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Sharks defenceman Brenden Dillon: “We were the better team”

Sharks defender, Brenden Dillon, went on Sportsnet 960 in Calgary yesterday and answered questions about a few of different topics, including losing to the Edmonton Oilers in the playoffs.

Last season, the Edmonton Oilers pulled off what was assumed to be the impossible as they not only made the playoffs but were able to bump the San Jose Sharks out of the first round in six games. When asked about the playoff series against Edmonton, Dillon started with:

“Playoffs is big time managing the highs and lows”

One of the craziest things about that series was how tight all of the games were apart from the 7-0 pummelling in Game 4, and it showed that the Oilers didn’t just sneak into the playoffs but were there to compete. You’d have to think that the Sharks were expecting a tough series but the Oilers gave them everything they could handle, and I think that was a surprise for some.

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“Especially after that (7-0) game… That was to tie up the series 2-2 and I think almost every game up until that point was a one-goal game, a couple being overtimes.”

Let’s run through the score recaps for the early part of that series: Game 1 ended 3-2 in OT, Game 2 was 2-0 Oilers, Game 3 ended at 1-0 Oilers, and Game 4 was the 7-0 blowout… what are you getting at here, Dillon?

“That’s something where their coaching staff (Todd McLellan and co) have been in playoff series before. I think for our team too, after the run that we had the previous year, we knew what to expect in that whether you win a game 10-0 or 1-0, it only counts as a win. We did a pretty good job of managing that.”

I mean… I guess? If by “managing that” you mean losing the next two games after that 7-0 win and getting bumped in the first round again then yeah, they did a great job. Then again, maybe playoff series wins don’t mean the same thing in San Jose as they do to the rest of us? I guess I don’t get it, is he trying to defend a series that they lost? Where is this going?

“I think just at the end of the day the injuries — you never want to make excuses — but I do feel at the end of the day we were the better team, but unfortunately we just weren’t able to get it done.”

Ahhhh there it is. Damned injuries ruined everything! Ah well, I guess it’s easier for a San Jose Shark players to come up with excuses for why they got bumped early then recall memories of series they actually won. Such is life.

The Oilers would like Philip Broberg to be part of the team's expanded roster, if play resumes
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Since the interview took place in Calgary on the Boomer in the Morning Show it wasn’t really surprising that this grenade of a question got lobbed at Brenden Dillon:

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“Tell us how horrifying it might be to be the last man back with (Connor McDavid) coming in on you.”

Nothing weird yet… But go on…

“Have you experienced it and just how good is he because we’re jealous here? When you win a lottery four times in seven years, teams are a little bitter when you end up getting the best player on earth. How good is he?”

WAHHHHHHHHHHH! *insert crying_baby.gif* The Oilers lucked out and won the best player alive and now I’m saaaaaad about it two years later. That’s too bad, homie, because not only is Connor here in Edmonton he’s locked in for the next nine years, and that means you’re going to have to deal with that jealousy for a looooong time.

Too bad, huh?

To his credit, Brenden Dillon mostly ignored the toddler tantrum jab at the Oilers and gave Connor the respect he rightfully deserves. But before you read his answer, I first ask that you remind yourself that Dillon is saying all of this to a Flames audience on a Calgary radio station. Got it? Cool.

Go on, Dillon:

“He’s pretty amazing. From top to bottom, he’s one of those guys that when he’s got the puck or when he doesn’t have the puck, you always have to know where he is and what he’s doing because he’s that dangerous.”

Mmmmmmm… Tell me more.

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“This year I think for most people was kind of his coming out party after an unfortunate injury in his rookie season, but he’s one of the best in the world for a reason.”

Ohhhhhhh. Slower. Compliment him slower.

“As you said, they’re very fortunate to luck out to have Connor McDavid be part of their team, but he’s a franchise player.”

Tell me more, you dirty defenceman. MORE!

“He’s a guy who’s dangerous when he’s got the puck, when he’s on the half-wall, and at all times. He was their best player in the playoffs and he’s going to be a big reason why they’re successful in the future.”

