Report: Oilers moving on from Pitlick

According to TSN’s Ryan Rishaug, the Oilers are expected to move on from UFA winger Tyler Pitlick.

Rishaug also noted that he felt the signing of Zack Kassian spelt the end of Pitlick’s time.

Battling injuries his whole career, Pitlick never was able to get his legs underneath him. Despite that, this last season he broke out.

In 31 games, he scored eight goals and three assists for 11 points. He put up more numbers in that time than any of his previous tenures.

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Sadly, an ACL tear in December ended his season and also his time with the Oilers.

His 2.22 points per hour at 5v5 were second highest on the Oilers next to Connor McDavid.

Pitlick was drafted in the second round by the Oilers in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft. In his first year in the organization, he played 62 games followed by 44 in 2012-2013.

After that, he never was able to play in more than 40 games in the AHL or NHL.

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I always liked Pitlick and was very impressed with his tenure last year. It’s too bad that the Oilers won’t give him another shot as a bottom-six guy.

The Oilers do appear to be looking for someone to fill the depth AHL/NHL winger role that Pitlick has played for the last few years. Earlier today, the Oilers and Landon Ferraro as a potential option by Darren Dreger.

Ferraro has largely underwhelmed in his NHL time.

These are his 5v5 numbers for his career: 687:17 TOI, 42.3 CF%, 40 GF%, 99 PDO, .96 P/60, 6.41 sh%.

None the less, stay tuned to OilersNation for all the breaking news tomorrow.

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Recently, I’ve joined forces with a group of Oilers fans in Calgary. One man, Peter Bray, who started the @oilersyyc twitter account hosted some playoff parties during the Oilers playoff run.

Filling a local bar called the Pig and Duke, Oilers fans flocked to cheer on the team.

This pushed him towards the idea of starting a podcast which I have jumped on board with.

We just released our first episode today where I interviewed Oilers photoshop extraordinaire @isuckatpicking.

Give it a listen and stay tuned for more episodes to come. We are currently working on landing more guests and have already scored some big name media members.

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Head over to the oilersyyc website to catch the first episode, or tune into the soundcloud link below.


    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      ya, his talent may be finally starting to show, but a 15 to 20 goal season was flushed down the toilet with yet another injury. he’s a good package athletically but just too injury prone. i have said it before that i wouldn’t be surprised if he goes home and signs in Minnesota.

    • fisherprice

      Michael Stone is bad. He’s been fed soft minutes his entire career and has been garbage the whole time. The Stone signing and both goalie signings are the things giving me faith that the Flames won’t overtake the Oilers this year in the standings.

      • HardBoiledOil 1.0

        i know Oiler fans are freaking a bit with all the moves the Lames are making and very little by the Oilers but that’s only because they needed to make these moves just to keep up with the Oilers! i still don’t think they are as good a team as we are despite our lack of player movement.

        • Bagged Almond Milk

          The Oilers will be way better just with McDavid, Drai, Nurse, Klef, Larson and benning all taking a step forward. Smith is likely no better than Elliot was, and probably worse at this point. I’m not in the slightest worried about the Flames as long as McDavid and Talbot are on the team. Their D is good but not good enough to contain McDavid

          • MrBung

            I think with the Flames, their defence beats Edmonton’s hands down. Also, I think the Flames goaltending has got marginally better, but probably just for next season. I see him falling off. But enough to make a difference next season. He was one of the few bright spots in the desert last season. The Flames have more depth around their scoring. The Oil have the McDavid/Drai factor but nothing much else. Maroon – who knows – one season of upped production. The Flames were not as bad as the start last season and not as good as their finish. This season, I expect them to be somewhat better overall than they were last season. They will likely split the games with the Oil at the least. No season sweeps for sure.

