Capilano Rehab Centre Injury Report – December 22, 2015

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We seem to have a nice spread of bottom six players and top six players on the IR right now. If a team could ever be the best at having an injury-struck team, we would definitely win! Got a little bit of McDavid, got a little bit of Ference, and apparently everyone else. EVERYBODY’S getting injured!  Bad news from this week as there have been more injuries added to the list (big surprise). On the plus side, there was a big announcement regarding progress about a little, special somebody that we’ve all been thinking about the past couple months.

The most important news of the week is that Connor McDavid has been skating. I repeat, MCDAVID HAS BEEN SKATING! This is not a drill, people! Connor McDavid has been on the ice since last Friday, testing out the ol’ clavicle. If you have yet to see the video evidence let me tell you that the guy looks good! He was dangling, sniping, dipping and dodging. My guess is that even if his upper body feels comfortable doing hockey things, he just needs to wait out some time for the bone to heal completely before he’s ready to get back in action. I wish I knew when this was going to be. Could he be back before the new years? Probably not. WIll he be back before the All Star Game? I’m gonna give that statement two thumbs up. I’ve said it a million times that I’m no doctor, but check out these dangles.


In other news, Nail Yakupov and Oscar Klefbom are still on the IR from past weeks. It’s interesting how we are hearing news about McDavid being closer to returning but yet nothing really about Yakupov’s high ankle sprain. What was originally supposed to be a 2-4 week injury, is now approaching the end of its fourth week and we have yet to get much of an update. Now I’m curious to see who will return sooner. Once again, the dream will be to have them return on the same night. Rexall Place would implode from all the excitement in the building. 

It goes without saying that Klefbom’s injury has been a huge blow on our back end. Instead of imagining what Klefbom’s abs are looking like under his equipment, now we have to see Nikita Nikitin fill in and struggle to keep up. The defence has looked absolutely horrendous the past few games without him. Klefbom’s injury was only supposed to be a few games initially, but if all goes as planned, hopefully he returns between boxing day and new years. 

Speaking of injured defencemen that would be great to have back right now, or to not leave in the first place…. Brandon Davidson left the game against Colorado after taking a hard cross check from Blake Comeau while trying to enter the offensive zone. After the stick work, Davidson fell awkwardly into the boards but by watching the replay it is obvious that the cross-check to the ribs is what hurt him. Davidson was left on the ice in pain for a few minutes, and no penalty was called on the play.. fancy that! McLellan confirmed he was hurt from the cross check, and said he will be re-evaluated after Christmas. Give the man some turkey and mashed ‘taters and he’ll be good to go for boxing day!

Poor, old Andrew Ference is back on the IR with his hip injury. It sounds like it has been lingering with him for a while, and it returned just in time for the holidays. It’s pretty damn easy to make an old-man joke with this injury, but out of respect I will choose not to. Instead I’ll allow you guys to just think about it in your heads for now. 36 isn’t even that old, the guy just can’t catch a break.

In other news, Rob Klinkhammer is still injured. He made a brief appearance in the Rangers game last week and then re-injured his ankle again. I’m not sure if the “McDavid Effect” also includes players being injured until he’s back again, but this team needs to stay healthy for once! For now we will continue to battle through the rest of 2015 with an injury riddled team, praying that the new year brings new health to everybody.


This week I return from my absence and we talk about the Oilers playoff hopes. We also play out the scenario of if and how Stamkos would ever wear an Oiler jersey. We also have our first NxNGretz contest and give away prizes from our friends at Telus Mobility in Fort Saskatchewan. Throw some headphones in and listen away, cause nobody blabs about stuff better than we do.

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  • ziyan94

    I’d rather have McDavid take his time and heal properly than be rushed back into the lineup with the risk of making things worse. Slow and steady Connor!

  • ziyan94

    Would love to see mcdavid make his return against Arizona in 2016. Leave him out against the bigger heavier kings and ducks. Can’t wait to see him playing meaningful games!

  • Jiff

    WE have to remember that with a lot our players under 24 we have to expect these injuries .They are not men yet and are still growing into there bodies and on the ice in games they are coming in contact in every game with full grown men who are much stronger .

  • ThinkingOutLoud

    I am branding his recovery as, the “Return of the McJedi”.

    Though, I too would like to see him take his time, even if that means an extra week of him rehabilitating.

  • Ready to Win

    Remember Ference, this team has a reputation for treating its retired players really well, too well at times. Being a retired Oiler would probably be a lot more fun than alternating between the IR and the pressbox.

    Just sayin’.

    • Oilcounty88

      Ya I doubt the Oilers treat him better than the 3 million plus they’re paying him to sit in the press box. He’d have to be an idiot to walk away from that kind of money at the end of his career. He wasn’t a 3 million dollar player his whole career so this kind of money matters.