One of Peter Chiarelli’s chores this year was finding a solution at several goalie spots at the pro level. He did have one strong in-house option in Laurent Brossoit (photo by Mark Williams). With today’s signing of Cam Talbot to a long-term deal, one of the spots is in place for the next several years. The next logical question? When is it time for Laurent Brossoit to push for the NHL backup job?


As fans, we discuss all kinds of things, and the truth is most hockey fans are pretty knowledgeable people. One of the keys is being open to learning new things. I have always tried to keep an open mind, but to be honest, deep goalie evaluation of any sort eludes me. We know that goalies in their 20s are most often trying to work their way up, and that goalies in their 30s are trying to hang on. We know big goalies are pushing the short people from the high reaches of the game, and we know (in the last decade) that save percentage (and even-strength SP) are the best ways to measure these men statistically.

What do we know about Brossoit? The consistency teams look for in goaltenders is in his resume and that probably means he is close to NHL-ready at this time.


  • 2013-14 8gp, 3.60 .888
  • 2014-15 53gp, 2.58 .918
  • 2015-16 21gp, 2.55 .927

This is textbook progress, and at age 23, he is probably ready for the show. If the Oilers keep him in the minors for another season, there will be no real problem (he is ineligible for waivers next season). However, with the signing today of Cam Talbot, value deals like the next one for Brossoit (he is RFA this summer but the contract will be lower than $1M) will be required.

Another way to evaluate progress for fans is via scouting reports (either via the organization or, and I prefer this way, outside and independent reporting) and awards and honors. It may seem like a small thing, getting the nod for the All-Star team, but that is a very difficult thing to earn. The people who see all of the goalies in the AHL feel he is an All-Star—that has value.


We ordinarily associate comparables to rookies or prospects in other leagues, searching history for similar talents in an effort to project them. One way we can compare Brossoit is to post his record alongside the men who are also tending goal for the Condors.

  • Laurent Brossoit—21GP, 2.55, .927
  • Eetu Laurikainen—2GP, 2.01, .923
  • Ben Scrivens—10GP, 3.47, .893
  • Ty Rimmer—1GP, 3.00, .875

Brossoit was well clear of Scrivens, and the other two goalies haven’t played enough to be true comparables. Interesting gap between the two men, and Scrivens is in the NHL at this time.


Another way to evaluate progress is by comparing numbers month to month during the season. We shouldn’t expect steady improvement. but consistent excellence through the season should be the idea.

  • October: 5GP, 2.96 .912
  • November: 8GP, 1.99, .942
  • December: 3GP, 2.99, .912
  • January: 5GP, 2.79, .926
  • Overall: 21GP, 2.55, .927

That is consistent.


Brossoit appears ready and the Oilers are likely to proceed accordingly. For Peter Chiarelli, who brought in several goalies a year ago, the position looks much brighter today than it did on that April morning he spoke to fans and media in Edmonton.

Much of the change this year has been via the hand of Chiarelli. In the case of Laurent Brossoit, he was the one goalie retained from last year’s pro group and he has earned a recall to the show. The Oilers may choose to sign Anders Nilsson or bring in another goalie to compete, but it would seem there is a good chance Brossoit will see the NHL at some point in 2016.

  • For Pete's Sake!

    Man LT, it seems like we were just talking about this :-). If Chia decides to keep competition among this position, and for some reason another goalie outplays LB for NHL BU next year, does that hurt his dvlp in any way? Or on the other hand does playing less hockey next year than he has for quite some time as a BU hurt him in any way? Like I said on Twitter this morning, I’m sure I’m overthinking this but Oiler fans have not seen anything other than log jams, 3 headed monsters and broken confidence with Roli being the one exception since Cujo left.

      • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

        I should clarify, Salo had a solid run. But who was drafted, or developed during his tenure. What goalie did we get to replace him? Ty Conklin? No Offense to Ty or Jussi or whoever you throw in there, even Salo himself wasn’t an Oil draft pick. This organization has not done well with this position in ages. Tommy was here for what, 6 or 7 years? You would think that over that time, and even befor that, the team should have been able to find at least one other goalie. Instead we went through years of mediocrity. Will talbot turn out to be a solid goalie for 3 plus years? I say he was a good bet at the time, and still looks positive. Is LB a solid bet for years to come? Also looks good now and at the time of the trade. They aren’t home grown, but in the years past the organization would have just settled at the Eetu’s and scrivens and left it there for years…

    • 24% body fat

      Ya tough call I would think the practice and training would offset if he was in the nhl. Less travel time more training time. Better medical and training equipment as well

  • 24% body fat

    Resign Nilsson for 1 year worth 1.5-2 Million. I’d prefer Brossoit play another year In AHL then playing minimal games in backup role. if he beats out Nilsson or someone else does then so be it and Nilsson goes to AHL or somewhere via trade. I think Nilsson would go back to Europe before going to AHL though so oilers would be off the hook for his contract. Win win

    • For Pete's Sake!

