It is the time of the season (for some of us that will trigger a famous bass line) for rumors and speculation. For Oilers fans, most of the spring has been spent tracking down obvious defensive solutions and tacking on trade ideas to them. No harm there, but as spring pushes to summer, more teams are apparently getting involved—and some names are coming to the fore. One of them? Ryan McDonagh.

  • Larry Brooks, New York Post: The Rangers, we’re told, are prepared to listen to offers for everyone.That includes Ryan McDonagh, Derek Stepan, Derick Brassard, Chris
    Kreider and Kevin Hayes, each player’s availability, of course, will be
    dependent upon the exchange rate in return. But nothing is off the
    table. And the Wild are believed to have serious interest in native
    Minnesotan Stepan
    . Source

McDonagh is a name one would not expect to see in these exit articles out of Manhattan, and there are a few more in there, too. Stepan? Brassard? The possibility of a major deal is certainly there, but for our purposes today let’s spend a few minutes looking at McDonagh.

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  • He is 6.01, 216 and turns 27 in June
  • He is signed through 2019, $4.7 million cap hit
  • His modified NTC kicks in for 2016-17
  • 73gp, 9-25-34
  • 5×5 per 60: 1.13 (No. 1 among NYR D)
  • 5×4 per 60: 3.47
  • Corsi for 5×5 per 60: 47.5 percent (No. 5 among NYR D)
  • Corsi 5×5 Rel Team: 0.9
  • Source
  • McDonagh’s possession numbers shine when not placed with Dan Girardi
  • Source

McDonagh is a LHD and if you have been following the Oilers for any length of time you have an extreme understanding of the importance of adding a righty. That said, McDonagh might be an interesting addition, and would allow the Oilers to trade an incumbent LHD for a RHD. McDonagh is in his prime and offers a complete skill set. I think it is an option worth discussing.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    McDonagh would be as close to a #1 d-man here than we’ve had for a long time. and Kreider is the long missing scoring forward that is 6’3″ 225 and has an edge. he’s also scored 20+ goals and 40+ points each of the last 2 seasons. yes please to both! Chia make it happen !!

  • Hhhhmmmm, never considered the possibility of trading a forward for an established LHD, making one of the Oilers already expendable LHD even more so, to go get the RHD.

    Personally I think that might be putting the cart before the horse.

    Considering the team already can’t play all of Sekera, Klefbom, Davidson, and Nurse (not to mention Reinheart, Laleggia, Osterle, and Leggasson) On the left side at once, I see no reason why Chi couldn’t pull the trigger on the LHD for RHD trade first, then worry about getting another LHD after.

    McDounagh is a stalwart and would be a great add for low cost. But unless he’s replacing Sekera, and Sekera is the guy leaving in order to get a righty, I just don’t see the point. And if he is the guy, then who the hell do you get back for Sekera? Meyers maybe?

  • Keepyourstickontheice

    I threw some shade on people a while ago for suggesting McDonagh was available(I don’t see why NYR would trade their team captain and best defenceman, didn’t back then, still don’t), so I find this article very interesting.

    Assuming he really is available, what does ON think is a fair price to get him? I’d be willing to part with significant pieces to acquire him, he’s the real deal.

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      that could be the thing right there. as much as i might say Davidson +, it likely ain’t going to happen. as with previous deals last summer with for example Boston and Dougie Hamilton, the asking price is likely Darnell Nurse, in which case i’d once again say no.

      • You wouldn’t trade Nurse, a D man who could start the year in Bakersfiled, for McDounagh? A true number one top pairing D man?

        Nurse, could be a top pairing D man. But he isn’t right now. McDounagh is right now. The team can’t afford to waste McDavid’s ELC on waiting for their D men to develop.

        Second to this, Hamilton and Nurse are similar in that they both have some developing to do. Hamilton’s 48 points were impressive. But a top pairing D man he is not… yet. I do not see New York giving up their top D man, so they can get a guy who in a few years could develop into a top D man, unless they are doing a hard rebuild. Which I can’t imagine they are since they have never been a team to do that. Maybe Nurse and the 4th overall gets it done, but I really think they would need someone more established to even consider it.

          • I would think after this year, yes. He did not know what his players were and was not in a rush to make a quick deal before he had a chance to evaluate. Also considering the rise of Davidson, I think Chi would make that deal.

            If the Oilers were short on the left side, maybe it’s not that easy.

