The final final lists are no doubt complete and with that changes for next season can begin. New GM Peter Chiarelli was expected to make changes to the scouting department and that began today.

MacGregor was named head scout in 2007 and was in place in time for the selection of Jordan Eberle in 2008. His first round picks included Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Nail Yakupov, Darnell Nurse and Leon Draisaitl, but the reason for his release had more to do with what happened outside the first round.

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Edmonton`s second-round selections during MacGregor`s term—Anton Lander, Tyler Pitlick, Martin Marincin, Curtis Hamilton, David Musil, Mitch Moroz, others—didn`t have much impact at the NHL level.

Bob Green is the de facto head scout and it`s possible MacGregor will not be replaced. The identity of the amateur scouts is not known at this time. More to come.

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  • Honestly, how much of this is actually MacGregor fault?

    Really grinds my gears every time I see Boone Jenner’s name……Bloody Musil

    That doesn’t sound like a MacGregor thing it sounds like a Lowe\Tambellini thing.

    I honestly have to believe that no way, no how Moroz was MacGregor’s pick also…

    In fact, I’m pretty sure MacGregor didn’t even want to draft Yakupov…

    well, when you have Mac-T, Howson and Lowe still hanging onto there jobs somebody else head has to roll.

    • Alf

      Walter I believe you are correct here. Stu was over ridden often despite his BPA list. Also the developmental model of the Oilers was broken and poor with a few players even recently. Add in that you really cannot judge a draft fully until 3-5 years after. And I think he just got blamed a bit more then he should of.

      Now that being said. When a new GM comes in it stands to reason that he would want to hire his own choices in strong positions of trust. And in order for him to trust Stu and keep his job he would of needed to knock a few out of the park in the later rounds… This did not happen. So I think in this case he may of gotten a rough deal? But at the same time relieving him of his position was also the right and understandable call.

        • 24% body fat

          Agreed. Although Lowe is not having any effect on the team in his current position,,, So I see him staying. What they are gonna do with MacT and Howson is anyones guess. I’d prefer to see them out of the decision making room. But for some strange reason Chia is keeping them around for now.

          I admit I dont like that Chiarelli has put Howson in such a critical Amateur evaluator role. And MacT as a 2nd hand advisory role. Both to me are piss poor evaluators of Defenseman. Forwards not too bad. But the D needs to be fixed preferably without too much of their influence.

          If I had to guess MacT will retain some position. And Howson hits the road. But I’d have to be inside Chiarellis mind to know. I think we will see them shuffled or moved on in a month after draft and free agency. I think he’s keeping them around to take care of some of the smaller issues while he focuses on the bigger GM duties. Remember this is literally the craziest time of the year for a GM.

      • I agree with everything you say here.

        I also think that MacGregor has to share a lot of the blame in the later rounds of the draft.

        Having said that I think we all know that each manager had a certain player type they wanted drafted and MacGregor’s hands were tied.

        End of the day he’s the guy drafting the players

        PC may also just want to bring in his own guys too?

      • Shouldn’t some of the players not developing properly be blamed on the AHL farm system.

        Then there was the EIG who thought the team didn’t need an AHL team and Lowe had to beg for an AHL before they finally got one.

    • Boom76

      You know that mgmt doesn’t “do” everything right? So like when you say that sounds more like a Lowe thing, you know that Stu being able to do his thing (however bad) WAS the mgmt thing. In watching Oil Change for what seemed like 12 yrs, I wasn’t impressed with what I saw in each and every scouting episode and scene. We need razor sharp folk … Not saying they weren’t …. Just I think we can do better … And I hope this is the start.

    • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

      Could you please tell what “sounds” you have heard that have led you to the conclusion that SM was not part of the problem and that it was just a KL/ST thing.

      I have no specific knowledge of SM’s outlook on Moroz when he was taken. Could you please share with us what you know about this.

      Once the sh… hits the fan usually everyone gets splattered.

    • mcjesus take the wheel

      No concern. The Oiler draft information is worthless. The only effective selections are the ones granted by the league for inept performance…..

      • JackB

        WHY SO NEGATIVE? (Are you a Calgary fan, upset we won the 1st pick, and trolling this site?)

        Don’t wreck our enthusiasm (and joy) that we now finally have some competent management!!!

        THERE ARE 30 TEAMS IN THE NHL!!! And not all of them can finish in the playoffs (OBVIOUSLY) AND . . . the league isn’t rewarding “inept performance” . . . they are giving the lesser teams preference in the draft, in order to help them improve. Do you think the first pick should go to the best team?

      • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

        I’m dying over here, that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking. Someone getting hold of the Oil’s draft list is like someone stealing the secret sauce recipe at McDonalds. I guess the info is kind of a secret, but we all know it’s Thousand Island and relish.

