mcdavid draft capture

You don’t need a slide rule to know Connor McDavid arrives at his first NHL camp with a lot of traction and the tools to be an impact rookie. The question for Oilers fans may be ‘how many rookies should be considered based on previous performance?’ and NHL equivalencies suggest there are several.


  1. Taylor Hall 82GP, 17-29-46NHLE (Actual 65GP, 22-20-42) .561 versus .646 (point per game)
  2. Jordan Eberle 82GP, 22-24-46NHLE (Actual 69GP, 18-25-43) .561 versus .623 (point per game)
  3. Anton Lander 82GP, 14-28-42 NHLE (Actual 38GP, 6-14-20) .512 versus .526 point per game) (AHL-to-NHL)
  4. Nail Yakupov 82GP, 18-22-40NHLE (Actual 48GP, 17-14-31) .487 versus .645 (point per game)
  5. RNH 82GP, 11-27-38NHLE (Actual 62GP, 18-34-52) .463 versus .839 (point per game)

For our purposes, I’m using a combination of Gabriel Desjardins ground-breaking work and Rob Vollman’s impressive recent doings.

Forwards (per 82GP)

  1. C Connor McDavid 82GP, 23-40-63—Miles clear of the previous No. 1 overall picks, McDavid`s NHL equivalency is clear of everyone you can think of all the way back to Sid the Kid. 
  2. C Leon Draisaitl 82GP, 15-26-41—Easily forgotten after the `too much too soon` season in which the Oilers once again proved to the world they have no idea about who is ready and when. Should recover handsomely but may spend time in the AHL proving he’s ready—a smart move considering last season.
  3. R Andrew Miller 82GP, 15-20-35—He’s now 4A, meaning AAA doesn’t offer him much in the way of competition anymore but he may have to wait his turn for NHL employment. One thing to keep in mind: the speed we worry about (Purcell) is available in ample quantities with Miller. Interesting fall. 
  4. C-R Kyle Platzer 82GP, 12-17-29—I’m not certain enough air was let out of his tires from junior but the numbers have him in a very nice spot. 
  5. L Anton Slepyshev 82GP, 17-11-28—This might be a little low in terms of estimate, Slepyshev wasn’t playing 18 minutes a night in the KHL. Fascinating prospect arriving at a time when the new coach is going to be looking for complementary skill players. You never know.
  6. R Iiro Pakarinen 82GP, 16-11-27—He’s in a good spot, known to the team from last season and with substantial skills in the aggression and speed departments. Certainly a player to watch. 
  7. C-R Greg Chase 82GP, 8-16-24—I think he might need a full season but Chase has a habit of getting noticed early and often; that may bode well for him this fall. 
  8. R Tyler Pitlick 82GP, 8-16-24—Back again as a TC hopeful, Pitlick would be more established as an NHL player by now if not for injury. It’s hard to imagine he’ll stay healthy long enough to emerge from this group, but there’s opportunity. 
  9. C Bogdan Yakimov 82GP, 10-13-23—Big Russian got a game last season, suspect he’ll impress with his size and skill in training camp. The NHLE’s suggest he’s in the range.

Defense (per 82GP)

  1. Joey Laleggia 82GP, 14-23-37—The NHLE’s love this player, but he appears blocked by veterans in the AHL. Absolutely worth keeping track of beginning TC. 
  2. Brad Hunt 82GP, 11-19-30—A defensive adventure in the NHL, there’s no denying he’s an impact AHL offensive defenseman. I don’t think he’ll make it to the NHL this season, which means he’ll probably play 60 games. 
  3. Darnell Nurse 82GP, 7-16-23—I think he’ll play fewer than 20 AHL games and as many as 50 NHL games this season. He’s a perfect fit for the current Oilers, who have been crying out for a physical defender with wheels since, well, 2006 summer. 
  4. Griffin Reinhart 82GP, 6-11-17—I suspect he’ll see significant time in the AHL and NHL this season, and even though offense isn’t his calling card he should post some crooked numbers. 
  5. Jordan Oesterle 82GP, 5-12-17—Fast defensemen are useful defensemen and this young man can scoot. Absolutely in the mix for NHL employment this season.


Goalies Laurent Brossoit and Anders Nilsson are also part of this group, meaning there are 16 potential grads from the Oilers prospect list and minor league system. I expect McDavid, Draisaitl (not a rookie), Miller, Nurse and Reinhart to play a significant amount in the NHL this coming season, but we might see a surprise or two.