            But if he did do that trade, then he’d still have to trade another LD to get a right side D. And that’s where maybe he doesn’t do it. Trading Nurse is one thing, but trading Nurse, and one of Sekera, Klefbom, or Davidson, well, then it gets a bit dicey.

            This hypothetical trade, especially if they would trade one LD for another LD, has a lot fo moving parts in order to fix the Oilers D and balance it out.

          • HardBoiledOil 1.0

            unlike most Oiler fans i am not willing to give up on Nurse after just one OK but not great season. and in 3 years when McDonagh’s contract expires and he becomes a UFA and bounces to Philly or wherever, Nurse will have completed his 4th NHL season and probably putting up Ristolainen like numbers and Oiler fans will cry about why we traded him! Nurse for McDonagh? again i say no, but i’m not the GM!

          • pkam

            I thought Chia offered our 1st round pick, and 2 2nd round picks to Boston but they want Nurse on top on that, not just Nurse for Hamilton, which IMO is huge overpayment for Hamilton, a young 2nd pairing defenseman.

            The decision should be different when it is for an established 1st pairing defenseman instead of a young 2nd pairing defenseman.

    • RJ

      My biggest concern is Oilers recent history.

      Trade a Sekera for him (or another defence) and you’re relying on Klefbom.

      It would be the most Oilers thing ever to place faith in Klef only to see him repeatedly injured and the team is still short-staffed.

      Or trade Klef, and he has his first healthy seasons in six+ years, and the team regrets keeping Sekera to acquire that badly needed RHD.

      Having said that, I find it hard to see the oilers make any trade to improve the D, simply because the Oilers weakness is so well-known that any trade offers are going to be horribly one-sided.

      I expect the usual inertia on fixing the blueline.

    • crabman

      NY has been trading away draft picks for so long if they are looking to make changes I think a top of the draft player would interest them. I would start with our #4. They also have a history with taking Russians and draft pedigree players so Yak could be in the mix as well. I would even go into the young LHD prospects to balance out the deal. I’m not parting with Nurse and the #4 unless something significant came back with McDonagh. If after getting McDonagh I had an oportunity to trade Klefbom or Nurse( or both) for my new 1 2 RD I would strongly consider that.

  • madjam

    I’d do a bit of a blockbuster deal to get McDonaugh , big RWinger K.Hayes and a possible big physical R defenseman in D.McIlrath .What we should give up is the question ? Our fourth pick would have lots of value seeing as Rangers have no first round pick this year . From there perhaps Nurse and Yakupov for a starting offer .

    Doubt Rangers want to take on much salary in return .

  • Randaman

    Why would we want to overpay for a LHD with past concussion issues? He is not big enough to play more than 2/3 of the schedule in the bigger western conference

    The concussion issue is my only concern.

    I would rather overpay for a RHD with a little more size.

    My opinion

    • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

      So Klefbom is 6’3 and hasn’t played a full season yet, including playing in Fargstad.

      Klefbom has far more concerning health problems then does McDonagh

      Remember…..that’s health problems (plural)

      I also remember when people wrote off Crosby & Letang because of “concussion” issues.

      It’s true concussions are a concern but so is multiple injuries every year since you’ve been drafted.

    • billythebullet

      Ryan has played 77, 71 and 73 games the past 3 seasons. Not much worry to worry about imo. The best d off of a playoff team? That’s worth looking at. I don’t care if we have 14 left shot d, none of them are as good as he is.

  • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

    This has been a team I’ve stated time and again the Oilers should be all over.

    NYR need to dump salary and I’d be very surprised that the return cost would be much at all.

    First, you can offer sheet Kreider, however, if you can make a trade that includes picks and prospects to avoid an offer sheet then all the better.

    If you can trade Reinhart and a pick for McDonagh, that also helps the Oilers in terms of bonus coverage as well……….if it takes Nurse then so be it.

    It’s about now, McDonagh makes the Oilers better now and going forward.

    Now, Kreider can play any forward position so you have options up front.

    Trading Klefbom or Sekera gives you even more options.

    If ether can add to bringing in a true number one while still maintaining the top four increasingly makes the Oilers a true playoff team.

  • NewPants

    Sure…… But what do you lose to get McDonagh?

    Then the oil still need 2 or 3 right D.

    I’d look for a right D like Ryan Elis and a free agent first.

    Go OIL!!!