The fact that those Connor compliments were broadcast across Calgary radio waves. It’s just too good. I like to think of all the pissed off Calgary sports fans that had to listen to a player speak swooningly about the Oilers’ captain. Oh well, at least he’s only around for another decade. Sorry, Calgary.*

The Oilers would play the Blackhawks in NHL's newest conference-based playoff setup

*no I’m not

    • A-Mc

      The season series was 3-2 Oilers, where the Oilers outscored SJ 16-13 with one of the SJ wins coming in OT (I’m not sure if there was a shootout). They were a close matchup during the regular season, with the Oilers having an edge. During the playoffs, the Oilers won 4 games to 2 although SJ Had the edge for Goals (14-12 SJ) because of that one brain fart 7-0 game.

      The two teams were a good match but with the Oilers winning more during the regular season AND in the playoffs, i find it hard to believe that SJ was the better team.

      What good is it being the better team if you don’t win more than you lose?

    • GK1980

      I do not agree with his assessment, I would say both teams are equal with one team getting better and the other on their way down. I think we all know what teams I’m talking about. Pavelski ringing it off the crossbar in game 6 was luck though no doubt.

  • Hemmercules

    If it went 7 games, they might have an argument who is the better team. Oil downed them in 6. Joe injured or not, the guy isn’t what he used to be but I thought he actually played pretty good in that series. The better team won in my opinion.

  • Kr55

    No one ever points out how many Oilers players were suffering through a flu for the first half of that SJ series. In the end, the disadvantage for both teams was pretty even. And SJ depends on 35+ players to do a lot of their work. There is always huge risk in that regardless. They should count themselves lucky guys like Jumbo and Marleau played as much as they did last season.

  • Bob Cobb

    The better team one this series and the better team won Ducks and Flames series. That’s all they due in Calgary media is trash Edmonton and all things related.

    • Carl the tooth

      The flames got screwed with a good goal disallowed and a ducks goal that should not have been allowed that cost them 2 games those games we’re all close and could have gone either way if smith was in net instead flames would have swept dicks they out shot them out hanced them and had them on there heels it was a clear case of Gibson being much better than Elliot . But edm was dominated by the ducks .getzlaf was no threat in flames series like he was in edm .same with the ducks defence

      • TruthHurts98

        On crack down there in Cowtown? Must be good stuff! Flames got swept in the regular season by the Oil and then swept in the playoffs. Mortgaged their future on an old goalie this summer with the same amount of hype as Elliott last summer and traded away many future good prospects for the always hurt but good Hamonic. Not sure much will change this year. Both Connor and Leon are better than any Flamer forward. Talbot is better than Smith hands down. That alone will be enough for the Oil to best the Flames again all year!

        • Carl the tooth

          Funny you forgot to mention gio Hamilton and Brodie lolol I wonder why? Cause there superior over your defence core is a joke and talbot will not beable to bail out your mediocre defence

        • Carl the tooth

          Flames are the future now . We don’t need the picks and we can trade them back for picks in a few years lololol it’s not like we signed russel with no trade value .flames will get a first round for stone when they trade him and a couple for hamonic.flames have elite defence and goalie prospects edm does not. Flames only let 2or3 rfas walk I think that tells you how our prospect depth and why we can easily shed picks . Yaaawn is that all you got .weak and wishful thinking .

          • TruthHurts98

            Last year in games you wanted to win: 0-8. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!! This year will only be 0-5 since playoffs might be a pipe dream when Smith melts down like Elliott last year.

          • DerpSolo

            Flames will fail as they always do, their professionals at it. They’ve had a lot of time to perfect losing since 85. And not to mention treliving has traded away their future lol. Have fun in the cellar with colarado and Vegas

          • Mc?

            A 1st round for a 5th pairing overpaid d-man? Were not even that dilusional over Russel. As for Hamonic, you are going to get more picks back for him than you gave up ( 1st and two 2nds ) ??? For a Dman that will be older and have less term on his contract? And you speak of delusions??? WOW. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

      • Bumbo

        Please proof read before you post. Also I can’t figure out if your real or just what people want a flames fan to sound like. Either way you sound like an idiot.