This is a substantial list of prospects. 

  • Scott Zerr

    Central Division is so tough 5 teams make the playoffs therefore only 3 teams in the Pacific Div.



    and ?

    Calgary SJ Edmonton will be fighting for last spot.

  • Jaxon

    Just a note about Slepyshev’s NHLE. If you calculate Slepyshev’s NHLE based on his last 19 games in the KHL, when he started getting more ice time, his NHLE is around 27G, 13A, 40 PTS. Similarly, if you calculate Yakimov’s NHLE based on his last 13 games before getting injured it is 17G, 17A, 34PTS. I think both will surprise many and could get regular time on the big club sooner than expected although the log jam at C may prevent Yakimov from moving up. Maybe they can try him at 4LW.

  • Jaxon

    Also of note, at the start of this season Miller will be 27 yrs old. His 35 pt NHLE will be about as high as he ever scores in the NHL. He will not improve a hell of a lot more, whereas players in their low twenties still have a lot of room to improve their game. Which is why I think Slepyshev, Pakarinen, Platzer, Chase and Yakimov all have a pretty good chance to surpass Miller in the next year or so. Slepyshev (40pts) has already surpassed Miller’s NHLE at the end of last year and Yakimov (34pts) finished his season at a pace very close to Miller’s NHLE.

  • Bucknuck

    IMO, the Coyotes won’t trade OEL to the Oilers and trading Eberle (the Oilers one true top line RW) would be asinine because who would or can take his place for sure and put up the same type 60 plus points.

    Yakupov hasn’t proven anything yet as with being a top line RW and the Oilers do not have any sure replacements. Besides, the Coyotes are just getting started with building that team over and OEL is the new leader for Arizona.

    Once these given top prospects prove themselves then changes can be coming. I do like the speed of many of these kids but its the offence proven type skills that still need figuring out.

    But I do love the future with those such as McD, Draisaitl, Nurse, Yakimov (for 4th line centre if he keeps improving), Slepyshev if he can score and skate fast enough, Chase/Pakarainen for some offence and agitation…

    And…with that in mind…. I’m excitedly counting the days for the Penticton Tourney because this may be the best skilled Prospects’ Tourney team for the Oilers’ ever… Go Oil!!!!

    The future is starting to look bright…very bright…

    • Thumby

      Coyotes are tanking this year to get a shot at Matthews, just as they did this year to try to get McDavid. OEL might not be that important to Arizona. Might get him for Yaks

      • Bucknuck

        Whether it is pie in the sky thinking, having OEL in Oiler silks would be just amazing. Not sure on the “might not be important factor” though. He can be marketed for years to come. I agree that Matthews is the big catch next draft and if the Yotes can pick him, I bet they would like to have OEL and Matthews in their marketing plans.

        If and only if the Yotes were to entertain offers from the Oil, it would be more than Yak involved. The question is who else is to be included?

  • Bucknuck

    It astonishes me how many fans are still trying to trade Edmonton’s most consistent player (Eberle). It makes me shake my head.

    The guy is hardly ever out of the lineup and scores in the top 10 of NHL RW’s every year. What more do you want!?

    ’14-’15 (7th)

    ’13-’14 (8th)

    ’12-13′ (9th)

    ’11-’12 (5th)

    The people who want to trade him simply don’t understand how good he is. Their dads probably wanted to trade Kurri.

    • NJ

      My dad hates hockey. Why trade a “top 10 RW”?

      Here’s why:

      You know exactly what you have and know Connor McDavid will replace those points. He has value and has plateaued albeit at a pretty good spot. So, the return is GOOD.

      To get value you have to give value. If the return is right, you have to give up something. Hall is better than Eberle, RNH is turning into a 1A 2 way defenseman and Yak / Shultz have almost no value right now. If OEL were on the table, Eberle is the logical choice. I’d rather the hole on RW than the hole on top line D. What about you? Facts are OEL is going nowhere.

      Listen, Eberle is great, other than his lackadaisical back checking and skating away while a teammate gets roughed up. Maybe that changes under McClellan, who knows, but as it sits, even though we’d hate to see him go, Eberle makes sense.

      • Oilers-Entourage

        I have no complaint with your suggestion… But i would have to say give TM a chance with this firepower and see how he translates that into winning… I know the NHL is more about defence but maybe we have a chance to find a fine line of Mcjesus and and scoring wingers….( look at Crosby, they always looking for a winger for him)

      • Cowbell_Feva

        McDavid might replace Eberle’s points eventually. But considering he is an 18 year old rookie, it might be asking a bit much.

