For NHL purposes, the Jets and Oilers started the same day. Winnipeg and Edmonton entered the NHL at the same time, and both clubs were boot stomped within an inch of their lives by the establishment. The Jets, in a real way, never did recover from that beating. The Oilers? Five years later they were pillaging the entire league and beating them senseless. Pray those days return, and this time maybe Winnipeg can join in the fun.


Winnipeg dressed their “Sisters of the Poor” group for Wednesday night’s game, so we expect the full Monty when the Portage and Main 23 step onto the ice with their bone skates and Royal Canadian Air Force logo. The big news out of Jets camp is they sent 11 players away from camp yesterday, including Jimmy Lodge (no relation to John) and David Leggio movie (famous for The Leggio Movie). Source.

The Jets improved their building but forgot about the fans! D’oh! Source


Petan-De Leo-Thorburn



That top line is a monster, and I think Lowry’s line is a concern tonight. The Jets are running four good defenseman and a fabulous prospect, plus their No. 1 goalie. Edmonton will run a team that has a lot of AHL men, so we should expect Winnipeg to win by a goal or two. That’s not hedging bets, that’s facing facts. Source



  • Hall—Draisaitl—Korpikoski (McLellan often put a two-way W with two skill F’s in SJ)
  • Slepyshev—Lander—Yakupov (Losing Leon from this line hurts it)
  • Klinkhammer—Miller—Pitlick (All three waiver players, suspect two get sent down)
  • Gazdic—Khaira—McRae (I think Gazdic makes the Oilers as 13F)
  • Sekera—Fayne (Top pairing, I think they’ll start the season together)
  • Davidson—Nikitin (I think they’re both on the bubble)
  • Musil—Hunt (Last chance Texaco is also their first chance in the lineup)
  • Scrivens—Nilsson(This could be the best battle in camp)


  • D: Brandon Davidson, Brad Hunt, David Musil
  • C: Jujhar Khaira, Phil McRae
  • L: Anton Slepyshev


  • I know you’ve heard me say this many times, but expect a trade. Scrivens, Nikitin and Klinkhammer are in tough spots on this roster, mostly because of Anders Nilsson, Griffin Reinhart and Luke Gazdic. We’ll see how this turns out but some of the younger men are pushing hard enough to win the day.
  • Massive chance for Leon tonight. He’s one of the bigger forwards and is going to face giants on the Winnipeg side. If he can be effective, that’s going to be a massive arrow for him.
  • Slepyshev is an interesting cat. I’m looking forward to seeing him on a line with Lander (hope that’s the line) and Yakupov should be able to help in the offensive end. I’m liking the marriage of Lander and Yak, seems to me they can help each other while also covering for the other man’s shortcomings.
  • Davidson, Musil and Hunt must show something.
  • I think Tyler Pitlick is already off the team. We’ll see. Miller’s speed is clearly making a difference for him and he has the edge now imo. 



GAME DAY PREDICTION: Oilers lead Winnipeg 2-0 in the first, as Bill Ranford stands on his head.  When Ranford leaves, all hell breaks loose. 5-2 Jets.

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Todd McLellan points a lot during the final 40 minutes.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: The Oilers make a trade right after the game.

    • bradleypi

      But just the other day oilersnation was saying that it’s perfectly fine if your starting goalie is just ok in net and let’s in softies. That’s not a problem at all……. but seriously he is definitely playing his way off this team. 1 good game from nilsson and it may be curtains for scrivs

  • Poke Check

    Uhh… I’m confused.

    Why would a power play during 3-on-3 result in 4-on-3 and not 3-on-2? I was watching it thinking do the Oilers immediately need to pull a guy when the 2 minutes are up or get penalized? So the power play ends and 20 seconds later (with the 4th guy still on the ice) the Oilers score and it counts.

    Kind of a mess… and those Jets fans must be pissed.

  • Poke Check

    if I could pull Hall aside after that penalty i’d say: You took a dive, and then retaliated and got a selfish penalty. In one play you managed to lose respect from the fans, the refs, your teammates, your opponents, and your Coaches. This is why you won’t ever be captain. (cough) McDavid (cough).

  • Poke Check

    Also, that slashing penalty that Hall took when the Oilers were down by a goal with minutes left and he knew the ref was looking right at him is exactly why he’s not “C” material.