        • Dr

          I posted this earlier, and even with Stone signed, standby it:
          I’m not sold on Calgary. They had a ten game winning streak. That’s 12% of the season. The other 88% of the season, they were only three or four games over 500. They limped into the playoffs on a 6-7 pace. In that ten game stretch, they beat 7 non-playoff teams. From December 5 to the end of the regular season, they had only 4 regulation time wins against playoff teams. Then they got swept.
          They then add a 35 yearold goalie, and second pairing dman that everyone thinks is Scott Stevens, a young prospect who has played more AHL games than NHL games, and a career backup goalie.
          So, was their record indicative of a team that is capable of scorching the league and putting together numerous winning streaks, or was it inflated? I tend to look at 88% of the season, and I see a team that was barely of 500, which is not an accomplishment in the Bettman point era. They were barely over 500 with the “great d-core” of Hamilton, Brodie, Giordano. I don’t know if these additions are going to make them a contender.
          The Oilers, on the other hand, finished with 103 points, despite poor seasons from RNH, Eberle, Pouliot, and Lucic. They could’ve been better.

          • Keepyourstickontheice

            Calgary is in just as bad of a cap spot as we are, and they don’t have any superstar contracts they’re trying to wrangle with. Pretty telling if you ask me.

          • Freddie the fog

            Over at Flames nation their main blogger Ari something or other is declaring the Flames as a team thats all in and is ready to take on a serious cup run THIS YEAR ! Im all for fan optimism if thats your team but those kinds of declarations, backed up by alot of their posters, doesn’t pass the laugh test. Calgary’s goaltending has the potential to b worse than last year. Their offence scares nobody. And their big splash dman is highly overrated. Hamonics corsi over the past 3 seasons averaged out is ranked 120 something out of 189 dmen that have played a minimum of 1500 minutes. Winning now ? Good luck with that. At least they will b drafting in a decent slot over the next few years….oh wait a minute ..they traded most of their high picks away didnt they.

          • OTOF2

            Sounds like you are trying to convince yourself. Keep saying it and maybe it sticks. Take 10 wins away from the Oil and it keaves them with only 83 points. The fact is Calgary did win 10 in a row.

        • Freddie the fog

          What ? Point is moot. Season over . We did have 100+ points..and despite Calgarys 10 game win streak over bottom feeders ( mostly) they finished behind the Oilers in the standings and didnt win a playoff game. I dont have to ” convince” myself of anything. The point ..i think its funny that alot of posters over on Flames Nation are pretty sure they have a cup contender now based on a couple middling deals.

        • Homer

          What in gods name are you talking about?!? We lost soft perimeter player in Eb’s he well not be missed. Lucic and Nuge will have better years anyone who plays with Connor will score as much or more then Eb’s. Making moves don’t always help a team the lames have made a pile and it’s debatable if they’re a better team then the bubble team they where last year. We could’ve very easily been in the conference finals last year have you forgotten?

  • fisherprice

    It’s a shame but the writing was on the wall ever since the Oilers drafted Tyler Benson to fill the role of “seemingly good player but we can’t really tell because he’s injured all the time.”

    • Bagged Almond Milk

      I still think the Oilers should have taken Debrinkat with the Benson pick…. I’ll be more than willing to eat crow on that one if Benson turns out. I really hope he does, but I think that was a miss…. Oh well, with Kailer Yamo that potential mistake is pretty much rectified, and there wouldn’t be room for both smurfs IMO

      • madjam

        I think the both are much on par , even though Hopkins outpointed him by two points this year and Duchenes was a whopping plus minus -35 . Both about same size . Who do think is so much better than the other one ?

        • Randaman

          If you really have to ask who I think is the better of the two, I then question your hockey sense. Duchene over Nuge any day of the week. +/- on a Colorado team has absolutely no bearing.

          • btrain

            You are blinded by having way too much exposure to RNH (good and bad) while having minimal exposure and mostly positive exposure to Duchene. Let’s face it if he was an Oilers and played like he did last year he would have been the favourite whipping boy of this fan base. Besides it really comes down to what aquiring teams need and most often they value centerman over wingers. So even if Duchene is likely good for a few more points, RNH brings a lot more (PK, can run a PP, top line shut down ability, top line minutes ability, likely more offence in the right system). I think madjam is right to think the value would be close and higher for RNH for those teams with need at center.

