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Kings 5, Oilers 0 post-game Oil Spills: New Year, Same Oilers

The Oilers need wins within their division if they want a fighting chance at the playoffs. Well. They were shutout again. Patrick Maroon’s late penalty against Drew Doughty put the Kings on a five-minute power play to start the third period.

Edmonton needed a bounce-back game after a poor outing against Winnipeg, and, uhh, that did not happen.


Kailer Yamamoto scores for the United States, after his rebound follows him and he puts it home.

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Jordan Eberle steals the puck from Brandon Carlo and dekes out the goaltender to tie the game for Edmonton New York. Well, at least Ryan Strome had two hits? Still waiting for Cap Space to show up on the stat sheet, though.

The Oilers were cold for most of last night, but Edmonton warmed up quite a bit yesterday. After a frosty couple weeks, including a very chilly New Year’s Eve, the weather snapped its cold streak and warmed up a bit.

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This is pretty cool. Jordan Kyrou’s stick breaks. He goes to the bench and Drake Batherson’s hands him his. The play goes on, and Kyrou eventually score with Batherson’s stick. Neat!

By the Numbers

The Oilers had some decent attempts, but couldn’t beat Jonathan Quick. Some came in garbage time after the Kings had put the game away already, but the Oilers were legitimately in the game up until Maroon’s hit on Doughty. Los Angeles still controlled most of the game but did their damage on the five-minute major.


  • The Oilers have basically given up any ground they gained with their previous four-game winning streak. This loss being against Los Angeles makes it hurt even more.
  • Anaheim won. Las Vegas won. Minnesota won. Colorado won. It was a bad night for scoreboard watching.
  • The Kings are having a nice year, but their defence after Drew Doughty, Jake Muzzin, and Alec Martinez doesn’t excite me. The Oilers were able to take advantage when Kurtis MacDermid was on the ice. Derek Forbort is a capable defenceman, but they could use another depth guy.
  • The Oilers need to do something about their penalty kill. It’s clearly not working. Change the personnel, anything. That might mean acquiring a penalty-killing forward, since they’re limited in that regard. Maroon and Milan Lucic don’t kill penalties, same with Mike Cammallerli. Ryan Strome hasn’t been a regular on the PK much in his career. Jesse Puljujarvi might eventually, but it’s too early to ask him. McLellan needs more options.

  • Dr. Merkwurdigliebe

    I feel bad for McDavey. He deserves much better than this. The off-season is going to be critical for the team. It’s possible this can be fixed, but Chia and co. are not the people who can do it now. This regression in year 3 of Chia’s guidance is unnacceptible.

  • Lazarus

    Oiler domination to follow though right? Right?
    Let the jerseys fly boys. Show your true colors. Biggest joke the league has ever seen. Give em another 1st overall tho eh Bettman?

  • Serious Gord

    The one key player upon whose performance the team seems to most strongly correlate is Oscar Klefbom.
    Two years ago injury devastated his season and the miserable team performance wasn’t just coincidental.

    Last season OK never missed a game and had a standout season. Ditto the Oil with 103 points

    This season OK has been a huge disappointment. Some – Stauffer et al – hint that it is due to injuries. Others (i would include myself in this group) think it’s because he didn’t have Sekera to share the load with. Whatever the reason he sucks and so has the team.

    That is not to say that he is the problem – likely not even the primary reason. But I do think that it is a symptom that reveals the true foundation of the oil’s ups and downs over the past few years – arguably the past decade: The complete lack of depth in quality defensemen.

    Just one of the top three – Sekera, OK, or Larsson (and now Nurse?) falters and the team crumbles.

    Discuss all you want about the terrible (on a record-setting pace apparently) special teams performance, even that comes back the lack of D-man depth.

    I think a big reason for that has been the high #1 picks over the past decade all being forwards – darnell nurse being the only exception and he was the lowest first pick that the oil had in the past seven years – and none of the 2nd picks except for Klefbom in the past decade have panned out. Super High draft picks have been a curse of sorts.

    Sadly it looks like that curse – getting a high#1 pick in 2018 is back.

    • Christian Pagnani

      I think there’s some merit to this. They can’t survive if their defencemen aren’t playing as well as they can, which is scary considering the assets already spent on improving it.

  • Lazarus

    Even Terry Jones said today the season is over…I mean I said that preseason but no one could hear me over the Oiler Domination to follow chanting. All you have is McDavid. Said it than said it now. There is jack for supporting cast that can skate. If only you still had some trade chips that weren’t an abomination of a contract

      • HOCKEY83

        The Flames are exactly where they were expected to be half way through the season. 4 points out of a playoff spot with 2 games in hand fighting along with 6 or 7 other good teams. Edmonton did nothing to cause the Stanley cup frenzy that their fans were spewing at the beginning of the season and neither did the Calgary Flames. Both teams are just middle of the pack fighting for a wildcard spot team just like a handful of others in the west.

    • winteriscoming

      I agree they added nothing to make the team better in the off season where they traded away a certified goal scorer in Ebs and bought out a role player in Pou and let Hendo go for a walk. I knew the sh#t had hit the fan when they kept Kailer around so long. First rule to get out of a hole is to stop digging which they have yet to do.

  • winteriscoming

    You don’t need to watch the score board the oilers need 30 wins to get to 97 points which is approximately what it will take to make the post season. They can only lose a maximum of 12 now. That is the count down you should be monitoring.

  • GK1980

    Seasons over, time to focus on acquiring and maintaining a solid NHL quality defence. The forwards have the tools (ironically getting shutout), but with stronger D this team will excel. Better D will also show the NHL Talbot is a legit number 1.

    • Hemmercules

      Legit #1 goalies get it done without a top defence. Talbot has one good year and some decent stretches as a backup. He’s a pretty good goalie but he will never be elite. Agreed on the D though, need to add another guy or 2. Especially if Klef was a one off.

      • Glencontrolurstik

        Legit # 1 goalies CAN’T get it done without a good defense… PERIOD.
        Mr. Price is proof of that…
        Or maybe he is now proving my theory that he was always an over-rated goalie…
        “Great D, does great goalies make”…..

  • Opi

    Was it just me or did Talbot’s wide eyed, glassy stare remind anybody else of that guy that starred in that movie … “Men That Stare at Goats” … ? 🙂

  • TruthHurts98

    This organization embraces mediocrity like a lover. The assistant coaches should have been fired a while ago, but nope. Connor and Leon will be getting mega bucks for years now with no supporting cast. Thanks PC. Why don’t you stick around and keep signing bloated contracts and trading away our best players for basically nothing. This is the start of another Decade of Darkness.

  • camdog

    Oilers are 6th in goal differential on road and 28th at home. They are also 6th in goals against on road and 31st at home. With there good play on the road I was thinking it would lead to success at home, but it hasn’t. They clearly are not comfortable playing on home ice, there is a story here, a story not likely mentioned until the off season when a fan favourite likely gets moved and/or coaches get fired. The personnel are good enough to perform better at home, but simply are not. That’s close to a dozen games where they have imploded on home ice. On the road it happened once in St.Louis and that is it.

  • Rickk

    The shot pattern of the Oilers reflects the urging of commentators to get in the blue paint and score. But, when I watch other teams, their best players do not get in that close. Instead they seek open space further out and move the puck around. Are Oilers coached to get in close and bang the puck into the goalie pads? How often does a shot from the point bounce by the Oilers and the other team gets a great opportunity to fly out of their zone.