It’s very easy to overlook Oliver Kylington based on his boxcar numbers but the resume is strong and the scouting report impressive. He arrived in the Swedish Hockey League at 16 and could be the best skating defender available at this summer’s draft. Oliver Kylington is a significant talent.


    • Gorab Stubb, NHL Director of European Scouting: “He’s a talented first-round prospect. He’s an excellent, smooth skater. He’s an
      offensive defenseman with excellent vision and playmaking skills. He has
      very good eye-to-hand coordination, is dangerous on the power play. He
      has all the tools needed and is a finesse-type player.”
    • Kelly Friesen, Buzzing the Net: Kylington dropped from CSS’ top International skater of the draft to
      sixth and third among defencemen. He remains an excellent skater who
      possesses top-end skill, but there are concerns surrounding his strength
      and at times he has had some positional issues. Source 
    • Uffe Bodin: “Smooth skating defenceman who is very efficient in transporting the
      puck up the ice. Very agile and athletic, but might be missing that
      extra hockey sense needed to become a force on the powerplay. Could
      become a good two-way defenceman in the NHL, maybe even a guy for a top
      four assignment.” Source
    • Craig Button, TSN (September): The smooth skating Kylington was a regular in the Swedish Hockey league
      as a 16 year old player. Skating ability is excellent with an ease that
      allows him to beat the fore-check, transition from defense to offense
      and to jump into the offensive forays. Very good passer and his vision
      and smarts makes him a multiple threat because he can beat you multiple
      ways. Reminds one of former NHLer & fellow Swede, Calle Johansson.Source
    • Kyle Woodlief, Red Line Report, February: Until recently, offensive Swedish defenseman Oliver Kylington was in the mix, but his horrid performance at this month’s Five Nations tournament in the Czech Republic scared the hell out of us, if we were a club picking in the five to eight range. Source


    It should be noted that the Five Nations Tournament mentioned above is another ‘small sample size’ tournament and sweeping statements based on that kind of event should be tempered (the longer view is the better plan).

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    That said, Kylington does appear to be dropping in the rankings (Bob McKenzie had him No. 8 in pre-season and No. 11 halfway through the year, and Craig Button has him No. 29 on his latest list after having him No. 8 in January).

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      I think Kylington may have been negatively impacted by the Five Nations and his spring performance but there’s every chance he’ll recover at the upcoming U18’s this week (Swedish roster here). Corey Pronman and Bob McKenzie will no doubt have their takes but I’d be surprised if either ranked Kylington outside the top 20 overall on their final lists.

      My guess is he’s gone by the time Pittsburgh’s choice (currently owned by Edmonton) is on the clock.


      • HardBoiledOil 1.0

        Victor Hedman had 21 points in 43 games in his last year in the SEL. OEL had 27 in 42 for his last season in the SHL. If Kylington only had 7 in 17 than he will be lucky to be half of Hedman and OEL. I’m praying our golden boy Hanifin won’t be another Jultz.

      • Mike Modano's Dog

        I hope he is gone before the Pittsburgh pick comes up. The Oilers have a history of ignoring what everybody else has noticed in my opinion…and almost seem like their mind is ‘set in stone’ by the halfway point of the season.

        I have to admit the Jason Bonsignore pick at #4 overall weighs heavily on my mind – still! (I know I SHOULD let it go – but…) He WAS a very highly thought of prospect – but the same issues that impacted his career later had been discovered by others, causing his draft stock to slide an entire round (if memory serves me correctly), possibly more… yet the Oilers still saw fit to pick him as an amazing gift ‘still available’ when they picked!

        Please prove me wrong Oilers. I want to think you are doing your homework now – I really do!