    • fisherprice

      Considering Rishaug is the Oilers beat reporter for the biggest sports network in Canada and has multiple inside connections with the franchise, I don’t really think this counts as a “reporter’s own opinion”.

  • oilfan4ever

    In order to improve this season we need a small improvement from our top 6 an big improvement in our bottom6. This is another move along with Poo , to tryand fix the last two lines. I bet if Pitlick was willing to sign a two way deal ,Chia would have signed him as adepth foeward. Good luck Tyler wherever you end up.

    • TrueBlue

      I agree this offseason was the one to make moves. Chia has done nothing. Very disappointing. We have not gotten better, we have lost players or gotten worse ones and have less cap space.

    • Freddie the fog

      Amen to that ! Has Chia been so consumed with the Mcdavid, Draisatl contracts that he hasnt invested enough time in filling out our roster to make it even better this year ? And as far as he needs to know how much Connor and Leons contracts are coming in at before he can do much of anything else COME ON …even you and i can say its going to be in the 20 -21.5 mil dollar range. So plan for that. Are we really going into nxt season with LB as our backup with no competion in training camp ? Are u comfortable with that? Im sure as hell not. And a utility C that can win alot of draws would have been on my shopping list. Meanwhile MSM keeps reporting that july 1 and the rest of the summer is going to b a quiet one for the Oilers ? Im not saying we should b making a ” big splash” but their is work to be done outside of 2 big contracts to be signed.

      • JimmyV1965

        We have 10 roster players 24 or younger. There will be plenty of internal growth. Five or six of these guys are key players who have already established themselves and I would expect growth. Even RNH doesn’t turn 25 until April. Calgary’s best player is 34. And any team with Johnny Hockey as their best player should be very very concerned.

        • Flint

          I count 12 roster players unless you’re excluding D and the backup. Calgary does have Dougie Hamilton who is 24. And Monahan is only 22 w/ 107 career goals already (which is 12 more than Nuge in 75 less games). They maybe aren’t the Flames best player, but realistically they’re pretty good.

    • Homer

      Making trades to a team that was one goal away from conference finals because? Man glad this comment section isn’t GM I ain’t no genius but I’m betting PC knows a bit more then us. Very short memories for a lot of commentators here

  • Spiel

    Pitlick was part of the haul of draft picks in 2010 that was supposed to turn the team around. Oilers had 11 picks in 2010, none are currently in the organization.

  • Freddie the fog

    I dont think he would have wanted to come back . If its me im thinking my luck has been so terrible here that its time for a fresh start. He’s a good kid and i wish him luck. I hope his hometown team Minnesota gives him a shot

  • nuge2drai

    Commodore claiming Iginla is on his way to Edmonton.

    Also Justin Williams down to Nashville, Calgary and Edmonton. Favouring Edmonton.

    Also reports Drai may be traded for Duchene as he is pricing himself out of Edmonton.

  • Freddie the fog

    Calgary is done making moves. Last i checked after the Stone signing they have 9 mil left in cap space and 3 RFAs they want/need to sign in Ferland, Lazar, and Bennet. Not much left there. We’re sitting on 18+ mil in Cap space. With one key signing to make.

  • The reason is that Edmonton is officially in the same situation as Chicago. The good news is that they are no longer desperately signing players in hope of finding hidden gems. On the other hand, they cannot afford to pay players to tag along. I think that every Oilers can was pulling for Pitlick, and from the comments it seems that we all still are. But, Chiarelli sees the next season as an excellent window to make a run for the cup since McDavid will be on his last cheap contract. Expect Edmonton to sign at least one veteran player on Saturday and possibly two. This summer, the Oilers are not looking to sign players that MIGHT help them win. They can only afford to sign players that WILL help them make a run at the cup.

  • Jay (not J)

    It’s interesting, but right now it looks like Chia has come up with a forward scheme where no one plays on the wing, or if someone is going to play there, it doesn’t really matter who. We wait and watch…

    BTW anyone see Samwise go to Vancouver? If he mixes it up with Kass and gets injured again, do we cheer this time?