Your Trade Ideas go to a Vote


A couple weeks back I posted an article urging all of you to submit your best trade proposals in an attempt to win some NationGear. After weeding through over 300 submissions I have put together a list of the 10 most plausible trade scenarios (as voted by me) and now it’s up to your fellow citizens to vote for a winner.

Before we begin anointing one of you with a brand new job as General Manager of the Edmonton Oilers I want to begin by talking about the 10 finalists. As I mentioned before, there were over 300 entries for this contest and that’s a lot of bullshit to get through. The problem I had, in narrowing the entries down, was that a bunch of you had very similar trade ideas. I also had the problem of trying to choose only from people with registered citizen accounts, as per the rules.

Problems aside, I’m a trooper and put together a list of 10 of the best (or worst depending how you look at it) trade scenarios for the purpose of a vote. Now it’s up to you to decide who will win a NationGear swag package for the stars. Regardless of how you vote, I want to know your thoughts on which is the best or worst trade scenario in the comments and why? Complaining is your guys’ strong suit so that should be easy.


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If your trade proposal didn’t get through I apologize but chances are you didn’t comment while logged in under your citizens account, or you didn’t have one to begin with. I needed you to have a citizen account so that I could access your email address — make sense? I will also say that some of the ideas listed come from multiple users, and if one of those win then I will give a prize to the citizens that submitted the idea. Now, we vote!

  • passelin

    I could see Pouliot getting moved. He has value and would be missed but he also has a strong playoff history that might entice a playoff bound team.
    I’d consider this before an Eberle or Nuge trade.

  • passelin

    Omg just reading these comments.

    Soon as you drop the t-bomb, people lose they’re mind.

    Just shows you how being a basement team for 10 years makes you lose your mind.

  • Jay (not J)

    Don’t trade eberle. He’s the best player ever since mario lemiux.

    His so good, how dare you even discuss trading the only tradable player on our team, with some value.

    Let’s trade hendricks lander and guys that do there jobs on the team.

    Oiler’th star’ths are the beth in the worl’th

  • We have one player legitamately pushing for a spot on the NHL team,

    LB is truly pushing for a spot as the back up,
    our next options are Reinhart, Musil, Slepyshev, when ……

    These trade fix one area but weaken another …. The perception of progress.

    Giving up Eberle, Shultz, Hopkins without someone to replace their role on this team …IMO is lateral not improving the team

    • socaldave

      I was with you till you threw Schultz in with Ebs and RNH. Different class of player entirely – you CAN give up on Schultz (and should) and pretty easily replace what you’ve lost.

  • Danglishish

    DeAngelo is RH and not named Schultz. Do it. Too bad he’s only 20.

    Theodore, LH and 20 yrs old. We need help now.

    Hanifin is interesting, but he’s LH so not as interested, not at that price.

    That’s a lot much to give up for one year of Shattenkirk, unless it’s outside the fifth pick.

    I have no interest in moving Nuge until we see what the team looks like next year, and more realistically, once McDavid’s second contract is signed.

    Meh, I guess the one I do all day is Purcell for a 2nd.

    Surprised there aren’t really any Hamonic trades on the board.

  • Bullets Hockey

    the fact that every trade where a defenceman is brought to edmonton is downvoted shows exactly how ignorant coiler fans are. how do you expect to get a stud d without giving up a good player in return. harmonic for fayne+purcell+ whatever other garbage player you thing would work is a joke.

  • Danglishish

    First of all, I don’t want to trade Nuge or Ebs unless it is something that addresses our defensive deficiency immediately.

    Having said that, I don’t understand the people who say “why would you trade elite forwards… Ebs is so good and Nuge is an amazing 2 way center. Use draft picks and sign UFAs instead”.

    Nobody disagrees that Ebs and Nuge are great assets to have. BUT, this is like having 3 Ferraris and 5 Mercedes in the garage, but no food in your refrigerator. Yes it’s great to have 8 amazing vehicles (offensive forwards), but having ZERO FOOD (defensemen) is not an option. Sell one of the bloody cars and put some food in the fridge pronto! We’ll still have 6-7 amazing cars for crying out loud, but we won’t starve to death!

    • Danglishish

      that analogy makes no sense. All it does is serve to prove the point you are trying to make.

      I can play that game too. Sure we 3 Ferraris and 5 benzs in the garage, but so do all the other teams. Some have a lamborgini as well, or a UniMog. And they all also have a fleet of pickup trucks and a personal chef, and all we have in that area is a shopping cart and a few expired food stamps.

      But, we need to add, not subtract anything. All the other teams have sports cars too, and we are going to need all of ours to win that race when the day comes that we finally have the credit to lease a fleet of f250s. Or whatever. Just trying to stay with your theme here.

      This is what most fans dont realize. We screwed up, and we may never get out of it. We dont have any defenseman. This is likely a fatal error that may prevent us from ever winning a cup. Seriously. And, if we trade our forwards for D men, we wont win cause we don’t have forward depth. Our young forwards are money in the bank. Known quantities. A complement of top 6 players that are above average and probably the minimum required to punch a ticket to the final four. We trade them we water the team down.

      Plan to win a cup? Try to magically fix the defence and keep the forwards. Plan to win a round or two over the next 5 years, sure lets get of the forward depth.

      I personally, want to see a high risk high reward plan here. Any other approach other than keeping every single good player we acquire and continuously trying to add to complement what we have decided to keep, is a step backwards from a cup win, but maybe a step towards winning one round here and there? And that to me, is very meh.

