Game Two Wrap Up…

Connor McDavid, Mitch Moroz, Alex Loiseau, Loik Leveille and Ethan Bear were healthy scratches tonight. As I said yesterday, the Oilers had planned McDavid would not play back-to-back. He is not banged up from the Virtanen hit, this was their plan. I’m actually curious if he plays Monday when all the Oilers top management types are back in Edmonton for their charity golf tournament.

The Oilers and Flames both won yesterday, and both sides want to remain undefeated and win the tourney.

Here are tonight’s lineups:






Van Brabant-Bennett-Poirier



First Period

Ninety seconds in Marco Roy has the first good chance from the
high slot, but McDonald makes the save with his mask.

Agostino has a great chance, but Papirny makes a nice glove

The first five minutes are not nearly as physical or intense
as last night.

On their second shift the Draisaitl line does a great job of
cycling the puck, but they never get a shot away. Draisaitl and Slepyshev have
had good chemistry so far in the tournament.

Winquist gets rocked along the boards by huge Hunter Smith.
Flames have a much tougher lineup with Smith and Kanzig.

Nurse steps up with a great open ice hit on Marcotte just
outside the Oilers blueline. After a slow first five minutes the intensity is
picking up. A few big hits seems to do that in this tournament.

Nurse with best chance of game for Edmonton, but he hits
McDonald square in the chest.

Off a faceoff in Oilers zone Fram can’t handle puck at
blueline, and Rankin gets a breakaway from the Oilers blueline. He races in,
goes to the backhand, but McDonald follows him across the crease and makes a
nice pad save.

Another sellout crowd in Pentiction, close to 5,000 fans.
Lots of Oilers and Flames jerseys in the crowd, but the crowd is pro Oilers.

Flames open up the scoring with 6:07 remaining as Smith buries a
nice pass from Karnaukhov. Papirny had no chance on a bang-bang play from
behind the net to the slot.

Flames make it 2-0 two minutes later as Mangiapane finishes
off a nice three passing play started by Arnold and Morrison.

Sam Bennett has a nice toe drag dangle with 39 seconds remaining, dishes to Poirier, but Papirny stones him. Flames have dominated the latter
half of the period.

Period ends with Flames outshooting Oilers 19-9 and leading


They played Cotton Eyed Joe at intermission. Flames fans must have requested it. Terrible.

Draisiatl with a good early chance, but he fires it high and

Oilers go on their first PP, but it is negated 20 seconds
later as Nurse takes a roughing penalty.

Winquits puts Oilers
on the board three minutes into the second. While playing 4-on-4 he fires a perfect
shot over the left shoulder of McDonald. Platzer with a nice rush up ice led to
the goal and he picks up an assist.

Bukarts takes an iffy penalty 25 seconds later and Flames go
on 4-3 PP… They end up on 5-3 and waste no time and make it 3-1. Arnold from
Andersson. Arnold was wide open to the right of Papirny, and Papirny sprawled
over to make save, but Arnold just waited and beat him easily.

What a sweet backhand dish from Draisaitl at Flames blueline
to spring Chase on a partial breakaway, but McDonald with another solid save.

Sanford draws a penalty at 9:38 taking the puck wide to the
net and Kanzig has to hook him. Draisaitl, Chase, Slepyshev, Christoffer and
Nurse start PP. Have a hard time getting out of their zone for the first
minute. They finally set up. Laleggia, who came on for Nurse, fires a point
shot. Rebound goes to Chase and he hits the post.

Oilers continue to buzz after the PP. Their best possession
of the second period. Some great work by Platzer’s line leads to the puck
coming loss in the slot, Betker pinches in and has a great look, but he fires high
and wide.

Nurse back in box for tripping at 13:52. Platzer, Rankin,
Laleggia and Betker start on PK. Strong work in offensive zone by Platzer. He
has been the Oilers best forward. Winquist, Sanford come on as forwards and on
a whistle, Laleggia and Betker finally get off after a 1:40 shift. Linaker
comes on, wins faceoff to Davis, he pushes it up boards to Christoffer who
races down the left side and feeds Linaker in slow slot, but McDonald with
another solid save. Good PK.

