Photo Credit: Steve Hiscock, Saskatoon Blades

Oilers sign WHL free agent Cameron Hebig

According to the team’s official Twitter account, the Edmonton Oilers have signed Western Hockey League free-agent Cameron Hebig to an entry-level contract.

The 20-year-old Saskatoon center leads the Blades in scoring. Despite his last name, he’s only listed as 6’0 and 182 pounds on the team’s website. Hebig was a free agent after not being selected in the 2015 NHL draft. He had 69 points in 59 games during the 2015-16 season. Hebig attended Pittsburgh’s development camp in 2016, but missed the entire 2016-17 season.

Bob Stauffer, the Oilers colour commentator, says Hebig has explosive speed and adds depth to Edmonton’s limited forward prospects. The Oilers don’t have many forwards, especially right-handed ones, graduating to professional hockey next year. Hebig helps put prospects in Bakersfield instead of American Hockey League veterans getting all the ice time.

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Hebig may only be 6’0, but apparently Hefast. Any forward prospect with some speed and scoring will be welcomed by Oilers fans.

Hebig is the second overage CHL player to be signed recently. Barrie Colts’ Aaron Luchuk signed with Ottawa on Tuesday.

    • Joy S. Lee

      …I like the sound of that… 3 pts I’m guessing was best of Blades that night… anything else that stood out? Physical play? Sounds like he’s had plenty of work on the PP, the PK, etc., too…

  • Dan 1919

    Does he kill penalties. I’d say that’s the strong message Todd Mclellan sent to Chiarelli last night. If you’re not going to give me any good penalty killers, I’m just going to use Connor McDavid to do it until you get this fixed.

    • BringitbacklikeSlats

      Maybe Todd would do well to to “change” the MO as opposed to asking for different players(you not him).
      Having McDavid out there on the PK makes the attacking Blueline an extremely precarious one. As was demonstrated yet again last night with the gorgeous shorty.

      • Dan 1919

        It’s a fair point and it did work last night. I just don’t see it averaging out on the positive side over the long haul. At the end of the day it’s just more high potential shot blocking ice time for your top players and keeps your bottom end guys getting even more limited play time.

        I think eventually it will work against you overall, as you’re still down a man. It is a neat concept though to keep your opposition second guessing themselves and maybe ultimately just weaken their PP by getting in their heads… Will be interesting to see if Mclellan keeps it up long term and if so how it pans out.

        • Joy S. Lee

          If you look closely at most NHL teams, you’ll notice many of the best players killing penalties. If you saw Gretzky, he was extraordinarily good at it, especially considering everything thought of him as a defensive liability. In fact, he may ushered in the best players killing penalties with the threat of offense. Keeping pp d-men nervous absolutely does affect their ability to bring their best offensively on the pp. Trouba will remember that for a long time, probably every time he’s out there for a pp and 97 is taking the draw for the Oilers. You don’t think that’s going to affect his game? It is.

        • BringitbacklikeSlats

          It would be a painful way to lose him to injury I agree but the nature of the entire game is frought with physical risk.
          At this point the PK is so bad it serves some concellation to score. But I hear you.

  • OilRider

    Saskatoon native here. Hebig’s a heckuva good player, but admittedly being one of the best players on Blades teams that have been bad-to-mediocre over the last few years isn’t exactly a huge accomplishment. I honestly have no idea how his game will transfer to the pros. Even the AHL.

    On a side note, those are some good looking sweaters in those pictures. So happy the Blades went to their “retro-style” sweaters full-time

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    Well hopefully his speed can give him some success. I know we signed some overage junior player in the past who had close to 70 goals and he could barely cut it in the ECHL.