Walk a Mile in Her Shoes


Look at the picture above. Look at the collection of heroes that we put together. Look at how mantastic these fellas look in their high heels. No, we’re not walking around in three inch stilettos because it makes us feel pretty (even though it does), we’re taking a walk to raise money to help the victims of family violence. It’s a great cause, a great time, and we’re happy to be involved again. Only one question remains: are you man enough to join us?

If you’re available on September 22nd we’re asking you to join team OilersNation.com to help our efforts to raise funds and awareness for the Walk a Mile campaign. It will only take an hour (or so) of your time, and the more people we can have sign up means the more opportunities we’ll have to raise as much cash as we can. Not to mention you get to hang out with me! That’s pretty cool, right? *crickets* Think you’re man enough? Then strap on some heels with me and show the world. 



If you don’t know, Walk a Mile is a fundraiser dedicated to raising awareness and money for women and children affected by family violence. Violence in the home is no joke and getting involved in an event like Walk a Mile is a great way to raise awareness, take a stand against domestic violence, and have a laugh all at the same time.

Most importantly, all the money raised at the event goes to the YWCA, and helps them keep women and children safe from domestic abuse. The YWCA uses these funds to:

  • Subsidize counselling services for families in need and survivors of domestic abuse
  • Sponsor prevention programs such as the GirlSpace & the Power of Being a Girl Conference
  • Provide support to women’s shelters and recovery retreats
  • Increase partnerships with other agencies aimed at preventing violence in the home

The hope is that none of you will ever be touched by family violence, but unfortunately many families are crippled by it. We think it’s important to raise awareness for such a worthy cause, and we’re asking you to help us do that. This will be my first year doing the Walk a Mile challenge, and I urge you to join us and get involved if you can. This is the third year that OilersNation will be walking, and you should walk with us too. 



The event is happening at Churchill Square on September 22rd, 2015, and we’re looking for some fine Nation citizens like you to join our team. The goal of the drive is obvious: we’re looking for people that will feel comfortable raising at least $150 towards the cause. We don’t care if you pay that money yourself just for the opportunity to hang out, but we need citizens that are willing to get involved and help us raise some funds. As a bonus, everyone that joins team OilersNation will also get a free NationGear tee just for helping us out.

If you can’t make it, but still want to get involved, you can donate money directly to the cause by sponsoring a friendly participant like me! We have a goal of raising $5000 and we’re just getting started so any donation will be greatly appreciated. Want to walk but can’t make it? My promise is that I will do my best to look good in those high heels so that you don’t have to. If you need another reason to donate, every donation over $25 gets a tax receipt for this year’s tax return – it’s a win win!

I implore you to find a way to make it happen. Join our team, sponsor a walker with a few schillings, share this article on social media, or even come down to Churchill Square on September 22nd to watch us all in action. This is one of those events that is deserving of our support, and we appreciate your help in spreading the word. 



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    • Dan 1919

      I don’t think that’s what this is trying to say at all. I trust your frustration is because of the overwhelming support we see for various minority groups. It is best to be happy for the success of these groups, but more importantly, show awareness and pride for the undersupported males, unfortuneately mainly white males of younger generations.

      It’s not uncommon for someone that disagrees with a minority viewpoint to be completely disregarded and called a bigget. Don’t get sucked into these childish debates, take the high road and ignore them. Prove to them why boring cacausian males have such a successful past, and will continue to be successful in the future.

      We encourage any and all to join our parade of generation after generation of success throughout society and history, and all are entitled to be treated equally… but the days of special treatment will be coming to an abrupt end over the next 10-15years.

      Here’s to this cause and a future where all are treated equal… where no special job postings or positions on olympic coaching staffs will be denied to you simply because you were born a white male. The most qualified people will be awarded positions, even if that means it’s a staff of just boring white males.

  • Dan 1919

    Great cause, it’s nice to see the women and minorities represented so well in our society.

    We should also use events like this to bring awareness to all the facts surrounding the issues. It is believed 40% of domestic violence victims are males, and their complaints are far less likely to be taken seriously by the police.

    For many of us 35 and under, our generation has grown up being concerned and sensitive for many of the special groups around us, ie. women’s rights, gay rights, minority rates… That we’ve forgotten to slow down and support each other.

    Props to this cause, and props to the not so glamorous and often forgotten about struggling cacasian males. There’s still support for you out there, and it will grow strong again as we correct our new found silence in society.

    • In fact the YWCA supports the Victims of Family Violence, which includes boys and girls, getting them through the tough times and to support the healing process

      Since when did Women become a minority? Your percent is wacky! However abuse to Senior citizen males is becoming a concern for many groups that try to help as opposed to venting with no action. Boys are often abused as well, but guess by who?

      Oilers Nation are about Action whenever and wherever needed. Hats off to positive support!