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The Los Angeles Kings bring their own brand of crazy to Rexall tonight and Oilers players and fans are ready. We’ll probably see another epic battle between Taylor Hall and Drew Doughty, and that steaming pile of Dustin Brown will no doubt be on the job site on time and in ill humor.

The last time we saw our Oilers, they were getting walked early and often by the fast-train Washington Capitals. The Los Angeles Kings offer a different kind of hell, bringing a tough, physical and borderline dirty game to our town. The Kings feature a man named Dustin Brown, who is famous league-wide for being a dirty player.



brown hit on couture

Brown is at this point launching himself into Couture, contacting his head and injuring the San Jose Sharks forward.

  • Greg Wyshynski: It looks suspendable. But based
    on the rules the NHL has established, and based on the rulings the
    Department of Player Safety has previously made, it’s a check that falls
    into the nebulous area between being a dangerous play and being a hit
    that warrants suspension. That said, Brown will reportedly receive a warning from the NHL to not do … whatever this was, again
    . Source

Dustin Brown is in our town and he WILL be on the ice tonight against the Oilers and their young skilled players. What’s more, Kings fans, well known for their good sportsmanship, are looking forward to seeing their man out against Edmonton’s young Connor McDavid.

Battle of California: Edmonton fans wouldn’t shut up
about him. They became even more detestable. McDavid had yet to do
anything even. And after showboating in a few games he already has
convinced morons on comparing him to Wayne Gretzky. It’s an egomaniacal
teenager on the loose impressing himself onto a fan-base of northern
hillbillies. It’s a wretched combination that we all cannot wait to
stop. Fortunately that’s where Dustin Brown comes in. Source

I had to correct a few spelling mistakes but that’s pretty much the prose being written by Ryan Dunn over at the Battle of California—good sense of humour by Mr. Dunn, EXCEPT there’s that blasted video evidence of Brown’s evildoing. So, funny to a point, but I doubt Logan Couture is laughing.


The Oilers have Luke Gazdic for tonight’s game and it appears more help may be in the way in the coming months. Consider this:

Kale Kessy, Mitchell Moroz, David Musil. Flights to Edmonton will be booked during the Peter Chiarelli era, mark my words. As a longtime Bruins fan, I can tell you the agitation factor of this Oilers roster will increase over the coming months.


The Oilers plan to dress Iiro Pakarinen based on reports from yesterday’s practice. He’s an aggressive sort who should add to the physical element from the Oilers side tonight.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.42.36 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.42.50 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.42.58 AM

Oilers lineup courtesy of

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.45.36 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.45.46 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.45.57 AM

Kings lineup courtesy of


  • Matt Hendricks and Griffin Reinhart are both injured and no return date has been mentioned. Both men are capable of playing in a tough game and their absence is bad timing. Griffin Reinhart did skate this morning.
  • Connor McDavid leads all rookies in goals (five, tied with Anthony DuClair) and is second in points. As much as we anticipated this great young player, he’s been even better than hoped. A sublime talent and he’s so fast it’s startling. Whatever suffering Oilers Nation endured 2006 SCF G7 evening through lottery ball drop, Connor McDavid’s presence in an Oilers uniform seems worth it. We are collectively Andy Dufresne raising our hands to the rain in heaven. Hallelujah!
  • The Oilers PP is at 17.2% and that’s good enough to be tied for No. 18 overall. If they can improve it—and Todd McLellan is legendary for effective power plays—some of these early losses will turn into victories or at least overtime.
  • The Edmonton Oilers are 3-5-0 to start the 2015-16 season, compared to 3-4-1 in 2014-15. They went off the rails in November and December, something Todd McLellan will move heaven and earth to avoid this year. Tonight’s game may not seem important but avoiding losing streaks this season is job one for the coach. This is a home game — a good result is vital.


From the Royal Half


“The Kings play the Oilers in Edmonton tonight, so that means one thing and one thing only… awful Oilers fans will be on Twitter!”



GAME DAY PREDICTION: Oilers play a tight game, checking hard and not allowing the Kings a lot of space. It goes to overtime, Edmonton prevailing 3-2 on a Taylor Hall penalty shot. 

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Dustin Brown tries to check McDavid but catches the turnbuckle, rendering himself unconscious. He actually plays better in that state, scoring one. 

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: In the third period, Todd McLellan switches up his pairings, running Andrej Sekera and Oscar Klefbom together—and it works! 


Celebrate the volunteer, parent, coach or organizer who keeps the game going and asks for nothing in return. 

Nominate your Home Ice Hero and they could win a prize worth $5,000. Nominate your hero.

  • 2Oilers4

    There is a camera view from behind McDavid where you can clearly see white between the puck and the red line, but because the overhead view you can’t see the puck it’s no goal? What an awful call.

          • Joe Mamma

            Like I said, I just watched it three times on my pvr. I certainly cannot definitively see white ice between the puck and the goal line, which is what they’re looking for.

            I think it’s long past time the nhl gets off their wallets and invest in some type of goal line tech to eliminate this kind of garbage.

          • Joe Mamma

            I know you’re irritated by this crap call. So am I. No need to take your frustrations out on me. Just saying what I saw. Pics posted here clearly show it in. Great. Doesn’t change anything, and being a prick to me doesn’t either. Grow up.

          • Joe Mamma

            What??? Dude, you need to work on your reading comprehension. I was WRONG, not being a troll. I am an Oiler fan… Why would I troll my own board? Think about it for a second.

          • Joe Mamma

            Exactly. I had an idea on how it could be done. Say some type of metallic strip embedded in the circumference of the puck. Then perhaps a magnetic detector embedded in the circumference of the net front. The detector determines if the entirety of the puck crossed the goal mouth, and if so activates the goal light. Would need some fine tuning on the tech and operation, you’d have to take into consideration that the net can be dislodged, and it probably wouldn’t be cheap, but as an electrical engineer I’m pretty confident something like this could work.

