Talbot chasing a record and Oilers Trade options


Cam Talbot has 31 wins, which for Oilers goaltenders is the fifth most in a single season trailing Grant Fuhr, Tommy Salo, Andy Moog and Curtis Joseph.

Fuhr won 40 in 1987/88, Salo won 36 in 2000/01, Moog won 33 in 1982/1983 and Joseph won 32 in 1996/1997. Fuhr started 73 games when he won 40 games, due to Andy Moog holding out for a new contract and then getting traded to Boston.

In the four previous season Moog and Fuhr always split the regular season duties, which is why neither won more than 40 games in a season.

Season         Moog         Fuhr

1984            27-8-1       30-10-4
1985            22-9-3       26-8-7
1986            27-9-7       29-8-0
1987            28-11-3     22-13-3

When Moog won 33 in 1983, Fuhr wasn’t yet on the team and Moog only played in 50 games. In 1988, Fuhr set the franchise mark for games won and games played, 75, due to Moog’s absence. I suspect had either goalie had the chance to play 60-70 games between 1984-1987 they likely would have easily surpassed 40 wins.

Fuhr won the Vezina in 1988 and finished second to Mario Lemieux for the Hart trophy, although Lemieux won by a large margin.

Fuhr had an outstanding season and Talbot has an excellent chance to match or surpass some of his team records.

Talbot is having a stellar season and has a realistic shot to be one of the three Vezina trophy finalists. He is tied with Sergei Bobrovsky for second in wins with 31, trailing only Devan Dubnyk’s 32.

Talbot has played the most minutes (3,202), faced the most shots (1593), and has the most starts with 54. He is ninth in GAA, 2.36, and seventh in SV%, .921, among goalies with at least 30 starts.  He’s faced 200+ more shots than every goalie except Freddie Anderson.

The Oilers have 22 games remaining, and with only two sets of back-to-back, four two-day breaks and one three-day break remaining, I suspect Talbot will start 18 or 19 more games. I’m positive he’ll win at least six more games, so he’ll move into second place ahead of Salo and if he and the Oilers continue to play well, nine or ten wins is not unrealistic.

In 2001, when Salo won 36 games, he made 73 starts. He faced 1875 shots. Talbot has faced 1593 already and if he plays 18 more games he’s on pace to face 2,124 shots. That would be third all-time. Curtis Joseph faced 2,144 in 1996/97 in 72 appearances, while Bill Ranford holds the record of 2,325 in 1993/1994. Ranford was unreal that season and the Oilers still finished third worst in the standings. They were a bad team and Ranford faced a ridiculous amount of rubber.

In case you’re wondering, the NHL record for most shots faced in a season is 2,488 by Roberto Luongo in 2005/2006. He faced 2,475 in 2003/3004. Ranford sits seventh all-time.

The Oilers are on pace to finish the season with 98 points, the most since 1988 when they had 99, and it is fitting Talbot is chasing some of Fuhr’s records, which he established that same season.


Let's Make a Deal

The recent injuries to Adam Larsson and Andrej Sekera have many wondering if Peter Chiarelli might add a D-man at the deadline. It all depends on the severity of the injuries. It sounds like neither is season ending, and with Darnell Nurse set to return the Oilers still have six healthy defenders in Nurse, Oscar Klefbom, Kris Russell, Matt Benning, Brandon Davidson and Eric Gryba. They also have Jordan Oesterle, Mark Fayne and Griffin Reinhart in the minors if the injuries stretch into a few weeks.

Teams are often hush-hush about injuries publicly, but Chiarelli has six days to decide if he needs more depth. I’d be surprised if he adds a D-man, unless he knows one of Larsson or Sekera is done for the season.

The Penguins acquired Ron Hainsey today from Carolina for a second round pick and Danny Kristo. Kristo is an undersized offensive defender who was a second rounder in 2008. After three consecutive 43+ point seasons in the AHL he only has 13 points in 40 games this year. He is 26 and doesn’t look destined to be a regular NHL player.

Earlier this week, the Flames acquired Michael Stone from Arizona for a third rounder and a conditional fifth rounder in 2018. If he re-signs in Calgary the Coyotes get the fifth rounder.