        • Dr

          I disagree. If the officials had just made the correct calls, not ridiculous calls in favour of the Oilers, they would’ve faced the Predators in round 3. I’m only thinking about the two botched goalie interference calls, the blown icing call on the OT winner in Game 4, and the two offside goals that were not overturned. I don’t agree with challenging potentially offside goals, but they had been doing it all year…. They had also been disallowing goalie interference all year…. I am not including all of the spears, slashes, and cross checks the Oiler’s had to endure. I lost a lot of respect for Getzlaf. He had a great series offensively, but he took so many cheap shots. Most of his hacks and slashes happened when the Oiler had his back to him.
          Anyway, sorry to vent over games that were played months ago.

          • Mc?

            So you guys got swept by the ducks and Getzlaf did nothing in the series hey?? Sounds like you guys were a tough match for them. Than it took Getzlaf to play like a demigod for 7 games to just beat us. Please reiterate how much better you guys are.


          • Carl the tooth

            Out chanced them out shot them . Higher quality scoring chances. zone time . Bad calls from refs as usaul (2004) and Gibson was way better than Elliot .problem solved .thats the past flames were better during most of the season besides your fluke start and flames rocky one .we didn’t neeed any additions we were clearly better anyway there just a bonus added to rough up mcdavid if you didn’t notice there both right handed defence haminoc was a core player for islander and alternate captain (jealous much) him and stone will thrive in Calgary . We stole foo too funny o had to look on a scouting report on a soiler web site to find some info on him when I heard we got him(jealous much)

          • Mc?

            Not really, foo chose Calgary because he had a better chance of making the team ( meaning less competition ) same as versteeg last year. Hamonic was a very nice add. Will enjoy watching him this year. Obviously Chiarrelli thought mortgaging the future for him tho was a bit much.

          • Dr

            Oh Carl.
            Flames fans are so hyped up by a team that overachieved. Don’t believe me?
            They were 14-23-11 against playoff teams last year.
            They had a ten game winning streak against 7 non-playoff teams. But, for the other 72 games of the season, they were 35-33-4. In the Bettman era, two games over .500 is not a playoff team. They had a rough start, sure. But, they were mostly a win two, lose two team.
            Does adding a 35 yearold goalie and a second pairing dman make them a contender? I think they were lucky to have the record they had.
            Instead of saying, “Yeah, but the Oilers suck,” provide some rationale as to why I am wrong.

  • Mo-Larr

    I will state unreservedly that the 960 morning show has consistently discussed the OILERS to a higher degree of depth than the 1260 hosts. And complimentary at times as well. Do I care they’re bitter? Nah, because every team should be. If you don’t admit that the Oil got supremely fortunate, man….that’s delusional.

    Of course, I’m seriously happy they did. SUCK IT FLAMES.

    • Carl the tooth

      Lol flames don’t need any first overall picks .flames have ten times the potential prospects than edm . Lolol flames only get better and edm will get worse next year you will have an increased cap of 20 mill for the exact same roster but likely to lose more .edm only likely to get worse . Put all your eggs in one basket or should I say collarbone

      • Bob Cobb

        Do Flames fans actually think we don’t we were lucky to have 4 first overall picks? Do we care? I wont argue that. We were lucky to get McDavid, so what’s your point? Do you want us to argue that we weren’t lucky? All we have to say is “Yeah okay and he is here for the next 9 years, hopefully the Oilers can put the right pieces around him”.

        • Carl the tooth

          You weren’t lucky having all those first overalls just means your team was the worst team of the decade lolol flames have never and will never have a pick in top 3 lolol

          • Mc?

            And this might be why your franchise has been a meddling 8th/9th place team, even back when you had the best power forward in the league and the best goalie, and still managed to just squeak in. Dilusional is not knowing this. We Oiler fans KNOW we have suked for 10 years, its not a mystery.


      • AlexTheOilersFan

        Lol. We have McDavid locked up for 9 years and Draisitl is next. Who do you guys have again? Oh right, 2nd rate jack Bennett and Johnny “no-show” Gaudreau. 2nd, we skated circles around you guys sweeping you away like dust and outscoring you 21-11. How’s that goaltending? Oh right, you guys have gone through more goalies than Edmonton did coaches. It’s alright though. I’d hate to have to live through being dominated by Gretzky/Messier 2.0 for the next decade.

