Who Are You with Oscar Klefbom


In our third installment of a new semi-regular feature on my radio show called Who Are You I caught up with Oscar Klefbom.

There was an “interview bomb” appearance from Adam Larsson, Klefbom discussing his infamous photo and many other non-hockey topics.

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Jason Gregor: Welcome to Who Are You, where all of your answers must be 100% honest.

Klefbom: (slight hesitation) Okay, let’s go.

Jason Gregor: Do you have any nicknames fans are unaware of?

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Oscar Klefbom: I have a lot of nicknames but I would say… Bomber is pretty popular in here but not a lot of guys use it outside of the rink. It’s Klef mainly, but Bomber is pretty popular in here.

Gregor: Not bad. It is catchy. There has been a photo of you floating around the Internet after you won the World Championships, you’re holding the trophy and you’re showing off your eight pack abs. Do you have a blown up picture of that in your room?

**Adam Larsson is sitting near by and pipes up. “Yes, Yes he does.”**

Klefbom: No, I don’t actually. No (laughs) that’s one hundred percent true. No, I don’t.

Gregor: But you’ve seen it?

Klefbom: I’ve seen it for sure yeah.

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Gregor: If you were on a dating site, would you use that as your profile picture?

Klefbom: (laughs) No, I don’t think so, really. That was a long time ago, but when I first posted it on Facebook, I think me and Mika Zibanejad after the final, it was a big deal back home, a lot of girls liked it (laughs).

Gregor: I wonder why! Smart move for a young guy.

Klefbom: (Laughs) Oh yeah.

Gregor: Do you have a pet; are you a dog or a cat guy?

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Klefbom: I’m a dog guy for sure.

Gregor: What kind?

Klefbom: Nothing specific, I love Nuge’s [Ryan Nugent-Hopkins] dog, a golden retriever. So I spend a lot of time there, just going there, not to see Nuge, but to see his dog.

Gregor: Did you have a dog growing up?

Klefbom: I did actually. We had one but it died two years ago.

Gregor: Pretty emotional when you lost the dog?

Klefbom: Oh yeah, for sure. I’m a very emotional guy so that was tough actually.

Gregor: You’re an emotional guy? Are you a Rom Com guy, when it comes to movies? If Oscar Klefbom is sitting at home, by himself, what movies does he watch?

Klefbom: Um… [That’s a] pretty tough question. I mean I like all kinds of movies, not really the Paranormal Activity or those kinds of movies, but I like everything from romantic comedies to action and thrillers obviously. Shawshank Redemption is probably my favourite so far.

Gregor: Is there a movie or documentary that was really popular in Sweden but isn’t popular over here that you would recommend to people?

Klefbom: You know what, back home I usually watch stuff that’s made here so I cannot really recommend anything that only is in Sweden. I guess we don’t make many good ones.


Gregor: Outside of taking good selfies and playing in the NHL do you have a skill or a hobby Oiler fans are unaware of that you’re quite good at?

Klefbom: I’m really good in the kitchen actually. You can ask Adam Larsson, I’m really interested in food and cooking, ever since I was five, six years ago I’ve been cooking for myself and it’s a lot of fun. I cook a lot for Larsson, so I’m really good in the kitchen if I can say it myself.

**Larsson confirmed, Klefbom is very comfortable in the kitchen.**

Gregor: What is your go to dish, what do you like to cook?

Klefbom: Over here it’s probably steaks. The steaks are a lot better here than in Sweden. But back home we live very close to the biggest lake in Sweden and I fish a lot, so usually I catch my own fish and I give it to the family. I cook some nice fish.

Gregor: So you’ll catch the fish, you’re gutting it, you’re doing it all yourself?

Klefbom: All myself yeah.

Gregor: Nice. Now is there any specific Swedish food you miss when you come over here for the eight months?

Klefbom: Obviously the Swedish meatballs from my grandma are unreal. I mean I can try to do them over here but it’s not even close to hers. So that’s one thing that I especially miss from back home.