So the price point looks like a second or third round pick for guys equivalent to Hainsey or Stone. Kevin Shattenkirk is the biggest name out there and he’ll cost much more, and he isn’t coming to Edmonton. He has a list of 12-14 teams he’d sign with and Edmonton isn’t on the list, so I don’t see him coming here and to be honest, I’d be surprised if the Blues trade him. They still believe they are a Cup contender, and moving one of their top defenders at the deadline won’t make them better.

The other UFA defenders potentially available include left-shooters Dmitri Kulikov in Buffalo, Kyle Quincey in New Jersey, Mark Streit and Michael Del Zotto in Philadelphia, Johnny Oduya in Dallas, Brendan Smith in Detroit, Patrick Wiercioch in Colorado and righty Cody Franson from Buffalo.

If Oduya’s ankle is good he’d be the most intriguing for me, but even then I’m not high on him. I know some like Franson, but I’ve never been a fan. I don’t like his footspeed, and his competitiveness is a concern for me in the playoffs. I’m not sure what he does well. He doesn’t PK very much in Buffalo, and he’s played the 68th most PP time among defenders, but he is 90th among the 95 who’ve played 50+ PP min in P/60 and tied for 82nd in points with two.

None of the available defenders jump off the screen, so even if one of Larsson or Sekera is out any length of time, I’d only add them if the cost was a fifth rounder.

Do any intrigue you? What do you think they would add?

I think the Oilers number one priority is a third line centre who can win draws. Brian Boyle and Martin Hanzal are the top two candidates available, I wrote about Boyle here, however, there are always a few surprise moves. Not many expected Patrick Maroon to be moved the week prior to the deadline. So maybe another centre becomes available prior to Wednesday’s deadline.


Valtteri Filppula is another option, but he has one year remaining at $5
million. Tampa Bay would need to retain close to half his salary, but he has 33 points this season, with 27 of them at EV.

He is 32 years old. He’s played 773 regular season games and 152 playoff games. His point-per-game in the regular season is 0.54, and he is 0.51 in the playoffs.

He has nine 30+ point seasons and four 40+ point campaigns. He has experience and he’s +1 with a 49.9 CF% on the 21st place Tampa Bay team.

He can handle himself against the opposition’s skilled players. He’s played the most EV against the likes of Claude Giroux, Jacob Voracek, John Tavares and other skilled forwards. His contract is the issue, and how much of an appetite Steve Yzerman has to trade him. I think Yzerman would consider moving Tyler Johnson before Filppula. Johnson can play with skilled players, and he’s been excellent the past two playoffs scoring 42 points in 47 games, but the Lightning have an abundance of small, skilled forwards and they really like rookie Brayden Point.

Johnson is 26. He’ll be an RFA this summer. He made $4 million this season with a $3.33 mill cap hit. He has averaged 53 points that past three seasons (50, 72, 38) and is on pace for 52 this year. So he’s a consistent producer. If you acquire him, there is no Nikita Kucherov to play with in Edmonton. Can he produce as much without him? I don’t know.

I don’t see Johnson as a guy who can fill a third line spot in the same fashion as a Filppula. Johnson is more of a skilled centre, but with Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl locked in as the #1 and #2 centres for the future, I don’t see it making much sense to acquire Johnson.

One final name I will throw out is John Mitchell in Colorado. He, like many Avs, is having a down year. He only has three points in 50 games. He’s playing 12:30/game. However, his previous four seasons were very consistent.

Year    GP        G-A-PTS

2013    47        10-10-20
2014    75        11-21-32
2015    68        11-15-26
2016    71        10-11-21

Over the past five seasons, including this year, 92 of his 102 points have come at EV. He has two SH points as well. He is having a dreadful offensive season this year, but he’s only -11 with a 49.9 CF% on a team who has been outscored 133-76 at 5×5 and out shot 1444-1244.

He isn’t a sexy name, but he’d cost very little and if Chiarelli can’t land Boyle, Hanzal or Filppula, he’ll need to look at other options. Mitchell has been consistent for four seasons, and for a low return I’d consider him.

Which centre would you want?

