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The story of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins’ season has more twists than an ‘It’s Always Sunny’ episode, and I expect we could see some fireworks around draft day. If you add up all the rumors, what do they tell us?


Today in his 30 Thoughts, Elliotte Friedman mentioned RNH and his injury:

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  • Friedman: You could almost hear a league-wide groan when Ryan Nugent-Hopkins left Tuesday night’s game in Arizona after taking a Connor Murphy hit. Don’t know if his future is in the Alberta capital or elsewhere,
    but it certainly complicates matters if he finishes the season injured.
    I’d keep him, but it’s not only the Oilers who recognize his value

Friedman frames this in an interesting way, and the last sentence is worth discussing further. Often, when we discuss the idea of trading our favorite players (I am absolutely a Nuge fan), there is a defensiveness that kicks in and the conversation online craters into something resembling childhood verbal with your brother. Friedman correctly identifies the talent, and then tells it like it is: You have to give in order to get, and fooling another NHL team is damn difficult (depending on what Vancouver does with their management situation this summer).

When the Nuge rumors first hit (I believe Seth Jones was the trade idea mentioned), I mentioned that any deal involving the Nuge heading out of town would require two things:

  • A quality defender (right-handed, one hopes) who can play in all three disciplines (EV,PP,PK)
  • A suitable replacement at center, an experienced hand who could play that two-way style

At that point, the idea of doing that kind of deal made little sense to me. Unless you have someone in mind to replace Nuge (a less expensive but capable player) then why even entertain the thought? And my specific concern about the Seth Jones trade came from a lack of experience in the case of Seth Jones. There is a lot of risk in trading for young defensemen, and even though Jones is a dynamic young blue, things can change and injuries often impact D more than F. It is a risk.



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If we are going to find a case for keeping Nuge, we don’t have very far to go.

  • He is a center, a two-way type and the Oilers don’t have many who can help on offense and without the puck.
  • He can play in all disciplines.
  • He is very good on the power play, his numbers are almost always near the top in team performance.
  • He can play 20 minutes a night. 
  • He is an underrated shooter.

If we are looking for weaknesses, there are some things to mention:

  • His 5×5 performance has been uneven throughout his career.
  • His faceoff percentage (44.6 this year, 43 percent overall) has never been close to 50 percent.
  • He is not a big man.
  • He is left-handed, and that can be an issue on the power play (although Edmonton has had success with him out there).


I think Peter Chiarelli is going to have to make a difficult decision. I think RNH is going to be the ask on some significant trade opportunities. I am on record saying Nuge should stay, but that Friedman line is a subtle, powerful counter argument. What’s that old Chinese proverb? May you live in interesting times? Yes. Yes, that’s it.

  • BlazingSaitls

    Talbot is untouchable.
    McDavid is untouchable.
    Everyone else is tradeable.

    If Klefbom’s injury is serious Chia will have even more pressure on him to fix the Defense. Chia’s going to have to do drastic surgery on the Oilers this off-season. I wouldn’t be surprised to see everyone shipped out.

    Its going to suck to see some players go but it has to happen. For the greater good.

    • Spydyr

      I don’t understand why Talbot is untouchable. IMO he is in the bottom half for NHL starters. It might have to do with not having a legitimate starter for so long.

      If you can improve any position you do it.

      • Oilerchild77

        Huh? Talbot has been one of the most consistent goaltenders in the NHL for quite a while now. We don’t have the depth to trade him. So he is untouchable.

        • Spydyr

          Funny, IMO he is not very consistent.He has been hot and cold all year.He lets in some very questionable goals and other times he stands on his head.

          He is ranked 33 in save percentage and 14 in shots faced.

          • Oilerchild77

            I just don’t see PC trading him, that’s all. He pulled off a good trade to get him and just extended him. To me he’s more of a solution to the problem here.

          • DannyGallivan

            Technically we can trade him but lets talk reality. Either we trade him: 1) for a like G, 2) for an upgrade or 3) downgrade or no G in return. 1) what’s the point?, 2) need assets to sweeten and I would rather use assets to fill a hole like D, 3) then what, we finally find a quality G and we let him go? Fix the D and have a sieve for a G? Not happening.