          • Carl the tooth

            How are you gonna compete against them this year though that’s old hat there sonny . Your praying to the hockey gods that’s for sure lolololol flames are gonna take the entire nhl to school now .watch and learn

        • Carl the tooth

          We don’t need a goalie anymore anyway we. Plus put a card board cut out in net with that defence core . If your team is so good why we’re flames way better besifmdes the first month check some stats there bud

          • Leichs

            Uhhh didnt the flames win like 4 games against playoff teams the last like 25 games or something crazy like that? And then proceeded to get swept like dust in playoffs. Im not sure where this carl tooth moron gets his info from. We swept your ass during the season but you guys are so good lol. If not for a stupid lucky 12 game streak the flamers dont even make playoffs.

          • Carl the tooth

            It’s funny you keep going back to the sweeps lol how about the rest YOU CANT DISPUTE IT FLAMES WERE BETTER THAT EDMONTON THE LAST 3/4 of the season despite the starts edm finished with TWO more wins than flames . First year coach done ✅. Now with the editions and elite prospects the flames have they are the future get used to it you had your chance it’s over .your team lost a top 6 forward again .sekera is injured and talbot won’t beable to save you . Flames have an allstR world class goalie now that your all praying he gets injured because you know flames got your number now. Next year you get even worse adding 20 mill to the exact same roster .by maroon or nuge next . Your delusional!!!

          • Carl the tooth

            Yeah flames were like 23-4-1 breaking and tying franchise records . But that was last year . The entire year edm had 2 more wins whoopty do da . But what I’m laying down here is edm got significantly worse and flames significantly better .its really this season that I care about .last season is over. Flames are on the rise .no.5 in power rankings last I checked . Your disputing every sports writer and analysis t and gm etc . It’s like trying to say up and down are not the opposite. Or green is blue .

        • Carl the tooth

          Good cause flames were getting bored playing against your joke of a franchise last decade lololol it’s about time but last year was your one shot and you missed it your team is worse this year and worse next year .check your roster etc your cap etc time to wake up from your fluke season you’ll be lucky to make playoffs

          • Mc?

            Your cap might squeeze a bit when you guys give Backlund…. aka: the new Bergeron (according to FN) a 6×6 contract. Lololololol. For a guy who avg’s 30-35pts.

          • Carl the tooth

            Wrong stajan . Contract over .some buyout money cleared up .we can still buy out Brouwer next . Flames don’t have this problem trevling is superior to your gm . Answer this would you trade Lucic for hall ? I know I would Not that much different salary . Could you have gotten Larson for Lucic ? Yes I arrest my case !

    • Carl the tooth

      Bitter we made the playoffs 2out of 4 years of rebuild .this is year 1 of the team you will be facing .we are bitter that we got Hamilton.hamonic .foo .versteeg . Ooooops. . Johnny is a 4 round pick oooops. So bitter .brodie a 4th round ooooops so bitter lololol lolol this is funny ? talk about denial. Oh yeah you guys got russel signed for 4 years at 4 mill ohhh my are we bitter lololol lmao

      • Where's the Lamb Sauce

        Carl you have nothing better to do all day? I see you reply to every comment on every article… one might think you are a small child on summer break. I guess we will see when September rolls around if you’re more busy with school work. Or maybe you’ll just go into hiding when you realise the Flames suck. Btw nice award for your best player! I didn’t think they would give it to Little Jenny being as it wasn’t very sportsmanlike to hold off on contract negotiations at the start of next year but oh well. I bet the trouble was him wanting to play for the Flyers instead just like this summer. While the NHL gave that participation award to Jenny, Connor was cleaning up getting some actual awards. I wonder which team I would rather cheer for?… hmmmm. lololololololololololololololololololololol

        • Carl the tooth

          I’m just laying down the law son . I see some soiler trolls trashing my team . I am the tooth protector of the flames nation.you can’t handle the tooth . So be civil and I will .or if you wanna have a battle of wits my narrow minded friend .resort to name calling just shows how weak your intelligence level is . But hey you started it I’m just stating the facts .you have nothing to back up what’s you say . Call me Carl the TRUTH!

          • Mc?