        I 100% agree that to get value you need to give value. But I don’t whole-heartedly agree that Hall is better than Eberle. If he is, it isn’t by a whole pile. The difference? Eberle is consistant. He doesn’t have his head down and get wall-papered and miss huge portions of the season. We could fill a void on LW if Hall were to fetch a bonafida #1 Dman…Eberle would be harder at RW.

        As far as lacksadasical, I could make that same comment on Hall’s continuous cross-ice give aways. And skating away when a teammate gets roughed up is right up Hall’s alley as well. I know there’s a lot of Hall lovers in Oilerland, but I would trade him before Eberle if I were GM. For health issues alone.

        • Randaman

          It would be safe to say, if given a chance tomorrow, every single NHL GM would chose Connor over Jordan.

          I do not, for one second, believe that Connor will have any problem taking over the team and getting more points than Jordan. Connor will do it with better attitude, effort and defense.

          To say that it’s ok for Eberle to play halfassed just because Hall does is pointless. Just cause one is a lazy spoiled brat-it doesn’t make it ok for another/s.

          • Cowbell_Feva

            I’m not sure where you got a notion that I think NHL GM’s would choose Eberle over McDavid??

            I just said Hall would be my choice to trade over Eberle. They are both soft. This whole team has been soft for far too long…hopefully some of the additions, and future additions will address that, and they can have team toughness, rather than one goon on the 4th line.

            I don’t however think Eberle plays half-assed. He was never a mucker or a grinder. Sure he could back check harder. He is an elusive shifty forward in the offensive zone, and in one of the best one-shot scorers in the league in my opinion. He has been on horrid teams and still produced consistently over his career. I would take him (along with some size and grit on his line) on any team, any day.

            You can’t teach a wrist shot like that.

        • NJ

          Who would you suggest?

          I understand what you’re saying, just out of the bunch, all of which I like (RNH, Hall, Eberle, Nurse, Yak), who would you send first? Yak obviously, but he is no value right now. So, Yak Nurse? I don’t like it because Nurse could be better than OEL (please God).

          Eberle seems like the odd man out. Or Hall. But not a center. RNH in a couple years but I’d hate to get rid of a solid 2 way guy who seems to be trending Datsyukian like. Unless Draisaitl turns into that and bigger. Who knows.

          I agree with wait and see and I do like Eberle.

    • Thumby

      Tough to compare eberle to Kurri but if you could have got a young Ray Bourque for Kurri straight would you have done it? I might have…

      I bet Sather would have…


      • fran huckzky

        I think the chance that Slats would have traded Kurri for Bourque are nil and none. You seemto forget that besides being one of the best snipers in the league he was also arguably the best defensive forward of his generation. Ray B was really good but Kurri was better. Slats might have considered Potvin for Kurri but I cant think of anyone else offhand.

        • Thumby

          Most points for defence man, most goals, most points.
          Third all time plus minus.
          5 Norris wins.
          Slats does this trade all day, every day…Boston would never have done it.

          • fran huckzky

            I guess that’s why Boston won so many cups with Bourqe as their stud. I didn’t say he wasn’t great, I said he wasn’t nearly as good as Kurri.

          • Bucknuck

            Boston made it to the finals twice only to meet the power house oilers. If not for the Dynasty team they faced I think they would have had a stanley cup. Bourque was the best player on those Bruins teams by a country mile (with all due respect to Cam Neely). He was a game changer.

            It’s an interesting trade scenario. I can’t imagine Gretzky without Kurri, but in 1988 I would have done it for sure since Coffey was gone and so was Gretz, but in 1984 I think I would have kept Kurri.

          • Thumby

            I loved Kurri, don’t get me wrong…I’m saying a 5 time Norris D is worth more than a great 2 way winger. And I’m also saying OEL > Eberle.

            That said, surround him (Bourque) with the calibre of players Kurri had around and I think he would have won more cups than Kurri.

            Informal poll question for oilers nation:
            Who was / is the better more valuable player?

            This should be interesting…

    • Randaman

      Being consistent on the worst team in the league for the last number of years is not much. It easy to get points against competitions weakest pair after they’re up a few goals.

      It is also easy to play a whole season when you are allergic to physical contact and altercation.

