The pre-game story was Todd McLellan facing his former team and Edmonton on a three-game winning streak: Both very rare items.

In the first 20 minutes, we witnessed strong performances from Gene Principe and Anders Nilsson, plus an eventful sequence for Jujhar Khaira that involved a big hit and then a (successful) fight. He also had a significant chance earlier. Taylor Hall was hooked, punched and generally manhandled, but Edmonton did some damage to giant homeless man Brett Burns in the first stanza.

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The second period started with the Sharks pushing the river and Edmonton spending long minutes looking like they would break. They did not. The first goal of the game was a brilliant item that saw Hall pass to Purcell and a nice little pass to Leon who went in alone and fired a puck five-hole for the marker. Music!

Also in the second period, it occurred to me that we have reached a milestone. Anders Nilsson has calmed Oilers Nation like no other goalie in ages. He made several fantastic saves without getting the usual resounding ovation and one million online mentions. It is a monster compliment: We are calm, Anders. Maybe for the first time this decade.

Nilsson was a big star through two, along with Leon and his line. I thought the defense played well in coverage but had some wobbly breakouts and San Jose had the edge in play through two periods. With the Sharks having played last night the expectation for Edmonton fans was a strong third period effort for the home side. The Oilers certainly pounded the Sharks, so those who argue that area of the game had every right to expect a quality final 20. Shots after 40 minutes were 20-14 for San Jose (11-8 Sharks in the period).

The third period began with San Jose once again pushing, and this time they cashed on a goal. Justin Braun, who last scored when David Lee Roth was a member of Van Halen, sent a backhand through a screen to tie it 1-1.

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At that point in the game, Edmonton did not have the edge in play and were tied, despite getting at least their share of good chances. A hard working shift from a skill line was a key element to the game, as Jujhar Khaira found Jordan Eberle high slot. The skilled winger found the back of the net with a brilliant old timey backhander.

Unfortunately, the game turned again on an offensive zone turnover, as Khaira sent a pass into the high slot for a streaking Oscar Klefbom who could not make contact. Seconds later, the fantastic skill of the Sharks cashed on a Marleau goal. Not long after, San Jose’s best men had Edmonton running around and Joe Pavelski scored the deciding tally. The Sharks may have been tired, but they were at least enough for the Oilers on this night.

FInally, later in the third, the gift of Finn delivered. Iiro Pakarinen scored to even the score on a long ranger, giving Oilers fans hope for at least a point. After a Taylor Hall puck over glass to rob fans of at least one month of life expectancy, it went to overtime.

In overtime, hard work ruled, defense took a powder and Leon-to-Taylor OMG THEY WON!!!


  • Jujhar Khaira flew through the NHL doors and did what he said he would do, providing a physical element while also keeping up and giving fans a textbook example of Peter Chiarelli’s ‘heavy on the puck’ mantra.
  • Taylor freaking Hall.
  • Woot!
  • We won, bitches!


  • Screw that noise.

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Hell if I know, the string detached from the soup can at Rexall.


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  • Thumby

    Justin Schultz is really struggling out there again on the PP. That one sequence on the first PP where he led the rush, passed the puck to Hall sitting still on the side 5 feet from the Sharks’ blueline, then proceeded to enter the Sharks’ zone and put himself offside in the process was a thing of beauty. LOL

  • TRAIN#97

    Zenu wrote:
    Why is Jujar Khaira on the team? Why is a muslim on the team. Who monitors security on this team.

    This is a hockey site. Take your hate somewhere else. Loser! Why hasn’t the moderator removed this?

    Yakupov is also a Muslim and because he is white and he is Russian people are ok with it. Go Jujhar!!

    • TRAIN#97

      I’m not so sure Jujar is Muslim. He’s of Punjab decent, but the religions practiced there are Muslim, Hindu, Buddist, and Christianity. I don’t think you’ll find a reliable article anywhere about his religious orientation. The fact anyone is assuming he’s Muslim is a reflection of our own Zeitgeist. And it’s a bit sad.

      Not commenting against you, agreeing with what you said. Piling on I guess.

      • TRAIN#97

        Actually I believe he is a Sikh. I guess my comment made it seem I thought he was Muslim but that was not my intention.
        Who cares what he is. Lot of pricks out there.

    • ubermiguel

      100% agree with you. To further highlight the original poster’s stupidity: being from Punjab Khaira’s vastly more likely to be Sikh or Hindu than Muslim. #TheMoreYouKnow

      But I’ve never heard his religion mentioned, and don’t particularly care. Just glad to see he’s playing well. We need more 3rd round picks to work out.

  • The Dj played Tran Siberian Orchestra…. fab

    Leon’s pull away speed on the GWG….. holy crap big diesel… you go boy…. you go.

    Teddy fought it hard last night… the old puck was in full hand grenade mode for him but he flailed his way through it.

    Fun stuff. Good vibe in the old barn.

    • TRAIN#97

      Both RNH and Ebs had 2 points last night. JJ made the mistake on one of the goals against. And he is the physical player on that line that you cherish so much.

      We won. It is hard to lose.

      Anyway, it is hard to win games without skill. RNH and Ebs are skilled players, and RNH wins a lot more puck battles then he loses. Ebs is a different type of player all together. But there is always room for a couple of less physical guys on a team, when they have the skills of someone like Eberle. RNH and Ebs tore it up last year in the second half of the season, averaging ~1 point a game each.

      That is hard to play against.

      Yak has never shown that he deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the other 2. Ebs has a 76 point season under his belt, yea you can’t make the playoffs with guys that are close to a point a game in your lineup.

      • Stack Pad Save

        You’re best not to engage Scott, he needs a bit of the the New Age Sys treatment where everyone just ignores his foolishness and he goes away. I don’t know why someone with “credentials” is wasting his time enlightening the masses on the old interweb.

        The only Oilers player who played “hard” all night was Nuge, the guy spent more time in front of both nets battling then any other player on the ice. That is how you play hard. Nuge is the catalyst for the 2nd line right now, he makes it possible for everyone to score on his line by winning puck battles, taking the puck to the net and making deft passes.