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Give us Jagr please…

This is a formal plea for the Edmonton Oilers to sign Jaromir Jagr. Why? It makes a world of sense. 

Seriously, how is this guy not an Oiler yet? The fact that Jaromir Jagr is still available blows my mind, especially when you consider how shallow the free agent pool was this year. You’re telling me that there aren’t teams out there that could use a guy with this kind of experience on their roster? From where I blog, I can think of a young team that could desperately use a guy that’s seen and done it all.

Jaromir, it’s time for you to land in the 7-8-0.

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According to NHLNumbers, the Edmonton can make this work without having to do some kind of cap gymnastics. Even with Draisaitl’s contract coming, the Oilers would still have the cap space needed to bring in a vet like Jagr on a one-year deal and be able to offer him something competitive. How can that not work? To me, it seems like a no-brainer. Despite pushing 100 years old, Jagr was still able to put up 46 points for the very bad Panthers last year and would provide some excellent leadership for our stable of young warlords.

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Not to mention, Jagr is the only available free agent that could be able to mentally keep up with Connor McDavid on the ice. Just think of the havoc those two could cause in the offensive zone with their ability to process the game and outsmart defenders in tight—tell me that it wouldn’t be awesome. Sure, Jagr’s legs may not be what they once were, but that hands are there and he’s still smart enough to be in the right place at the right time in the offensive zone.

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Jaromir Jagr is still looking for a place to play and the Edmonton Oilers have a team full of young pros that could use a mentor that actually has the skills to pay the bills. For years, the Oilers have added experienced guys in bottom-six roles to provide leadership but it’s only recently that they’ve been in a spot to be able to lure higher end UFAs to town. Now that the playoffs are expected then it would make sense to add another mentor into the mix.


Apr 9, 2017; Washington, DC, USA; Florida Panthers right wing Jaromir Jagr (68) skates with the puck as Washington Capitals defenseman Brooks Orpik (44) chases in the second period at Verizon Center. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

If you take last year’s $4 million contract as a baseline, it seems reasonable to assume that Jagr would sign for something similar or even less considering where we’re at in the summer. With there being limited interested in the veteran the Oilers have an opportunity for a steal. From the man himself:

“The most serious negotiations I have are with Kladno. Because Kladno has a smart owner who knows what he wants,” joked Jagr, who owns the team in Czech Republic’s second-tier professional league. “No, really, I don’t have a clue. I leave it all on my agent [Petr Svoboda]. There is a couple of [NHL] teams that showed interest, but nothing specific yet.”

As of this posting, the Oilers have $10,478,000 in cap space assuming that every player hits their bonuses, which they won’t. You guys know I love Darryl but there’s no way that he’ll be hitting all of his schedule A and B bonuses to max out his cap hit. Get it? Good.

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It’s also important to remember the fact that Andrej Sekera will be out for a couple months, and Mark Fayne’s sideburns will likely keep in Bakersfield, which means the Oilers will be recouping a couple million dollars at least. Without planning for the worst and maxing out everyone’s bonuses, the Oilers have just under $17 million in available cap space which means there is plenty available for both Drai and Jagr.

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Having a guy like Jagr on the team would open up a world of possibilities in terms of line combinations and also letting some of the younger guys to be put in a spot to succeed. Imagine having the Oilers being able to slot in a guy like Jesse Puljujarvi on the third line which would give him easier matchups and not break his spirit with the expectations of having to perform every single night. McLellan also likes having pairs so why could Jagr move up and down with Strome?

Check out the quick lines I threw together and tell me that this doesn’t make some blood rush to your nether regions?


At the end of the day, I have a hard time seeing any negatives about signing Jaromir Jagr to a one-year contract. The idea of seeing Jagr make magic with McDavid is exciting, and the idea of him being around to teach some young guys about what it takes to win the Stanley Cup and have a long, successful career makes a lot of sense. If the Edmonton Oilers are looking to make a small splash that could bring all kinds of positives and intangibles then this is a player that makes every shade of sense.

Sign him up, Pete. Do it now. It’s not every day that you have the chance to land a legend.

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  • toprightcorner

    Firstly, signing Jagr would be awesome.

    Secondly, not a chance Jagr plays with McDavid. Jagrs strength is slowing the game down, McDavids strength is his speed. Thats oil and water on the ice.

    Oilers should tel Svoboda that they are interested in Jagr but want to see how JP and Sleppy do in camp. Basically, unless both of them go nuclear at camp, there will be an open spot. That doesn’t mean he signs a PTO, Jagr doesn’t have to prove his ability, he can come if he wants or wait if he wants, his call. Jagr may be thingking that he may only have 1 year left in the NHL based on the interest this year, so I could really see him being interested in playing with McDavid for a potential last year. Start career with Lemieux, end with McDavid. The Oilers also probably give him the best opportunity to put up the most points and more points mean a better chance at another NHL contract next year.

    Jagr and Draisaitl can do some real damage together and with Lucic on the other wing, the other team wouldnt have a chance in taking the puck away from them. Jagr could score 65 pts on that line. That could put JP and Sleppy on a soft minutes 3rd line which they would be better suited for.

    Jokinen has played with Jagr, I would like to see them on the wings with Nuge and create some serious havoc with soft minutes. Play him 2PP and he will score 50 pts.

    For it to work, the Oilers will need to manage the number of games Jagr plays due to the travel in the west and make sure he is fresh for the playoffs. If you can limit him to about 65 games.

    Sleppy and JP could split 3rd line games like 60 to JP and 22 for Sleppy, Sleppy will get 17 of Jagrs games for a total of 39 games. That is a solid number for an unproven NHLer and it also covers the Oilers incase of an injury of if Sleppy or JP need to be sent down for a while.

    I still beleive Chairelli does not want to make this decision until camp.

    If Jagr sees the opportunity to score 50+ points, play in the playoffs with a chance at a deep run and to play with another top 5 player of all time, Oilers could be the perfect destination.

    Jagr is probably just waiting for Charelli to give him a call, he is holding out for McDavid