Whatever you did on Wednesday, do the opposite of that

With the Oilers getting pumped for the last 2/3 of Wednesday’s game I think that we need to do our part to reverse the tides and help our boys in orange get back in the series. If we’re going to make it work we’re going to have to do it together.

Over on Twitter, Wanye started off the idea that we should maybe start doing the opposite of what we did to prepare for Wednesday’s game. Firstly, the fact that it’s Good Friday means that most of you probably aren’t working today and that’s already a good start.

I’m not sure how superstitious you all are but I for one am looking for things that I can do to make sure I’m doing my part and sending out the best possible vibes into the universe that I can. I’m not saying that this is a must-win game but it is probably as close as you can get, and that means we all need to work together to make the ‘W’ happen.


  • Did you wear a jersey on Wednesday? Chuck on a different one or maybe some NationGear.
  • Did you eat wings on Wednesday? Why not go for the calamari?
  • Did you watch the game by yourself? Go make a friend.
  • Do you normally drink coffee? How about a nice Earl Grey?
  • Watch the game with friends? Maybe find a dark corner with a TV where you can watch it by yourself.
  • Did you drink beer? Switch to rums like I’m doing.
  • Are you mad about the snow? Get out there and do a McSnow angel.
  • Did you watch the game at the Pint Downtown? Switch it up to our other #ONHQ headquarters at Knoxville’s.
  • Are you a dog person? Find a cat and pet it lovingly.
  • Love rock music? Find some glowsticks and crank the EDM.
  • Did you start your playoff beard on Wednesday? Shave it and start again.
  • Refrained from self pleasure? Time to let the poison out.
  • Going to the game but worried about the bathroom lines? We have a solution.


I need you guys to tell me which ideas I missed and what else we can do to pass along our positive vibes to the Oilers. Or maybe you just think I’m being overdramatic and that this whole thing is ridiculous. Either way, let me know in the comments section.