At 16:47…Van Brabant
gets a whistled for a weak roughing penalty. He stopped in front of Papirny after long shot and
pushes Betker.

Oilers back on PP. Platzer, Sanford, Rankin, Roy (point) and
Laleggia start. After working puck around, Laleggia walks off left point to the
middle and rips a long shot that beats McDonald. Sanford and Platzer with
assists. 3-2 Flames.

Platzer with a great rush at the end of the period and
almost ties it. He is having a very strong. Oilers out shoot Flames 11-5 in
period and shots are now 24-20 for Calgary and they lead 3-2.

DJ also played Who Let the Dogs Out.. I’m having Rexall


 Flames take a delay of game penalty early in the third and
Oilers back on PP. Platzer, Ranford, Rankin, Roy and Laleggia start man
advantage. Minute into PP, Laleggia shot deflects and Flames move it up to Van
Brabant on a breakaway. Laleggia shows great wheels to get back, disrupt him
and he gets a weak shot off. Draisaitl line with Betker and Nurse end PP. After
PP ends, Slepyshev gets a slashing call after the whistle. Another weak call by
ref. He clearly is worried the game will get out of hand, even though it hasn’t.
He has been calling cheap penalties all night.

Rankin, Platzer, Davis and Jones start PK… Flames get one
point shot off, but not much else as Oilers change halfway through… Nurse,
Betker, Christoffer and Soy come on.  Christoffer
gets a shot off at end of PK. Solid PK, after an unproductive PP a few minutes

On his next shift Christoffer draws a penalty as Marcotte
holds him up in Flames zone. Oilers back on PP 5:14 into third.

Nurse, Slepyshev on
point, with Draisaitl, Chase and Christoffer up front. Oilers win draw, control
puck. Chase has it behind the goal, pushes it up the left boards to Draisaitl,
who makes a ridiculous blind backhand pass to Christoffer in low slot and he scores.
Tie game, 3-3.

I’m hoping for a tie game so we can see some 3-on-3 OT.

Winquist enters Flames zone, stops inside blueline and
threads a cross-ice pass down low to Davis, but McDonald with another huge
save. He has been very good in goal for Calgary.

Oilers controlling play again as we reach midway point of
the third period.

With 8:59 remaining a scrum ensues in front of Papirny. All
ten skaters involved. Just as it seems to be quieting down, Andersson pushes
Nurse. He keeps going at him and finally Nurse drops gloves and absolutely
crushes him with five straight shots. Convincing win for Nurse in tilt.


Draisaitl gets a partial breakaway 41 seconds later, and
Lomberg races back and hits puck away cleanly, and then takes out Draisaitl. Ref awards Draisailt penalty shot, which
was correct, (they changed rule last year. Rule 57.3) and Draisaitl takes advantage…He skates in, waits and fires home
his second goal in as many games. 4-3 Oilers.

Oilers do a good job of not giving up any quality chances
after taking the lead.

Chase gets creates a chance as he steams down the wing, but
can’t beat McDonald, although I think he just lost control of puck more than
McDonald stopped him. After a slow first period, Chase has really picked up his
play in the final 40 minutes.

Flames pull their goalie with 1:30 remaining. Another scrum
ensues in Oilers zone and Smith tries to get after Nurse, but nothing comes of
it. Faceoff goes outside blueline so a break for the Oilers.

Winquist misses a
backhand wide of open net…puck goes behind goal and Christoffer wins battle,
gets in front to Winquist who scores into the empty net with 1:14 remaining.
5-3 Oilers.

Flames pull their goalie again with 50 seconds remaining. They get a few shots, but Papirny makes the save. Rankin controls puck inside Oilers blueline and slides puck length of the ice into the empty net with five seconds remaining. Oilers win 6-3.

Oilers out shoot Calgary in the third 13-10 and shot totals are 34-33 in favour of Calgary. After a rough first period, the Oilers dominate the final 40 minutes and out score Calgary 5-1 in final two frames.

Three Stars.

1. Kyle Platzer. He was solid all night and was all around the puck.
2. Leon Draisaitl. Two ridiculous passes and a nice penalty shot goal.
3. Joey Laleggia. Moved the puck very well and made smart decisions all night.