      • DannyGallivan

        His .919 save % is 18th out of 50 players playing 24 games or more. Quick and Lunqvist were 0.920 and 0.922, respectively. All this with a weak D that gives up far better opportunities than the D of either LA or NY. We are struggling to find a competent backup let alone another starter. Whether or not we think he is untouchable, he ain’t going anywhere.

        We have lots of trade bait with picks (including either #1 or #2 this year as we are destined for 30th, again) and expendable F’s and left handed young D.

        If Nuge is on the block it better be a good one.

        • CaptainLander

          Would you trade Talbot for Cory Schneider? Carey Price? Ben Bishop?

          I certainly would. I think the untouchable term should be used where there is a player that you would not trade regardless of the package coming back.

          Under this scenario you may even be able to come up with an insane package for the only untouchable Conner McDavid (unlikely). This could actually be a kind of a fun experiment.

          What would you trade McDavid for?

          McDavid and all of the Oilers bad contracts for Subban, Price, Galchenyuk and MTL 2016 1st.

          hmm..nah…I’ll keep McDavid.

          • DannyGallivan

            I did not say he was untouchable, only that he is not going anywhere given his numbers. Would I trade him straight across for any of those 3, not sure, but trading him w/o receiving a quality G in return is insanity e.g. he goes in a package for a RHD and we are left w/o a quality G. In that context he is untouchable.

            Reality is, upgrading G is never going to happen w/o additional assets e.g. draft picks. Our issue is Right Handed D and backup G. RHD is CRITICAL, backup G less so. I am not going to use assets to upgrade a goalie that is in the top third in SV% on a poor D team. If you look at his numbers with NYR last year which shows what a better D can do, his SV% was 0.926 over 36 games placing he 5th in the league. Of the 3 you mentioned, only Price was better. Price is a better G, not sure Schneider or Bishop are.

            Untouchable is CM only. We have no G depth so Talbot is not going anywhere.

          • CaptainLander

            Your reply was in response to the original post..

            #45 BlazingSaitls
            Talbot is untouchable. McDavid is untouchable. Everyone else is tradeable.

            So ya, his fault.

            I agree he is not going anywhere. For all the issues the Oilers had this year I believe goal-tending was not in the top 5. Talbot is a fine goalie. No reason to move him.

            Bishop is second in Sv% and went to the cup final last year. ya he is better.

            There is untouchable CM and pointless to trade because you just leave more hole in you lineup. For me these include Talbot, Draisaitl, Klefbom, and Nurse. A decent goalie, big skilled young center, a good skilled d-man capable of playing big minutes and a big mean athletic SOB d-man.

      • .

        “If you can improve any position you do it.”

        They did improve the position. They got rid of Schultz. And they gave Davidson and Oesterle more minutes.

        In the post-Schultz world, Talbot’s SV% is 0.938–better than any goalie in the league.

        That’s worth saying again: Talbot’s SV% is better than any goalie’s in the league today in they games he’s played since they traded Schultz–since the team reset.

        So he may not be untouchable, but why would they trade him? What kind of deal would that have to be?

          • .

            And given that the Oilers’ goalie is playing better than any other goalie in the league since they traded Schultz, what would that trade reasonably look like? Theoretically, you’re absolutely right. But practically speaking I don’t see any such trade happening or necessary in the next 24-36 months at least.

          • Spydyr

            Playing better than any other goalie in the league?

            Come on man watch some games without the Oilers. The last three games he has given up at least two weak goals.

  • Explicit

    For the record, I would trade both Hall and Eberle before I traded Nuge. But, I also don’t care anymore. Trade anyone, I just want to see a competitive team for once.

  • jonnyquixote

    I think the first item up for auction should be Taylor Hall. And that sucks, but it’s probably time to change the makeup of this team.

    I don’t think he’s the problem (anymore than any one player is) – in fact, I think he’s great. I think prior to this season, he was the engine and the Oilers would only go as far as he’d take them.

    But, sadly, that wasn’t very far. Good as he is, he’s not transcendent enough to elevate this broken, broken franchise. And we have a new engine now.

    So I’d shop (not necessarily trade) him and see what phone calls I’d get. Does Hall open the door to a Faulk, McDonaugh, Pietrangelo trade that RNH or Eberle does not? Can Eberle get us Vatanen but Hall can get us Vatanen + Ritchie or Theodore?

    One thing’s for certain: with the rumored expansion rules, I wouldn’t trade that 1st round pick for a vet right now. The big move this summer needs to be a player for player deal.