            P.S. I want 40% if someone tries to develop this lol.

  • YFC Prez

    that one hurt. 2 missed cross checking calls a puck that was clearly in the net. Bad luck.

    If they played the entire game like they did in the later half of the third they don’t have to worry about these problems though. Call it Karma but a team that played the way the oilers did in the 2 nd doesnt deserve to win.

  • Prometheus

    What a nonsense. Puck was in the net. I don’t f.cking care, what was in the net at the same time: goalies’ glove, goalies’ ass, or goalies’ grandmammy

    If puck IS IN THE NET, that means GOAL

  • 2Oilers4

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but when Yak sailed down the ice on his knees they were playing the Kings, and the referring was awful, Rexal shouting Refs you Suck! So I was really hoping for a repeat of Yaks greatest moment!

  • YFC Prez

    Wasn’t the Yakupov sliding celebration after another bulloney call from the refs resulting in a good goal being disallowed.

    The Kings definetly have luck on their side from the league officials.

    Don’t want to sound like an illuminati nut job but these guys are given quite a few gifts from the officials.

    • YFC Prez

      The NHL is the single biggest beneficiary of the unavoidable stakeholder dynamic which surrounds Conners NHL career.They are responsible for managing peripheral impacts and MUST KNOW the entire hockey-planet is waching everything that happens with McDavidsky.

      Especially last second clutch goals.

      How much was an uber-exciting clutch goal by a generational talent worth to Bettmans waning vision of the NHL?

      Is time for an NHL rule change.No one is accepting of watching a gloved puck which is obviously in the net be called off ….denying the visually obvious only hurts the NHL and the game of Hockey in both the short and long runs.

      My question is HAD the Ref called it a goal based on the flashing red-light or on seeing the glove cross the line which is common sense ….would it have counted without review?And on review would the Refs calling it a goal have influenced the investigation?Should the Goal Judge on the red-light be considered the 1st line of definition,then the Refs,then the Video replay?Shouldnt the Ref follow suit to the Goal Judge UNLESS he definatively sees it is not in—the glove over would be considered IN—?Giving the mulligan or benefit of the doubt to the offensive team instead of the defensive team?Does the NHL want more offense or not?

      Obviously the message being sent by the NHL is for Mac-L to open it up and NOT let the Refs decide it…..use the player gifts and run and gun till the lights go out.Mac-L isnt sure if he will get Officiating support if he opens it up for 60 minutes….but evidence shows HE HAS…we have had enough PPs to win games.

      We HAVE HAD enough PPs to win games we are losing.

      We HAVE THE POWER to be winning games which we are losing….we are failing to execute not being run out of rinks.

      To be fair to Mac-L the Kings changed a lot this year Process-wise,they simplified things,KISS possesion based zone transitions,using E/W basic transition tactics thru the n-zone,they just slide everything to one side now working E/W entering from a corner as they flood the zone wih numbers , a very different focus compared to what they were doing in 2013-14…wayyy less use of the upspeed support which was majic for them, IMHO poorly concieved of adjustments.

      They do not catalyse so completely out of their high blueline defensive possesion now and they dont cheat to it as much…but they still play a wide laterally focused E/W style using the periphery or boards a lot,they still have habits .I also didnt see a Tactical Shooting Program being implemented,regression IMHO.

      Mac-L was prepared for the old Kings and he got a much simpler version last night of the new Kings.I was surprised Sutter didnt fall back on his old Process but he held his ground…both Coaches did…they stuck to their Processes and slugged it out without a lot of creative exchanges between them tacticlly.

      This is a much easier Kings System to counter attack because they now spread their men out as they traverse the 200ft and do not pressure so much on your blueline they have more flow now and dont optimise their size anymore …they used to cheat and just light a Candle and put it in the Window in their d-zone when they had possesion now they leave support staggered evenly up the ice .Sutter has undone a lot of hard work , and moved a lot of players who knew how to execute his old Process….he has re-set his System.

      No Kings in the POs this season ,this Process wont cut it IMHO.

      The Oil win more than they lose with the version of the Kings using Sutters new KISS focus IMHO.

  • Prometheus

    Screw you Coiler fans. Your the disgrace of the league, bottom feeders. Enjoy your rightful place at the bottom soon enough.

    Another #1 overall pick that you’ll ruin is awaiting you.

    This commentor does not appear to be Jeff from Lethbridge. We are looking into this and will take appropriate measures. Please do not reply unless you see Jeff from Lethbridge’s standard avatar.

    • Joe Mamma

      @FN moderators @jsbmbaggedmilk, @robinbrownlee

      Ok, that’s it. If you FN moderators want to run some Gestapo crap over at FN, that’s your business. But you coming into ON, defending your trolls and deleting comments is where we need to draw the line. You want to control the narrative and silence dissenting opinions on your board, I guess that’s your right, as gutless and pathetic as that is. But just who the hell do you think you are coming into our site and trying to do the same?

      I DEMAND someone from ON moderation (brownlee, bm, whoever, I don’t care) get in touch with these clowns and tell them to STAY THE HELL OFF OUR BOARD. They DELETED a comment of mine, and have made modifications to several others here. They want to tell us we can’t respond to the idiot posters at FN? Fine. But they can’t be deciding if, or how, we respond to trolls on OUR GD BOARD! This is outrageous, these guys have CLEARLY overstepped their bounds, and this requires your attention.

      Fellow ON posters, if you agree that there is no place for FN moderators interfering on the ON site, please cheers this to the top.

      I’ve stuck around through years of uncontrolled trolling from FN posters on our site, but I am not willing to tolerate this. If this is allowed to continue without a response from site management, I am done here.