Real Life Podcast Episode 27 – Matt Hendricks

If you listened in last week you would have heard Wanye’s brain melting as the trio spoke with none other than Ryan Smyth despite Gregor’s original promise that Wanye would “never have to meet a celebrity or talk to an Oiler if he does the podcast.”

Thankfully Smytty was on the phone and that was the sole thing preventing Wanye from spinning completely off his axis. This week there was no such distance between the guest and the hosts as Matt Hendricks visited in the studio.

Perhaps it was because Wanye was impossibly equally excited as last week or perhaps it was the fact he has absolutely no media training whatsoever – either way, he asked Hendricks a simple question “tell us about your climb into the NHL and your career so far.”

What came after that was a very interesting interview with a player that fought for every inch in his entire 10-year NHL career. It is definitely worth a listen.

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