***Late addition***

Hanzal is 56% in faceoff this year.
Mitchell is 54.6%.
Boyle is 53.7%.
Johnson is 52.1%.
Filppula is 46.6%.

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    • Rama Lama

      I do not like when teams make deadline trades………this always seems to benefit the seller not the buyer.

      We have defenceman available in the minors that should be tested. Unless we know Larsen and Sekera are done for a long period of time, I say trading for a active defenceman is taking too much of a risk.

      Bring Fayne up and let Grayba have a string of games…….he deserves it.

    • Hockey123

      Talbot has a good chance of not playing well in the playoffs he has played too many games because Chia blew it getting a backup.

      Oilers are going to have a hard time scoring in the playoffs they need a sniper.

    • Muddy

      I really like Eaves out of Dallas, putting up ridiculous points on a tiny contract and is apparently a beast in the locker room. Seems like guys like that always make their way onto The Penguins, Blackhawks or Kings at the deadline but who knows maybe we are the 2017 version of LA….

    • Hockey123

      Boyle and Hana would help the team but still no scoring in the playoffs. Until they get a sniper Oilers will not preform well in the playoffs, Shattenkirk would help the team my only question about him is can you sign him and the cost.

    • Hockey123

      Funny how draft picks are so important for this Draft. I wish they would have thought of that in one of the strongest drafts in over a decade when they wasted picks #16 and #33 away on a slow skater that wasn’t even the best D on his AHL team.

      • McDavid's Comet

        The problem with Reinhard, he was supposed to come in and challenge for a roster spot in training camp. Unfortunately, Reinhard decided to come in to camp out-of-shape and, at the same time made the GM that traded for him looking like a complete shnook.

          • Jason Gregor

            MacT and Lowe had nothing to do with it. Chiarelli is final decision maker. He and Bob Green made this decision. Hasn’t panned out, but they were ones making the call. No one else.

            • btrain

              Exactly, it undermines Chiarelli’s intelligence and ability as a GM when people make excuses for him. He was in the big boy chair when the Reinhart trade was made, the responsibility falls on him. It is offensive to Chia to suggest otherwise.

          • McDavid's Comet

            What Gregor said. Charelli takes the bullet for that one. To Griffin’s credit it can take a defenseman many yrs. to be successful, so I’m still holding out hope for him.

          • OilersGM

            Why is it hard to fault Chia. He was brought here to fix those bums problems not to follow them. Wasn’t that obvious. My son (6 years old) would’ve known not to listen to MacT after the mess he made but Chia was a sucker.

      • Bucknuck

        You mean the same draft he traded for Talbot? Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. The team is winning now since they have defense and a goalie. For ten years the other guys couldn’t figure that out. I’m not going to trifle now over some misfires.

        • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

          Barzal looks like a pretty big misfire though…

          They never needed another LHD, Those are the kind of mistakes they did for ten years……..

          • Bucknuck

            If Reinhart turned into Jason Smith would it have been OK? I’m not convinced they would have selected Barzal. It was certainly a misfire, but adding d-men isn’t a bad thing when Schultz is your number 1. I had high hopes for Reinhart, but ce la vie.

          • Rock11

            Of for #$%^&*& sake with the Barzal BS. What in the history of Peter Chiarelli makes you think he was going to draft and undersized scoring forward for this team at that time. The Oilers could have had 5 picks in a row there and they would not have drafted Barzal. Let it go.

          • Mike Krushelnyski

            Can we please stop bemoaning the loss of Barzal before he’s played 1 NHL game? He’s quick and has nice hands, but small guys who can rag the puck all over the place in Junior often get a rude awakening when they find out opponents won’t let you do that in the NHL.

          • FISTO Siltanen

            Why does everyone key on Chiarelli for this when the Bruins had THREE straight chances to take him and, by early indications, chose to waste them all.

            At least Reinhart seems to be having a strong second half in Bakersfield.

    • freelancer

      Interested to see how expansion affects the deadline this year. Gregor do you see some teams acquiring players with some time left on their contracts for the sole purpose of hoping Vegas takes them as opposed to another roster player?