    • So a writer for the Sabres thinks Arizona is going to get the forth overall by giving the Oilers… lower first round picks, all so the Oilers can properly ‘draft more defencemen’?

      What a terrible proposal.

      Hey team that doesn’t need more prospects, here’s a trade that only gets you the ability to draft more prospects. All the best, thanks for this hulking power forward who should be able to help right away.

      Drafting Tkachuck gives the Oilers all kinds of line combos, or it could give them yet another forward to package in a trade for a D man.

      Consider this for the top six:
      Hall, McDavid, Eberle (cause they have to try this at least once right?)

      Tkachuck / Pouliot, Nuge, Draisaitl. Draisatl and Nuge had good chemistry to start the year. As does Nuge and Pouliot. But, if Tkachuck plays the role better, then Pouliot is expendable for trade. All reports had him and Yak going to Anaheim for Vatanen. That only leaves one more RHD to grab, possibly from free agency. AND it still leaves Maroon and Kassian as LW, and RW options to bring up as injuries require.

      • daryl

        You did watch the memorial cup right? Tkachuk is toooooo slow if we take the pick it will be Dubois 6’3″ 205 lbs skate very well plays with an edge and can play center but I like the rest of your points.

  • @Hallsy4

    I would give up a lot for McDonaugh and Kreider. I would do Nurse, Yak and the 4th for sure. From comments it seems like we feel that may be an overypay? I like Nurse a lot, but I do that trade any day

  • McRaj

    Neither Vatanen nor any RHD in free agency are first pairing though. We do not need 6 superstar forwards to be competitive. Mcdavid, plus 4 out of Hall/Nuge/Ebs/Tkachuk or Dubuios plus a top pairing D is much better than having 6 superstar forwards.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    Ebs, Kleffy and Yak for McD and Krieder? Draft Tkachuck.

    I would prefer to trade down and get Chychrun but watching what I could the last few months on Tkachuck, I really like his game. Even if he went back to jr for another year, he could replace Pouliot if he doesn’t get traded this summer.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    I’ve been wondering if Pittsburgh would be willing to trade Letang

    Edit: should have went to nhlnumbers first. Yeesh! That’s a hell of a cap hit for a 30yr old

  • MacT's Neglected Helmet

    1. Sign free agent Scott Gomez.
    2. Trade Scott Gomez for Ryan McDonagh.
    3. Trade Oscar Klefbom + 4th overall pick for PK Subban.
    4. McDonagh – Subban top paring, baby!

  • OilCan2

    Trading down to Arizona for their 8th & 20th looks pretty good. We can snag two D men. The Coyotes get their power winger in Tkatchuk ver 2.0.

    We can still wheel a deal for Vatenen or maybe with NYR for McD or a roster RHD.

    Yak, Pouliot, Fayne, Korpikoski etc etc are all waiting for ‘the Phone Call’.

    Now if Klefbom, Davidson, Osterle, Maroon, Kassian & the Drake keep their foot on the gas we could be having a LOT of FUN in the new rink.

    Any news on Korpikoski for a 5th rounder yet?

    • The Whispererer

      Think about Nurse for a minute. We drafted him 7th in 2013, and he was touted as being short-term ready to play in the NHL. He is now entering his draft + 4 year and there are still lots of questions about his NHL readiness. Do you really think it would be wise to use the 1st round pick(s) on defense prospects and spend another 3 or 4 years in the wilderness waiting for them to have a positive impact on the team ?

      Any trade of the #4 pick must return an already developed top 4 defender…or it’s Groundhog Day.

  • fisherprice

    Hahaha, the Rangers aren’t going to trade McDonagh and certainly not for any of the packages listed in this comment section. McDonagh is clear top pairing guy with a friendly cap hit signed until 2020. You’re about 20 times more likely to see Staal or Girardi traded in deal(s) where the Rangers eat salary than one for their best d-man.

    I’d like to point out we’re talking about a Larry Brooks column, guys. The same Larry Brooks that pretty much every Rangers player, coach, and GM have despised for years. I doubt he’s getting any real inside information from anyone in the organization. He’s just trying to drum up something interesting for his column, like he usually does.

  • madjam

    We trade with Ottawa picks in first round (4th to 12th )and get Ceci at a small sweetener rate , or with any luck just the price of swapping . Still gives us a shot at some intriguing defenseman and forwards at 12 spot . They are also out of our conference .