      I agree. Nilsson has proven to be at least a decent backup goalie. If he can be re-signed for a reasonable extension I would do it.

      He is an rfa so that should be doable. Broissoit looks promising but do we really want to put all that pressure on him next year as a rookie if Talbot gets injured?

      Behind our defense??

      Older, wiser and more mature goalies have had their careers devastated when faced by that prospect.

  • bazmagoo

    Nilsson will probably get shipped to a playoff team with a goalie injury for a 3rd or 4th round pick at the deadline. Brossoit will get called up, the Talbot move makes it clear who Chia thinks won the starter battle.

  • For Pete's Sake!

    You have a real love affair with Brossoit I see.
    Yeah he may be called up next year but Nilsson is a more than capable back up right now at a very reasonable price. You bring up Broossoit and all you do is have a situation of having 3 goalies with only 2 nets during practice. Not a good idea. He has only 63 games in the AHL and is only 22. No rush.

  • Spydyr

    Brossoit has recently said he feels he is ready to play in the NHL. IMO that is yet to be determined but if the he keeps up his excellent play the Oilers better give him a legitimate shot in camp next fall or risk disillusioning him.

    • MattyFranchise

      I would be extremely surprised is LB said that he needs more seasoning in the AHL. They all say they’re ready.

      I would wait until you see two quality additions to the blueline. Dubnyk developed some very bad habits by being shelled all the time, so they don’t need to ruin LB by having him play behind such a poor defence.

      Is that next season? Is that two seasons from now? I have no clue. I just read that it will allegedly happen.

    • Jay (not J)

      LMAO….do you really think these Clowns are going to bring in a potential Tank-Buster?…no wayyyyy Jose!

      Sure you make 100% sense…what BETTER time from an organisational perspective to shuffle thru the Goalies than a washed season like this one has become?

      Talbot is banked so he shouldnt care about ice-time….bring in Brassy and lets see if he can make fools of the guys who just turned Cam into a Made-man….lol.

      My guess is Brassy shows us what a real elite tender can bring when he is young and hungry and full of hiss and vinegar.IMHO he will WIN GAMES ON HIS OWN CONSISTANTLY given the rope.What I like is his base-style because he is perfectly suited to counter the TSP if he is taught properly ….but the Oilers are clueless to this fact.

  • MattyFranchise

    Seems to me like Nilsson has value and they shouldn’t let him go for nothing.

    If LB beats him for backup next year they can send him to the AHL or trade him but I don’t see any reason to construct the team as if LB has already won the backup.

    I’d sign Nilsson for one year and challenge him to continue pushing Talbot.

  • Shameless Plugger

    I still can’t believe we landed this guy for Smid.

    Keep Nillson, if you let him go you are one injury away from needing a guy like him. Depth at every position is one of the keys to success.

  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

    Sorry I need to rant! Kind of ticked off at the NHL Right now for treating John Scott as a piece of meat. Sure many may have voted him in because he is at a lower skill level. There is another perspective however. The NHL has had enforcers for years and very few got to go to an All-star game. For my books he represents all the Dave Schultz’s etc who ever played the game and got a job protecting “Stars”. He should be there!

    We fans voted him in. That is the way it works. He should enjoy the day and play.

  • alledmonton

    These days a team has to be built with the cap in mind

    Chicago has 2 forwards making 10.5M, 1 at 5.2m, 1 at3.2, 1 at 2.0 and 8 forwards (yes 8) at .9M or less.

    Defense – 2 D at 5.8M, 1 at 4.1M, 1 at 2.2M and 3 at .6M

    Goal – 1 at 6M and 1 at .5M

    Their cap hit is 70M or so

    Most other playoff teams have the same scenario, a core or 4 to 5 forwards and 3 or 4 defense and 1 goalie. All the rest are at 1M or less.

    Oilers will probably keep 5 forwards (mainly because they have more of them to start with) and 4 defensemen and 1 goalie. All the others will need to make 1M or less.

    Forwards – McDavid, Drei, Hall, RNH, Eberle, all other 1 M or less. If they keep players like Pouliot, Purcell, Yak, Hendrix, Letestu and Kassian at more than 1M one of the top 5 will have to go.