    • OilLeak

      That was a blatant cross-check on Hall’s face that should have been called a major penalty and intention to injure. That the ref didn’t call it a penalty is cause for a review of the NHL officials. Totally unacceptable and possibly leads to a concussion.

      If I had been Hall, I would have broken the Jets player’s ankle with a slash. It would have been deserved. And why didn’t any of the Oilers take umbridge?

  • bazmagoo

    We were brutal first two periods , but a totally different club in third . Nikitin looked to be better than most tonight . Klinkhammer made another bold statement , and Hall got benched for his play . Nice comeback at least . Hope tomorrows game they play a more solid game for 60 minutes .

  • JT

    The call on Hall was bogus. He gave the guy’s stick a tap. It shouldn’t have been called, especially considering the high late hit that went down seconds before.

  • JT

    Anyone notice how when Yak has an average game the media jumps down his throat but then when he has a great game there’s no mention of him and they always find someone else to praise

    • Cowbell_Feva

      Anyone notice how a #1 OVERRALL draft pick has managed to do so very little, and still have the backing of an entire fan base??

      He is one of the worst #1 draft picks in recent memory, yet linemates and coaching have been to blame for his lackluster performances??

      If anything, he has been given a free pass when not living up to his hype, only due to the fact that the organizations ineptitude has caused many #1 overrall picks to come in. The difference is that the other picks look like legitimate top tier players, and he is looking to be on the 3rd line on a non-playoff team.

      • #97TRAIN

        It’s quite obvious you don’t like Hall.

        To say he gets a free pass if ridiculous. Look at where he has ended up in scoring since he has been drafted.

        Take your personal feelings out of it.

  • bazmagoo

    Looks good on the team to come back from being down 3 goals,however , the play of the team was just awful!!!!!.

    Yes there were a lot of AHL’ers on the ice ,but the play of some of these guys,{Pitlick, Kaharia, Miller, McRae, etc} will have them on the ” See Ya List”.

    Taught Davidson play a good game, unlike
    Hall and King Leon, fumbled and bumbled every time they were on the ice. One of the worst games Ive see Hall play.[ I am a fan of his,but]

  • #97TRAIN

    Reading news from the MSM, the 3 on 3 OT is positively exciting. Is this propaganda from the NHL? I can understand the reasons for this change, it works for the TV broadcasters and they have considerable influence.

    But is it really that exciting compared to the old shoot-out method?

    Tonight the Oilers pulled victory out of the jaws of defeat. Good on them! At the beginning of the game the Jets looked to be bigger, badder and faster. The NHL Western Conference will prove to be really competitive again.

    Unless there is great improvement on the Oilers’ D we shouldn’t we looking towards the playoffs.

  • Cowbell_Feva

    I was simply saying I like Seguin much better than Hall. I also like Galchenyuk much better than Yakupov.

    Sure, you may say hindsight is 20/20, but I said that leading up to their draft days and everyday since….

    • camdog

      The draft is done, move on.

      Now that we have a real coach and GM and a better D that can reduce our time in the D zone and move the puck up to the forwards we will start to see what they can do. Over the next couple of seasons this team will only get better – a rising tide raises all boats – including Hall and Yak.

  • Burnward

    Oilers must have won a preseason game and now we are getting trolled isn’t that adorable? Gosh I have a huge… how much is Gaudreau a night? (i hear he is better than Mcdavid)

  • O.C.

    This Taylor v Tyler or Yak v Galenchuk (etc) is old. It’s also redundant.

    Look. If both players are excellent, is anyone dumb enough to think that a team “lost” by having one of the very best players from a draft in 20xx in their lineup?

    It’s a waste of print. Focus on early first rounders who never pan out. Especially when a team “reaches” or “goes off the board” over what the consensus perceived as the more practical option.

    Hall. Great pick.
    Yak. Great pick.
    Eberle. Great pick.
    Nurse. Looks to be a great pick.
    Nuge. Great pick.
    McDavid. Looks to be a great pick.

    Klefbom. Looks to be a great pick.
    Lander. Looks to be a real good pick.


  • bradleypi

    Kudos to you oilers. Winnipeg fan here. You got us this preseason. I dislike losing that way. However, its a teaching point on my teams biggest issues of penalties and learning how to put down a wounded opponent. Its a reminder that no team can take 20 minutes off in the league.

