    1. C Kyle Platzer, Owen Sound (OHL) 68GP, 34-47-81 (3GP, 4-2-6 this week)
    2. C-W Greg Chase, Calgary-Victoria (WHL) 61GP, 20-39-59 (2GP, 0-1-1 this week)
    3. C Leon Draisaitl, Kelowna (WHL) 32GP, 19-34-53 (3GP, 3-5-8 this week)
    4. R Jackson Houck, Vancouver (WHL) 66GP, 22-29-51 (2GP, 0-1-1 this week)
    5. C Marco Roy, Quebec (QMJHL) 59GP, 26-24-50 (2GP, 1-1-2 this week)
    6. D Darnell Nurse, SSM (OHL) 36GP, 10-23-33 (2GP, 1-1-2 this week)
    7. LD Ben Betker, Everett (WHL) 64GP, 6-25-31 (2GP, 0-1-1 this week)
    8. G Keven Bouchard Val d’Or (QMJHL) 36GP, 3.85 .872 (1GP, 2.00 .900 this week)


    • Leon Draisaitl closed with a flourish this week, a very nice run in junior.
    • Kyle Platzer had a terrific season, big step forward and he needs to get signed.
    • Others needing contracts (or becoming draft-eligible or free agents) are Houck, Roy and Betker.
    • Vladimir Tkachev 46GP, 16-33-49.


    1. LD Joey Laleggia, Denver (NCAA) 35GP, 13-25-38 (1GP, 0-0-0 this week)
    2. L Evan Campbell UMass-Lowell (NCAA) 34GP, 12-15-27 (did not play this week)
    3. C Tyler Vesel, Nebraska at Omaha (NCAA) 36GP, 7-14-21 (did not play this week)
    4. L Aidan Muir, Western Michigan (NCAA) 36GP, 6-9-15 (1GP, 0-0-0 this week)
    5. R John McCarron, Cornell (NCAA) 31GP, 4-8-12 (did not play this week)
    6. G Zach Nagelvoort Michigan (NCAA) 22GP, 2.63 .906 (did not play this week)


    1. L Liam Coughlin, Vernon 54GP, 20-40-60 (10GP, 3-7-10 in playoffs so far)


    1. LD William Lagesson, Dubuque 45GP, 1-12-13 (3GP, 0-0-0 this week)


    • Joey Laleggia won a bunch of awards this week.
    • William Lagesson posted most of his points in the first 20 games of the season.
    • John McCarron had a disappointing season. 


      1. L Roman Horak, Vityaz Podolsk (KHL) 53GP, 18-13-31 (Season is over)
      2. L Anton Slepyshev, Salavat Yulaev (KHL) 58GP, 15-10-25 (Season is over)
      3. R Antti Tyrvainen, Ilves (SML) 46GP, 10-10-20 (Did not play this week)
      4. L Daniil Zharkov Torpedo (VHL) 39GP, 4-5-9 (Season is over)


      • Some of these players may be playing in lower leagues but I believe they’re all bounced from playoff competition in their highest leagues.

      Photo by Rob Ferguson. All rights reserved.

      • Love those articles LT!

        I know alot of fans are clamoring for the Oilers to trade their high draft picks in the offseason, but I don’t see enough blue chip prospects in the pipeline to trade away picks this year. Draisaitl, Nurse for sure. Maybe Yakimov, Chase and Platzer. Not enough.

        Anyway, It’s not as if the big club was 2 or 3 players away from contending. If the direction has a strong draft this summer, than offseason 2016 is the year to trade draft picks IMO.

        What say you LT?

      • Lowetide

        K Mart: Thanks!

        Greg: I think it’s going to be very difficult for MacT to trade picks this year. Exceptional value, could set them up for a long time.

        Plus, historically, Oilers over value their picks at the draft (Coburn, Schneider).

        I think they’ll make all of the picks.

          • CaptainLander

            Schneider was one of the best goalies in the league on a terrible Jersey team. Is he worth the 2013 number 7 (Nurse/Ristolainen/Horvat/Nichuskin) and another roster player? Probably. I think Schneider would have been a perfect fit for this team for 10 years.

      • HardBoiledOil 1.0

        sign Platzer please! and Slepyshev and Betker. time to say bye bye to Zharkov. and i’m with you Lowetide, MacT might have to make most of his picks because i just have this feeling teams will be stingy with their players and not want to trade some for just picks unless the cap forces them to.

        • Lowetide

          He’s killing it! He was my No. 1 overall last draft, suspect he’ll be a terrific NHL player. Love Leon, too, he’s a very good prospect. I hope LD has a long playoff run.

        • Mike Modano's Dog

          C Leon Draisaitl, Kelowna (WHL) 32GP, 19-34-53 +14 25 PIM

          3GP, 3-5-8 this week

          C Sam Bennett, Kinston (OHL) 11GP, 11-13-24 +4 14 PIM

          2 GP, 0-3-3 *Missed two games this week – four games ago, plus last game

          So, one of them is doing really well – while the other, who was playing really well is once again injured.