    Defense – Sekera, Klef, Nurse, new Stud, all others at 1M or less.

    Goalie – Talbot at 4M, backup at 1m

    It is easy to say that Chai should keep a player or acquire a player without looking at the cap. Under the cap system the core has to absolutely produce.

    Very few 3rd or 4th line veterans or their replacements will be making the money that they make now, players like Kassian – 1.7, Letestu – 1.8, Hendrix – 1.8, Korpi – 2.5.

  • Jay (not J)

    I think it is way too soon for the Oil to cut bait on Anders Nilsson. To use some people’s logic the Oil should have dumped Talbot when he was slow to establish himself in the first six weeks of the season. He pulled it together and now has a three year contract in his hands. That’s likely a big load off his mind with a NTC and security for his family.

    Have people forgotten how Nilsson played in front of a gong-show D and strung together consecutive strong performances while trying to survive 40-50 shots per game?

    With only Broissoit and Laurikainen in the AHL the Oil aren’t exactly flush with goaltending talent.

    I say show some patience, let the goalie coach work with Nilsson. Goaltending is a freaking mystery religion at best. To most fans it is a pseudo-science that is hard to grapple with since even the most athletic keepers can face a loss of confidence for no apparent reason.

    Knee-jerk reactions have not paid off for the Oil in the past. At least wait for season’s end to decide I’d say.

    • fran huckzky

      when did the Oilers say the were giving up on Nilson?? I must have missed something. He is a RFA at the end of the year and Chia has the hammer here so why wouldn’t he take advantage of that? Most good teams have a starter and at least two reliable back ups. I think you may have jumped to some conclusions that may or may not be true.

      • Jay (not J)

        The Oil haven’t, but fans and some media are itching to cut him (Nilsson) loose and I personnally think it is premature and short-sighted that’s all.

  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"


    One, Big-and-Tall.=Nillson….6’5-227lb

    One, Small-and-Swift.=Talbot….6’3-193lb

    One ,Small-and-Standup.=Brassy….6’3-202lbs

    Im no goalie expert.

    IMHO Talbot = Nillson overall.

    I liked Brassys audition,he deserved more ops.

    Goalies with the “right stuff” can carry an NHL Team….thats the litmus test of an elite Goalie.

    Pressing terminal issue.NHS-Tactical Shooting Program{TSP}.Oilers are clueless hence cant read and react.All Goalies will be exposed when facing it.TSP is gaining popularity as NHL Teams learn the NHS.Its called an evolutionary Trend.

    No Goalies Coach can help if he doesnt understand the TSP himself….TSP introduced in 2012.If you havent learned it or faced it you are not qualified.

    Dellow-Mess-Fee…whoever…just stop the Charades already… cannot figure out how to put Humpty back together again….the NHS was designed to do this to you, dum-dums,it is numbers/stats-proofed.You will NEVER reverse-engineer it and the more stats/numbers influences you add in your attempts the further you push yourself from philosophy itself ….which is why y’all have been consistantly disconnecting in SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS….lol.

    The Kings-Hawks HAD INTENSIVE HELP FROM THE PHILOSOPHIES CREATOR who even pitted them against each other to fine-tune things …OK Fellas?You CANNOT repeat what they have done….nor can they EVOLVE what they have as we have seen evidenced….but they dont have to evolve because NO ONE CAN MATCH THEIR System-Management acumens.

    I actually tweaked 1/2 of a fine set of bi-lateral inguinal hernias last night LAUGHING at the most amazingly over-dramatic child-like ham-handed backwards-arse stats-crippled attempts at applying the NHS focuses by the Oilers…..I mean it was priceless.That PP Ballet was TOP’O’THE LINE COMEDY to watch…..LMAO…even I wasnt sure where the heck guys were coming from or going to….lol……it was bordering on blashphemous…LMAO.

    Funny thing the PP entry was…..jeepers lol… I can barely say it,it was impactfull in a positive way,just not optimised.