      • Jason Gregor

        I’d be surprised. Teams who add at deadline want to add to help for playoffs, or like Maroon deal last year, add someone who think makes you better as a bottom feeder.

        There are only a handful of teams who potentially could lose a real difference maker or “glue guy” on their team.

        And since everyone loses one, if they all lose a similar skilled player it won’t impact teams very much, if any.

        I suspect you will see trades before expansion from teams looking to get something instead of losing a decent player for nothing.

        • RyanCoke

          Ok I am not normally the grammer police JG but this one is a pet peeve of mine and you are a journalist so I hold you to a higher standard. Everyone loses a player no looses. They all lose a similar player not loose. You either win a game or lose a game, everyone knows that but people still misspell lose as loose all the time. Later on you actually said it correctly with everyone losing a decent player not loosing. I actually read up on a highly recommended doctor and on his website he made the same mistake. I chose a different doctor for that reason alone. This was just a friendly tip and hopefully it helps in the future.

    • Hockey123

      If Oilers can find

      1. Right handed offensive D-man

      2. A goal scorer/sniper

      3. 3 rd line centre

      4. Backup goalie

      I think eventually they ill compete for a cup

      • McDavid's Comet

        What the they need is:

        1. 3rd line centre

        2. RH defenseman whom can quarterback the PP

        3. MAYBE a backup goalie (regular season purposes) however when the playoffs start Talbot will play every game. Brossoit still may need more seasoning in AHL.

        We don’t need a sniper, we do have Eberle, (calm down Eberle haters) he COULD be pure gold in playoffs. Hate to get rid of him based on a poor season. Lots of time for him to flick-the-switch and get hot before playoffs.

        No matter what PC does, we’re a good team that can at least challenge for a couple rnds. in the playoffs and at best get to the SC. Anything can happen in the playoffs, we know this because of 2006.

        • btrain

          There are no qualifications necessary to be a fan. Let that sink in for a second.

          1. We have a D tied for 3rd in the league for goals scored and several other D men contributing at an average league pace. So the need for a RHD with offense has reduced and is not urgent.

          2. Goal scorer/sniper, The Oilers are 1 of 5 teams who have 3 guys with 20 or more goals. 8 teams including Preds & Wild have yet to have any player hit 20.

          3. 3rd line right shot center would be a nice addition I will give you that. However, a top 9 veteran RW with scoring touch is more urgent. Unless you get a center that can do both.

          4. Could use a back-up tender at a good price point but when the team gets better and develops a winning reputation and consistency, they will start to make back-up tenders look better than they are.

    • OilCan2

      I think the centers we have are up to the task.

      Talbot will have a good shot at the record and I hope he breaks it.

      LB is worthy of a shot at a few more games. My feeling is he could bloom this spring.

      Is PC holding out for that SUPER GOOD deal? I hope so.

      • toprightcorner

        The Oilers will not go far in the playoffs if they continue to win only 47% of the draws, so in that way, the centers are not good enough.

        OILERS ARE CURRENTLY LAST IN FACEOFF %, by a large margin. This should be one of Chairelli’s top priorities in the off season. Until they get to that 49-50% range, advancing in the playoffs will be very dificult.

        • pkam

          In last year playoff, 3 of the 4 best faceoff teams were out in the 1st round. And the other one, the Islanders were out in the 2nd round.

          Sharks were the worst faceoff team and they made it the SC final. And Bolts were the 2nd worst and they made it to the East conference final.

          It sure is nice to have better faceoff %, but it is not as critical as you think.

          • Not a First Tier Fan

            I don’t disagree that winning face-offs doesn’t necessarily win a team the cup. But it sure helps when you have the puck to start the play rather than having to chase and then win a puck battle to get it all the time.

            A centre with a good face off percentage won’t suddenly turn the teams overall percentage around – but he would he handy in key situations and could help teach the kids a thing or two.

            That’s only if Chia takes the plunge and trades for a centre anyways. Personally I’m happy with our centre depth already.

        • OilersGM

          The difference between 47% and 50% in the face off is only 1 to 2 more faceoffs won. I agree you have too be a good faceoff team but I think the percentage is little overblown.