  • paul wodehouse

    …if the draft truly comes down to the last 5 teams in the league today and the flames can further tank for the cause …the number one overall…an american …would be faced with playing in Canada for at least his ELC…

    • Oilerchild77

      Yeah. Having to live in Canada. Boy that would be just awful, what with the deplorable living conditions we have here and all. The poor spoiled white boy will be crestfallen I’m sure.

  • madjam

    Hall, Eberle and Hopkins not the problem as to our poor results . The 3 need more help from rest of teammates , not the other way around . Our problem all along is not surrounding them with sufficient supporting talent to move forward . You see it with lack of a good supporting staff even with McDavid and Draisaitl added to that mix . Shore up the supporting caste and add another defence addition of note , and we will be far more competitive next season without having to gut the core of team .

    • Spydyr

      In the time the core elements of Hall and Eberle have spent here the entire team has changed around them.

      The core is not working. Fourth line players will not move the team up the 14 spots needed to make the playoffs.

        • Spydyr

          The core is the problem. The core should have a number one defencman in it and another top four defencman.

          Now you have to trade some of the players in today’s core to get those players.

          To win in today’s NHL you need four quality defencman one being a game changer,two scoring lines and a third line that scores more than it gets scored against.Then a fourth line you are not afraid to roll out come the playoffs.

          • Zarny

            I agree the core needs a top pair D and that Chiarelli will have to move 1 player. You don’t have to move any core players for another top 4 D though.

            My comment was that the current core players aren’t the reason the Oilers lose. Swapping Seguin and Landeskog for Hall and Nuge wouldn’t move the Oilers up the standings. It would just give fans different names to b*tch about.

            Fans really do need to get a grip. The core doesn’t need to be gutted. They don’t need to throw the baby out with the bath water. They will likely need to move one good player…one. That’s hardly earth shattering.

          • Spydyr

            “Swapping Seguin and Landeskog for Hall and Nuge wouldn’t move the Oilers up the standings.”

            I’m pretty sure it would but that is just my opinion.

          • Zarny

            Why would it? Seguin has been cold like Hall over the last while. Take away Benn and the points would be essentially the same. No player has accounted for a larger % of their teams’ offense over the last few years than Hall. And it’s not like Seguin is good defensively. Spezza handles the tough minutes not Seguin. And Nuge is a better player with a higher ceiling than Landeskog.

            Overall the difference between those players is marginal at best. Certainly isn’t going to move a team up the standings. The blueline would still be the worst in the league. The 66 players that Hall and Eberle have played with would still have been junk. The Oilers would be in the exact same spot they are now, because 2-3 players don’t carry junk anywhere.

          • Spydyr

            Landeskog has more will to win plays the body and is much harder to play against.

            Seguin actually uses his teammates and is not always trying to do it all by himself like Hall.

          • Zarny

            More will to win? Harder to play against? I guess that’s why Col is top of the league and one of the best possession teams in the NHL. Oh wait…

            Seguin uses Jamie Benn who has arguably been the best player in the league over the last 2 seasons. Nothing more imo.

            Not arguing that both are tremendous players; but the differences are marginal and wouldn’t move the worst blueline in the league up the standings.

            Just my opinion though. We can agree to disagree.

        • Oilerchild77

          No. There’s more problems here than just the blueline I’m afraid. We’ve got years of well developed bad habits to coach out of the “core” before this team turns north.

  • 24% body fat

    Again getting Stamkos is hard, but what any team should do to sign him other than Tampa, is offer him 1 year at the max (close to 15m)if they have the room as a defacto overpay, and than renew him as soon as possible to 8 years with a discount in mind, 8 x 8.

    This allows him to sign for 8 years on the extension essentially getting a 9 year contract between the two instead of just signing a 7 year deal.

    15m + 64M = 79M/9 = 8.7M/a for 9 years, with an cap hit of 8M on the last 8 years.

    If he doesn’t like the team he goes elsewhere.

    • Zarny

      Kane and Toews just signed for an AAV of $10.5M and you think you’re going to entice Stamkos with $8.7M over 9 years lol?

      “Hi!, Steven Stamkos’ agent here. We’ll take $70M over 7 years and hit the free market again for $20-25M for those final 2 years thanks”.

