The Capilano Rehab Injury Report – Is Draisaitl Injured?

I think Leon Draisaitl is playing injured, and it’s affecting our offence like nobody’s business.

Leon hasn’t been the same Leon we’ve seen and loved in the last half of the regular season. He’s been unnoticeable in the first four games of the playoffs and it’s really, REALLY annoying cause I have him in my fantasy pool. Also, WE NEED HIM TO SCORE GOALS TO WIN GAMES.

The only practical explanation for his lack of offence besides a slump, is that he’s hurt. Y’all remember when he tripped and fell violently into the boards head first a few games back? I can’t actually find the clip, but I’m pretty sure it happened in game one. Anyways, if he was 100% healthy, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have missed two straight optional practices, AND have been taken off the top line.

Yes, Todd McLellan could have separated him and Connor because of their lack of production together, OR they got separated because Draisaitl is legitimately injured and can’t keep up with the top line. Either I’m just making up excuses for a 7-0 stomping last night, or I’m on to something. Obviously we won’t find out anything until after we won the Stanley Cup, but the evidence is adding up. Maybe Leon needs a one-game suspension for some rest on his body? Just kidding, I don’t think he’ll actually get suspended.

Whether he’s injured or not, I’m crossing my fingers that Draisaitl is back to himself for game five. We need you Big Sexy 2.0!

Tyler Pitlick

Do we miss Tyler Pitlick? I mean, I really do miss him, but I can’t stop thinking about how much different our team would be right now if Pitlick never got injured. Would he have continued his fourth line scoring dominance? Would he have fell of the score sheet all together and sent to the minors? We’ll never know will we… all because of stupid, breakable, MCL’s.

Andrew Ference

I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Ference on the weekend when he came out with Polar Park Brewery to the Pint and poured some beers! Andrew bought a pint of NationBeer for the first 100 people that came through the door and poured them himself. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to ask him about his hip, and what he thinks about having a 559 day injury streak in my report, but maybe next time. I wish Andrew all the best in the future after his official retirement.

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  • MrBung

    I don’t think it is an injury affecting Draisaitl but the intensity of play and the tight game being played. It has shutdown everyone on the Oilers not just Drai. I am sure there are a bunch of guys playing through injuries on the Sharks and they are getting it done.

  • pkam

    I think Drisaitl is out of gas. Remember he ran out of gas around 60 games last season. Including the Olympic qualification and world cup, he has played about 100 games so far this year. I was surprised he still had gas left by the end of the regular season. I don’t think one can jump from having gas for about 60 games to 100+ games.

  • BlueHairedApe

    Three players that I think are struggling mightily so far in the playoffs. Drai, Lucic, & Maroon. It’s almost like all three are nursing some ailments. If two out of three don’t show up tomorrow we’re done.

    • Moneyball

      Lucic has been fine but Draisaitl, Maroon have been ghosts. It would be nice for Eberle and Nuge to get a goal or two, they have been playing well and deserve it.