    • Craig1981

      I think the shootout and 3 on 3 overtime greatly deminish Talbots record compared to the other goalies. Thats not to say he hasn’t had a great season, but Fuhr had 9 ties…..its likely he would of had 5+ more wins in thos format

    • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

      Gregor………….You’re kinda starting to sound like a real Oilers fan….lol

      Also, I heard or read (not sure which) that they’re teams in the North that Shattenkirk has put on his list?

      As for trade players, I’ve also said Hanzel or Boyle are a must.

      Boyle will cost you more, I really like the 100 games of playoff experience he could bring!

      Hanzel might bring a little more offence though.

      These two should be a high priority for PC

    • bazmagoo

      Really not a fan of comparing these win records from different eras. In Fuhr’s era there were ties, now there is not. How many of Talbots’s wins came off of a shootout? These are all opportunities Fuhr didn’t have in 87/88. Not trying to discount Cam’s accomplishments this season, but win records should really be pre and post the Bettman point era.

    • bazmagoo

      I think all the center talk could be a distraction tactic from Chiarelli. Right wing help and backup goalie seem like way more pressing issues for this team. Slepyshev isn’t ready now, Pitlick’s injured, Eberle’s having a down year, Draisaitl’s playing out of position (amazingly well), and Kassian is a lock on the 3rd/4th line. That’s not enough depth in the position, a rental RW would definitely be helpful in our situation. Brossoit is debatebly ready for the backup goalie spot, but are we confident in him if Cam gets injured in the playoffs?

    • toprightcorner

      Oilers desperately need to improve in the faceoff circle. My preference would be Boyle but with the stubborn Yzerman looking for a 1st, I would tell him to suck rocks unless they can talk to Boyle and he shows interest in signing with Edmonton when he hits free agency.

      Mitchells 55% faceoff would be the cheapest addition, probably a 4th rounder, he won’t add more offense to the 3rd line but he would win faceoffs. Even play him on the wing with Nuge but take the draws.

      I would prefer smaller adds without giving up more than a 3rd round right now, or make a good trad like Nuge for Faulk or

    • toprightcorner

      Derek Ryan would be a great add as well, 42G 8-10-18 57% face off (8th best in league with over 400 draws).

      He would be cheap (3rd or 4th) and help the team on the dot where they currently suck! Also a right shot.

    • Not a First Tier Fan

      Looks like I’m not the first to chime in about face-offs and I agree with previous posters wholeheartedly. IF we go for a centre it should be for one that improves our face off percentage… which unfortunately seems to rule out Flippula. If we need a centre then put me down for Hanzal, Mitchell or Boyle please…

      Talbot is a beast and only seems to play better the more busy he is. It’s the days off and long period of rests that worry me with him. Our dude in the crease is fine – although a better back-up might be in order… I like Broissoit just fine but really don’t think he’s shown that he has what it takes yet. Maybe next year?

      • Jason Gregor

        He has 12 goals and 36 points in 175 career NHL games.

        Don’t see him being a guy to step in right away. In future could help, but is a projection right now. Not a proven NHL producer thus far.

    • hags437

      I would love to see an Eberle for Gallagher + trade to happen. Oilers save money and get a grittier player who could probably work well with Connor. I don’t mind Ebs but he’s too soft and Gallagher brings jam and a nose for the net. Make it happen Pete!

    • Drawn and Quarterly

      It’s kind of amazing that two posts criticizing spelling errors on the site can’t, you know, actually spell ‘grammar.’ Only on the internet, folks!

    • Arminius

      You are correct in saying Shattenkirk has no interest in coming to Edmonton. Edmonton is certainly not on his list. He already turned down an offer from the Coilers this summer.

      Hell even people in Barrhead don’t want to go to Edmonton, never mind bonafide NHL stars

      • Orm Nullman

        I think he is lonely. No one on Flames Nation to talk to and Thusnelda has banished him to the living room couch. She is PO’d with him since he’d rather troll ON than spend quality time with her.

    • Anton CP

      Think Vanek is a better fit for the Oilers if it only going to cost a forth round or lower. However as the Oilers are not a real contender yet that it is more logical to make moves during off season. The team need some playoffs to see how will they perform in post season.