Speaking of… The Best and Worst NHL Jerseys

A heated debate erupted at Nation HQ yesterday afternoon when Baggedmilk commented on how bad the Nashville Predators home jersey looked. I disagreed (I think he’s crazy), and, personally, really like the gold/navy/yellow combination. Anyways, this turned into a long-winded conversation about how bad some jerseys in the NHL currently look, and how bad some have looked in the past. 

Now, I want to turn the debate over to you fine citizens. Through the power of this beautiful poll, I am curious about what the Nation feels is the best and worst looking jersey in the NHL.

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I personally love the Oilers jersey – cause I’m super biased obviously – and the Nashville jerseys. This may be an unpopular opinion also, but I love the handwritten logo jersey’s like Calgary’s third, or Minnesota’s third (besides the colours). Unfortunately I didn’t want to spend six weeks adding every jersey in the history of jerseys on to this poll, so if there’s a third jersey you like, let me know in the comments. So good luck, be safe, and enjoy the poll. 

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  • FireScorpion

    One of the best logos is the Coilers with that big creamy steamy coil drop as though it is fresh out of a soft serve ice cream dispenser. You guys should wear that more …might have less fans throwing their jerseys to the ice if that was the reg lol. Those top notch Oilers fans though eh?

    • Mooseroni

      There is some passionate fans in the city. The community is pretty tight knit…hard to say the same about Calgary though…how about that stampede this year?

      I understand your anger…I would be too if I lived in the zoo known as Calgary!

  • GK1980

    It was hard to not be biased about the jersey based on my feelings for the team. For example, despise the flames but don’t mind the jersey.

    Personally I believe all original six teams get a pass. Classic jerseys. I find the new teams are over complicating the jersey and they are just to busy.

    Top Five Favorites
    Oilers- Not being biased but orange and blue look deadly together

    Blackhawks – Like it more then the oilers jersey

    Wild- People are crazy dissing on the wild jersey, I think its cool. Unique colors as well.

    Boston – Classic logo,simple and unique and black and yellow looks good

    Islanders – Similar to oilers jersey….

    Top five hated

    Washington – Unimaginative, boring

    Carolina – What the heck is that anyways? My least favorite of all the jerseys. UGLY.

    LA – Again, boring unimaginative. black and white?….

    Vancouver- The orca has to go, bring back the black and yellow.

    Lightning- Again, boring, circle with a bolt through it? Blue and white? It’s been done

    Vintage Favorite:

    Harford Whalers
    Colorado Rockies (Love this jersey!)Yellow and Blue colours look good.

  • Reg Dunlop

    Yellow and red will always remind me of Calgary. Not because of those disgusting jerseys, rather it closely resembles the discharge after a night with an Electric Avenue pick-up. Dirty place, dirty people.

  • rusty

    I feel like florida is missing a huge opportunity with their logo. If you google “panther” you get images of a black cat. I think their new crest with black and red color scheme would be badass.

    • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Black panthers are jaguars. The Florida panthers are brown. Florida panthers don’t come in black, so it’d be a bit problematic to change the colour of the cat on the crest.

  • Shredder

    Sometimes just the color of the jersey’s are bad, but the logo is ok. Like I hate most of the red jersey’s. Somehow the Philli Orange is just awesome. TBL’s colors are really good. That kind of thing.

  • Seanaconda

    Whoever thinks buffalo’s logo is a buffalo google buffalo vs bison and learn something.

    They may as well have a cow as their logo I guess cuz they are both bovines as well.

  • Tomas Oppolzer

    Ya know, sometimes the Oilers fans from here that post on FN annoy me a little (always detract from the conversation) but seeing FireScorpion’s BS posts here makes me seriously thankful that the Coiler trolls on FN are relatively tame.

    As for the jerseys. My absolute favorite is Dallas (there’s just something about that shade of green, man) and the worst is probably Nashville. For a throwback, anyone remember the Buffaslug?

  • Prudham's

    Podcast with the most re-enactment of wrong fan opinions (often in a retard voice): NorthXGretzcast

    eg. It is possible to be excited to hire Pete Chiarelli, and then sour on him when he makes a pretty damned bad trade. (see there are actual reasons involved. wow) But the narrative here is: Oh look at all these fans they think opposite things all over the place. It doesn’t make sense. They can’t think like we do.

  • I’ll be brutally honest about the Alberta team jerseys, this might ruffle a few feathers…


    The Flames classic jersey is great, with a great colour motif.

    That said, it was all borrowed from the Atlanta Flames franchise. The flaming C, apart from it looking like male genitalia inserting itself into a flaming puck, is a nice simple design that is recognizable from afar.

    The new Reebok Flames jersey did a better job of moving to the Reebok format than the Oilers, with the Oilers home jersey looking like a practice jersey. The Flames took advantage of the seams on the new jersey technology, and we see an appropriate level of detail on the pants as well with some nifty striping that matches the striping on the jersey.

    The big knocks against the Flames jersey are the socks (the yellow and white should’ve been reversed) and the flags on the shoulders. Aesthetically speaking, the maple leaf and Alberta shield would’ve fit better. But in principle, it’s an innovation to tradition that I’m glad hasn’t caught on. Aesthetically out of place things like that open the door to having ads on jerseys. Yuk.


    The Oilers did not move to the Reebok jerseys rather well. The copper, blue, white and red colour motif wasn’t the issue here, and it performed well in years prior, but rather the elbow striping that didn’t carry over to the outside combined with the lack of shoulder colours made it look extremely plain. The stripe along the seaming wasn’t enough to differentiate it from a practice jersey.

    Now, the classic Oilers “orange and blue” jerseys adapted to the Reebok styling, those were better but are still flawed in my opinion.

    While I do have gripes with how the striping is done on the shoulders, that’s minor compared to the colours used. The blue is a bit dull and dark, with the hue nearing purple. The orange is pretty good, but could’ve used an update to modern blue and orange motifs (which has caught on in sporting gear across all brands over the last few years).

    Still, it’s a pretty solid jersey.

    I do hope the Oilers update the blue and orange for the new Nike jerseys (coming out in 2017 I believe).

    Since I’m a nerd, I’ll apply a modern blue and orange motif borrowed from some Adidas blue and orange soccer cleats and apply them to the current jersey to show how different it is, but keep in mind that using this motif needs more generous portions of white in it.

    Here it is on my photobucket (original on left, my edit on the right):

    Also, I’ve made 3D Oilers wallpaper over the past few years check them out here and grab ’em if you’d like:

  • WildfireOne

    Flames fan here, but I have to agree: the current Flames 3rd jersey is a dumpster fire that’s been put out scatalogically, and set on fire again.

    It makes me long for the days of fire-snot horseheads, which is saying a lot.

    The Flames 3rd jersey wouldn’t look out place in the Christmas ugly sweater lineup. Truth.

    Hell, I’d wear an OILER jersey before I wear something with that design and that typeface.
    (ok, maybe too far, but you get the point)