        Stu: Okay, I think we should draft McDavid first, then grab Meier if he’s there at 16.

        Chiarelli: OK, and what about the second round?

        Stu: The what round?

    • toprightcorner

      There is this little thing called a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) That is in the contract of almost every manager in every industry and would prevent them from sharing information for an amount of time after leaving the company, typically 1 year.

      Even without that, if anyone that was fired did something like that so quickly, they would not be trusted or hired by any other team.

  • Petrolero

    After Lowe/Mact managed to keep their jobs after 10 abysmal seasons should tell everything that you need to know.

    You knew their incompetence was going to be blamed on everyone and anyone below them short of the janitorial staff.

    I wonder who the next sacrificial lamb will be.
    If Nicholson is behind this then nothing has changed in Oiler-ville, or is that Hooter-ville?

    and don’t say it…McDavid was shi*t-blind-luck…this is still a 28th place team.

    • hagar

      I am an oilers fan, and try to remind people all the time that the team still blows a hundred donkey dicks…. plus mcdavid..

      The difference is that even the heaviest of scorn are getting a hope finally because of the cancer being removed.

      You can’t turn the player over on a team four times, have three first overalls in four years, and still suck worse than ever unless other higher issues are present.

      These moves of klowe (should have been fired), and Mact (should have been fired), are what has been needed the entire time.

  • Serious Gord

    Hey maybe the bigger picture is duplicating the super management teams of team Canada right here in Edmonton. Seems to me that’s what Kevin lowe and Daryl Katz stated to begin with , old boys are building their network getting the best, hey Lowe and Mact are not dumb they r smart too Soo yes it seems to have taken a long time but smarts on klowe bringing in the high end management
    It so funny no one sees that
    They have played and worked with the best and Daryl wants the biggest and best organization that shows well like it would be if you were a Canadien ..

    This is what you do ..
    You guys r so netative

        • B_Oliver

          Schwartz had 4 months on the job. Can you say with certainty Scrivens is a starting goalie in the NHL? Have you also considered he was coaching goalies behind the worst D in the league? I think you may be jumping the gun on his coaching abilities? I’m assuming when you say NHL quality goalie coach you dont like that he hasn’t had the NHL experience yet? You know who has? Freddy Chabot.

          • fracl

            If he was any good don’t you think we’d have a decent goalie by now? he’s been coaching our young ones for a while with no good results.. i say can him!

          • ATL Oiler

            I think you are misunderstanding what his role has been so far. He helped Coach Tristan Jarry and Broissoit to a memorial cup. He is a student of the game and is versed in the latest head trajectory training which is all the rage in goaltending nowadays. Dubnyk credits this with being part of his big turn around. I’m not sure what you mean coaching out younf ones means? The two Oil Kings he coached to a Memorial Cup. That seems successful? He was on the job a miniscule 4 months of the season for the Oilers. The goalies may or may not be good enough to be starter material.

            I’m just not seeing the reason to can this guy at this point. Maybe if Sean Burke became available?

          • fracl

            I agree with you that he hasn’t had enough time to prove himself yet, but he just doesn’t have enough experience. Find me a proven goalie coach and I’ll be happy. And no, Chabot is not proven, clearly. If Schwartz was a good enough goalie himself, he would still be playing, but that suddenly translates to being a good coach? I don’t think so.

          • You do realize that an overwhelming majority of great coaches were either mediocre players or had zero NHL experience before. And most of the greatest players do not make it in coaching at all. Gretzky for example one of the greatest players. Coaching not so much. Again theres more to deciding a persons qualities as a coach then how he played or wether he’s had an NHL position. More importantly he needs to stay up to date on the techniques that are being discovered and be able to have an eye for seeing a player and pin pointing his flaws….

            Having said all this i’m sure hes going to be heavily assessed as this is the new regime and were seeing it everywhere. But perhaps we can get a better read on Schwartz after we no longer have the worst D in the league and find a starting goalie?

    • JackB

      They already fired the goalie coach (Eddy Chabot) who was here for many years, and who didn’t seem to help Dubnyk (even though Dubnyk spoke very highly of him?)

      The new goalie coach (Dustin Schwartz) has been here less than a year, is young, was a promotion from within (was goalie coach for the Oilkings for 4 years and coached Laurent Brossoit and Tristan Jarry – both considered two of the top junior goaltenders in the CHL)

      And he has been trained and quite involved (I understand) with the newest goaltending coaching technique – head tracking – which is what Dubnyk says turned his game around last summer!

      Too bad Dubnyk didn’t use the off-season coach (that got him into that technique) a year sooner!!!!!!

