Photo Credit: Axe Cop: From Malachai Nicolle and Ethan Nicolle

What the hell did I just watch? Oilers anime edition

Every now and then a video gets brought to my attention that makes me wonder “what the hell did I just watch?” This is one of those videos.

If there’s one thing that August is good for it’s posting the random crap on the site that we find on the Internet. Yesterday, Adam Laskaris from TLN sent me this weird anime video and I immediately fell in love. What is it? Who made it? Why are the Oilers photoshopped into all kinds of cartoon battle situations? What does it all mean? From where I blog, the answer to those questions is ‘who cares’ because whatever this video is might just end up being the most important piece of Oilers art ever created.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself:

Now, I have no idea who/what Animal is on Vimeo but I would like to congratulate this hero for their fine work on this here video. This mashup of glorious randomness made me feel like I was tripping balls in an alternate universe, and that’s a free mind vacay that I appreciated during these dog days of summer. Besides, what else are we going to talk about while we wait for the Draisaitl signing and training camp to start (preferably in that order please)?

In the very least, I hope that watching this video gave you some kind of hope as you head into your Saturday. Why should you feel hope? Let me learn you something. This animasterpiece should flood your senses with feelings of hope based on its undeniable beauty and powerful message to keep moving forward.

My interpretation is that the author of this gem wanted to issue a statement saying that the Oilers are intergalactic warlords that were sent back through time to save the fortunes of one lucky fan base, and that anything less than victory will not be tolerated. It’s either that or the creator was just high as balls and wanted to get weird. Either way works for me because I got to watch this video.

Happy Saturday, Nation.