GDB 39.0 Wrap Up: #HereComeTheOilers with a terrible effort and a 5-0 loss

Good game, boys. Really worth watching. Thanks for the memories. Final Score: 5-0 Jets

Coming into tonight’s game, all I could think about was how it’s been a wild calendar year to be an Edmonton Oilers fan. After the exhilaration of making the playoffs for the first time in a decade in 2016-17, the start of this year could not have gone worse. I don’t think even the most cynical Oilers fan would have had them starting off this slowly, and it’s been a real mind bender to try and wrap our brains around why this has happened. Sure, what’s done is done but I’m not above crying over spilt milk (see what I did there) and a win against the Jets would go a long way to making me feel better. Dare to dream, Baggo.

From the moment the puck dropped, the Oilers did not get the wanted as they — for the 21st time this season — allowed the first goal of the game after a defensive breakdown that started at their own blue line. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Oilers followed up with another miscue that saw Blake Wheeler getting the puck in the slot with time and space and giving the Jets a two-goal lead. By the time Kyle Connor made it three-zip for the Jets, it felt like this thing was all but over. When Bryan Little added the Jets’ fourth goal of the night, I finished nailing up the coffin. I don’t know how else to say it, but this was a disastrous end to the year for the Oilers on almost every level and it was one final kick to the nuts from the 2017-18 season that we really didn’t need tonight.

In the end, the Hockey Gods giveth a four-game winning streak and then they taketh away.

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For the last time in 2017, we wrap.


  • That game is over and the Oilers can’t hurt me anymore in 2017.
  • If there’s one thing that will always make me happy regardless of the outcome, it’s watching Connor McDavid play hockey. The kid is so special and the fact that he’s an Edmonton Oiler is something that should be celebrated every single day.
  • All of the players were bad, as a team. #Unity
  • I’m sure the 50/50 winner was happy?
  • Happy New Year, everybody! Be safe out there.


  • Coming into tonight, the Oilers were 0-11-4 in their last 15 games on New Year’s Eve. That’s ridiculous.
  • The Jets opened the scoring with a perfect tic-tac-toe passing play down low that left Marko Dano putting the puck into an open net. The Oilers had four guys standing around watching as Dano and Matt Hendricks (of course) finished off their time passing work with a goal on the first shot of the game. That’s the sixth time this season that they’ve done that.
  • Blake Wheeler put the Jets up by two goals midway through the first period and it completely sucked the air out of the building… not that there had been much to cheer about. Up until that point, the Oilers did not look like they were ready to play as the Jets basically ran the show. Matt Benning got knocked off the puck by Kyle Connor and he found a wide open Blake Wheeler in the slot.
  • Kyle Connor got the Jets’ third goal of the night after deflecting a Patrik Laine wrister from the point. As you’d expect, the Oilers’ PK was garbage again and the Jets were able to take full advantage. Here’s hoping 2018 will be better?
  • By the time Bryan Little’s goal went in, I was over this game and just waiting for it to be over. Once again, the Oilers made horrible puck choices and it gave the Jets all kinds of unnecessary puck possession time. I don’t know how to accurately describe how bad the Oilers were with the puck but just assume it was a train wreck that you just couldn’t look away from.
  • Mathieu Perreault scored the fifth goal of the night. Nobody cared by then. Happy New Year.
  • How bad were the special teams? I thought you’d never ask:
    • PK: Absolutely awful and every shade of bad, as the Oilers allowed two goals on three power play attempts.
    • PP: What power play? 0/2 on the night.
  • Tonight was not a good night for Matt Benning. He was a turnover machine all night long and will have a couple goals against attached to his name.
  • Not a great night for Cam Talbot, though, he didn’t get much help from the team in front of him. I know he had five go on on him, but I find it hard to blame this disaster on him.
  • Kris Russell is horrible at breaking the puck out of his own zone and I don’t care what any of you say.
  • I don’t know what it is about the Oilers and breaking out of their zone, but they sure do struggle to make clean passes. There’s a lot of rimming it around the boards and high clears off the glass, but there’s not a lot of tape to tape passes, I’ll tell you that much.
  • Giveaways at both blue lines are killing me. The Oilers keep trying to force passes into the middle and they’re getting picked off about as often as they’re not. Maybe stop that next year?
  • Another bad night in the faceoff circle for the Oilers as they only won 45% of the draws.
  • It’s a Gord damned New Year’s Eve #BeetCast. Check it out on my Twitter.



