GDB 15.0 Wrap Up: Stealing points from all our exes, Oilers win it in overtime

We’re going streaking! Final Score: 3-2 Oilers in OT

When the Oilers faced off against the Devils a week ago, they probably played one of their best games of the season. According to some of the Devils blogs I checked out today, they look at that game more as a fluke than the Oilers actually doing something of substance (check out the ‘what they’re saying‘ section of the GDB). With the Devils coming into tonight’s game on a three game losing streak you just knew that they were going to be fired up and hungry for two points. With the way the game started, the Devils were looking to take out that anger and hatred on the Oilers because they were completely dominant.

After stumbling into the hockey game, the Oilers were able to settle down a little bit towards the end of the first period and started to get some chances of their own. Slowly but surely, the Oilers chipped away and inched closer to evening up the shots on goal, and eventually tied the game at one. While there were definitely moments where the Devils had control of the game, the Oilers were able to hang around, bending without breaking. That ability to stick with it is something that the Oilers haven’t had lately and it’s refreshing to see some resiliency. Even after New Jersey reclaimed their lead late in the second period, Edmonton was able to crawl out of the hole. No matter what the Devils did, the Oilers just wouldn’t go away and that resiliency got them another win.

Tonight was another one of those nights where the Oilers maybe didn’t deserve to win the hockey game, but they were able to hang around, get big saves from Talbot, and capitalize on the chances they did get. It may not have been pretty but every win is beautiful.

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Let’s wrap it up.


  • Huge props to Cam Talbot for keeping the Oilers in this hockey game, especially early on. The team was in full on hibernation mode for the first 12 minutes and the only reason things didn’t get out of hand was because of Dadbot. He was great all game long and for that I thank him. Talbot finished the night with 32 saves and a .941 save%.
  • Anton Slepyshev scored his first goal of the year with a beautiful snipe over Corey Schneider. The Oilers needed Slepyshev to get on the board and he couldn’t have done it at a better moment.
  • Milan Lucic got his third goal of the year after making the smart play on a 2-on-1 and shooting the puck. The big fella ripped the puck through Schneider’s five-hole to tie the game up after the Devils reclaimed their lead late in the second period.
  • Connor and Leon are like magic on ice when it comes to the 3-on-3 overtimes. The pair closed things out against the Islanders on Tuesday night, and they came back for an encore tonight against the Devils as Draisaitl ended an intense overtime period.
  • Nuge was really good again tonight. He was all over the puck, made some really nice reads defensively, and walked away with two assists on the board for his efforts. The Year of Nuge continues.
  • Matt Benning and Oscar Klefbom had a better night tonight and looked much more composed than they have been. Each guy played more than 20 minutes (Klefbom over 25 mins) and did a nice job weathering the barrages they faced.
  • Shout out to Brad Malone for making an impact since being recalled. He may not play that many minutes but he’s noticeable when he’s out there and is pretty much doing what we all thought JJ Khaira would do.
  • The Oilers were perfect on the penalty kill tonight and they needed it because they gave the Devils too many chances. Credit when credit is due. The PK was rock solid, with Talbot leading the charge.
  • Once again, the Oilers won more faceoffs than they lost as they finished the night at 53% on the dot.
  • It’s almost amazing that the shots only finished at 34-32 for the Devils considering the Oilers didn’t get one for the first 12 minutes of the game.


  • Apparently, it doesn’t matter when players are laying on Cam Talbot in his crease because the refs didn’t seem to mind it on Brian Boyle’s first-period goal. I was sure that Todd McLellan was going to challenge that one but he didn’t.
  • Drew Stafford was able to walk through the defence with little to no pushback on his goal that came with under two minutes left in the second period. He caught a few people standing still and walked around Talbot for a really tough one to swallow at the end of the period.
  • Anton Slepyshev scored a nice goal tonight but had to leave the game in the third period because of a groin injury.
  • I swear that the Oilers didn’t hit more than 10 passes to each other in the first period. Even worse was the fact that they didn’t get a shot on net until well past the midway point of the opening frame. Needless to say, their overall puck management (and effort) was atrocious.
  • The Oilers gave the Devils way too many power play chances tonight. They were sloppy with their sticks and kept getting called for avoidable trips and high sticks. Need to lock it up, boys.
  • I feel like it’s Groundhog’s Day. How many times can the power play let the team down before they try something new? This game could have been a lot different had the power play been able to cash something in.
  • There were plenty of weak calls and missed calls for both sides, as per tradition.



