The Oilersnation 2017-18 season hashtag – #OILERSBETTER

Back during the playoffs, we came up with the #MISSION17 hashtag to give Nation fans a way to go all in with us on social media. After seeing you guys jump in head first, we thought that it would only make sense to come up with another hashtag for the regular season. This time, we want the world to know #OILERSBETTER.

Whether you’re a Twitter guy or an Instagram model in duck face training, you’re going to see us popping up in your social feeds a lot over the coming weeks. As we get back into the rhythm of the regular season, we’ll be back to our usual shenanigans of live tweeting Oilers games, causing a ruckus on Instagram/Facebook, posting to Snapchat, and we want you to be a part of it all.

If there’s one thing that Oilersnation fans are great at doing it’s making noise on social media, and we want to harness that power for the purposes of evil. What I’m asking is that any time you join us on social media during this upcoming season that you use the hashtag #OILERSBETTER in your tweets/Insta bathroom poses/Facebook statuses. We want to get this baby trending Canada-wide every single night the Oilers are playing.

If there’s one thing that the #MISSION17 tag taught us during the playoffs, it’s that live-tweeting games and events is a lot more fun when you guys are mixing it up with us. There was nothing funnier than seeing a pack of Nation citizens jumping in on the joke regardless of what was happening in the game. Win, lose, or otherwise, we want to see this hashtag terrorizing the Internet for the next six months.

Responding to any and every argument with a simple #OILERSBETTER rebuttal is really going to stress out some Flames fans, and I plan on bathing in their tears when they finally break. Last week, I wrote about the Season Opener Party that’s happening on Saturday night at the Pint Downtown, and now the #OILERSBETTER hashtag that’s on our exclusive party tee is nicely tied together.


So what’s in it for you? Using the #OILERSBETTER hashtag on game days will automatically enter you into a monthly draw for a NationGear promo code—get the gear you want for something you’re going to be doing anyway.

From where I blog, I’m grateful for the support that you guys give us on a daily basis and we can’t wait to get this season going. With your help, we can force the Oilersnation season hashtag into the minds and eyeballs of social users everywhere and let them know what we’re all about. Frankly, I’m looking forward to what kind of shenanigans we’ll all get up over the next six months before #MISSION18 comes back for the playoffs. Let’s make some noise, Nation.