02:34 Winnipeg Marko Dano (1) ASST: Matt Hendricks (6), Ben Chiarot (4) 1-0
13:16 Winnipeg Blake Wheeler (11) ASST: Kyle Connor (12) 2-0


11:17 Winnipeg PPG – Kyle Connor (13) ASST: Patrik Laine (14), Adam Lowry (6) 3-0
19:57 Winnipeg Bryan Little (7) ASST: Josh Morrissey (10) 4-0


07:26 Winnipeg PPG – Mathieu Perreault (10) ASST: Joel Armia (10), Bryan Little (17) 5-0


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Source: NHL.com, Official Game Page, 12/31/2017, 8:00pm MST

  • Connor McFly

    The first guy I would fire would be Jay Woodcroft for being Elliott Friedman’s (puke here) doppleganger. That’s just for openers. Then I would pull out a pad of pink slips and go to town.

  • Vicvl

    If I was Katz I’d be a bit pissed that Chia spent 25m this off season on a team that has been this disappointing. Oh I know why he is not upset , the seats are full each game and the orange still sells off the shelves. Maybe fans should throw the old vintage jerseys on the ice from the last “rebuild”years than than you don’t feed Katz replacing the orange. LOL

  • Clayton

    Besides a lot of players who seem to show a lack of care the biggest 2 problems for the Oil are average goaltending and no reliable backup and a complete lack of a top pairing D. They have 4 solid second pairing guys and 2 guys that should be in the AHL at best and of course the marvellous Russell! Chia’s inability to make any sort of move to shore up the D is probably going to be the biggest Oilers downfall.

  • Connor McFly

    When TMac was listing all the areas the team was out worked etc. I think there was one serious omission…the Oil were out coached and have been since Oct. Funny, that must have just slipped his mind.

  • Duke of OiL

    Never again will i spend 400.00 on the worst entertainment i have ever seen.I feel like somebody stole my money,just like going to Boston Pizza and expecting good food i guess F in joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Never again

  • RJ

    At what point do the Oilers try to get a good puck-moving defenceman or two that can make clean break-out passes?

    Waited throughout the decade of despair. Waited Connor’s whole ELC. Before or after his UFA years?

    • Chongo Chuck

      Agree. Would think Chia might have considered that when he gave Hall away. I like Larsson but he’s not one you can build a top d around. Won’t get another opportunity like that again..

  • mikel

    this will be the game that sums up their season. after a 4 game winning streak, a bad game, and an overtime loss…how will they respond? will they come out strong and regain their momentum or will they fold and show their abject failure as a team….

    question answered…

    • Clayton

      The only problem is that the Oilers really don’t have much to throw into the fire sale at trade deadline…the only pending UFAs they have are Auvitu, Cammy and Fayne. Neither of which will garner anything meaningful in a trade. The players that the Oilers likely would want to dump either have NMCs or contracts that make them untradeable. With Connor’s new contract kicking in next season and the need to resign RFAs like Nurse…and replace RFAs like Maroon and Strome it is hard to see the cap space available to find two top pairing D-Men and a reliable back up goalie like they need.

      • Stack Pad Save

        They should trade Maroon, Camilleri, and Gryba for whatever they can at the trade deadline. I don’t think the Oil are going to make the playoffs so, they should focus on retooling for next year. They need a top 4 RH d-man who can move the puck. They have needed this player for what feels like ever. They also need a bottom 6 that can kill penalties and a coaching staff who can effectively game plan a PP, PK, and a break out. If it wasn’t for Connor, I wouldn’t have much faith in next year.

  • Clayton

    Strome will be resigned…walk away from his RFA deal and you basically have traded Ebs for nothing (not that Strome is much better than nothing). Can’t really trade him because you won’t get much value…and then you will see that Ebs was traded for a bunch of used pucks.

  • rmac

    Thank god I took a half day at work, flew in from Edmonton and rushed straight to the game for that turd. That was awful and if it wouldn’t have been for the awesome commentary from the drunk guys behind me, the game
    Would have been a complete write off . How is the penalty kill this bad ? Like it’s a joke , this is a basic skill all hockey players learn learn and you’d think a couple of them would be able to perform at league average . Did Kassian even play last night ? He has been invisible. Draisaitl was a no show again .
    Thanks for managing the crowds last night too Rogers place. Took forever to get in .

  • Glencontrolurstik

    Well, it seems the team could care less???
    That was a waste of what I would have thought was the best present (my kids first game)…
    “Dis – friggen – custing”…