      • 24% body fat

        Toews and Kane have won multiple stanely cups. And right now are better players than Stamkos. Therefore they get more money. They hit the free agency and they go where they want for money.

        If Stamkos wants to win a cup he will need to take a discount. Teams with 10 million dollar contracts usually dont win cups. Ovechkin only has a chance this year because the cap has gone up so much since he signed the deal.

        Yzerman knows this and thats why a deal was never done.

        9 years of guarenteed salary is better than 7 as well. What if he pulls a Lecavileir and his game falls off. Than he signs for 4 mill a year in his final years.

        If something happens to him in his first year my way he is still young enough and in his prime that he can still make his money.

        • RJ

          I could be wrong but I think the max term Stamkos could sign would be 8 with Tampa, or 7 with another team. Tampa could trade his rights prior to expiring and that new team could sign him for 8. No one could sign him for 9.

  • Zarny

    Breathe in deeply, relax and reminisce about the last 76 games.

    That was the first year of McDavid’s ELC. 2 more years and that window is gone.

    The Oilers aren’t 1 player away and they need to get a lot better. One play would be to not move any core forwards, overpay another Sekera in free agency and perhaps move a couple of draft picks for a good D who still isn’t capable of playing top pair. You could call that play the MacTavish-Lowe. We’ve seen that play for 6 years now and it’s essentially accomplished nothing.

    Luckily, Chiarelli appears smart enough to consider moving an asset of plenty for an asset sorely needed. Who goes will depend entirely on what the options actually are. The returns for Nuge vs Eberle vs Hall vs draft picks need to be weighed to make a decision.

  • Hemmercules

    I dont even care anymore who they trade, if the trade helps the oilers win more games than they lose then go for it. I’m expecting there will be all kinds of scenarios for Chiarelli to choose from. Obviously Mcdavid wont be available and I dont think Hall or Drai will be traded but anything can happen.

    One thing on Nuge, If they do decide to move him, Chiarelli better be damn sure he brings in guys better than Letestu and Lander to fill out the middle or the Oilers will be doomed again.

  • McRaj

    Reading some comments (looking at you Zarny) I find it funny how some fans think the core is not the problem. Yes they are great to elite players in the core but the mix is not the right one. Seguin is better than Hall (this comes from someone who to any outside fan still says Hall is better) and Nuge has a higher upside and more skill than Landy. BUT, if you were to switch Hall and Nuge with Seguin and Landy the oilers would be better due to the other players in the organization. Likely not good enough to make playoffs but probably finish 18-20th instead of 28-30th.

    Yes you can likely acquire someone like Hamonic or Vatanen without gutting the core (giving up Eberle at most with some minor additions). But if the Oilers ever want to be competitive, they need a true #1. I would be open to trading both Hall and Eberle if the right package was presented.

    As for those who think the Oilers should wait because of the expansion draft, please give me a break. 10 years of no playoffs is enough. The Oilers can protect 8 skaters at any position instead of going the 7 and 3 route.

    The core is the problem because they are the wrong mix, trash me all you want, but if you cannot accept that then you are in denial and I cannot help but laugh at you.

    • Zarny

      What a disjointed mess of a comment.

      I find it funny, considering Hall and Eberle have played with 66 different players…most of whom are not NHLers, the worst blueline in the NHL and consistently poor goaltending, that you think the problem is the players who are actually good at playing hockey.

      You then determine the Oilers would be better if you were to switch Hall and Nuge with Seguin and Landeskog due to the other players in the organization?

      That literally makes no sense. The other players in the organization are precisely the problem. Not enough of them are good at playing hockey. Specifically, their defensemen where only 1 is good at playing hockey.

      FYI…trading 1 core forward doesn’t mean the “core is the problem”. It means everything around the core is the problem. Do they have to trade a core player to solve the problem? Yes, imo they do. That doesn’t mean whichever player leaves is a problem.

      • McRaj

        Perhaps you missed the point that I was making that the mix is wrong therefore the core is the problem. Due to the mix that the Oilers have (soft and skilled like Yak and Ebs and Drai), Seguin and Landy would fit in better with this core.

        I never said they are bad players, in fact I called them great to elite players but why can you not agree that together they are a bad mix?

        The core is the problem because they are the WRONG MIX not because they can’t play hockey.

        And secondly, Hall can pass, absolutely a great passer. Except he chooses to carry the puck into a 1 against 4 far too often. Imagine if he used his line-mates more than he does.

