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WWYDW: So, you see Connor McDavid at the airport…

It’s Game 7 tonight, and given that the Edmonton Oilers haven’t played in one since 2006 that’s been a dominant topic today. So we’re going to leave it alone for a moment and focus on something completely different.

In this week’s edition of What Would You Do Wednesday, we ask what the proper etiquette is when you see Connor McDavid (or Todd McLellan, or someone else associated with the team) in a public place.

The inspiration for this question, if you haven’t seen it, is a couple of photos of McDavid at the airport that went viral on social media today:

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McDavid was asked about the photo on the left by CBC’s Min Dhariwal, and had a bit of fun with his answer:

That’s straight from the McLellan playbook when it comes to discussing fan interactions; the Edmonton coach has often joked about getting advice from fans when he’s out living his day-to-day life. Those kinds of jokes are a reflection of the special nature of living and playing in a hockey-mad market. For better and occasionally for worse people recognize players and coaches and those kinds of interactions can make life easier or more difficult for players, depending on their personalities.

But that’s all from the player’s perspective. What we want to know today is, as a fan, what do you do? Do you strike up a conversation, or ask for a photo or autograph? Do you play it cool and leave them in peace? Or does it just depend on the situation? Let us know in the comments.

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  • puckNlazy

    You don’t do what these fans did that’s for sure. Just because he’s in the public eye doesn’t mean you have the right to invade his personal space. He’s clearly not comfortable with that so back off. Asking for a picture is one thing. Those examples above are just embarrassing.

  • Retired Secret Agent

    Leave them in peace, When they’re not at the rink, they’re not at work. They deserve some respect and privacy. I’ve seen numerous Oilers when out and about over the years and I’d smile and always got one back. Once I was in a grocery store line behind Dave Semenko, long after he retired, and he was still a very intimidating looking dude. As I was unloading the cart for my wife he turns around asks me how it’s going. Had brief chat with what turned out to be a really nice, regular guy. But I’d never try and start up a conversation.

  • LotusSpirit

    I’ve seen players out and about, I’ve said hi sometimes but really just leave them alone. Whether they’re alone or especially with their families, I consider them off duty so to speak, lol. If I want an autograph or a picture, I’ll go to a pre-arranged signing session. Just let them live their lives 😉

  • Mar10

    Working at WEM, we see players alot since im right smack dab in the middle. I personally just like to yell out their name and give em a nice thumbs up and some love, but some players actually like the pictures. My coworker on the other hand….no personal space. LOL

  • toprightcorner

    I have seen numerous Oilers at restaurants or the mall. I grew up less than a mile away from Gretzky’s acerage house in the 80’s and seen him numerous times. Not once have I ever approached them for an autograph, a photo or to even shake their hand. I have given them a curious nod, even a thumbs up. The most I did was during the 2006 playoff run, I seen Hemsky, Horcoff, York and Tarnstrom when they were out for dinner during the 3rd round. As I left and walked by their table, I just said “keep it up boys, the city is proud of you”. they reacted with a smile and a nod.

    These guys deserve their space, they have a life they are trying to live and are barely allowed to. Get your autographs and pictures after games, during autograph sessions or when they are made publicly available. Other than that, leave them alone, maybe a nod to recognise them and they will appreciate that you didn’t invade their space.

    If these players can’t have an assemblance of life away from the rink, what makes them want to stay in Edmonton if they can’t enjoy their family and friends.

  • Amorphous

    I saw Nuge once in West Edmonton Mall, or rather my bf did (he’s not an edmonton fan but I am). So, he told me rather loudly; “Hey, that’s Nuge over there”. Now, I am a giant for a female at 6’3″. So Nuge and his buddies kinda looked at us like what are you going to do. So I just smiled and said “He’s pretty short, not even as tall as me”. His buddies started laughing and nudged him a bit and we just kept going.
    I think they should be mostly left alone. A smile or a nod is enough. They have lives they want to live and don’t need to be harassed every minute of the day.