    Try not to fall asleep playing the new jersey errrr minnesota wild tonight.

  • #97TRAIN

    Thought Anton Lander played another solid game. Looks like he has turned the corner and is going to be the player we thought he was when he was captain of the Swedish junior team!!

  • #97TRAIN

    It’s only preseason , but there is a trend that shows we are improving . 14 goals for , but only 8 goals against . This playing two reasonably good playoff clubs . Looking better is Ahl players advancing in development , forwards doing more back checking and heavier , defence and goal tending all showing improvement , 3.5 goals for/game but only 2.0 goals against/game . It may not look pretty , but the results so far are .

  • camdog

    What a pathetic excuse of a franchise the Oilers have been this past decade. You guys mine as well have Joey Moss on your roster, he might not know what he’s doing out there but at least you never have to worry about getting a solid night’s effort outta Joey!!!

  • Teeeb

    This slepyshev cat reaallly intrigues me. Love the shot of him at the end of last nights highlights adamantly commending Andrew Miller after they combined for the OT goal. He seems to go to lengths in complimenting Miller and I love seeing that stuff.

    He seems chummy, like a glue guy, but yet he comes with top 6 skill. This is one Mac-T and Macgregor might have actually got right

  • Cowbell_Feva

    I have to laugh at all the do gooders on ON that will chime in and call me a troll because I don’t go with the flow of what everybody on here thinks.

    First off, I am not a Flames fan. I do not think Gaudreau is better than McDavid. That is retarded. I have been and always will be an Oilers fan.

    The difference is I don’t fall in love with a player just because he wears my teams colors, or he was drafted 1st overall. I like players that play the game right and entertain me and make me proud to be a fan.

    Far too often in the last decade of futility Oilers fans have become the laughing stock of the NHL because they think they have the best young group around and precious Taylor Hall and Yakupov are the building blocks for a winning organization. I hate to burst those people’s bubbles, but the proof is in the pudding. We have been basement dwellers for what seems like an eternity. Sorry. Sometimes change is needed.

      • Cowbell_Feva

        Hahaha….wow Rob….you can sure tell a lot about people you’ve never met before, via sitting on an electronic device and reading their opinion on a specific sport!!

        I didn’t come onto ON to express my sincerity and empathy. If you want to pretend to be William Shakespeare, take your views to Oxford University and blog there.

        PS- my GPA, education, and profession provide me with plenty of intelligence, yet none of that comes into play when talking about the sport of hockey.

        Sorry I offended your frail sense of hockey knowledge.

  • Rob...

    -Comes to fan site with negative attitude. CHECK
    -Brings up topics that are sure to get fans ire. CHECK
    -Goes about bashing everyone and everything. CHECK
    -When confronted about said actions distracts and subverts. CHECK
    -Returns to bashing others in an attempt to incite. CHECK
    -Thinks he is the smartest guy in the room (and tells you so). CHECK

    You sir are either a troll or a bad impersonation of Dallas Eakins. You better change your handle Cowbell_feva (seriosly only a Flames fan would have that name) You are not as smart as you think!

    • Cowbell_Feva

      You actually make sense in your dream world bud??

      I came onto a hockey site as a fan of the Oilers. Things haven’t exactly been gravy around these parts lately if you haven’t yet noticed, so now and again things might get slightly negative.
      All I addressed was the fact that I think we could have taken better players in previous drafts but didn’t. Sorry to offend.
      The second one chastises certain players ON people get into a huff and start degrading. Low and behold someone degrade back. I was referred to as gay and un-intelligent yet I am the only problem on this site.

      I call out certain players and am suddenly a troll…I guess if a bunch of fans only want to hear b.s. about how great their team is this is the place. In the real world this organization has been the laughing stock of the league for good reason. I’m an Oilers fan I just don’t drink the Kool-aid and call a spade a spade.
      (And if you want to talk about a name that is Flamer like, so cute takes the cake) Cowbell feva is referring to a classic SNL clip.

      • YFC Prez

        I don’t think you are a troll at all. I just think youre ignorant for your support of hateful slurs against the gay community.

        If you think Seguin and Galchenyuk were better picks for the oilers that’s certainly a fair point and worthy of discussion. Your support of Seguin is fine, he’s one of the best players in the world right now. But he has said and done some classless things which should not be tolerated let alone applauded. By you or anyone else.