      Let’s not even talk about his back-check and defensive play.

      Another point to note: is that there is not that many good RW in the league ATM.

      I want more Eberle, the same more that I want from most of his teammates; to play a more complete game, to play with some pride, and not to be so soft.

      Eberle gets a lot of points on the Oilers due to the fact his ice has been gifted, and the fact that Oilers haven’t provided themselves many option: in that position and test of the team.

      • Bucknuck

        Eberle faces the toughest quality of competition amongst Oilers forwards. He gets top line points per 60. His points are consistently (last four years) top 42 or better in the league, regardless of position.

        Are you trolling or do you really believe what you wrote.

        If it is the latter, here is a link that might help you understand hockey (and #14) a little better. http://lowetide.ca/2015/07/21/re-15-16-jordan-eberle-i-will-follow/

        Lowetide’s RE series is a must read

      • NJ

        Maybe try watching a hockey game an learning something about the game Vienna Valor absolutely nothing you said about Eberle applies he always plays the toughest competition and competes for puck battles better than anyone on the team.

  • Canoe Ride 27.1

    For me there are only 3 guys completely off the table in trade talks:

    McDavid and Nuge (our 1-2 punch at center) and Darnell Nurse.

    Otherwise, I am open to anything that yields a Brent Burns, Victor Hedman, OEL, etc.

    Trust me, for the right return, we will get over the loss of anyone else.

    In Chia We trust.

    • Cowbell_Feva

      Please get Brent Burns out of that sentence. He is such a good defenceman his coach, who is now the Oilers coach by the way, played him at forward. Not saying he isn’t talented but he belongs nowhere near the same class as the other two you mentioned.

      • Canoe Ride 27.1

        Yah, that comment will get some bashes. It’s a short list when you bring up Hall’s name and Giordano is not on it.

        The thought of trading a guy like him is painful, but Hedman in the lineup eventually paired with Nurse might help make us feel better.

        • MorningOwl

          why not?

          an elite defenseman, worth more than a top 6 forward. Imagine an elite, true #1 defender, putting up points while shutting down the best, and with a leaders character.

          Flames lose an irreplaceable defender shed salary, but gain a top 6 forward, Oilers get a true leader, elite defender, someone to lead the young squad. Oilers get the maturity and experience of an elite player in his prime

          If you want elite, you have to pay.

  • Bucknuck

    Much adieu about nothing – offseason is a smokescreen.

    Oilers will have four or five more wins than last year and that’s it.

    Dream on ladies….and keep remembering the 1980’s…

    • Cowbell_Feva

      If you extrapolate Nelson’s winning percentage across the whole season, the Oilers would be at 7.5 more wins. He did this with AHL defensemen and without Hall and Nuge at times.

      So you’re claiming that the addition of McLellan and his coaching staff, addition of NHL defensemen, and the addition of McDavid will result in a team worse than what Nelson had, which numbers wise seem incredibly unlikely.

      With all this in mind, I think a realistic baseline for the Oilers is a .470 winning percentage. That is to say, barring major injuries or circumstances they will not be worse than that.

      So even in the worst case scenario your statement wouldn’t be accurate.

  • Thumby

    Draisaitl will be on a line as a wingman for McDavid due to his speed , passing , and possession in neutral zone and corners . McDavid would be best protected first of the year playing with Draisaitl and probably another speedy physical player like Poulot . Not like Draisaitl had the best of our wingers to play with last year as a center , which certainly did not help the rookie . This year his story will be much better playing with another blue chipper in McDavid . Why else do you figure they want to try him at wing ?

  • Cowbell_Feva

    What’s with this trade Ebs or Hallsy insanity?

    We finally have a top 6 with some cred and the armchair GMs have their knives sharpened to cut it up.

    Besides; NOBODY is cutting loose their top flight D men for ANY reason except the Bruins (D Hamilton for magic beans) and they just did that to get PC’s feathers ruffled.

    Our future is so bright with the squad we have right now I’m going to go out and buy a new pair of sunglasses.

    • Cowbell_Feva

      First off I don’t want to cut up this team. But, if you have watched the last 3-5 seasons you would see that our blueline is our achilles heel. It makes our goaltending worse, and overall team a joke. The #1 picks on the wing didn’t help either.

      McDavid will help immensely. But he doesn’t play defense. Nurse is still very young and very raw. He is still a few years away.

