Rogers Place bathrooms to get upgraded

According to Vinesh Pratap from Global, two of the bathrooms at Rogers Place will be expanded in order to be able to better accommodate the ridiculous lines that seem to form during every intermission.

These are the kind of stories that I was born to cover. Bathroom talk? I’m all over it. As an avid Oilers fan and all-star beer drinker, I’d say that the worst part about being at an Oilers game is easily waiting to use the bathroom and I was pretty excited to find out that they were trying to make the situation better. If you’ve never been to Rogers Place, the bathroom lines take forever to move which creates a possibility that you end up missing part of the game because of it. Frankly, it’s annoying to have to play bathroom roulette every time you have to clear space for the next round of cold ones.

For the price you have to pay to get into the building, and the amount of money it took to build in the first place, you’d think that having enough bathrooms to satisfy its customers would have one of the first items on the Rogers Place to-do list. If you thought a quick and stress-free pee was on the horizon when the new barn opened up, you would have been sorely mistaken. How bad did it get? Real bad.

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Check out the video above that I tweeted out during Game 1 of the playoffs against San Jose. It took me a little more than 40 seconds to walk from the front of the line to the back of the line, and when you’ve got places to be and bladders to empty that’s a wait that is far too long. As if doing a 15-minute piss dance isn’t bad enough in itself, I actually missed two goals during the playoffs because I was standing in line for the bathrooms. I missed the OT winner for the Sharks in Game 1 because I was in line and then I missed the Oilers’ second goal in Game 5 for the same reason. That’s not cool, and I doubt I was the only one.

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While you may say that I just drink too much (I’d probably agree with you), I don’t think that it’s unreasonable to expect to be able to use the bathroom at a venue without having to miss part of the event. I don’t care whether you’re going to the 38th Garth Brooks concert or your first ever Oilers game, you shouldn’t have to make the choice between watching the event you paid for or pissing your pants because you can’t get to a bathroom. Frankly, I’d like to know how many dudes snuck quick leaks in the stairwell over the course of the season because they couldn’t handle the wait? There has to be a couple, right?

In the end, I give the Oilers credit for recognizing that there is an issue and taking steps to rectify it. That said, I don’t know how much expanding only two bathrooms is going to help considering each line seems somehow longer than the next. There’s also the fact that the number of bathrooms needed was grossly underestimated in the first place. How did that even happen? I don’t know who’s job it was to figure how many people will need to pee during a 20-minute intermission, but they missed hard on that swing. While I’m thankful that they’re taking steps to improve the situation, I have a hard time believing that upgrading two of the many many bathrooms is going to help all that much. Maybe it’s time to bring back playing swords?

What say you, Nation?

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  • RightOnEh

    The Loge and Suite levels have plenty of bathrooms, which skews the stats that OEG like to quote. 99,999 bathrooms in the building doesn’t matter if they’re not accessible to 80% of the fans.

  • mroiler

    I can’t believe how they bungled the bathrooms in what is otherwise a perfect building. Only two bathrooms will be upgraded? They’ll have to X10 these two to make a difference. Seriously dumb mistake.

  • Cycko101

    You know if we weren’t so pre-occupied with privacy (here’s looking at you, guy that wants a privacy screen between every urinal – USE A STALL) we could fix this issue by just creating urinal troughs or pushing the urinals closer together (like rexal). Most people are probably half drunk already and likely really just want to be watching the game, they probably don’t care about anyone seeing their peep (why are you looking at other people anyway?!?).

    Total unconnected thought… maybe they can install some TV’s through the line area so you can see what’s going on on the ice??

    • DodgerBlue

      They need to paint boxes 3′ from the urinal so people will line up behind the guy using the urinal. I get so frustrated when the guys in front of me are too busy playing with their phones or talking to their buddy to see an empty urinal. By the time somebody yells at the idiot and he decides to mosey on down to the empty urinal, 3 people could have pissed. Line up behind the guy using the urinal and you’d cut the waiting time in half and reduce the long line on the concourse!

  • The last dynasty

    The only reason, THE ONLY REASON they are looking into fixing this debacle is because someone realized they aren’t going to sell many $11 beers if people can’t piss them out in a timely fashion. I haven’t bought beer at the arena since the first game I went to there because I don’t want to miss any McTacular action while I’m in line to have a squirt. Someone did the math, 3 x $11 beers x approximately 10,000 drinking aged fans is some significant scratch.

    • Jaybar_17

      I completely agree. I went to game 2 against the Sharks and I had to make the choice between drinking/peeing or watching the entire game. Didn’t leave my seat to purchase a single beer after the game started for risk of running into the bathroom line.

  • cpinder17

    I have a strategy where I buy tickets close to the isle, then at the commercial breaks I go out and sprint to the bathrooms, usually they are empty, and I come back to my seat right before play starts again. Works 97% of the time.

  • Spydyr

    The building needs a too add at lease a hundred urinal and a hundred stalls for the ladies on each level. You are not buying $11 beers and $30 dollar burgers waiting in line to take a leak. Whomever designed the building was a freaking moron. Whomever approved it should be fired. Now just make it right will ya?

  • Roberto

    There were 2 things that I was really excited about when they were building the new arena, and it seemed so obvious that they were a problem at Rexall. The first was the bathroom lines, I was sure they’d make plenty so you’d never have to wait in line. Huge miss. The second was leg/shoulder room, and I still sit huddled into a ball, so I’d still rather just watch from the couch. At least they got the location right?

  • Roberto

    On a side note, I’m 97% sure that I saw Chia Pete waiting in the bathroom line with the rest of the proletariat in the nosebleeds during the regular season. I know it doesn’t make sense, but It was either him, or there’s some guy in Edmonton that looks exactly like him, who dresses very nicely to go to games. Swag daddy, a man of the people.

  • Heschultzhescores

    I’m guessing it was overlooked because rich people only look at how to make more money. Bathroom space was probably compromised for that reason. They obviously know the numbers they need for the capacity of the building, but they probably opted for more box seats to make more greedy money off the fans who paid for most of the building.