        • Zarny

          No, I didn’t miss your point. And I don’t disagree the Oilers forwards aren’t quite the right mix, but…

          Draisaitl is soft skill? But Seguin isn’t? Yeesh…Draisaitl plays a much heavier game than Seguin. Seguin is soft skill for days with a 200 ft game that is no better than Hall or Eberle. He has put up a few more points because of Benn and Kilingberg and the PP. At ES Hall is the more dominant player, plays a heavier game and drives possession more. Landeskog hits more; otherwise his defensive game is no better than Nuge’s, he doesn’t drive possession and has limited offensive upside. He’s a younger version of Dustin Brown.

          • DoubleDIon

            I actually agree with you. Playing with Benn inflates Seguin’s numbers. I do disagree with you on Klingberg though. I think he’s more of a product of Benn and Seguin then he is a beneficiary to them.

            Hall does play a heavier game than Seguin without question and I agree that he drives possession more too. Landeskog plays heavier then Hall though so I disagree with you there.

            Oiler fans have a tendency to undervalue Hall to the extreme and to overrated Eberle to the extreme. It’s crazy to me. Eberle is a finisher, that’s the only useful element to his game. Hall brings much more, he back checks hard and forechecks hard. He just doesn’t have great hockey sense. If he did, he’d be McDavid.

          • Zarny

            I would argue Benn, Seguin & Klingberg are all beneficiaries of each other. Great players who all produce more because of each other. Would Klingberg have 53 pts if he were an Oiler? No probably not, but I don’t think Schultz or Sekera would have 53 pts in Dal playing with Benn and Seguin.

            I can’t remember exactly which Nation contributor authored the article, but a crazy stat from earlier in the year was that Oiler D had accounted for half the offensive production of any other team. Half. That is why I don’t put a lot of stock in theories that swapping current Oilers for players like Seguin and Landeskog would change anything. If you never get out of your own end and your D can’t contribute to the offense it doesn’t matter who your forwards are…you will lose. Pit missed the playoffs last year with arguably 2 of the best 3 C in the world precisely because their D was garbage.

            I would agree Landeskog plays heavier than Hall; my comment about Hall playing a heavier game was in comparison to Seguin. That’s where any comparisons with Landeskog and Hall end though. Hall is considerably better at playing hockey than Landeskog, Nuge or Eberle.

            It’s puzzling how many fans can undervalue Hall. On the absolute worst NHL team over the last 6 years Hall is #1 for % of team offense and top 5 ES scorers. Eberle is what he is…Patrick Kane light. Sweet mitts, great finisher but more of a complimentary player.

          • McRaj

            I am still waiting on your reply regarding the evidence I provided to you that shows Landy as a better Defensive player than Nuge.

            And oh, Pitts never missed the playoffs last year. No one is under valuing Hall, everyone says he is amazing but perhaps your over valuing him or under valuing other players like Seguin. Hall is a better hockey player than Landeskog, Nuge, and Eberle, and about 98% of the league but there is that approximate 2% that are better.

          • McRaj

            K I’m happy that we at least agree that they are not the right mix.

            I am comparing having the combination of Seguin and Landy over Hall and Nuge. As a pair that would benefit the oilers more. Also, Seguin may not be a two way guy but his D game is better than Hall’s. He has received some (granted not many) Selke votes, and let’s not forget that he was 6th in Hart Trophy Voting 2 years ago and will likely be top 10 if not top 5 this season. The Benn argument is not as valid as you believe because it’s not like Hall hasn’t had elite-level finishers (Eberle) or solid centers (Nuge) to play with. Points wise they are basically the same. Yet if today you were to poll 30 GM’s they would all take Seguin over Hall. That is not to say that Hall is a bad player (far from it) but we need to accept that Seguin is better even if its just marginally or due to the position they play.

            As for Landy and Nuge. Not sure how you can say his defensive game is no better than Nuge. He hits more, blocks more shots, has more takeaways, less turnovers, greater career corsi and fenwick as compared to the team, starts more in d-zone while nuge starts o-zone, averages more time on the PK, and they average the exact same points per 82 games.