      Schwartz is supposed to be well regarded in the goalie coaching field, and I would say he should certainly should be given more time to prove his worth??

      Coaches do get promoted from the AHL to the NHL (and sometimes from junior to the NHL) but he certainly had no professional coaching experience before being hired.

      BUT . . . we now have a very experienced head coach. I am sure Todd McLellan will be reviewing all of the assistant coaches, and be making well informed decisions about his assistants – his success depends on it – and that’s what we hired him for!

  • RCN

    For those that didn’t know, Stu MacGregor had both Bob Green & Scott Howson looking over his shoulder for the past 6 or so months. That trio – MacGregor/Green/Howson – had jointly focused on top-50 ish prospects out there, leaving rest of the staff to focus elsewhere.

    With MacT (currently without a title) waiting to assume the Sr VP of Hockey Ops title (Scott Howson’s current title), and Howson working extensively on the amateur side this past season, I wonder if we see Howson assume the “VP of Amateur Scouting” (or Head Amateur Scout).

    • hagar

      I doubt I would be where I am now in life without learning from my mistakes, and having made them to learn from.

      Kevin lowe has done nothing but bring this team to its knees year after year by being in power. He and his staff of super villains have not only made mistakes, but showed zero chance of improvement. PC is a breath of fresh air for these lungs.

    • If anyone could one-punch kill someone through Skype, it’s Semenko.

      All joking aside, there are several members, himself included, that shouldn’t survive a good scouting system purge. Maybe Chia will leave that up to whomever takes over head scouting (Bob Green or other).

  • hagar

    Great to see Dave Semenko survived these firings. His 15 or so years of pro scouting for the Oilers has definitely reaped Edmonton tons of benefits as demonstrated by our massively successful pro acquisition and free agent signings during that span. He has surely proven that he has a sharp eye for talent and identifying the right attitude required to play for Edmonton and to improve the team.

    I’m almost 100% certain that his history with the team as a player during the glory years didn’t factor into keeping his job and the Oilers are definitely an organization that would not continue demonstrating inept nepotism if he were not supremely qualified for the position.

    One sec guys, I need to get a rag to wipe my screen off. The sarcasm is just oozing from the edges.

  • B_Oliver

    Do you think with what ever changes happen this year, like a Goalie and 1 or 2 top 4 defenseman coming in, that the Oilers could reasonably scape 40 wins together? What about next season? 80 points won’t make the playoffs, but it would be miles better in comparison to what we’ve had to endure previously. Is it October yet?!?!

  • mcjesus take the wheel

    Wow. Reading through all the derp in these posts is why I quit going on tsn. But I see it’s just as bad on here. Most of you are sheep and don’t have an effing clue.

  • Chiarelli’s list of draftees with Boston after 2007 first round , looks even worse than ours . Sweeny wants to continue the Boston way of drafting in the past , by taking the best ones that can contribute now , not later . A little insight perhaps into how Chiarelli might operate this draft perhaps , and how quickly he likes them to transition onto main club ? Makes one expect Draisaitl and Nurse to be on main squad this year with McDavid or be used in trade scenario .

    • Teeeb

      Not only lingering, but front and centre when they showed the team interviewing McDavid. I cried, I really cried, I cried for the poor kid, I cried, I really cried.

  • Serious Gord

    Assuming that Katz insisted that the old boys not be fired but retained somewhere in the organization, Nicholson/chirarelli have basically gutted the entire organizations hockey ops. A marvellous thing.

    Now let’s see what they do with the players. Granted the cba restrictions will greatly restrict the room to maneuver I suspect/hope they act as harshly as they have with management. I think it highly likely they trade most if not all of this year’s picks save the number one.

  • CMG30

    not saying they don’t deserve to be skidded, but, in typical Oiler fashion, the loyalty to the death does not apply to those employees that didn’t play in the 80s.

    I hope Stu cleans out his desk, then has a few words to KLowe on his way out.

    • 24% body fat

      With the new way of doing buisness within the Oilers organization, I suspect more changes are coming. The days of movnig the deck chairs around are becoming fewer and fewer. The new “inner circle” (Nicholson, Chiarelli and to some degree, McLellan) have spent the last little while getting their collective bearings.

      The arrow is definitely pointing in the right direction. The best before dates have been up for some of the Oilers staff for some time now. With the history of some of the management, scouts, coaches and every other postion in the org, the new “inner circle” are exercising their collective assessments of the deep whole this team is in.

      We have all been pounding on tables to get this team turned around for years now……it is finally happening.

  • Alf

    I just wanna say Happy McDavid Day everyone! Especially you Flames fans. You are welcome to come here anytime and witness the joy of us Oiler fans for the next 10-15 years!! 🙂