This is the day of Connor McDavid. Not the lack of oxygen in the Bruins’ suite nor the trades that embolden the competition of the wild, wild west can change this fact: THE biggest name in play, this day, is Connor McDavid.

The Oilers have two picks (No. 1 and No. 16) and will be using at least half of them. Connor McDavid should be drafted around 5:20 Edmonton time and from there it’s going to be a free-for-all. Edmonton has 10 picks in this draft, it’s doubtful they will use all of them.






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  • YFC Prez

    Oiler fans need to let dougie Hamilton go. Sweeney drew a line in the sand and said the deal had to include nurse. No way should Chiarelli trade the 16th and Nurse and 2 second rounders for Hamilton, who still needs to be signed. Sweeney then took a package from the flames that was less than the origional draft picks Chiarelli offered up. This was a very poor decision.

    Sweeney lost this deal, not chiarelli. It was all in all a stupid move for the Bruins and the flames made out like bandits.

    We picked up a shutdown defenceman who is ranked very similarly to Nurse and is ready for NHL minutes. This is not a bad thing, it’s a very good thing. Oilers don’t need more picks, they got a defenceman who fits with the current age group who has the potential to be great. That is Reinhart.

  • Randaman

    Honestly some of you people must thrive on negativity!

    Let’s just throw Reinhart under the bus before he even puts on the jersey.

    PC did everything he could and Sweeney (Neely more like it) got greedy out of spite.

    What did you expect for 16 & 33. A #1 D man and an unproven goaltender?

    Dream on

    I would bet Ramo will be signed or Lack will be picked up for a 2nd and a 3rd.

    My thoughts

    P.S. Welcome Conner & Griff

  • YFC Prez

    Is it just me or have we gotten rid of one GM that no one wanted to deal with, for another GM that no one likes and is willing to deal with? I was pumped about getting PC, but now am starting to wonder.

    • Johnnydapunk

      More likely it’s Sweeney and Neely wanting to prove how awesome they are by trying to screw their old GM. Good on PC for not pulling a Milbury, and kudos to the Phlegms for making out like bandits. The Reinhart deal surprised me, but at least the Oilers get a more proven player than a magic bean.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Peter telling Sweeney they were going to offer sheet Hamilton sure blew up in their faces. Maybe he should’ve waited till after the draft to engage in warfare like that. Sweeney totally wizzed all over Peter and the Oilers parade today. Have to believe he was coaxed into doing it this way, against his better judgement.

    Feels like we’ve brutalized behind the woodshed. Still operating like a laughing stock franchise. Bad day to not have your ducks in a row. Your potential starting goalie isn’t worth the 16th, but a probable career minor league blue liner is worth the 16th and the 33rd. Garth Snow just schooled Chiarelli.

    • Serious Gord

      If in fact the Bruins made the deal with Cgy because chiarelli ‘threatened’ to offer sheet Hamilton then that would indeed be a brutal misplay by chiarelli. You don’t threaten to offer sheet a player – you just do it.

      • Randaman

        How the hell does anybody actually know that PC threatened an offer sheet

        I call Bull$hit!!

        They used to work together. Neely is behind this just like grass is green

        • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

          Sweeny made mention of it during his interview during the draft. Don’t have the link but it wont be hard to find, further to that he mentioned that Hamilton celling was around 5.5 and wasn’t going to get dragged into negotiations.

          In hind site Sweeny should have let the offer sheet happen, his haul would have been richer, but Neely and Sweeny crapped the bed all draft….so there is that.

          • camdog

            “Treliving said he started talking with Bruins general manager Don Sweeney about Hamilton soon after the Flames were eliminated by the Anaheim Ducks in the Western Conference Second Round. That’s also when Hartley started to learn more about Hamilton’s game.

            “As soon as the rumors [started] that the Bruins would put him on the market, obviously we watched many shifts and many videos,” Hartley said.”


            The stories I have read sound a little different than your take.

  • Serious Gord

    Well; with the first round over, knowing what the picks were 1-15, what would ON members have picked at sixteen had they been given the chance.

    I think trading the pick was the right move considering the oilers need for right-now players. But having said that if forced I would have liked to have seen either samsonov the goalie (#22) or chabot the dman (#18) or maybe Jacob Larsson dman (#27). And I probably would settle on the goalie – the only first rounder in a very good skater draft that pushed him down the order along with the fact there are quite a few decent right-now goalies on the market.

  • HockeyYoda

    Chirelli almost made the play I was hoping he would make.

    Since he wasn’t going to be able to land a top 2 D with a package that included #16. He went for the next best thing and went for a highly rated prospect who’s further along. Only thing is, I wasn’t really thinking Reinhart, who’s promise has faded a bit. I was thing more along the lines of Shea Theadore or Josh Moresey.

  • HockeyYoda

    Just for comparison sake here the number s for both Talbot and Lack since their 2010-11 seasons. Bare in mind the NHL level D both have played behind.

    Cam Talbot Age 27
    2010-2011 Connecticut Whale-AHL
    G 22 GA 62 SA 570 S%.902 GAA 2.84
    2011-2012 Connecticut Whale-AHL
    G 33 GA 81 SA 935 S%.913 GAA 2.61
    2012-2013 Connecticut Whale-AHL
    G 55 GA136 SA 1,668 S%.918 GAA 2.63
    2013-2014 NY Rangers
    G 21 GA 33 SA 560 S% .941 GAA 1.64
    2013-2014 Hartford Wolf Pack-AHL
    G 5 GA 13 SA 171 S% .924 GAA 2.49
    2014-2015 NY Rangers
    G 36 GA 77 SA 1,038 S% .926 GAA 2.21

    Eddie Lack Age 27
    2010-2011 Manitoba Moose-AHL
    G 53 GA 118 SA 1,474 S%.926 GAA 2.26
    2011-2012 Chicago Wolves-AHL
    G 46 GA 104 SA 1,387 S%.925 GAA 2.31
    2012-2013 Chicago Wolves-AHL
    G 13 GA 38 SA376 S%.899 GAA 3.00
    2013-2014 Van. Canucks
    G 41 GA93 SA1,052 S%.912 GAA 2.41
    2014-2015 Van. Canucks
    G 41 GA95 SA 1,201 S%.921 GAA 2.45

  • Anton CP

    Well, I know this is a bit late, but geez that Katz kid looks huge. How old is he? Can he play hockey? (Why not have another rich guy from Edmonton to raise another hockey player like Comrie?)