The Bakersfield Condors received a major addition this weekend, as rugged winger Zack Kassian made his debut as an Oilers farmhand. We don’t know how this will go, but the hockey portion of the equation appears to add up to a quality player at that level. A recall seems likely, the only question is timing.


  1. R Matt Ford 27GP, 15-11-26 (2GP, 2-2-4 this week)
  2. LD Brad Hunt 27GP, 6-17-23 (NHL this week)
  3. C-R Andrew Miller 21GP, 7-12-19 (DNP this week)
  4. L Ryan Hamilton 27GP, 8-6-14 (1GP, 0-1-1 this week)
  5. RD Joey Laleggia 29GP, 4-9-13 (2GP, 1-1-2 this week)
  6. C Kyle Platzer 28GP, 5-7-12 (DNP this week)
  7. D Nikita Nikitin 16GP, 1-8-9 (2GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  8. RD Jordan Oesterle 21GP, 0-9-9 (1GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  9. L Kale Kessy 27GP, 5-4-9 (1GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  10. L Josh Winquist 8GP, 3-4-7 (Injured this week)
  11. C Jujhar Khaira 16GP, 3-4-7 (NHL this week)
  12. R Greg Chase 17GP, 1-6-7 (2GP, 0-1-1 this week)
  13. C Bogdan Yakimov 20GP, 3-4-7 (KHL)
  14. D Dillon Simpson 19GP, 0-5-5 (2GP, 0-1-1 this week)
  15. R Anton Slepyshev 20GP, 4-1-5 (1GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  16. L Mitch Moroz 23GP, 2-3-5 (2GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  17. LD David Musil 28GP, 3-2-5 (2GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  18. LD Griffin Reinhart 9GP, 0-4-4 (2GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  19. F Josh Currie 17GP, 3-1-4 (1GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  20. L Braden Christoffer 25GP, 1-3-4 (2gp, 0-0-0 this week)
  21. R Iiro Pakarinen 4GP, 1-2-3 (NHL this week)
  22. C Alexis Loiseau 12GP, 1-2-3 (ECHL this week)
  23. C Marco Roy 15GP, 3-0-3 (2GP, 1-0-1 this week)
  24. D Martin Gernat 16GP, 0-3-3 (2GP, 0-1-1 this week)
  25. C Leon Draisaitl 6GP, 1-1-2 (NHL this week)
  26. C Phil McRae 9GP, 2-0-2 (DNP this week)
  27. R Zack Kassian 2GP, 1-0-1 (2GP, 1-0-1 this week)
  28. D Mark Fayne 5GP, 0-1-1 (NHL this week)
  29. LD Darnell Nurse 6GP, 0-1-1 (NHL this week)
  30. RD Nick Pageau 12GP, 0-1-1 (DNP this week)
  31. F Kellen Jones 3GP, 0-0-0 (2GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  32. R Tyler Pitlick 8GP, 0-0-0 (DNP this week)

  1. G Laurent Brossoit 18GP, 2.52 .928 (brilliant in two losses this week)
  2. G Eetu Laurikainen 1GP, 4.02 .818 (Returned from Finland)
  3. G Ty Rimmer 1GP, 3.00 .875 (ECHL)


  1. F Alexis Loiseau 18GP, 6-9-15 (4GP, 1-2-3 this week)
  2. C Josh Currie 13GP, 6-6-12 (AHL this week)
  3. D Ben Betker 35GP, 1-11-12 (4GP, 0-2-2 this week)
  4. C-R Greg Chase 10GP, 4-2-6 (AHL this week)
  5. F Marco Roy 10GP, 1-5-6 (AHL this week)
  6. L Connor Rankin 13GP, 2-1-3 (released this week)
  7. C Chase Schaber 2GP, 0-0-0 (DNP this week)
  8. G Ty Rimmer 20GP, 3.00 .916 (two solid games this week)


  1. Ethan Bear 37GP, 11-26-37 (3GP, 0-1-1 this week)
  2. Caleb Jones 38GP, 7-24-31 (4GP, 1-4-5 this week) 
  3. Keven Bouchard 23GP, 3.87 .873 (Traded and two games this week, one brilliant)


    1. F Tyler Vesel, Omaha 18GP, 2-10-12 (DNP this week)
    2. L Evan Campbell, UMass-Lowell 16GP, 2-4-6 (DNP this week)
    3. LD William Lagesson, UMass-Amherst 18GP, 2-4-6 (WJs this week)
    4. F Aidan Muir Western Michigan 17GP, 1-2-3 (1GP, 0-0-0 this week)
    5. G Zach Nagelvoort 9GP, 3.14 .888 (DNP this week)


    1. D John Marino 25GP, 1-11-12 (3GP, 0-0-0 this week)


    1. D Ziyat Paigin 30GP, 5-12-17 (KHL) (1gp, 1-1-2 this week)
    2. G Miroslav Svobota 11GP, 3.29 .915 (Cze-2) (1 subpar game this week)
    3. G Eetu Laurikainen 8GP, 2.16 .921 (SM-L) (Back in North America) 
      • Spiel

        Never really been his game. If you’re expecting him to be a fighter, I think you will be disappointed.

        Canucks wanted him to play a more physical game, but he didn’t do it consistently. This is one of the reasons, beside the off ice issues, that he was traded out of Vancouver.

        Kassian has great hands and good vision and can skate. He just doesn’t make smart plays all the time, and has suffered from inconsistency when it comes to playing a physical, mean game. Maybe that last part changes on the Oilers? That is the bet that Chiarelli is making.

    • Himynameistaylor

      Ethan Bear is chewing it up in the WHL.

