We’re several weeks past the draft and back stories are trickling in. From the hilarious to the ridiculous, there are a few things worth noting before we move along.


  • Connor McDavid to TSN 1050: “I was just more anxious. I mean, it’s a moment that you’ve been waiting for for 18 years now. The build-up towards it is huge and the anticipation was killing me. I
    just wanted to finally hear my name called and be drafted into the

I will (and you should) long remember the tweets and comments coming out of the east on draft night from all kinds of people who should have known better. The one person who acted like an adult? Teenage Connor McDavid, who said and did all the right things from beginning to end of an exhausting two months. He appears to be that rare person who is at once truly humble while also being touched by God with a special talent. Oiler fans are so very, very lucky. Again.

A small item but good to see Nurse taking on a leadership role at a young age. He’ll be a big asset on the ice for a long time, but stories like these are worth storing away for future days. Comforting to know good players and good people are on the way.


  • Steve Kournianos, The Draft Analyst: An overage backup on the Czech junior national team, Svoboda seems to be
    the kind of goaltender who hasn’t made the most of his few
    opportunities to exceed expectations. Six seasons as a Czech junior, and
    Svoboda only has one Extraliga appearance under his belt and was a
    backup at both the U18’s and the U20 WJC. He may have the size, but
    that’s all we can determine as a reason why he was selected over more
    technically advanced draft eligibles like Kelowna’s Jake Morrissey and
    Finland’s Veini Vehviläinen. Svoboda is very fidgety in net and does not
    challenge shooters. Had he possessed a quick enough glove hand  and was
    quicker and more decisive with his reads, then his size would make him
    an elite prospect. For now, he’s basically a shot-in-the-dark seventh
    rounder whose is still on the lower rungs of his development ladder,
    which says a lot considering he’s almost 21. But he has size, which some
    (not us) will tell you it’s worth a shot.
    Source (Steve has a terrific review of the entire Oilers draft via that link).

Svoboda was taken in the ‘distant bell’ portion of the draft and he sure does look like a tower. At the recent orientation camp, the big man fairly blocked out the sun in his appearances in goal.


  • Peter Chiarelli: “We’ve been hunting for defencemen and there’s a lot of intelligence
    on Griffin internally. I’ve always liked him as a
    player. He’s been behind a lot of good defencemen in Long Island. I’d
    had discussions with Garth (Snow), on and off over the last month or so.
    We just kind of ramped up those discussions. I saw him in pro a couple
    times last year. I saw him in London at the Memorial Cup and he was just
    a horse. Happy to get him. We had some guys at 16 we liked but this was
    something we decided to act on. He’s ready to play and he’s going to be
    a very good part of our D.”

Some are expressing disappointment in the design but let’s face it: If he stop 92% of the pucks headed this way Cam Talbot will be a major hero in this town and kids will be wearing similar designs from Leduc to Morinville. When “can we get a freaking save?” is the town motto, the new goalie is a damn popular guy.

It’s also a reasonable bet, as Darcy McLeod from Because Oilers pointed out in a series of posts earlier this year:

  • McLeod: Talbot it trending to be an elite goalie. By a few different SV% metrics Talbot’s peers appear to be Price, Quick, Holtby, and Rask.  Pretty high end company to keep.He is available for trade this summer and will be traded. (Lundqvist’s
    contract, Talbot’s 1 year contract,  and NYR’s lack of a 1st rounder
    make this almost a certainty) Talbot is at the age where he has miles of good road ahead of him and
    shouldn’t hit the down slope of his SV% curve for at least 5 years. Talbot isn’t in a position to make a large salary and the Oilers could
    have a seriously good value contract on an elite goalie for 4-5 years. Oilers are stacked at forward, but need an overhaul on D and in goal. It might hurt to pay it, but giving up the 16th overall this year is probably the right thing to do. Talbot is probably going to be magnitudes better than the other options
    available via free agency (except Neuvirth, but Talbot still looks to be

Incredible summer. Stunning.


Opening Night Fall 2005

  • L1: Smyth-Horcoff-Dvorak
  • L2: Torres-Peca-Hemsky
  • L3: Moreau-Stoll-Pisani
  • L4: Harvey-Reasoner-Laraque
  • D1: Pronger-Staios
  • D2: Ulanov-Smith
  • D3: Cross-Bergeron
  • G1: Ty Conklin (Jussi Markkanen)

Opening Night Fall 2015?

  • L1: Hall—McDavid—Eberle
  • L2: Pouliot—Nuge—Purcell
  • L3: Draisaitl—Lander—Yakupov
  • L4: Hendricks—Letestu—Korpikoski
  • D1: Sekera—Fayne
  • D2: Ehrhoff—Schultz
  • D3: Klefbom—Gryba
  • G1: Cam Talbot (Ben Scrivens)

Happy buyout weekend!