Gregor: Are you a wine connoisseur? Are you mixing and matching wines to go with the food you cook or to keep your six pack are you just drinking water?

Klefbom: (Laughs) A lot of water for me, but sometimes I like red wine for sure, but I’m not a big wine guy. I don’t know a lot about wine and mixing and matching, but I definitely like some red wine with the steaks for sure.

Klefbom Helmet

Gregor: Most European guys have a lot of flair when it comes to dressing. How would you rank your dressing, are you in the Henrik Lundquist category yet?

Klefbom: Not yet, but give me a couple of years and I’m probably going to get there (Laughs). I think the last couple of years the level of the dressing in this room has been a lot better, so maybe the Swedes are showing some really good suits and whatever in here and other guys are catching on. I mean its fun to see some European style in here. There are some crazy suits in here, but there are also some big and loose fits, but the Swedish fit is usually pretty good.  

Gregor: Right now on your team, who needs the biggest upgrade in their suits?

Klefbom: Um… [Matthew] Benning.  For sure. It’s too big for him; he needs some slim fit for sure.

Gregor: Many European players I’ve spoken with over the years are big fans of dancing. Can you cut a rug?

Klefbom: Yeah, I would say that. Maybe not the best guy on the dance floor, but definitely I’m not the worst.

Gregor: Swedish House Mafia, what do you like?

Klefbom: Oh yeah, I would say yeah probably Swedish House Mafia. A lot of DJs  and house music is really big at home. All kinds of stuff, Avicii, Alesso, Swedish House Mafia, all different kinds of DJs and house music is so big.

Gregor: Best concert or DJ that you’ve seen live?

Klefbom: That was actually Swedish House Mafia back home in Stockholm I would say. Bruce Springsteen was my first concert in Gothenburg, outside, it was the middle of summer so that was pretty cool too. That’s a memory I’m never going to forget.

Gregor: Thanks for joining us on Who Are You.

Klefbom: Anytime, thank you.



  • Coaching is more than just X’s and O’s. Often it is about a hunch, or knowing when to change something or when to stick with it. Not every decision works out, but a lot of thinking goes into every change, especially at the NHL level.

    Yesterday every decision McLellan made worked. He moved Draisaitl with McDavid and they scored at EV and added three PP goals. Mark Letestu got promoted to the first unit PP and he rewarded his coach with two goals and an assist. The new fourth line scored a goal, and his decision to keep Pouliot/RNH/Eberle together also paid off with a goal.

    He also showed, once again, he isn’t afraid to switch things up if a player makes a major error. Oscar Klefbom made two mistakes on the Jets first goal and he finished the game playing the least minutes of any Oilers defender, 16:20 TOI. It was one game, and McLellan has shown he won’t carry over the punishment until the next game. It is up to Klefbom to rebound.

    Sometimes everything goes right for a coach.

  • Speaking of coaches, during his pre-game scrum yesterday Paul Maurice gave a detailed description of why it is so difficult to defend Connor McDavid.

“Everybody’s had a game plan for this young man, and it’s not working. It’s not going to work for the rest of his career,” he began.

Maurice then explained you need to see it live to truly grasp how challenging it is. His eyes were opened during the World Cup.

“(Henrik) Sedin had him. He picked him up visually in the offensive zone, gapped properly and proceeded to watch him go coast to coast.

“Matching that speed is almost impossible. It’s completely impossible if you’re behind him. And you’ve got no chance if you’re beside him. But if your timing is right and you can take away the clean options to him you have an outside chance.

“I think he’s that fast. I’m not trying to be funny. This guy is special,” Maurice said with a tone that echoed deep respect. He added one more tidbit.

“I don’t think there’s ever been a set of hands that come with that speed … and that’s a different animal,” Maurice added. 

I have watched McDavid live in Edmonton 35 times and every game I’m still shocked at how effortlessly he skates away from NHL players. It borders on ridiculous.


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