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Leon Draisaitl Receives Hearing With Department of Player Safety **UPDATED**

After being ejected in last night’s game for spearing Chris Tierney in the pills, Leon Draisaitl has earned a hearing with the department of player safety.

Even though Draisaitl is getting called to the principal’s office I can’t help but think that the result is more likely to be a fine given to the big German rather than a suspension. If you think that Sidney Crosby got away with a similar play without even drawing a two-minute minor then Draisaitl, who has no history with the DoPS, should hopefully be able to catch a break. Not to mention, the NHL only suspended Matt Calvert one game for breaking his stick on another player which seems way worse than what happened last night.

From where I blog, having Draisaitl ejected and missing about 25 minutes (give or take) of last night’s game as well as the fact that Tierney returned to the game unscathed should be taken into consideration when the NHL issues their ruling. I’m not saying that what he did was right, but I am saying that he’s already missed almost half of a playoff game as a result of his actions. To suspend him further would seem excessive considering how the DoPS has handled these type of plays throughout the playoffs.

To this point in the series, Draisaitl has been completely shut down throughout the series and his frustration clearly hit its boiling point when he made the decision to use his stick to high-five Tierney in the figs. Through four games, Leon Draisaitl has only one shot and no points. Hopefully, the NHL only gives him a fine and he can use this mini scare to get himself going for Game 5 on Thursday night.


The DoPS came back with a ruling that sees Leon Draisaitl being fined the max allowed in the CBA which is $2569.44. Lunch money.