Real Life Podcast 26 – Ryan Smyth

The original recording of the show this week was supposed to be at 10 AM. At the last minute it got moved to 6 PM. Wanye entered the studio spazzing out “why do we move the show time all around? This is absurd! I have a life you know. “Well Wanye” replied Gregor with the height of maturity “that was the only time Smyth could do it.”

“Smyth? Ryan or Kevin?” Wanye replied at the top of his lungs.

This week’s episode features Ryan Smyth featuring an overexcited Wanye in what critics are calling “the most entertaining and least professional interview in the history of recorded voice.” Smytty talks 2006 Cup Run, what the Oilers need to do in Game 7 to defeat the Ducks and Wanye literally begs him to come out of retirement.

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