As the Mighty Edmonton Oilers surge towards a playoff appearance the Real Life hosts discuss playoff formats, who the Oilers should face in a perfect world and Strudwick suggests emulating MLB playoff formats with a Play In game where the 9th team in each conference would get a single playoff game at the end of the year.

Wanye doesn’t want anything to do with messing with playoff formats, happy his heroes are finally in the dance.
With the professional items off the list of things to discuss things devolved into name calling, sister naming and Gregor is accused of polygamy. That’s Real Life for you!
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  • Due to a recent sickness where I was bed-ridden, but also wasn’t able to watch Netflix without getting a headache, I opted to finally catch up on the Real Life podcast. I heard the first and saw a lot of potential.

    Well, I breezed through the rest up until Ep. 16 and I gotta say it’s good stuff. Wayne is sharp and witty like I imagined him to be, Gregor does a great job of moving things along with his radio experience, and Strudwick’s stories are always great.

    In fact, I’ve lost 7 lbs while listening to the podcasts! Some say that was the all fluid diet over a week but I think the podcast correlation is stronger.

    (I also got caught up on the Taggart and Torrens Podcast and that’s great too, I’d recommend that as well)