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If we had a dollar for every time one of Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins or Jordan Eberle has been traded in print or on air, we would all be living in houses as nice as Wanye Manor. Even this spring and early summer, rumors surrounding the trio have been rampant. Could it be that Peter Chiarelli has decided to keep these gents around—at least until the day he can make a deal that makes sense?


Today, two of the top free agents this summer dropped by to see the new arena and check out their respective offices (Lucic in front of both nets and in the corners, Demers patrolling the blue lines). Although contracts were not sent in to the NHL offices, we can be hopeful that good news on both fronts could arrive on Friday morning. Could the Oilers sign both and retain most of the rest of the roster?

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oilers lucic and demers

  • I added Lucic, Demers and Lee Stempniak
  • I deleted Nail Yakupov
  • The roster is over by a shilling, but Edmonton could buyout Lauri Korpikoski and get under.
  • Andrew Ference will have to be active on roster opening, so the team would have to send down Leon Draisaitl and Jesse Puljuarvi to comply with the cap. It is a paper transaction, once Ference is back on the LTIR, the two youngsters can be placed back on the roster.

Does that work for you? I know from previous discussions there are men listed here that some fans would like to see gone. Mark Fayne, Benoit Pouliot, Anton Lander—this roster does not add a strong backup option. Are you fine with that? Adding two big free agents and then running (mostly) the same roster that is already in-house? You could place Pakarinen in Korpikoski’s spot and the cap would work.

One of the issues I see is power-play shooter. What about a forward? Edmonton did that moons ago and had success, and if there is no rocket launcer out there, why not? Maybe try Oscar Klefbom or Brandon Davidson, both men showed some promise in that area last year.

The pairings have been an issue, but that veteran duo of Sekera—Fayne did well enough last season (running at basically 50 percent). Could Klefbom—Demers work as the de facto top pairing? Demers was 54.2 percent in possession 5×5 Corsi for last year—59.9 percent when away from Johnny Oduya.

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Most of the conversation surrounding the addition of Milan Lucic revolves around trading a LW for immediate help on RHD. What if Peter Chiarelli buys two free agents, and forgets to trade any Steve Austins?

  • kormega

    Just read “Bruins preparing offer sheet for Jets D-man Jacob Trouba”

    If Oilers make the same offer sheet (7 yr, 7-8 mln AAV), will the compensation for Winnipeg be the same (four 1st round picks!!) or there are some variants?

    • Seanaconda

      Nah that contract is 4 firsts no matter what team offer sheets him.

      Boston doesn’t have it’s other picks tho so maybe that’s why they are doing the 7 years to keep the salary not (completely) crazy but to push the contract into 4 1st overall range. Less term like 5 years would bump it back into the bracket before it I believe. Would have to look at the offersheet chart. But boston doesn’t have the picks to do that.

  • Mitch92

    As an outsider to Oiler fandom I have the luxury of not being emotionally attached to any of the failed first round corp of this team. That alone makes it really easy for me to suggest divesting the team of Talyor Hall even though I can see that the majority of Oiler fans see Hall as a leader and elite scorer that they can scarcely afford to lose. For me the problem is two fold. First, having watched every game last season when CMD was healthy I learned to despise watching Taylor Hall skate the puck into the corner, make too many moves, lose the puck and be the last man back on the defensive side of the puck. Hall may get his points but he plays an ugly game that is painful to watch because he doesn’t trust his teammates. That attitude alone needs to go if this team is going to turn the corner to respectability. Since the guy gets points he has value on the trade market unlike Nuge or Ebs because of the belief that they are overpaid for the results they provide. So to sum things up, I would not hesitate to trade Hall for some real help on the backend. Remember the last time the Oilers were a good team? It was after they acquired a certain beastly defender named Chris Pronger. This team requires a similar addition if it ever hopes to climb back to play-off contention.

  • Seanaconda

    Offersheet rules. From silversevensens (first site I found)

    The compensation is draft picks. How many picks, and what round, depend on the total value and term of the offer sheet. It is not as simple as using the average annual value, aka cap hit, even though the breakdown of the different compensation levels looks like it is by AAV

    In reality, the Offer Sheet value is determined by taking the total value (salary, and signing/reporting bonuses), and dividing it by either the number of seasons the offer is for or five – whichever is lower. This means that the offer sheet value is the same as the AAV if the offer is for five years or less, but for six and seven year offer sheets the offer sheet value will be significantly higher than the actual AAV. The value increases each year, based on the growth in the league’s average salary.