      Off topic. The Drouin story has one wondering to what extent that this development has on the Stamkos camp and how they percieve this situation.I see smoke where there is fire. Tampa Bay may not be burning but Nero is tuning his fiddle.

    • Himynameistaylor

      With Bear’s progession to a ppg pace, how soon until he gets a contract? With those numbers, Would he be a first-round pick in 2016?

      I’m just wondering whether this is a fine start to a European pro career or whether he will play 200+ games in Edmonton.

      • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

        Im not sure why this gets more thumbs down than anything. Based on draft position, he is more likely to have a non-NHL career. I hope the kid makes it; I’m just wondering how realistic his making the NHL, and what he’d need to improve to become a top-4 defender.

    • Himynameistaylor

      I’m no expert, but I believe 30GP-5-12-17 are extremely good numbers in the KHL for a Dman, Ziyat Paigan is shaping up to be another good 2015 D selection along with Bear and Jones.

      Yup, Paigan is currently 20th for points by KHL Dmen – another interesting note, Philip Larsen is 7th in KHL for Dmen. If they brought him back next year to be a 6-7 Dman and a power play option to replace Shultz I wouldn’t complain.

    • Himynameistaylor

      It now seems that Drouin has requested a trade out of Tampa?

      If this is correct, would it be worth considering a straight across trade Drouin for Yakupov?

      Is it possible that both players would benefit from a change of scenery? While it would seem that Yakupov is a shooter, Drouin appears to be a playmaker and puck controller.

      Would it be worthwhile?


      Can Kassian play as an asset to our team ? Little concerned he might take to many stupid penalties that might cost us more than help us . Gazdic plays his role but rarely takes stupid penalties or go out to injure other players other than if they fight him . Not sure I could say the same for Kassian as yet .

      • THRNHJE

        As much as I love Gazdic and HATE Kassian, the skill level difference is such that if Kassian gets his act together the difference between what each player brings to the board is huge.

        Gazdic can fight and teammates love him.

        Kassian fights, agitates (something this team could use), skates well for his size, and can play and contribute well with skill limemates. I still hate him for what he did to Gagner and doubt he gets it all together (addiction is a powerful thing), but if he gets it together he will fill a role Edmonton desperately needs. The best agitator Edmonton has had in forever? David Perron lol.

        • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

          I like the move for Kassian , however Kassian can fight but he is more of an agitator and he has talent to go along with it.
          As a player he is probably better than anyone in the bottom 6.
          He has only averaged about 3 fights /year. We need to quit looking at him as a fighter.
          If he plays top six minutes we might still need a guy on the 4th line who can really throw em. Oh ya …. We have Gazdic already.

      • Himynameistaylor

        If he gets it together Kassian is head and shoulders more skilled than Gazdic. Gazdic is a character guy but there is no real comparison in what the two players can bring to the Oil. If the Oil do go for a 3-scoring line structure can you not see Kassian anchoring the second or third line wing for one of the Oiler centres? Depending on chemistry and his full recovery he could play on either. In front of the net on the PP? Oh ya’

      • albertamann

        Luke gazdic is a huge disappointment this year. Has he decided he is a player rather than a banger? He stirs up nothing, Hits nobody. had an opportunity to show Nolan we wont be pushed around in our home rink and nothing, even though Lucic had just fought Nurse and nolan was going at Draisaitl. If he cant step up when LA is in town i don’t know why he is here. Have the Oilers asked that he change his style? That would not surprise me either. Luke show me you have a heart beat!!!!

    • Himynameistaylor

      Just wanted to say… 4 1st overall picks and 9 top 10 picks in the last 10 years. The fact that the oilers are at the bottom of the league again is nothing more than complete ineptitude. The fact that Lowe, MacT and Howson are still employed by this team is nothing more than nepotism.

      Lots of excuses tho….

      Grew up an oiler fan… It’s sad how much they’ve made me hate them

        • Dwayne Roloson 35

          I’m a hipster… I take old and used up original comments and make them cool again.

          I sincerely apologize… I wasn’t aware us commenters had to be original when we have to watch the same junk year after year after year after year after year after year… I’m still 4 years short but I’m sure an original commenter such as yourself sees where I’m going with this…

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      other than William Lagesson, our NCAA players are a pile of horse dung! great drafting there Stu !!

      great to see two good picks like Bear and Jones scoring well in the WHL. they both could have a future here for sure!

      Paigin seems to be playing well in the KHL and could be a steal! hope he continues to develop well, fingers crossed!

      i sure wish we had a few more prospects from the USHL though. hopefully we can solve this at the next draft.

      the Oilers may have “gotten their man” with G Laurent Brossiot, but our goaltending prospects really suck! i wish to God the Oilers would grab a goalie in the 2nd round instead of letting other teams grab the better ones because obviously picking them in the mid to late rounds just hasn’t been working for us.

      the home grown goalie we have had the best success with over the years was none other that Dubnyk, who was taken in….the 1st round! he was and is a good goalie who was hung to dry here by the Oilers ever inept defensive woes.

    • T Ambrosini

      I was in Stockton last night and watched Kassian as much as possible. His timing is off and a bad drop pass in the defensive zone led directly to a puck in the back of the Bakersfield net. He did manage to score a goal which was not entirely a thing of beauty, but he was one of the most active Bako players on the ice. He clearly needs to get his skating legs back and get his head/decision-making up to game speed. That said, he did not look too bad given this was his second game of the season. By the look of things, I suspect he’ll be called up to Edmonton sooner rather than later.

      On the other side of the Bako bench… Nikitin makes me want to gouge my eyes out. I can’t believe this guy was ever a NHL regular given his lack of speed, crummy puck handling and soft play. I can only guess he is playing for his current paycheck and doesn’t want to get injured.