NHL needs to adjust goalie interference rule and Brossoit recalled

The NHL actually overturned this goal claiming it was goaltender interference. Seriously.

They claimed when Rasmussen’s stick touched Jones for a millisecond it was goalie interference even though it is obvious Jones was not disrupted on the play. Jones didn’t even complain, because he didn’t even notice when he was touched.

Most  thought they were reviewing it to see if the puck was kicked in. No one was thinking goalie interference, but the officials absurdly ruled it that way.

This is not the first goal we’ve seen a goal called off due to a weak/invisible goalie interference call, and the NHL needs to fix this before the playoffs.

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After the game Joel Quenneville was livid.

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Quenneville took the high road and avoided a fine, but the coach’s challenge for offsides and goaltender interference have been completely botched. They are one-sided. They only disallows goals. I’ve yet to see a coaches challenge for a goal that was waived off be overturned and called a goal. The league hoped that would happen, but it has backfired and they’ve gone way too far on what is deemed goalie interference.

The goalies aren’t porcelain dolls. They won’t break at the slightest bit of contact. You can’t tell me the stick that touched Jones, but did not disrupt his positioning, is why the goal went in and somehow stopped Jones from being able to make a save.

This needs to be fixed before the postseason, because if it isn’t you can guarantee a game will be decided due to another outrageously horrible goalie interference call. Gary Bettman and the league need to fix this now.


Anders Nilsson is 0-5-1 in six starts since December 14th and has a .840sv% and a 4.90 GAA. He was pulled twice in six starts. He is struggling mightily so the Oilers sent him to Bakersfield today in hopes he can rediscover the game he played in November.

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Laurent Brossoit has been recalled, but I don’t think he will play very much. Cam Talbot has been excellent since December 14th. The Oilers’ next six games are Thursday, Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Tuesday. Then they fly to LA and Anaheim for games on Thursday the 25th and Friday the 26th, so we might not see Brossoit in game action until the back-to-back games.

Brossoit could get one start in the next two weeks, but if he doesn’t he will face NHL shooters in practice and get some extended time with goalie coach Dustin Schwartz. I don’t see Brossoit being here long-term, because it is better he plays every night in the AHL, but getting an NHL pay cheque for a few weeks and practicing with NHL players won’t hurt his development in the short term.

The other issue is Bakersfield is in a playoff hunt and they need wins. They likely don’t want Brossoit here too long if it hinders their chances of having a playoff run in the AHL. Bakersfield plays tonight, Friday and Sunday so Nilsson will have a chance to play right away.

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  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    I feel like goalies fall over whenever someone touches them because there’s a good chance it gets called off. Really have to switch up that rule.

  • Serious Gord

    Goalie interference on a goal is no different than having both feet down inbounds or braking the goaline plane in football. It is 100% cut and dried.

    In time players will adjust – they largely have already.

    If you want to increase scoring and – more importantly – increase the number of quality scoring opportunities in a game there are several rule changes than can help. Changing the goalie interference rule is not one of them.

  • Kevwan

    If LB was called up to only play a game in the next 2 or 3 weeks that might be a mistake. I hope Brossoit and Talbot rotate for the next 4-6 games (unless 1 gets real hot)

    I like the recall – but not to be just a backup. LB needs starts. Chia needs to decide if this is his tandem for next year.

  • Kevwan

    Until the defensive system is fixed you are bringing goalies in to have their confidence shattered by the crappy play in front of them. We need a goalie at the end of his career who understands they are going to get shelled and lit up and it doesn’t matter.

  • Totally ok with all these video calling and rules if they dropped goalie equipment back to the 80s sizes. These goalies are professionals and are awesome at their position. Its just something they will have to get used to and battle. Scoring will go up and the best just have to be the best. It would be amazing to see some flip flop agility back in the nets.

  • Digger

    Just a question?

    Why do people insist on feeding the knuckle dragging trolls in here?

    It’s pretty obvious by some of the ridiculous suggestions that they make, that if these trolls were ever to win the lottery & become Oilers upper management with decision making authority, they’d have this team screwed 6 ways from Sunday and be run out of town by their so called other knuckle dragging troll “friends”. Be tough having to find another place for them to live other than in Mom’s basement…

  • Serious Gord

    The NHL is a step behind the technology. Reason 1: new website sucks.
    Reason 2: coaches challenge rulings and goals waved off after video review are a waste of time. Read about article.

    How about if the coach could challenge a missed cross check / slash / hook and have the offender boxed? Effective? Probably.

    What about that hit after the goal and/or the whistle? Let’s call em cause the video sees em.

    If the twits at the top can tweet maybe they should tweek the system.

    Email me when its done,…..

    • Seriously Bored

      There was some fans who thought Nilsson might be the answer but I would say the majority of us were not convinced by his short stint of a few good games when Talbot struggled.

      If you want to make generalizations like that we can say that all flames fans thought they had the best defense in the NHL and would be competing for a cup this year. How’s that working out for you?

  • Aitch

    I hate these goaltender interference calls, just like I hate the offsides violations reviews. (Like I hate the idea that a ref can rewind a play simply by saying, “I meant to blow my whistle.” Whatever happened to “play the whistle.” Hard to do that when you have to imagine it in the ref’s head.)

    With respect to the goalies, they need to either say that goalies are completely off limits and touching them at all is a penalty or start treating them like hockey players. In a contact sport there is going to be incidental contact all the time.

    As for offsides, I don’t like the idea that we only review offsides if a goal was scored. Only on those occasions do we care if the linesman was 100% correct. The rest of the time, whatever. Either make these things 100% perfect, or leave the human element in the game.

    There’s one solution to all of this… sensors. We’ve talked about putting them in the nets to determine if a goal was scored. Well, why not put them in the players skates too. Cameras on the bluelines will determine if a play is offsides immediately and a set of lights rimming the glass will activate if the play is a no-go. 100% right all the time and no need to wonder if a goal is legit because an offsides might have been missed two minutes ago when the team gained the zone.

  • First off, the goaltenders are already the most protected players on the ice with both equipment and rules being large and in their favour. I’ve also played enough hockey to know what happens when someone actually runs your goaltender. The goalies DO NOT need more rules to keep them safe, they need to quit being such prima donna’s about the slightest touch. It’s a high speed contact game…expect to be bumped sometimes…sheesh!