Speaking Of… Classy Flyers Fans


The first round of the playoffs is well underway, and I think it’s safe to say that no one was expecting so much drama and hate in most of the series, so far. Now, I’m about to go on a rant about the Philadelphia Flyers, who put on a very classless performance last night in game three of their series against Washington. I’m sure there are some cool Philly fans out there, but I’m just saying that a few of them could have done better last night. 

Flyers vs. Caps

I’ve been thinking about writing an article about this for quite some time, and then, after watching the Philidelphia-Washington game last night, the topic was put on a platter for me. Playoffs are obviously a different kind of hockey compared to the regular season. When the Cup is on the line, and it’s do-or-die. We fans get into it just as much as the players do, and it’s shown in this first round. Being down 2-0 in the series, Philadelphia didn’t have much to cheer for coming into game three last night. At this point, it shouldn’t take much to make the fans tick, and it sure didn’t. 

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Last night, Caps defenseman Dmitry Orlov got hit from behind by Philadelphia Flyer, Pierre-Edouard Bellemare. As you can imagine, a brawl broke out for several minutes immediately afterwards. Bellemare received a 5-minute checking from behind penalty on the play, and will have a hearing with the league on the hit. The Flyers fans did, as Flyers fans do, and complained about the major given to Bellamare. They apparently thought Orlov’s injuries weren’t as bad as they appeared, then thought it was necessary to throw the light-up bracelets they received as a giveaway on the ice. THEY EVEN THREW THEM AT ORLOV HIMSELF! The guy just about got his neck snapped in two, and here they are chucking wristbands at him on the bench. 

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I’m not saying that Flyers fans are jerks (Flyer fans are totally jerks), but I just love to see how the playoffs can bring out the worst in players and fans. Philadelphia later got a bench minor because of the crowd’s antics, in which Wayne Simmonds later called it a “f*** embarrassment.” The PA announcer had to come on, giving everyone a guilt trip reminding them of the rules. “This is Philly, act with class” he announced initially. After a few minutes of the wristbands and debris CONTINUING to rain down on the ice, he came on again to announce the bench minor penalty, following with a “way to go”. When the announcer has to act like a parent to the fans, you know the game has gotten out of control. 

This wasn’t the first time during that game where the Flyers showed their excellent sense of class. In fact, before they even dropped the puck, during a moment of silence for team founder, Ed Snider, a fan thought it was an appropriate time to yell, “f*** the Pens.” I think that’s what he said anyways. 

To sum things up, Flyers fans confirmed a stereotype that has been following them for years. On Ed Snider Tribute Night, they reminded everybody of their inner animal-like behaviour, and ended the night with a 6-1 punishment from the caps to-boot. It will be interesting to see how the team, and fans respond when game 4 goes back to the Wells Fargo Centre tomorrow. When your team has a hashtag (#NotAllFlyersFans) to defend the good fans of the club, you know it’s a problem. 

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To make things even more hilarious, today the Rangers announced that they’ll be handing out bracelets at the game tonight too! Do they not watch highlights? Or read the news? Giving small, projectile objects to fans always goes great, especially in the playoffs. 

North by NorthGretz – Episode 25

This week North By Northgretz welcomes Marcel Eden from the Summit Sports Collectibles Show. Marcel tells us all the cool things you’re going to find when you come visit us at the Summit Show April 23rd and 24th and the charity work the show is doing with Adaptabilities!

Next the boys go through their playoff brackets before answering questions about Kiss, The Hunger games and more in Ask The Idiots!

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    • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

      It would be the only way to destroy Vancouver in one evening. They came close last time but throwing in Philly fans would about do it.

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    What losers. 2 people yelled stuff out during the silence and then other people started whistling/cheering. There was a fan also yelling at Holtby as he was on the bench, trying to get into the zone before the game. Glad they got destroyed.

    Caps in 4

  • Ed in Edmonton 1

    I’ve often seen it written that Philly fans are “great fans”. Last night certainly didn’t look great to me.

    Van anyone tell me what is “great” about Philly fans?

  • Mason Storm

    Not surprised at all, Philly fans booed Santa and gave a standing ovation to Michael Irvin for breaking his neck. This just further cements their a#*ho\e status.

  • Explicit

    Can you imagine if Katz, Lowe and company were running their clown show out of Philly! they’d have to build a new rink every year because the fans would burn it down every season

  • Hockey Buddha

    Penalize the Hell out of the Flyers, if their fans can’t control themselves. What an embarrassment.

    Really, the league should be able to take a home game away from the Flyers, when their fans behave that way. A rule like that should be brought up at the next GM’s meeting. Absolutely disgraceful. Alcohol isn’t even an excuse for that. Poor character. No class. Worst fans in the league, hands down.

  • The Last Big Bear

    Some guy whose name I didn’t recognize was writing some really hostile stuff on the Facebook wall of a friend of mine last week. I looked at their profile, to see if I knew who they were.

    The first 3 things I see are:

    1) Flyers fan.

    2) Raiders fan.

    3) Not from either city.

    I’m pretty sure you can diagnose somebody with a personality disorder on the basis of that alone.

  • Harry2

    I think ive found an announcer who is more of a homer d-bag than John Garrett and his name is Darren Pang. Seriously how do these guys have jobs?

    Sawed off whinny biased announcers who at best have lazy broadcasting skills. Fory anyone who thinks sportsnets broadcast team sucks just listen to the alternatives around the league.

  • I realize all fans can have a love/hate relationship with the players on their team, but the hate showed towards Mike Schmidt was laughable. Growing up their was 2 guys I wanted to be: Schmidt and Brooks Robinson. (little before my time) A lot of those wounds are healed now, but the Philly Fans have shown time after time they are a laughing stock. I guess they have reasons to be pissed: Eagles. 76’ers. Phillies. The flyers will be swept and humiliated. Brotherly love my arse…

  • Rizzer25

    Two things, first, when the Flyers moved from the Spectrum, the new Arena was initially called the First Union Center after some bank. That’s the FU Center for all you non-Philly folks. Totally fits. Second, in this articles main photo, with Ovie and Simmonds holding hands, can we at least now say Ovie is a two-way winger?

  • MattyFranchise

    What is it about Philadelphia hockey fans where they’re generally quiet all season long but as soon as the playoffs start every single @$$hole comes out of the woodwork? It’s unreal.