I also thought Papirny was very good between the pipes for the Oilers, especially in the first period. He kept game close and then offence took over.

Who did you like? What were your thoughts on the game.

  • Train#97

    Penalty shot awarded – not correct.

    57.3 If, in the opinion of the Referee, a player makes contact with the
    puck first and subsequently trips the opponent in so doing, no penalty
    shot will be awarded, but a minor penalty for tripping shall be

    • Canoe Ride 27.1

      If you’re curious about this, the Oilers official website has a slow motion replay of this where you see the Flames player tripping Drai’s leg before touching the puck. You can also see the ref was in a great position to see it, so props to them.

      If the Flames player actually touched the puck before tripping the player, it would have been a 2 minute minor as the rule states.

  • Train#97

    We get it flames fans, we get it.
    You have owned the Oilers for the best part of the last decade and now when you see what is happening north on the QE2 you are nervous.
    And rightfully so.
    New management, coaching and a fine crop of younger players pushing to be part of the future, you are scared that those “free bingo spaces” are not there anymore.
    We understand that the jealousy is rampant and gut wrenching.
    Keep telling yourselves that it’s all a mirage and the Oilers have not turned a corner. Whatever gets you to sleep at night.

    • Admiral Ackbar

      Yes! Many props to this. I was wondering where all these clown-fLames fans came from. That kid was the same weight as Nurse, few inches shorter. Somehow he’s picking on someone tinier? My, Flames fans play the victim game well….

    • Train#97

      No, no you don’t. Acting like you’ve won the Stanley Cup because you beat us in a Rookie game, when taken in the context of the Oil having had the worst decade in the history of pro sports just makes you guys look silly. Honestly I hope you have turned a corner, this stopped being fun for Flames fans 5 years ago….

      • For Pete's Sake!

        Nobody here is “acting like they won the Stanley Cup,” for Pete’s sake. Oiler fans have been long suffering for the last 9 years as you say, yet you arrogant flames fans can’t stand us celebrating a little when we’ve kicked your asses for once. You say we should show some humility when your team set some kind of record last year for “luckiest nhl team ever” winning so many games you were clearly outshot and outplayed in. And by the way, methinks you’d better get used to getting your asses kicked on a more regular basis this season, just sayin’. If you want to give lessons on “humility,” try it on flamesnation, the place just reeks of it! 😉

  • McLando

    Flamefaninedmonchuck wrote:

    No, no you don’t. Acting like you’ve won the Stanley Cup because you beat us in a Rookie game, when taken in the context of the Oil having had the worst decade in the history of pro sports just makes you guys look silly. Honestly I hope you have turned a corner, this stopped being fun for Flames fans 5 years ago….

    Actually yes, yes we do. Nobody is acting like this ROOKIE tournament means anything in regards to winning the cup. did I say that? NO.
    Thank you for reiterating my point in regards to the Oilers (and us fans) having to suffer through the worst decade in Oilers history. That is a fact. The worst decade in OILER history. PRO sports? give your head a shake.

    Perhaps you’ve heard of the Leafs? They play in Toronto, you should look em’ up.
    How about the Cubs? They play in Chicago maybe you’ve heard of them?

    The more you respond the more you prove my point. flames fans have been “butt hurt” since the draft and they will continue to be.

    Oh, if Beating the Oilers has lost all its appeal, why are you here?
    Why come onto an Oilers thread to downplay and refute all the changes and moves the Oilers have made?

    I’m sure we could take up a collection to purchase you some balm… Rub it on the hole that hurts the most.

  • RedMan

    But Jeff, taking off the visor is against the rules! But fighting isn’t. Oh, wait! Yes fighting is also against the rules. If you’re going to throw potentially deadly punches and hide behind a visor you just shouldn’t. If Gosdick is going to hide behind a visor he shouldn’t fight. Is that not obvious?

    But it’s against the rules! Boohoo, that’s your best excuse? Quit making excuses for the excuse that is hurting other people while hiding behind a visor. That is a cowardly act. Edmonton.

  • MorningOwl

    OK, I will admit it – you are right, I am wrong.

    there is nothing wrong with players hurting others while they reap the benefit of protection.

    You have convinced me. there is no option besides unfair fights. they are right and good.