      All I was saying is I would trade Hall for a bona-fida #1 stud before I did Eberle. #1 because I think he would fetch more, and #2 because of Hall’s injury riddled young career and #3 we could back fill the LW spot with Pouliot and/or Yakupov in the top 6.

      We still need major upgrades on the backend to make playoffs, nevermind compete for Cups…. I don’t think Griffin Reinhart is the answer to that connundrum.

      • Thumby

        Agreed: the porous D has given the goalies and overall performance / standings a black eye.

        Disagree: Reinhart and Nurse + Sykera is a major upgrade. Talbot will upgrade G (and Scrivens due to less starts) as well.

        Plus you LOVE McDavid: see you at the sunglasses store,….

  • Thumby

    I keep seeing SJ included in projected playoff races. I think that of all the teams in the pacific that improved this summer, they did the worst job. Adding Paul Martin, Joel Ward and Martin Jones isn’t going to cover the problems created by the decline>disappearance of Antti Niemi, the aging stars in Thornton and Marleau, and the egregious lack of depth on that team. Looking at the forward group is like looking at a WHL roster. Recognize five names and the rest you say, “Who?” When you factor in that McLellan and co. jumped ship (telling in it’s own right) it should be fairly obvious that Burns, Vlasic, Couture and Pavelski won’t be able to carry this team anywhere near the playoffs. That third spot in the Pacific division race will be a fight between the Oilers and Flames, as long as the Oil can keep up.

  • fran huckzky

    Anyone saying the Oilers should not trade Eberle for OEL simply doesn’t understand how good OEL is. He is a legit 1A 25+ min per night workhorse of a dman, and he’s only 24.

    I love Eberle, this is not a knock on him. But if you have a chance to add OEL, you do it.

    This all said, I don’t think there is a chance in hell that Arizona trades OEL for Eberle.

  • Thumby

    Lowetide : your TBT stats are misleading especially for Yakupov .depending on how you read into them . Example using the downtrending Yakupov over last two seasons .

    First 48 games in rookie season he had 31points ,was a +- of -4 and a whopping shooting percentage of 21.0 % . Second season he had only 24 points in 63 games , a whopping +- of -33 and shooting percentage dropping to 9.0% . Last season he had in 81 games a total of 33 points , whopping +- of -35 and another drop in shooting percentage to 7.3% . Points per game average over the three years was .685 first year , .381 second year and .41 last season .

  • Jaxon

    Whoever is talking about trading Eberle, please stop. Just. Stop. It’s ridiculous. He is one of the best RWs in the NHL. You don’t give up any player who is the best at their position because you can’t replace them. Eberle had a stretch toward the end of last year where he went 25 pts in 19 games (Feb. 9 – Mar. 21). That is a 108 pt pace! Nobody in the NHL could match that pace last year. On a better team with a better powerplay and better coaching it is conceivable that he could keep that pace up for a large part of the year. You keep good players. Period. Full stop.

    • SurfacetoAirMissile

      19 games does not a season make. It is not like he did not play the entire season so why would you calculate a projection based on only some of the games he played. I can do the same thing, I’m sure Ebs had a stretch of 5 games with 0 points and if I extrapolate that over an 82 game season he would be on pace for 0 points!

      The fact is Ebs is a better than average forward who is a consistant scorer in the NHL. However, when he is not scoring, he contributes nothing else. Because he can consistantly score at an NHL level he has value around the league. You can’t win with just great forwards and that is the one position the Oilers have a surplus of players. Thus trading Ebs would help the Oilers in other areas that will translate to more wins opposed to Ebs having a 100 point season as you suggest.

        • SurfacetoAirMissile

          Cool your jets fanboy, I like Ebs as a player too. I just see a player who has some value that other teams need. Unless you are Calgary, you can’t get a top two D-man for nothing. I would be curious to know what trade you would propose to get a top 2 d-man? Let me take a guess…. you would package Farence and Nikitin and Purcell for OEL and their 1st round pick.

          • AJ88

            The only jets that need to be cooled are yours. Why would Arizona do your deal? ON always over rates their own players, you think a 28th place team has a surplus of forwards (Ebs) that warrants a potential #1 Dmen. Why not trade RNH for OEL, we now have a surplus of centres, Arizona may be interested in that one. The Oilers have a legit chance of icing two good lines, don’t screw with that and no, I would not package Fer, Nik and Purcell for OEL, I would just send Nikitin to Nashville for Weber!