  • madjam

    Draisaitl – young ,protects the puck well , good hockey I.Q. and superior passer . However , he is not very physical on opposition , nor a fighter , or very good laterally or in front of net . Just a moderate shooter . Needs to improve defensive abilities as well . If we keep McDavid and Hopkins , he could be used in trade for a major veteran or otherwise upgrade . Nurse could also be used to get a proven veteran or less of a rookie on blueline .

  • camdog

    There are deficiencies with the core forwards game, deficiencies that the coach and GM are now well aware of. These deficiencies have been over looked within the organisation for years, much like Justin Schultz`s deficiencies were.

    For years Stauffer would say that the skilled forwards appeared to give up in games when there was a weak goal by the goalie. Maroon said it again this season when Talbot let a bad one in his first 5 games here. For years coaches and play by play guys would make excuses when core players mailed it in, that will not suffice under this regime.

    Sure the defence stinks and the goaltending stunk before that, that is still never an excuse for some players to mail it in. If PC is looking to change the culture of the team it`s pretty obvious who will be going at season`s end and it won`t be RnH.

    • Oilerchild77

      I agree with everything you wrote except that it might have to be RNH that gets moved to get the piece on the backend we need. I hope not, but it might be.

  • Oiler Al

    Here’s your 2017 starting line up:

    Hall Nuge Bakus

    Maroon McDavid Drisaitl

    Pouliot Killorn Kassian

    Khairj Henricks Parkarinen

    Hamonic Yandle

    Sekera Davidson

    Nurse Osterle


    Talbot New Sign

    Bye Bye: [ one way or another] Eberle,Yak, Korpo
    Lander, Letestu

  • Opie

    yandle would be interesting if you could sign him with decent term. Breakout and powerplay specialist. Guy gets 30+ assists per year with ease. Can play right side as well if needed.

  • Natejax97

    Did the Oilers ever play Nuge Hall and Ebs together this year?

    Also, would it make sense to run McDavid between Hall and Ebs, seeing the tremendous success the pair had playing with Sid last spring?

  • OilBlood

    The core may not be the problem but trading one or two of them will definitely help fix the problem.

    PC knows what he needs to do and is much more knowledgeable than core cheer leaders who post here. Whatever needs to be done I am comfortable with him making the choices he sees fit for the better good of the team.

  • Meh, I think maybe this is where there’s smoke, there’s a slow news day. McLellan I think has come on record saying how important Nuge is to the team. The results on the powerplay with and without him should be evidence of this.

    While he may be traded one day, I don’t see it happening next year. Maybe before McDavid finishes his ELC, but I doubt Chi and McLellan relish the prospect of going into next year with two young C’s, even if they win the lottery.

    Again, shortest distance between two points is a straight line. They need 2 top four or top pair right side D men, no question.

    Currently, they have a lot of left side guys. Hate to say it but easiest way to get one of the right side guys, likely will be trading a left side guy.

    • RJ

      I hear the “you can’t trade Nuge because the Oilers would be left with two young centres” and the “you can’t trade Nuge because they’ll lose centre depth” arguments here on ON quite frequently.

      When free agency rolls around, is there a rule the Oilers can’t add a veteran 2/3 C?

      Or do people really think that:

      Nuge > Hamonic + Nielsen

      Really? The Oilers would be a stronger team with Nuge versus a top-4 RHD and a veteran, two-way centre?

      I’m not saying they HAVE to trade Nuge, just that you can add a two-way centre.

      • Ed in Edmonton 1

        Agree. If the deal is right anyone other than McD is available.

        WRT Talbot, I would not call him untouchable, but its very difficult to expect that moving him would not result in a gaping hole at the most important position on any team.

        Since mid December Talbot has been very good. Early in the year goals from odd angles and even behind the net were killing him, he seems to have cleaned that up. When Talbot got player of the week a couple of weeks back, some very impressive states were quoted, including a save % of 0.937 over the last period of time (not just the single week). A .937 save% is in Carey Price range who typically puts up .935 over a full year.

        • RJ

          I come at the “trading Talbot” issue a bit differently.

          He has a NMC. A team trading the player with a NMC always ends up with the short end of the stick. They either keep him or get badly ripped off in a trade. Doesn’t make any sense to consider it.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Maybe Taylor should revisit the idea of playing center again. He sure likes to carry the puck as much as a center usually does. Now that he’s a few years older he could see the benifit in that. Don’t like seeing anyone other than McDavid carry the puck on that line. Hall and McDavid should only share ice on the pp.