            But the facts are we ended the season ahead of you, we didnt get swept in the first round, and went on to take the ducks to 7 games in the second round. Everything your spewing is ‘ifs’. Thats not wits my friend, thats dilusions. Did your team improve this summer, sure, will they tear up the nHL??? Yet to be seen.

          • Carl the tooth

            Yes yes yes ok ok . Once again I’m not that interested in ladybug year except that I seen an upward trend and now these additions and that I believe a lot of flames forwards will take another step at same time . This is the greatest potential flames team I’ve ever seen and the greatest plethora of great prospects.its inevitable all we got to do now is watch and cheer . Because this is a future dynasty .

          • Mc?

            Again, ask the Capitals how that is going? Best ‘team’ in the last 3-4 years. Crosby/Malkin/Kessel (i guess) back 2 back. They also didnt have the ‘elite’ defense the almighty flames have.

          • Where's the Lamb Sauce

            You are pretty much illiterate, it actually gave me a headache reading your never ending sentences. Please go back to Flames Nation where the other children can read your jibberish. There you can all pat each other on the back for making up new excuses about your bad playoff run.

  • moosewacker

    Tired of hearing how the Oilers were gifted McDavid. It was Karma after getting fleeced out of Gretzky and gang so many years ago. A third of the teams in the NHL owe their existence to Oiler fans pain. They should get down on their knees and thank Oil Country. Look forward to the Oilers stomping out the Flaming Turds to the South, for the next decade ! And the Leafs can suck it too !

    • Carl the tooth

      Lolol your on glue son . You have 1 good player and edm defence core is even worse now and will be even worse next season . Besides flames snotty start and edm fluke start who had more wins and points etc last 2/3 of season going into this season lolol time to take a back seat this is year one after flames incredible rebuild .trevling has the blueprints now .

      • Carl the tooth

        Oh it was flames that was better just so you know .despite all the distractions and first year. Pack edm still only had too wins more lololol pretty funny though talk about denial lololol how many points did edm get in its first year with McLennan….77 there sonny flames had over 90 .you lost hall now eberle and next nuge for nothing sekera is hurt and next year add in 20 mill in cap space .your delusional. Flames added two top 4 defenceman add an allstar world class goalie .flames have elite defence and goalie prospects Adam fox ) Tyler parsons . Flames will not only school edm but the entire league .flames are the next true dynasty sorry to burst your bubble but yikes do some homework

        • AlexTheOilersFan

          Oh this is rich. Hate to burst YOUR bubble, Mike Smith is a 35-years old, Hamonic is an injury prone D-Man, your D couldn’t even touch McDavid, let alone stop him from racking up 7 points agsinst the Flames last season. This has butthurt Flames fan written all over it. Also you’re bringing up standing from the past? Hate to break it to you bud, but Edmonton racked up 103 and finished 2nd in the Pacific whilst Calgary could only grab a wild-card spot, then showed their true colours in the playoffs. Enjoy watching Calgary play second fiddle to Edmonton

          • Carl the tooth

            Sounds like wishful thinking the fact your going after these players tells me you fear them . Is that all you got . Lol if your going by the first two games of last year lolol your in for such a disappointing season . Like I said which team was better last 3/4 of season the more recent play .did you lose another top 6 forward? Did flames add better players and rid the biatch anchors ? Smith 35 how old is lunquist again ? Or brodeur .hasek.joseph . I could go on all day .are you knew to hockey? Are you having married problems Fred ….. I know that’s you .. you will never live down that tranny you paid for …..always check the Adam’s apple my friend …so she caught with another she dude and kicked you out and now you think it’s my fault ..I told you I never said anything about the tranny … so don’t take it out on me Fred .

          • Carl the tooth

            Wow what a prediction lolol and how did you come to that conclusion a crystal ball ?. What’s your angle? Besides they will do it lolololololololol wow that was deep .

          • Mc?

            Ya your right Power Rankings are the word of god, why even play the games, just hand you guys the cup. I mean just ask Dallas, they were ranked number 6 on last years power rankings. How did that turn out? Thats why the league makes everyone play the games. Its ALL if’s until the games are played. No one is saying you didnt add Smith, and Hammonic, and have improved on paper. But you also added Elliot and Brouwer last year and were thought of to be stronger.