            In reality you are going to overpay for a top 4 Dman, I don’t think we need to do that at this point. Two good lines will help defense, new goaltending, new coaching, addition of Sekera and Gryba, Nurse and Reinhardt potential, plus being near the cap…time to get the season roling…let’s have this discussion 30 games into the season.

          • Train#97

            OEL is not a “top four dman”. That is selling his abilities way short. Unless you mean top 4 in the entire NHL, which is closer to reality.

            But I agree with your comment that Arizona would never trade OEL for Eberle.

        • Train#97

          Why do you keep saying “get rid of”? “Get rid of” alludes to getting nothing in return. Nobody is saying “get rid of Eberle”.

          Now, TRADING Eberle on the other hand, for a 24yo top end NHL dman in OEL is not getting rid of Eberle. Its making a smart hockey move.

          True top pair dmen trump top line wingers all day long in my opinion (short of Ovechkin arguably).

          • AJ88

            Exactly my point “true top pair dmen trump top line wingers”, why is anybody trading OEL for a winger,I forgot ON posters seem to think all other managers in the NHL are not too bright.

  • SurfacetoAirMissile


    If you are talking Yak for OEL, then that’s more than fine with me. The fact is, if when trading one player so as to fill a hole/position on the team, a smart guy/GM does not just do this to make another hole/empty position that would cripple the team as the same time…. unless for tanking purposes.

    So filling defence with a very good young kid like OEL (who hasn’t yet lifted the Coyotes to higher levels IMO) while sacrificing the top RW hurts the Oilers and doesn’t make it a even level trade 1 for 1 right now.

    With McD here, Draisaitl very soon, then Nuge, Hall and Pouliot, and even Yak…as the top two line forwards’ group, then Eberle has a very good chance to hit 60 to maybe 90 points… because there are no other NHL teams to cover such skill scoring players altogether on the Oilers. With MCD, Hall, Nuge, Yak and Eberle, up front and in a system taught by McCkellan… even the Oilers powerplay is now likely to be the #1 to #3 in the league…and that is meaning a lot more points scored.

    If there is major improvement scoring this year on the Oilers…Would any sane GM trade an 80 to 90 point top RW for a very good but not yet #1 pairing stud proven kid defender?

    However, if the offer to trade is Eberle for say a better defender type kid like Seth Jones, or Jacob Trouba, or even Aaron Eckblad,… then I would have to think hard on this available type deal… then probably go for it.

    For a deal now for like say OEL… the Oiler have more than enough forward strength to let Yak go, a Pouliot go or Purcell go, etc., in any 1 for 1 trade right now… than either Eberle or Hall.

  • Bucknuck

    Assume you are the Oiler’s GM and your roster is the same as it is today with one exception…Eberle plays on a different team. Would you trade Nurse for him ?

    Trash for yes; Cheers for no.

    I’ll start with a cheer.

  • McLando

    Help! I think I suffer from Oilers battered wife syndrome. Although I fully acknowledge that the roster has been upgraded, McD is a god on skates and Todd Mc is an excellent coach, I just can’t see the oilers being better than any team in the west save for the Coyotes and possibly the Canucks. These last ten years have beat me down so, so low. Playoffs???!! Playoffs???!! Don’t think we’ll get a sniff this year or next. I hope we draft only Dmen with our next two lottery picks….

  • NJ

    Re Talk of trading Eberle for OEL:

    Eberle is a very good # 1 RW.

    OEL is a very good #1 D man

    Given that a #1 D Man is much more valuable than a # 1 RW, the Oilers make that trade any and every day.

    Given that the Coyotes are not the Sweeney Bruins, they are smart enough to realize this and would not make this trade

  • Derzie

    Another hope-piece about 18 yr old forwards. The defense is the weak link. Until Nurse is ready and moves are made, the team will struggle on D and goalies will look worse than they are.

  • AJ88

    I think we all agree this team is in the cusp of something big! Not just making the playoffs big but dynasty big. We can all see the defence as a major weakness and chiarelli hopefully has a plan. If trading ebs for a competent d man increases the amount of wins this season then I’m all for it.

    Now is the defence as bad as everyone says? I say chia is gonna wait and see what he has first before doing any major trade. But I do believe chia does have the balls to make a “bold” move.

  • AJ88

    Patience. Let’s see how this team looks at say…the end of the calendar year. And then be in a position to make educated assessments on players, and then take a good long look at what personal changes could potentially be made moving forward to improve the club.