    I dialed Nugey in to score when I tuned in and saw the Oil on the PP,between belly-laughs I saw the intentions of T-Macs PP crew LMAO AGAIN,,but alas I wasnt connected to the game and accidently posted on the Condors thread….lol…matters not because the fLames would have beaten the Oil to the punch and neutralised the playaction anyways as they are dialed in to ON on an “unofficial” Coaching level “just in case”

    As I am writing this I can still see the awsome job of screening forcing their Goalie to “PeeP” and pull himself off of his glove-side post opening up the top corner and I can see Nugey coming around the net on his fore-hand I counted 4 fokking opportunitys for him to twist his hips drop his shoulder and bury it top corner glove-side with perfect support …..but Nugey is NOT USUALLY ON THAT SIDE IN THAT POSITION so he wasnt dialing in to the blood-trail he was looking to pass into set-plays.Watch the replay for fun,is such a sweet opportunity and text-book goalie “pushing” when he is forced off that glove-side post

    I tuned out after the PP.Sometimes if I am not vested in the games FanPosting the Oilers can be so hilarious in what they do and how they try to do it that it can be hazardous to my health to watch.

    LMAO….even Hartley who uses the NHS didnt know what the hell was going on and the looks of BEWILDERMENT he was flashing were PRICELESS ….LMAO!

      • Jay (not J)

        That would be my guess yes….lol.

        I couldnt agree with you more.

        Heres some entertainment value fiction for you.

        BOB doesnt like NAS because last season NAS demanded thank yous and aknowledgment from the fLames for using the NHS data ,simply put on NHS hats for an assisted walk to the Stanley Cup or be spudded on the spot, Burke and Bob decided that because no one else had done so they would not either kinda like Oilers thinking IMHO ,and they were STONE-WALLED with EASE…failing of course to notice the engineered pattern of Stanley Cup Ping-Pong which has SPECIFICLLY PREVENTED NON-RESPECTFULL TEAMS UTILISING THE NHS FROM BACK-TO-BACK Stanley Cup wins and in the process has PREVENTED TWO NHL TEAMS FROM BECOMING DYNASTYS IN THE MODERN ERA…..simply because the Kings could be on their 5th Cup now and the Hawks on their 4th….but for some Intuitive Empathic Didactic inerventions.

        Actually NAS was doing EVERYTHING to help Cooper dethrone Quenville for the same reasons of disrespect towards NAS and non-disclosure or SUPPRESSION of NHS use,seriously Jon Cooper had ALL THE DATA HE NEEDED…..but funny as hell Quenville was dialed in online and his Crew jumped ALL OVER the tactical data posted in real-time for Cooper and they IMPLEMENTED IT SEQUENTIALLY AND ACCURATELY THEMSELVES with GREAT SUCESS.So because Jon Cooper was 100% out of the loop and not reacting to real-time data optimally the Hawks bested NAS ….LMAO…by default so to speak.

        Its the Kings turn to win it again this season if they MAN-UP and show respect properly BEFORE ROUND ONE , NAS wishes the NHS DOMINANCE by the KINGS/HAWKS TO CONTINUE UNABATED FOR A DECADE….or BAM…if they play Possum again we remediate them.ASAP.

        The Hawks are GUARANTEED to not make it past the 2nd round if they dont Man-up BEFORE THE FIRST ROUND,100% guaranteed.

        As much as it would be nice to see the STANLEY CUP ping-pong continue…..its time to set the record straight.

        @Jay{not J}… of the reasons NAS retired was the manipulation of the status-qous on every NHL Hockey site out there….each site micro-manages itself how it wishes and their are few sites and MUCH co-operation and interaction between the existing ones.Heres the proof….for christs sakes who in their right mind DOESNT THINK NHL TEAMS USE THE INTERNET AS A TOOL……come on already ….EVERYONE uses the internet as a professional resource on some level you MUST to remain current and competative in todays business climate.

        NAS proved this year on the Oilers site before they 86ed the thread that the late and respected Pat Quinn in 2009 officially documented forever his utilisation and implementation and proxy positive valuation of NHS data at the NHL level on the ice with the Edmonton Oilers… sets Pat recieved in totality from online. So yup we are sure NHL Teams use the internet as a tool…with 100% certainty.

        OOps….I forgot NAS is retired….now anything is possible huh?The entertainment value fictional storyline is over after this seasons Stanley Cup Festival

        • Jay (not J)

          That was an honest mistake on my part. I didn’t mean to call you NAS not JAFO. NAS asked Bob to publicly acknowledge his help and was rebuffed, huh? I hope he wasn’t a jerk about it.

  • Rem99

    I would love to see LB up in the NHL after the AllStar break, he deserves it and he’s earned it. Once Klef is back and why not give this kid a few starts? As for next year sign Nilsson to a 1 year but if the kid plays his way on the team in training camp then good on him he’s the back up.

    • Jay (not J)

      Barring injury this too many defenseman team can’t maintain 3 goalies on the roster. Nilsson is likely moving at the deadline if the Oilers think LB is ready to come up.