          • Carl the tooth

            I’m not iffing that’s just mean man . IM Not iffing that you lost a top 6 and not iffing that flames added significant players.im not iffing that your cap takes another likely 20 mill cap hit and you will lose more significant players . There s no crystal ball hear these are facts

          • Mc?

            Outside of Hammonic, please list all ‘significant’ players you speak of? Mike Smith??? You added him, but than last year you added Elliot who had better numbers, so there is that i guess.


      • AlexTheOilersFan

        Well considering Edmonton ended the season with a 12-2 record, I say Edmonton. Edmonton’s start wasn’t a fluke as they were able to maintain that success for the rest of the season. The only hockey fluke in Alberta was the Flames 10 game win streak. Without it, the Flames are a garbage team that doesn’t make the playoffs. And how is edmonton’s D-core worse? Losing Sekera doesn’t break the team. We still have Nurse, Benning, Russel, Klefbom and Larsson. Gryba or any AHL call-up can easily fill Sekera’s spot until he returns.

  • Roberto

    Big Joe was pretty scary in that series IMO, even on one leg. San Jose is a good team (on the downswing), and they did have some significant injuries. In the Ana series, Edmonton was the better team for sure. It really doesn’t matter though, what happened happened in both of those series. Unfortunately for everyone else in the West, Edmonton is on the upswing big time, with McD, Drai, Klef, Larson, Nurse, and JP all expected to get much better. Other teams like Chi, LA, SJ, ANA are all aging and going to get worse….. Things are looking good for the next 10 years

  • ubermiguel

    People need a reminder that the Oilers were NOT the underdog in that series, they finished ahead of the Sharks in the standings. Yes, the Sharks had unfortunate injuries, but the Sharks have managed to lose in the playoffs quite regularly with a healthy Thornton. So anyone that was surprised the Sharks lost needs to give their heads a shake.

  • Spoils

    talk about managing a series – the spoilers were up 2 going back home against the damn dirty ducks. a ton of worlds where we win that series. that goaltender interference call with Kesler yanking open talbot’s leg!

    i can tell you – sitting in the honda center watching a game – their fans lack of understanding- and it helped the ducks – the irrational exuberance helped them a lot – without that we also win.

    still our new arena, the casino, the sea of orange, finishing anthems, CLASS – just magic. finally a RUN.

    Nashville would have been a treat.

    still – are we better this year? Anaheim beat us, Sharks were razor close, Nashville beat up Anaheim and the Pens beat the Preds…

    with all the parity I kind of hold on to ’06 showing what chemistry can do.

    that might be the only path… that and McJesus.

  • WhoreableGuy

    Further proof that Calgary sports media and Flames fans are among the worst in any sport. I live in Calgary and the Fan 960 and their listeners are just pure trash.

    I listen to it more often now because of how butthurt they are about Edmonton’s recent success.

    They keep talking about Oiler fans living in the fast but since the lockout year the Oilers have won 4 playoff rounds compared to Calgary’s 1. And this included a 10 YEAR PLAYOFF DROUGHT from Edmonton.

    The Flames are the worst NHL franchise by far.

    • Bawcos

      worst franchise by far? Crazy. I’m a Flames fan who does not live in Alberta, and does not hate the Oilers. Yes, Oilers are becoming the class of the division, but the Flames are getting to that #2/#3 spot. Wouldn’t you like it if that instead of this division was the battle of California it went back to being the battle of Alberta? Flames have a lot of maybes, but their F group is deeper (not as high end), their D-men are way ahead although their Goalie scenario is well behind the likes of Talbot. With all that said, stop hating. Battle of Alberta to win division (reg. season & playoffs) should be something to look forward to.

      • DerpSolo

        Well thought out comment, without trashing the Oilers. Very classy. But you can’t tell me you don’t hate the Oilers at least a little. I don’t super hate the flamers, but I don’t like em that’s for sure

        • Bawcos

          Absolutely do not hate the Oilers (could be the living in ON thing). I fantasized drafting McDavid back in 2012…2012!!! You guys got them good for you. But in 2006, I, a Flames fan loved Pronger, loved that he might do it for you guys. I hate losing games to EDM, especially the one sided way it went this year. But I don’t dislike the Oilers… just shows where the Flames need to improve to battle ANA/EDM/LAK/SJ. Of those 4 teams, I hope it’s EDM we’re going after.

