In the first period of the CHL Top Prospects Game Monday evening, winger Sasha Chmelevski scored a brilliant goal. I am a draft geek, and haven’t heard much about him. So, let’s have a look.

Sasha Chmelevski was born in California and is from Northville, Michigan—a suburb of Detroit. He played in the Brick Invitational in 2009, where he led tournament scoring. He was drafted by the Sarnia Sting No. 10 overall in the OHL selection and played 29 games in 2015-16 before being dealt to the Ottawa 67’s. He is fast, skilled and has a terrific shot, as we saw during the Top Prospects game.

The scouting reports on Chmelevski started early and go on for a long time. Consider this item from SBNation in the summer of 2014:

  • Jeff Cox: He has a good stick, good hand-eye coordination and simply goes to the net and gets the puck in the back of the net.
  • Source

  • Jeff Marek, Sportsnet: “Good wheels and scary one-on-one, Chmelevski’s game is all about
    creating offence. Was the key piece going to the Ottawa 67’s from the
    Sarnia Sting in the Travis Konecny deal. Injured collarbone at the end
    of last season.”
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  • Brock Otten, OHL Prospects: 
    Highly skilled offensive player who loves to play up tempo, using his speed to cut through the middle of the ice. His hands and ability to create are definitely top notch and will only get better as he gets stronger on the puck. That said, he drops a bit for me because I
    think he needs to really improve his play away from the puck. Too often
    he floats around, rather than engaging in the backcheck or in scrums along the wall and he needs to use his speed to be more aggressive in attacking the net. The production has
    continued to be there, but I see a lot of players ranked around him
    that have similar skill sets but bring more to the table in other areas.
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Miles to go, and of course the Oilers won’t draft until later in the first round in 2017. That said, the Oilers are likely to take a shooter somewhere on draft weekend, this is a player to track for the rest of the season.

    • Jordan88

      I would really like to see a right shot RW.

      Someone with an explosive release that is hard to read. Pairing that up with either the likes of McDavid or Nuge would be wonderful.

      Someone who can sit up on the top of the right circle or in the slot during PP and feed bullets.

      Like Nail Yakupov before Eakins broke him.

    • crabman

      Keep those draft articles coming.
      I know I know, that’s all we had to look forward to and talk about at this time of year for a long time but there is still room for a player profile piece. It’s not like there is any shortage of content on this website. And lowtide isn’t doing draft lottery players. If we do keep that first round pick it would be nice to know a bit about the players who might be around at that time and if not we just learned something knew about a potential future NHLer. Reading this article did nothing to take away from my enjoyment of the amazing season the Oilers have put together so far.

      • Rama Lama

        Dude…….teams that stop drafting or trading draft picks eventually get a one way ticket to a very large desert, where they have to wander for 12 years.

        Been there done that and never want to go back!

    • Gravis82

      I hate this break. Ditch the ASG for goodness sake, or at the very least don’t make it a break. They already had a week off this year anyway?

      3 on 3 was interesting early on, but the coaches have killed it. Now players take their time, exit the zone to maintain possession and float around and wait for a mistake. Its not fast, its not exciting, it’s risk averse.

      Whatever the NHL does, the coaches will suffocate the excitement out of it.

      There is only one way to solve this, and that is remove any and all incentive for making it to overtime, making it past overtime, or taking your sweet sweet time in overtime.

      There should be a 10 min overtime 5 on 5. No points for a tie, no shootout, no pulling the goalie. You would see an immediate return to fire-wagon hockey as there would be absolutely no incentive to not score. This type of hockey is still is possible, there is just no current benefit to playing that way.

        • Gravis82

          No Points. Just count number of wins. If you team ties a lot too bad for you, you are not winning and thus shouldn’t get rewarded. The winners in this system will rise to the top, the middle of the pack/worst teams will be a bit muddled. But that’s not as important. Use ties as a tiebreaker if you have to, followed by goal differential.

          This sounds terribly unfair, and it is, but that’s the point. Because its so unfair there would be an incredible push to win games.

            • Gravis82

              its not about adjusting the standings, its about incentive to coach differently.

              But saying that, if coaches changed the way they approach the last 5 minutes of games, how do you know nothing would change?

              They might, they might not, but thats not the point. The point is to move towards a more exciting game.

    • Anton CP

      Sasha is projected as middle 2nd round pick since the Oilers have no 2nd rounder and it is too high of projection to take him at first round that I don’t even know if he is a possible option for the Oilers at all. Besides, from the past history that Chiarelli likes to draft D unless he has some tremendous talent that he cannot pass on then Sasha as an undersized C will be highly unlikely to be drafted by the Oilers.

      • HardBoiledOil 1.0

        actually he’s projected to go in the mid to late 1st round. the Oilers in recent history have not taken d-men in the 1st round except for Nurse, the rest have been forwards but it’s not their fault, it’s been where they pick and who is available and the BPA. Hall/Seguin, Nail, Nuge, Paajarvi, Leon/Bennett, Puljujarvi have all been the BPA and the Oilers took them. PC had taken a pile of d-men after the 1st round and that’s great, but i would like to see him take a d-man with this years 1st rounder.

        • Anton CP

          Depends on how far can the Oilers advance in playoffs that when it comes to late first round that it is not the BPA anymore. All players you have listed are within top 10 picks and if anything that Chiarelli may not even keep the pick instead of shipping it away for more depths. No matter what, the next year’s draft is very weak and whoever drafted with that pick will unlikely to play a single NHL game within the first 2~3 years.