  • Danglishish

    I’m tired of Oiler fans and bloggers poo on any trade that sees Hall or Nuge or Eberle basically any 1st rounder besides Yak get traded. These are all great players but if you want to get something good you have to pay a price. Just because someone wants to trade Hall doesn’t mean he is problem in the dressing room or has off ice issues. I’m sure this post will get lots of thumbs down. Sometimes you have to look in the mirror and rethink your life.

  • passelin

    Thoughts on the Poll…

    Eberle + 2nd Round Pick to Carolina for Noah Hanifin

    Would love to have Hanifin’s skill set on our blue line. Probably the 3rd best skater in the NHL behind Larkin and McDavid…6’3″ beast. Done with Ebs, no heart. Jay Cutler of the NHL– looks like him too.

    Ryan Nugent-Hopkins + 2nd Round Pick to Toronto for Morgan Rielly

    Hopkin’s value is nothing at this point we would be lucky to get Beau Bennett from Pitt and a “future consideration” for him.

    Ryan Nugent-Hopkins to Buffalo for Rasmus Ristolainen

    Pipe dream (See above).

    Not sure we can even get a 1 or 2 Dman at this point for any asset sans McDavid. Who are is available and willing to come to this S show…

  • RyanCoke

    If yakupov never turned into a bust then we would have our excess wingers for a top tier defenceman. It’s a shame that a first overall pick busted as bad as he did to the point we can’t even get a second rounder for him. If he was the 30-40 goal scorer he was supposed to be then Jordan eberle would be expendable and I would agree with any trade that turned him into a defenceman.

  • Am I right?

    Trading a top 3 pick for 1 year of Shattenkirk is a boat load of crazy IMO. If we could get a 2nd for Purcell you take that… Personally I think we’d be doing good if we even got a 3rd rounder for him!

  • Am I right?

    I have to say, I like some of the defencemen they’ve targeted but the proposed trades don’t make a lot of sense to me.

    I really like Ristolainen. He’s the same age as Nurse, but he is already a top pairing defender, is a top-10 D in the league for PP, and he’s right-handed. But Nuge on the Sabres doesn’t make a ton of sense, since they already have O’Reilly to play that two-way centre role, not to mention he has 49 points in 58 games, and he has won the most face-offs in the NHL (and he’s 56.9 FO%). They also won’t cut Eichel’s minutes to play Nuge. They also have Sam Reinhart on the wing, so they don’t have issues with centre depth.

    Nuge would be a stud playing Babcock’s style, and acquiring him would push Kadri down the line-up. Nuge is young, but he can be a key part of their re-build.
    But I think it’s an overpay to trade Nuge + for Reilly. I’d think that Toronto, more than any other team, would be most interested in acquiring the Oilers’ #1. Is there a deal for Reilly and the Oilers #1? I’m sure they’d love having two picks in the top-4. Honestly, I haven’t watched Reilly enough to know whether this is a solid move.

    I also think Vatanen would not bring Hamonic.

  • _MonsterPerformer_

    Okay, it’s too bad we’re already on the 3rd page but I’ll happily weigh in now…

    The Oilers have some great players that drive possession and make whomever they play with better (Hall, Draisatl and McDavid). McDavid made Yakupov better, McDavid made Eberle better. Draisatl raised Hall’s game to another level and the two of them have greatly increased Purcell’s production and value. We can find other players to play on these lines.

    The Oilers struggles lie in their inability to takeaway/gain possession in our own end and move the puck up ice. If solid puck moving defenseman can be obtained by trading Eberle, Yak and draft picks it needs to be done. Would Chicago, Washington, L.A. and Anaheim constantly be producing great wingers (Panarin, all Russians except Ovie, Toffoli and/or Belesky) if this weren’t the case? Solid puck moving defensemen start the play and get the puck to the oppositions net.

  • _MonsterPerformer_

    Also, I understand the hate for McTavish and Lowe but they AREN’T the reason the team is bad today…they are however, the reason our team is up against the cap right now.

    As Chiarelli sorts through these poor contracts that, for the most part are now buried in the AHL, we will be in a better place cap wise to sign Draisatl and McDavid in the future.

    Furthermore, being as bad as we’ve been for so long and our subpar facilities have hindered our ability to attract free agents that would be willing to come to Edmonton. It’s yet to be seen how well we’ll attract free agents in the future with McDavid and a new building, but regardless free agency shouldn’t be the answer for the Oilers so trading players who hold value must be done.

  • Am I right?

    Does anyone know if AHL contracts have the same restrictions/benefits as NHL contracts regarding buyouts? or How would you go about removing an AHL player that no longer fits in with your team plans? This is assuming the player cannot be traded for whatever reason and does not have a contract that expires in the near future.

  • Am I right?

    OK you guts really need to watch Hamonic play. I find he is alow. Correctly positioned. But Slow. Not particularly impressive with that 1st pass. He doesn’t scream #1 defenseman on a cup contender. He’s Not worth Eberle straight across.

    • Not a First Tier Fan

      I’ve seen him play and he doesn’t look slow to me. Besides, how can a dman always have correct positioning if they’re slow? The reason why foot speed is such an important component to dmen is because if they don’t have it, they will be out of position a lot.

      I guess what I’m saying is that your opinion contradicts logic.

  • Seanaconda

    I like Morgan Reilly, but to trade Nuge+2nd round pick!? He’s not that good. Nuge us worth more than him. If anything the 2nd round pick would be comung from Toronto. Alsi, I believe he’s another left shot deman. The Oilers don’t need another one of those.