    • heyrayray

      GIRLFRIEND! Does she walk on 4 legs and drink from a trough! That’s not nuge you’re hearing flamer! That’s mooooooooge! LOL! Sorry Oil country but I can’t help myself with guy! Somebody’s gotta do it…Go Oil!!

  • Time Travelling Sean

    Can someone ban ultrathinzigzags? I’m tired of having to scroll over 20+ posts from this troll and it really makes having any good conversation about any hockey hard with all these posts going on.


    Easy now Oilers fans.

    This is just the first wave of the moronic step-children (Cowtown) and disappointing older brother (Vancouver)..

    We must be strong.

    This is but the first wave, the sacrificed weak.

    (They wouldn’t be commenting if Ch ch ch Chia wasn’t making them feel the heat of doing all the right things.)

  • Cowbell_Feva

    Ultrathin skull is up to his old tricks again, even trying to coax the would be Eskimo fans into a spat over the Stampeders?? On an Oilers blog website??

    His mom should cut off his internet connection in her basement.

    I would be upset too if I had to live in Calgary and cheer for two those teams, but I digress…

    Even his sub-par IQ realizes that the Oilers have something special going on, so he is grasping for anything he can to slam before the role is reversed for a decade, and Edmonton returns to the glory days.

    But hey they have a smurf that needs to cut a mini-stick and a kid that couldn’t do one chin-up at an NHL draft combine…..and their captain, best forward and starting goaltender heading to Free Agency after this upcoming season. Their future is, um, kinda like what they have been since 2004…bad. Not to mention the definition of horrible prior to 2004. Sour grapes. If Cowtown had a stable of young studs playing forward, with their prime years just around the corner, I would be jealous too.

  • Anton CP

    How is the new management trending when it comes to new additions on roster ? Are they filling the bad holes ocmpetently ? Vote Trash if no where near enough yet , or Cheers for that is enough .

    • Train#97

      I would say they are taking a measured approach to improving the team. Will the team be better as things stand? Absolutely.

      Is the team going to be in the fight for a playoff spot? Odds are no. The D just doesnt have the experience. But mortgaging the future by packaging up assets just so we can have a 2-3 year run is what all these impatient fans are suggesting. I would even suggest that all of Hall, RNH, Draisaitl, Schultz or whoever else people suggest should be traded have their value at the lowest it will be in their careers.

      The smart move is to make small incremental improvements along the way. Reassess and then take what the market gives you in terms of players that fit into your cluster and Cap considerations… Chiarelli is doing this.

      • Serious Gord

        The addition of McDavid could have a profound influence on the cost of players we have now in terms of their value come 3 years time . I take it by measured small approach you mean slower than most maybe want/envision . With McDavid , I believe we should expedite readily to take advantage A.S.A.P.. If they all pan out in 3 years , we’ll still be facing a cap situation , albeit an envious one , such as Chicago .

        • Train#97

          If McDavid lights in up in his first three years you can bet he will have a contract worth as much or more than Teows and Kane. There won’t be a bridge deal.

          If he gets that much in a deal in three years from now then it just means that he will have done great in Edmonton.

        • heyrayray

          Lets put it this way. The goal should be winning a Cup 2-3 years from now. NOT this year at the cost pf giving up prospects that would sustain the winning. Of course without knowing exactly what players are available and at what cost(Seabrook incl). There’s no way to say if Chiarelli et al have done enough or should of done more. He doesnt strike me as one to wait around for things to happen however.

          This team by my eye has made enough improvements already to move up around the 9-10th place in the West. The key pieces to winning a Cup Nurse, Draisaitl, Reinhart, McDavid, need more experience. Thats what this year is for. Learn and build a winning mindset. Assess what the weaknesses are to push further in the playoffs and make those moves. At trade deadline/next summer.

          Again its hard to argue one way or another without knowing the cost for said player. If it’s Seabrook we are talking about and Chicago will take Schultz/next years 1st and 2nd rounder… Then hells yeah lets get this thing goin forward! I expect Chicago is asking lots more.

  • Serious Gord

    My thoughts are even though one could say the deal for Reinhart was to heavy a price. If he turns into a 2nd pair D in the next 2 years it will be fair value. Also if you add that Talbot came as a bit of a steal in the end… These 2 deals even themselves out in Value and both players are good bets to contribute to the team long term… Thats called good GM’ing in my books.

  • Train#97

    I think it’s best to leave seabrook out of the equation. Cost is to great I suspect and his salary would not help. I’ll be happy if Nurse and Kbomb can right this defense and we just add the pieces like we have done.
    If these two turn out as we suspect they will then they will be the cornerstone of the d for years to come.