    For example, a seven year contract with a cap hit of $7 million would have an offer sheet value of $9.8 million ($49m total value divided by 5) – worth four first round picks instead of a first, second and third like a five year, $7m per year contract would be.

    A few extra restrictions to note:

    The picks must be a team’s own, original draft picks
    If a team has traded their pick previously, they can trade to get it back
    All draft picks must be for the next draft, with the exception of multiple first round picks
    When having to give up multiple first round picks teams get an extra year, but they are the next draft picks available when the offer sheet is submitted so no picking and choosing
    A team can have more than one offer sheet outstanding, as long as they aren’t using the same picks

  • Dirty Oil

    I’m thinking outside the box here. Most won’t want to read it but with Shattenkirk becoming an UFA next year why would we need to overpay this year (In a trade)? I realize we want to win now but at what cost?

    Make some adds now that don’t hurt the future and then add some more next year and the year after. By doing that it makes us be able to protect everyone we want in the expansion draft and keeps the salaries in check for the future.

    Keep good players and add good players, making lateral moves or addition by subtraction does not get you anywhere.

    • Seanaconda

      I don’t think you’re thinking outside the box I don’t think most people expect the oilers to give that much for kirk without an extention included in the deal.

      The only people that think 1 guaranteed year of Shatner is worth anything significant tend to be blues fans.

      Might get a first and a bit at the deadline/before the season from a team that wants to make a push for the cup.

      • Dirty Oil

        I agree.

        But I was just using Shattenkirk as an example. Why over pay Demers now and then not be able to afford a guy that will actually be the better player next year.

        I know we need help now but lets not make stupid moves now just for the sake of making a move. If there is nothing good at this time we have to take our lumps and wait. It pains me to say that but that might be the best option at this point.

  • Dan 1919

    Hopefully Nuge turns things around in a hurry. Not only is the honeymoon phase over now, seeing him there at $6mil is starting to feel like a burden contract rather than a young supposed star.

  • JimmyV1965

    If the Oil sign Lucic and Demers there’s no way they can afford to trade for a dman with any kind of contract. Will have to get young cheaper dman like Dumba.

    • Seanaconda

      Depends on the contracts I guess but unless the signings bring us over the cap we could swap similar contracts so one of the 6 mill players could let us bring back a 6 mill dman no? Wouldn’t want crazy term tho for when we have to resign people

  • Moe Sizzlack


    Hall-Drai- Ebz..

    Pou- Nuge- Maroon..

    Hendo- Letestu- Kassian ..


    Although I’d prefer Pouliot gone to free up some cap and have Maroon back on the left leaving Drake Caggulia, Pakarinen or Salinen fighting for last rw spot out of camp

  • YEGswede

    I see a lot of posts where Korpikoski is expected/proposed to be bought out. I watched almost all games last year, and I totally agree that he did not play good. However, I also did not see any indication that the coaching staff agreed with my/our frustration. Korpi kept getting the minutes. This tells me that him being bought out is nothing but us fans dreaming, very much like we last summer placed Jultz on the third pairing and in real life he was still our top pair RHD.

  • Bills Bills

    I would not be happy with a cap restricted line up for a team with a marginal improvement. Yak for Lucic is clearly an upgrade but just adding demers and being completely cap handcuffed is a horrible plan. This is still a bottom feeder until they start to win and if they start to win and need a push to make the playoffs, how do they do that with zero cap space?

    Also with PVI his bonus clauses would put is way over the cap wouldn’t it? Making him be forced to stay in the AHL barring injuries?

  • Spiel

    Lucic made $6M per LAST year.
    With over 10 teams interested, he will get more than $6M per. Then how do you make that fit in 2017-18 when Drai needs a big raise and in 2018-19 when McDavid will command ~$10M per season? This why Chiarelli needs to look at moving one of Ebs/Hall/RNH if Lucic signs. The cap crunch hits in the future years and it hits hard.