      • DarkOil

        I am waiting for a true battle of Alberta but all this hate from people who don’t follow hockey is ridiculous. I was surprised that Larson was as good as he was, I was surprised Lucic didn’t show up last year, I didn’t know that Sekera didn’t show up the year before, who knew that Benning would be that good, and no one can know what our lineup will be this year. In Calgary you have a good forward crew I won’t deny that I was surprised with the outcome last year. I’m not sure either team is a finished product yet. The Oilers had some pylonslast year and seems like we got rid of them, but the Flames were not that different. We both made changes and only time will tell if both went in the right direction. Smith has not been a lights out goalie before (I feel Eliot was better), Hamonic hasn’t been able to stay healthy in the east, Stone is a castoff, Brodie can’t do it all by himself. You have a good team but who is better is debatable. Until the season starts that’s all that is possible is debate. Let’s agree that both teams made changes and both should be better than last year

    • Carl the tooth

      Your contradicting yourself there buddy you sound like a soiler troll to me . Your just jealous that even though you got mcdavid your still behind the flames despite over a decade of flames domination over edm I think flames fans are pretty content there just used to always being on top of edm stats don’t lie !!!!

      • AlexTheOilersFan

        Let’s take a look shall we? Since the 2005 lockout, the Oilers have 2 playoff appearances the Flames have 7. In that time span, Edmonton has won 4 total playoff rounds. Calgary has won one. That’s pretty sad that Edmonton has more playoff wins than Calgary despite not being in the playoffs for 10 years

    • Carl the tooth

      Whoreable guy .what planet are you from the lock out was like 4 years ago and this was first time Edmonton made playoffs in a decade . Do some math here .for one you can’t even make the playoffs with 60-70 point seasons lololol ahhh flames average as a winning team been lots of 90 plus points to edm 70 lolololol your on glue if you dispute this .check the stats and prove me wrong .yyyaaaawnnn zzzzzzzzzz

  • Dan 1919

    You lose in 6 then you come out and say your still better, when one of your wins was clearly because the other team was inexperienced (7-0). Maybe if they lost in 7 he could pout a bit. If the series was flipped and the Sharks won in 6, it would just be clean cut Sharks are “better.”

    That’s embarrassing for Brenden Dillon, what a sore loser.

  • Leef O'Golin

    Losing to a better team or one with fewer injuries count for the same thing: elimination. He can spin it any way he wants to help himself feel better. Doesn’t bother me in the least.

    • Carl the tooth

      Flames weren’t ready at all in first two games and outplayed edm in the rest just lucky .now flames add two more top 4 d while you lose another top 6 forward for peanuts lololool I can tell soiler nation is not so sure and is threatened by flames new additions (jealous much) so when Johnny puts up 80 points and mcwaste puts up 90 lolol how are those contracts Gonna look this will be a comical season for calgary we are all laughing

  • Drill Bit #97

    Well of course, what would anyone expect him or any other Fin to say? Fact is the ‘in game’ situation with injuries, reffing, puck luck, magnetic storms, etc. all play a role. But I would humbly suggest one young fast team (you know who…) is trending up and the other………. TDB.

        • Carl the tooth

          Hey we both got good teams . And the future looks good for both . Finally we get to have some fun again ? At the same time . Pretty cool both our teams have jumped into top 5 in power rankings .id say Stanley’s coming back to Alberta one way or the other .

    • FuNky ANGER

      Instead of promoting good hockey conversations its trash this guy and slander that team. You talk about Boomer being a cry baby, but this whole article feels like it was written by an adolescent. Great job OilerNation; nothing but quality and classy articles on this site. Keep the hot takes coming.

      Hey Baggedmilk if you reading this maybe you should venture over to Flamesnation and learn a thing or two on how to write a good article from Ari, Ryan, Kent, Christian ….. hell the whole staff.

      • Mc?

        Its August, there is no news, and part of the article is making fun about how Calgary Radio has to talk about the Oilers, the fact you feel the need to comment on said article ( being a flames fan and all ) actually validates the writing and the writer. But hey if all those great FN writers bore you enough that you come here to read ON?????????