05:33 New Jersey Brian Boyle (1) ASST: Brian Gibbons (3), John Moore (5) 0-1


06:50 Edmonton Anton Slepyshev (1) ASST: Milan Lucic (6), Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (4) 1-1
18:25 New Jersey Drew Stafford (5) ASST: Adam Henrique (6), Mirco Mueller (2) 1-2


03:21 Edmonton Milan Lucic (3) ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (5), Zack Kassian (2) 2-2


04:43 Edmonton Leon Draisaitl (5) ASST: Connor McDavid (12), Kris Russell (4) 3-2


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Source: NHL.com, Official Game Page, 11/09/2017, 7:00pm MST

    • 24% body fat

      yes yes yes, the only issue I had was nuge, connor, leon, is all we had for 3 on 3. Strome is ok too, while he isnt producing he is aware and skilled enough for 3 on 3 as is slepy. Im not a caggulia fan but his speed and tanicity fits fine 3 on 3. but they were not available. Maroon, can step in on a connor or nuge shift. The whole time though i thought who the hell is going out next.

      • I loved the Looch-Nooch line (that’s what I’m calling it) the other night when they threw Kassian on there. And while is was nice to see Slepy get one, after his injury they put Kassian back at right wing and they continued to play well together. I’m all for making that our full-time second line.

    • Spydyr

      The only thing I mentioned about Lucic’s game tonight was OT ends better when he is not on the ice. If you can’t see that he is not a 3 on 3 player that is on you. I said nothing about the rest of his game. Now I will, that is the kind of game we should expect from Lucic on most nights for 6 million.

    • ComeAtMeDog

      I was cheering for a tie with 12 minutes to go . U know if we guarantee 1 point and put Conor and Leon on the ice we got the upper hand .

      Khaira sucks , call up Jesse . Time to shine son

      • BringtheFire 2.0

        I would love lot if our next game went to OT. We’re undefeated past sixty and seeing Johnny/Mony vs. Connor/Leon would justify the leagues entire 100 year existence to that point. I mean, that would be…my God.

        Bragging rights for that would be SICK.

  • 24% body fat

    Cut the cap by 40% and play the games 3 on 3.

    Out lucic, Gryba, Russel, Jokinen, Khaira, Letestu,

    Oilers would win 80 percent of the games and make very efficient use of cap space by not wasting it on players with “tangibles” instead of skill

  • Serious Gord

    The oil with the win leap to 28th place overall. Another skin-of-their-teeth performance.

    And an afternoon performance (after a Friday night in Manhattan) looms. Can’t say I like their chances.

  • GK1980

    Wow! Jersey impresses me. That is a good team. Luckily we scratched out a win but that first period was a garbage fire. It was disgusting. Lucic’s best game by far. After that goal he was hopping!

  • Harry2

    Edm is 5-4-1 in their last 10 and gaining momentum. I can not wait for all the crybabies to crawl back on the wagon.

    I suppose after 10 games the same people thought Vegas was going to win the presidents trophy, and Ovechkin was going to bag 70.

    • Serious Gord

      Well Ovie is on track for 66… he could regress – likely will. And the oil will likely progress to the mean as well.

      But the question is is the mean a playoff birth. The vast vast majority took last season’s result to be the mean. They were wrong.

    • gregolas

      To be fair, the oilers barely scraped out a win against the Islanders and jersey. Their only real dominating wins came against Dallas and the first NJ game.

