I sat in stunned silence (kind of my go-to move) watching the headlines over the last few days. “McDavid shut down in St. Louis, Oilers lose,” and reams of articles about every swinging dick rookie who scored a point before our guy. PLEASE ramble on, heathens. When this rock starts to roll, Connor McDavid is going to rip your heart out. For fun!


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I suspect the Nuge line will get a steady diet of the Josi—Weber pairing until McDavid scores his second goal, and then maybe they smarten up. Here’s something to look for: Barrett Jackman out against McDavid. That might be the current ‘fast v. slow’ champion in the entire league and Jackman might as well call in a runaway train if they’re one on one. 

The line to fret over is Mike Ribeiro between James Neal and Filip Forsberg. As if the Western Conference doesn’t have enough talent, those blasted Washington Capitals went all dumbass in the brain and gave Forsberg away. Jesus, Mary and Joseph. 

Another thing to look for is the Oilers defensive tandem that gets the zone-start push with McDavid. If it’s Ference—Gryba, I’m not sure Todd McLellan will be putting McDavid in the best position to succeed. We wait. 


  • Laurent Brossoit got the shutout and the Bakersfield Condors are perfect (1-0!) after a late goal by Andrew Miller put the good guys ahead for good late in the third period. Observers agree that Darnell Nurse was fast, electric and intimidating. Can’t wait for him to get here!
  • Todd McLellan says he’ll continue to tinker with the lines until he finds the right chemistry. Don’t be surprised to see Hall back with McDavid a time or two during the coming weeks. 
  • If the Pouliot—Korpikoski combination doesn’t work out, how long until we see Leon? Not long, says me. 
  • Matt Hendricks led game one with five shots. No offense to Hendricks, but the Oilers need Hall or Yak or Pouliot to emerge as a straight shooter in a lineup packed with passers. 
  • Cam Talbot! My GOODNESS it’s nice to have a goalie who goalies. 
  • Nuge was dash three in game one. That’s an example of the plus minus number being deceiving. 


They’re feeling kind of randy down in Nashville, talking about setting records, including this one:

 Playoff wins record: All the records above pale in comparison to the one set in the spring of 2011, that of the Predators record for playoffs wins in a postseason (six victories), achieved in series matchups versus the Anaheim Ducks and Vancouver Canucks. Source

Hey there Marvin, how about we get through the first week of the season? Bah! 



GAME DAY PREDICTION: The Oilers struggle again early, going down 2-0 after one period. A second-period goal by Connor McDavid excites the masses back home, and a late goal by Eric Gryba gets Edmonton to OT. A missed coverage allows Colin Wilson to put the game away for the Waylon Jennings. 

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Oilers fans pick away at Taylor Hall, a hobby that is quickly becoming Edmonton’s No. 1 sport. 

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: We begin to realize the value of ‘calm feet’ as Andrej Sekera and Oscar Klefbom settle in for the season. The Oilers enter the season 0-1-1 but feeling pretty good about getting a point in Patsy Cline’s back yard.  

  • Wow, with all the expertise Bradleypi and others are spouting off here, I’m amazed the professional media outlets aren’t trolling this site for talent.
    It’s good if everyone all the shortcomings have already been reported long before this game. You aren’t telling us anything we didn’t already know. I know being contrary to public opinion makes you out to be a genius when it happens. (2 losses) but in reality anyone who knows the sport knows damn well this is exactly the way this season will go.
    We’ll be closer in the games, squeeze out a few more wins, they’ll be a little more entertaining. The definition of improvement. No one expects the playoffs and no one expects a 40 point improvement.
    Please, please, please temper your critique to something constructive and within the realm of reason.
    Hanging your hat on how bad the Oilers are is old and tired and quite frankly lacks any originality. Lets focus on the improvements and how these are going to lead to a better team. Let’s not jump the gun on Nurse and others, we’ve done that before and we know it doesn’t work. Players need development.
    Do we need to get better defensemen, yes. Do the players need to buy into the system, yes. Will this happen in 5 games, NO.
    Suck it up and be prepared for the rollercoaster ride this season will bring. But it’ll never involve a chance at the playoffs and it will be an improvement over last year.