          (He still hasn’t grown more either if that is what you were trying to ask about!) 😉


      • HardBoiledOil 1.0

        I thought we signed Brad Winchester to an AHL contract?

        Tkachev is a tough choice. Do you take him with a 4th or 5th round pick or let him go through the draft and see if you can sign him as a free agent?

        Yakimov scratched?

      • pkam

        G Tyler Bunz 1GP, 9.00 .700 (made AHL debut for the season this week)

        Is this correct? 9.00 GA in one game? How is this possible? Where is the coach? Any goalie should have been pulled after 5 goals.

        • Cubro

          They just use the data that their given, so I’d guess he got pulled after the first period and allowed 3 goals. 3 goals @20min = 9.00 GAA. Terrible I know but thats always how they do it

        • Mike Modano's Dog

          Bunz had been called up and hadn’t played in a long…long time. He only ended up playing 20 minutes and let in 3 goals…giving him a 9.00 GAA. If I recall correctly he came in there in a surprise role.

          I hope for his sake that the next start he is scheduled to play, ready to go and does well.

      • freelancer

        I don’t want Drasaitl to start in the NHL next season, but I would be very interested to see what he would look like playing under Nelson as opposed to Eakins.

          • CaptainLander

            I agree. I would like to see him on the wing if he is in the NHL next year. It’s usually good for guys to see the game from a different perspective sometimes. However, I would rather see him at C in the AHL.

          • freelancer

            Personally I think that’s too many young players on one line. I would rather see Edmonton bring in a third line vet, your prototypical third line player that is strong on defence and can chip in 10 dirty goals a season. Drasaitl will get his chance sometime that season I’m sure.

            • CaptainLander

              I agree, I would like to see him dominate the AHL before making a jump but do I think MacT sees it that way. Nope and if he is in the NHL I really hope he starts on the wing. If he gets penciled in as the 2c then management will have once again learned nothing and we will be having a very similar conversation next year about whoever we draft 3rd (probable) this year.

        • HardBoiledOil 1.0

          probably Platzer, Houck, Betker, Roy, possibly LaLeggia once his college season and playoffs are over? i have also heard that Slepyshev could come over too once his KHL season is over?

      • HardBoiledOil 1.0

        I’m thinking only Betker gets a sniff at a contract. I think Roy’s been a bit of a disappointment with the injuries and production and Houck likely didn’t do enough in junior and only has average size.

      • HardBoiledOil 1.0

        hi Lowe tide I’m with you though I had Bennett num2.I watched Leon play against Van 4 points pretty good face offs also good on pk.Now am I just nitpicking when I say there is something missing in his game. if I had to pick one word I guess fire would be it. I saw fire in Nurse in the world jrs.i know not everybody is not Messier.Perhaps I am expecting to much from him he is very good what do you see

      • DonEnrico

        And (former?) Oilers D prospect Eric Gustafsson scored the only goal of the game in OT between Frölunda and Luleå to force a seventh and deciding game in the first found of the SHL-playoffs…

      • pkam

        Mr Tide, can I call you Low?

        I was wondering what you think about the progress of the 2013 draft. Could it really be that we found TWO JEMS in Betker and Chase?

        Those two along with the probable success of Nurse and the positive movement of Yakimov, seem to be trending towards our best draft since the 80’s… would you agree?

      • pkam

        This year I have paid particular attention to goaltenders and how they handle the puck. One thing that amazes me is the number of times they mishandle it and a scoring chance or goal results.

        At the top of the list of poor puck handling goalies is Ben Scrivens. Again during the game against the Flyers he handled the puck like a grenade.

        My questions are two fold. Have the coaching staff spoken to him about his frequent blunders? Secondly, what are they planning on doing about it? If Scrivens was an average puck handler I’m sure he would have a better save percentage and the Oilers would have a few more wins than they currently have.

      • Spoils

        now hear me out. Dubnyk is his biggest mistake. Even though we all would have made that mistake, the idea of MGT is that they are one step beyond that. they see it coming. That is what Edmonton needs – real leadership.

        Sure you could say – well even without Eakins leading to the swarm, and fielding an AHL defence Dubnyk may have had a crisis of confidence, but he is a former 1st rd, WJC goal medal winner. At least a heck of a backup once he shakes off the yips.

        Truly great MGT is one step beyond, and they keep Dubnyk, and we benefit from his resurgence. Because truly great MGT sees stuff we don’t see, and plays angles we can’t read.

        So the biggest mistake, is that our MGT has shown they aren’t truly great.

        you need to be great to win a cup.


      • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

        What’s the deal with Phillip Larsen? I thought we retained his rights. Any chance they look at giving him one last shot? Did lead his team in points by a d-man, although that might not mean much given the team.

      • freelancer

        Allan, the guys that most intrigues me is Kyle Platzer and Anton Slepyshev and little Joey.

        Of all the players whom do you think has the most potential and who is the best underdog?

      • Reasonableness

        Those numbers by Todd Cordell paint Leon in a very favourable light. If he can bring that sort of play to Edmonton in the coming years I will be…overjoyed. Joey Legs, Platzer, and Slepyshev all look like they could end up as very valuable picks considering which rounds they were in. Well done by Stu.