      Also, even with Sekera in the lineup, I would trade defense with Las Vegas. In no way should an expansion team ever have better D than a team who almost went to the conference finals, but that’s where we are. That being said, I’m still optimistic the oilers can make the playoffs

  • Dan 1919

    I’m not buying all this “didn’t necessarily deserve to win” crap, from a NYI perspective or NJD they didn’t do anything that says they deserved to win either. NJD had a strong start, that’s nice, there’s 60min in every game. Stafford’s goal was a complete gift by the Oilers, and if the Oilers hadn’t given it to him, NJ doesn’t even make it to OT.
    The game I watched, NJ had a strong start, hung around, got a gift goal, couldn’t score on the PP and was lucky to scrape a point out because of the gift goal. They lost in OT to a team that was just as good that finished better.
    So from a NJ point of view, the Oilers “deserved to win” just as much as the devils did. Neither team played game 7 Stanley cup final material.

    • Don’t take it so negatively. They were times when NJ controlled the play, but the Oilers were able to hang in there and improve as the game progressed. For me, that was the big takeaway that they could weather a few storms and make it through. I mean, they didn’t even get a shot on net until 12 minutes in and that include power play time. Nothing wrong with winning a game like that. They all count.

      • Dan 1919

        Yeah I know what you mean, I’m just saying I wasn’t overly impressed with NJ or NYI to the point where any of their fans could claim they deserved the win instead. Oilers got the two points because they grinder all game and stuck with it(minus the terrible start). They are built in such a way that if they are grinding every game like the last couple, it may not be pretty, but they will probably end up with an above 500 record. Common games like these, with the odd hot streak play and that’s what lands them in the playoffs… I think.

    • Dan 1919

      No doubt, although we are still down a winger and defensemen for this band wagon to hit full steam. Sekera will hopefully be the catalyst to take up ice time and lift the other D-men’s play just enough to get the back end up and rolling solid again.
      Then maybe a hail marry pass and Puljuarvi comes in flying later on in the season and then we’re ready for a playoff run?
      Or a trade, but it seems things will really need to go well to hit last year’s high.

      • BringtheFire 2.0

        Yeah, Sekera was skating recently, and sometimes they come back early. Today’s hockey player is an optimized human: they heal faster than us regular folk.

        I say December.

    • Heschultzhescores

      Nuge was impressive tonight…very confident with the puck. We need more guys not afraid to handle the puck and make a move or two. Not every play needs to be a pass to McDavid…though it’s not a horrible option.

      • positivebrontefan

        I think Nuge might be growing a Movember ‘stache. I know you cant see it yet, but remember last year when he had the little pirate ‘stache goatee thing going on? It was magical. This is by far the best Nuge has played since his rookie season. Something tells me Chia Pete will be eager to trade him for a fourth line winger or a backup goalie or something else ridiculous. I hope Chia Pete gets back to his pre-Hall trade form soon.

    • camdog

      Rnh is playing the best hockey of his career. If Lucic plays like that for the rest of the season the second line should be able to produce. He did kill a few plays with his bad hands, but he was still working hard and contributing.

  • Ty Guy

    Hischer missed a golden opportunity, he felt bad, his team reassured him and gave him head taps except for Hall who tried to break his stick on the ice on his way back to the bench. it is that body language that makes me glad Hall is out of our room.

      • Ty Guy

        it was. but how does that make an 18 year old kid feel when he sees it? yes, he should have shot the puck. Hall didnt need to react like that, regardless of if he felt it was his own fault. i also noted a few head drops by Hall after shifts during the game, frequent in his Oiler time…baby, glad he is gone…always hated his apparent sulking.

  • rivid

    Lots of oiler coolaide drinkers on here today. The oilers lose this game again if not for talbot. He sure is hiding a lot of mistakes and the oiler brass better find a fix soon. Winning is great but this team sure has a lot of weaknesses that need to be addressed.

  • Oilers Nation Citizen

    My two favorite McDavid plays on the evening (outside of GWG):

    (1) Stepping up and stripping Hall of the puck as he received a pass.

    (2) Throwing the body at Hall behind the NJD net.

    We were physical, engaged and involved all night. Starting with the Captain. That’s how this team wins.